World War III, also called World War 3, the Third World War, the 3rd World War, the Great War of 2040 or the Second Great War (often stylised as WWIII or WW3), was a global war between the World Defence Pact & the evil and imperialist Euro Asian Alliance that lasted for eight years, from 2040 with Russia breaking its nonaggression pact with Ukraine and the invasion of Georgia, and ended in 2048 with the surrender of the Russian Tsardom. The war was divided into 3 phases. It was the second deadliest war on the planet, being exceeded by World War IV, after World War II, the Mongol conquests, the European colonisation of America, the Taiping Rebellion and World War I. There were several nuclear strikes over the cities of Townsville & Canberra in Australia, which caused Australia to move its capital to Sydney, Sapporo in Japan, Harbin & Chongqing in China, Philadelphia & Portland in the US, Cordoba in Argentina, Hyderabad & Mumbai in India, Colombo in the Indian client state of Sri Lanka, Hamburg & Dresden in Germany, Toulouse and Nice in France, Cardiff, Ipswich & Edinburgh in the UK, Milan in Italy, Mashhad & Kerman in Iran & lastly, Luang Prabang in Laos. The casualties were 286 million, which included children as well as women. The WDP had 150 million deaths while EAA had 194 million deaths, totalling to 344 million deaths, including children. The country with the highest number of casualties during the war was India, with China being second, and the US being third, making it bloodier, even bloodier than WW2.

Before the war, China betrayed Russia, leading to the disbandment of the SCO and China having good relations with the US. When the Syrian Civil War ended, there were still pockets of rebels, extremists, and ISIS. After the disbandment of SCO, Pakistan began to have closer ties with the US and China. Then the Indo-Pakistani War of 2031 began. India and Pakistan have been clashing in every part of Kashmir. Gun battles have occured throughout the border with Pakistan. Casualties were low compared to the others ones. When a ceasefire was signed, India and Pakistan were still enemies. India then approached diplomatically with the CSTO. Later in 2032, the CSTO, the Tehran Entente and the SAA merged together, and the Euro Asian Alliance formed. India joined the newly formed EAA. NATO, the AAPL, the PTO and the Peninsula Shield Force saw this as a threat, so they hold a meeting to unite all organisations into one big alliance, known as the World Defence Pact, or WDP for short. Later in 2033, Belarus and the Central Asian countries decide to unite with Russia. This leads to the restoration of the Russian Empire.


Russian annexation of Crimea & the Invasion of Ukraine

Following the Euromaidan and the ousting of Viktor Yanukovych in 2014, pro-Russian unrest began in Eastern Ukraine. On the 20th of February 2014, Russia invaded and subsequently annexed Crimea. Later on the 6th of April 2014, pro-Russian protests began in the Donbas region, which then later turned into a separatist group, commencing the war in Donbas and the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

On the 24th of February 2022, Russian military and separatists, under the order of the in-exile Viktor Yanukovych, crossed the Ukrainian border and invaded Ukraine. Later, Russian forces approached Kiev and many people started holding them back. NATO sent supplies to Ukraine to counter the Russians. Later, some Russian troops withdrew from Ukraine, and the country fought back against the separatists in the Donbas region. Meanwhile in the Middle East, the Houthis have officially took power in Yemen.

Venezuelan Revolution

At 8:30 in the morning on the 1st of August, mass protests began to occur throughout Venezuela. To silence the protests, Nicolas Maduro implemented large-scale mass arrests. Police attempted to stop the protests, but they failed. People started storming government buildings, officially commencing the Venezuelan Revolution. Another protest broke out at San Cristobal. Days later, a government counterattack commenced at Ciudad Guyana. The US sent supplies to the Opposition.

Fighting and gun battles have occurred throughout the entire city of Caracas, making the city a major battleground with lots of fighting between pro-Maduro and Opposition forces. Later, government and Opposition forces signed a 1 month ceasefire.

After months of fighting, Nicolas Maduro was finally overthrown, and Juan Guaido was installed as president. Days later, Nicolas Maduro was then arrested, sent to court and shot dead by one of Guaido's followers.

2nd Korean War

The Pacific Treaty Organisation formed. The alliance started off as an economic alliance, and then started to grow as it got more members. Laos and Cambodia were kicked from the ASEAN for secretly developing nuclear weapons. After this, they approach diplomatically with Russia. Months after Laos and Cambodia were kicked from the ASEAN, a military buildup occurs on the Korean Demilitarised Zone. On October 28 at 22:00 UTC at the DMZ, shots were fired at a South Korean soldier by a North Korean soldier. North Korean forces then crossed the border after the shooting. South Korean forces then held them off. On November, the PTO intervened to defend South Korea.

One month later, Japanese and South Korean forces won the Battle of Sejong City. After this, NATO declared full support for South Korea and sent supplies to the country. The PTO then started to advance to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, to liberate the city from KPA forces. Russia then declared full support for North Korea. Japanese forces then assemble a "D-Day" off the shores of Honshu to capture Wonsan. Codenamed Operation Blue Storm. This began on the 1st of January 2024.

The PTO are just 600 km away from Seoul. North Korea then fired its next missile towards Darwin, but it got shot down. This made North Korea angrier, so they fire another one towards Canberra, but got shot down as well. Furious, North Korea launches their counterattack at Chuncheon, known as Operation Snowstorm, but they are unaware that Japanese troops have already landed on the shores of Wonsan, so it sends all of its troops to defend the city. With the KPA being distracted by the "Japanese D-Day" in Wonsan, the PTO start to move quicker to Seoul.

The Second Battle of Seoul then begins on the 2nd of February 2024, with the objective of eliminating North Korean forces and rescuing civilians. After 100 hours, they fully liberate Seoul and cross the DMZ. North Korea then ordered some of its troops to defend on two fronts. To prevent the North Koreans from starting a counterattack, Japan launches two missiles towards Hyesan and Hamhung, hitting both cities and leaving them uninhabited for decades. After crossing the DMZ, the PTO advance to Kaesong. This marks the beginning of the Battle of Kaesong.

The Battle of Kaesong begins, but North Korean forces cannot fight on two fronts, so they ask Russia to enter the war. Russia declines, but they send supplies and still support North Korea. With most KPA troops being killed and North Korea's inferiority at a breaking point, they decide to retreat to Pyongyang to stop a PTO invasion into Pyongyang. Russia, seeing a weakened North Korea have its troops retreat to their capital, exits the war and stops supporting North Korea, leaving the country to defend itself alone from the advancing PTO forces. China sees this as an opportunity to invade North Korea and annex the northern part of the country.

On the 8th of May 2024, the Battle of Pyongyang, codenamed Operation Dusk and the final battle of the Second Korean War, begins. Chinese forces have occupied northern North Korea while the PTO occupied most of North Korea. North Korea is now a small city state occupying Pyongyang since most of the country has been occupied, but not directly annexed. In a last-ditch effort, North Korea launches 5 nukes towards Seoul, Nagasaki, Perth, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bangkok. The first one hit Seoul successfully, but the rest failed to hit their targets directly. One fell into the ocean, and three were shot down. Frightened, Kim Jong-un runs to his bunker to avoid getting shot. PTO forces then start looking for Kim Jong-un. They open his door, meaning that he forgot to lock it. They then go to his basement and find him. They find him and he is arrested. On the 17th of May 2024, North Korean forces lay down their arms, officially ending the 2nd Korean War and reunifying Korea. Kim Jong-un is then sent to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, The Netherlands. He is convicted of war crimes, violation of human rights, crimes against humanity, forced child labour, fraud, murder, attempted omnicide, tyranny and oppression, giving him a life imprisonment term.

Despite the end of the DPRK, the Korean People's Army is still active, but this time, have renamed to the Juche Restoration Movement, with the goal of replacing the reunified Korea with a communist government and installing Kim Ju-ae as president. The JRM is then designated as a terrorist group by the Republic of Korea, Japan and the United States. While Kim Jong-un is in jail, some of Kim Jong-un's followers commit suicide while some flee to uninhabited islands in the South Pacific. Most chose to either commit suicide while a few fled to Sandy Island. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea continues to exist as the Principality of Sandy Island. They were provided a metal surface. and some food to survive. Later, the militia uprising of the JRM in Korea are funded and backed by the Principality of Sandy Island.

Colonisation of Antarctica

A month after the 2nd Korean War ended, the United States Antarctic Program established the Antarctic US Territory. China then established its own territory in Antarctica, Chinese Antarctica. This inspired other countries to make their own territory. Germany then makes arrival to Antarctica and forms the German Antarctic Territory as New Swabia. Russia then forms its own territory of Lake Vostok as well. Japanese Antarctica becomes New Tokyo. Saudi Arabia also colonised Antarctica.

Later, the Second Falklands War occurs. Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. The British crossed the border between Argentine Antarctica and the British Antarctic Territory. The US enters the war to liberate the Falklands. A month later, a ceasefire is signed between Argentina and the UK. Argentina broke ties with the US for supporting the UK. In 2025, Nigeria invaded Cameroon, believing that Nigeria would annex the country to prevent overpopulation.

2027 East African Referendum

3 years after the 2nd Korean War ended, a referendum was held and hosted by Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania to say that the East African Federation should federalise and become a country. Some people wrote on the papers and put them into a box, with two choices with two checkboxes. Some ticked yes, some ticked no. For people that were not sure, the governments gave them permission to shred the paper, put them in the bin, and burn it into hot ashes. Most people voted yes, and the results came up.

About 85% voted yes because they want the East African Federation to become a country, and a world power like the US and China. 14% voted no because they want it to remain an international organisation and remain it balkanised. About 1% said they were not sure because they just shredded the paper, and burnt it. That means, the Treaty on the Creation of the East African Federation will be effective by March 3, 2028. It then developed nuclear weapons like the US and joined NATO.

Canadian War of Secession

Main Article: Canadian War of Secession

Pro-Quebec independence protests occured in the city of Kuujjiaq, and then spread to other cities in Quebec, including Montreal. On the 1st of May, the uprising began, with the goal of seceding from Canada and proclaiming itself the Technocratic Republic of Quebec under a pro-Russian government. This inspired many separatist movements in Yukon and Newfoundland to form their own countries and mating with them. Later on the third of November 2028, Mike Pence won the US presidential election. After this, he was inaugurated on the 4th of February 2029, and agreed to help Canada, and called NATO to intervene. Russia warned Ukraine to not intervene, but Ukraine ignored Russia's warnings and decided to send troops there.

Russia then declared full support for the secessionists and sent supplies to Yukon Republic, Kingdom of Newfoundland and the Quebec Independence Movement. Yukon officially becomes independent, but the US and Canada invade it. The Battle of Whitehorse begins. It lasted for 6 hours. After the fall of Whitehorse, Yukon surrendered, and was reannexed to Canada. But, the country had to deal with Quebec, Canada, the UK and the US led a counterattack against Quebec Independence Movement forces, and they were heading for Montreal. After this, the Battle of Montreal began, which was the final battle of the war. After that, Quebec surrendered, and the QIM disbanded. Most of its members were sent to jail. Canada and the Kingdom of Newfoundland signed white peace.

After the Canadian War of Secession, the Kingdom of Newfoundland remained independent, until 2035. However, the country was not internationally recognised, but only recognised by Russia. It then became illegal under Canadian, British and American law to travel to the Kingdom of Newfoundland. After 5 years, Newfoundland was ceded back to Canada.

Russia betrays China

When Russia secretly supported North Korea during the 2nd Korean War, supported the Quebec Rebels, the Yukon Republic and the Kingdom of Newfoundland during the Canadian War of Secession and attempted to rig the East African Referendum of 2027 as Sudan's excuse to invade South Sudan, China was not happy with Russia's actions. China then sued the Russian government for 6 billion dollars. In response, Russia and the former Soviet Union cut ties with China, and the SCO disbanded. China then started to have closer ties with the US, along with Pakistan. Later in 2030, India and Pakistan went to war over Punjab. 6 months later, India and Pakistan signed a ceasefire, but are still enemies. India then started to diplomatically approach with the CSTO. Then the Asian Prosperity League is formed between China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Mongolia.

After these, Argentina and Bolivia formed the South American Axis against the Brasilia Association. Argentina then started a military buildup on Paraguay. Ecuador then joins the South American Axis months later.

The Doomsday Clock

After Russia betrayed China and the SCO disbanded, India and Pakistan went to war in 2030, and after the ceasefire, India approached diplomatically with the CSTO. After India approached diplomatically with the CSTO, Russia hosted a meeting in Tehran between all CSTO, Tehran Entente and SAA members. After this, the Euro Asian Alliance was formed. On the 20th of June 2031, India joined the newly formed EAA. Many countries saw this as a threat, so the US hosts a conference at Arusha to with leaders of the members of every alliance, which are the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the Asian Prosperity League, the Pacific Treaty Organisation, the South American Pact, the Peninsula Shield Force and their members. The meeting lasted for 12 days. All alliances made an agreement to amalgamate into one big alliance and unite against the EAA. China chose a good name for the alliance: The World Defence Pact, or the WDP for short. After the amalgamation, all post-Soviet states, except for the Caucasus, Ukraine and the Baltics held a meeting in Moscow, thinking that Russia should annex Belarus, Central Asia and Afghanistan, to reform the Russian Empire.

3 days later, the process of amalgamation begun. In the next few months, all alliances except for the EAA and the SAA merged together and formed the United Defence Coalition. A minor skirmish occurs on the Peruvian-Ecuadorian border, and ends with a ceasefire. After that, tensions between Peru and Ecuador began to increase yearly. In 2033, Russia sets a doomsday clock of 7 years, meaning that World War 3 will start in 7 years.

The year is now 2034, and there are 6 years before the countdown reaches 0. The time is ticking. Several years later, there was only one year left. The year is now 2039. Yemen joins the EAA. El Salvador becomes aligned with the EAA. The Second Football War occurs. The US, seeing that World War 3 might happen in a year, tells all UDC members to pack their bags and be prepared for WW3, which is happening in 2040. Russia starts a military buildup on Ukraine's and Georgia's borders, ending the nonaggression pact between Russia and Ukraine. India stages a coup in Nepal, turning the country fascist, with a neo-Nazi party taking power. Iran's naval presence in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea increases tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia. On the 3rd of January 2040, the Second Football War ended in a ceasefire, but both El Salvador and Honduras are still true enemies of each other.


2040, Outbreak of the Second Russo-Georgian War and first phase

On a Saturday night at 11:00pm on the 19th of May 2040 during a flight from Tbilisi to Washington DC for a meeting with US president Kamala Harris, 3 South Ossetian extremists hijacked the Georgian president Salome Zourabichvili's plane, which made her followers mad. The motive behind the hijacking is to assassinate Zourabichvili, and replace Georgia with a pro-Russian government. In response, Georgia invaded South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the quasi-states of Russia. After the capture of Tskhinvali, South Ossetia was annexed by Georgia, and then to Abkhazia. They then head for Sokhumi. Abkhazia, seeing that Georgian forces are heading for Sukhumi, asks the Russian Tsardom for help. Russia accepts, and invades Georgia, annexing Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In response, the US and Azerbaijan sent supplies to Georgia. Georgia, seeing that Russia is too strong, requests the World Defence Pact to intervene. The WDP intervene on the 21st of May 2040. As the countdown reaches 0, World War 3 officially starts.

Polish forces offence into Kaliningrad while Finland advances to Karelia. The Euro Asian Alliance hops in to defend Russia. Ukrainian forces push into Belorussia. Russian forces enter Novorossiya and invade Crimea. Syrian, Russian, Iranian, and Armenian forces start the offensive into Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan. On the 5th of July, Ukraine fell to the Russian Empire and got annexed. Russia then pushes back Finnish forces in Karelia and into the Finnish territory. Russia invades the Baltics. After the invasion of the Baltics, they got annexed. Nepali and Indian forces invade through Tibet, which causes China to declare war on India. Pakistani forces cross the Indian border once again, starting the Indo-Pak war of 2040.

The Russians invade Moldova and annex it, leaving Romania enraged. The Russian invasion of the Balkans begin. Bulgaria and Romania fall quickly to the Russians and Serbians. Serbia annexes North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bosnia & Herzegovina, renaming itself to Yugoslavia. Serbian (Yugoslavian) and Russian forces start invading Hungary and Slovakia. Hungary and Slovakia surrender, with Russia off to invade Poland. Polish forces hold them back.

Eritrea and Somalia declare war on Ethiopia, opening the African theatre of the war. Ethiopia heads for Mogadishu, initiating Operation Summer Snow. Somalia surrenders and is annexed by Ethiopia. The invasion of Yemen begins. Sanaa is captured, causing Yemen to surrender.

Months later, the 2040 US presidential election is held between Elizabeth "Liz" Warren and Rand Paul. Kamala Harris ends her presidency because she had two terms like Biden, Pence and Obama Liz Warren won the election, defeating Republican U.S. Senator Rand Paul. She will be inaugurated by the 23rd of January 2041. After the election, the war comes to a stalemate, ending the first phase of the war.

2041 and start of second phase

On the 23rd of January 2041, Elizabeth Warren is elected incumbent president of the United States, and the second phase of the war begins. Yugoslavia starts the invasions of Croatia and Slovenia. After fighting, Croatia surrenders, and Slovenia is next. Slovenia falls quickly. Russian Tsar Vladimir Putin and Yugoslavian president Aleksandar Vucic meet in Plovdiv in Russian-occupied Bulgaria. The following were included:

  1. Hungary will be reestablished as a fascist nation and annex Transylvania and will be given Transcarpathia.
  2. Yugoslavia will annex Croatia and Slovenia.
  3. Romania will be a puppet of the EAA.
  4. Bulgaria annexes Dobrogea from Romania and will become a fascist nation.

On the 13th of February, Argentina invades the Falkland Islands, which causes the UK and several European nations to declare war on the country. Brazil in response, launches a missile strike towards Mar del Plata and Ushuaia. Bolivia invades Chile to restore its coastline. Peru launches an invasion of Bolivia to prevent attacking Brazil. Peru and Colombia start invading Ecuador. Ecuador was so easy for Colombia and Peru to invade because the country fell under a week. Bolivia starts a counterattack on Peruvian forces with Argentina's help. Argentine forces invade through Puerto Guillermos. This causes Australia and New Zealand to declare war on Argentina, thus crossing the Pacific Ocean and beginning the invasion of Oceania. Peruvian and Colombian forces then invade Ecuador, and the country falls just under a week.

Argentina declares war on and invades Paraguay and Uruguay. Paraguay and Uruguay fall to Argentina on the 7th of March. On the 5th of March, Bolivia annexes the Atacama region from Chile. Argentina invades Rio Grande de Sul. A month later, Bolivia and Argentina partition Paraguay while Argentina alone annexes Uruguay. El Salvador declares war on Honduras again, starting the Third Football War. When Honduran forces were about to encircle San Salvador, the Salvadorian government vowed to never surrender. Honduras then invades El Salvador fast. After that, El Salvador signed white peace, Meanwhile in Eurasia, China is fending off Indian forces from entering Tibet by going into the Arunachal Pradesh state. Bangladesh just surrendered to Indian forces. Indian forces then crossed the border to Burma.

Thailand and Vietnam invade Laos and Cambodia. Cambodia had already surrendered before Phnom Penh was captured. Meanwhile in Laos, Thai forces were about to capture Vientiane, but the Laotian government flees to Luang Prabang and vows to never surrender. After that, Vietnamese and Thai forces start advancing into Luang Prabang to force Laos to surrender. The government refused, so they nuke the entire the country to force a surrender. After this, the Lao language became a dead language, and Laos and Cambodia were partitioned between Thailand and Vietnam.

Chinese, American, Australian, British and Norwegian forces meet at the South Pole to invade Russian Antarctica. China and Australia then begin their invasion of Indian Antarctica. Fighting occurs throughout Antarctica. Antarctica has become a major theatre of WW3. Chilean forces start the invasion of Argentine Antarctica. Argentina's invasion of Oceania continues

Russian forces start the invasion of China. China is already at war with Russia and India, meaning that they can defend more than one front. India starts a surprise attack on South Tibet, but China managed to stop it before it could happen. Russian forces are already invading East Turkestan. China splits up its army to defend all fronts.


Africa was a minor front in the war, until Algeria, an anti-Western nation in Africa, who was not at war with the US until 2044, declared war on and invaded Tunisia. This caused the African Five, the Congolese Brotherhood, and the Lusaka Pact to form into one big powerful alliance called the African Entente against Algeria and declare war on the country. Just before AE forces could invade Algeria, Tunisia had fallen quickly. Algeria, seeing that they couldn't win a war against a powerful alliance, asks some African countries such as Sudan for help. They accept. Algeria, Sudan, and Mali form the Algiers Pact, a pro-Russian economic and military alliance in Africa. Their purpose is to spread pro-Eastern influence in Africa.

Sudanese forces invade Chad. Chadian forces then push the Sudanese back and enter Sudan. Madagascar, with help from Algeria, launches a surprise attack on Mozambique. This causes Zambia declares war on Madagascar, starting the counterattack against Malagasy forces in Mozambique. Zambian, Mozambican, Zimbabwean and Angolan forces start the invasion of Madagascar. Malian forces cross the Mauritanian border. Mauritanian forces then declare war on Algeria. Nigerian forces start crossing the Malian border and shoot a Malian soldier. Madagascar joins the Algiers Pact. Mauritius declares neutrality. Argentina begins its offensive into Tasmania and mainland Australia.

Meanwhile in Europe, Yugoslavian forces start the Invasion of Italy. Yugoslavians then start advancing to Venice, beginning the Battle of Venice. Italians are strong enough to hold the Yugoslavians off. In Greece, Russian forces land on Amorgos, starting the Battle of Amorgos. Resistance groups in the island begin to rise, such as the Sus Amogi and the Amorgos Liberation Front. Both the Sus Amogi and the ALF start clashing. The Sus Amogi establish the Sussy Republic, but both the ALF and the Sus Amogi were crushed under days by Russian forces. Athens is captured, and Greece surrenders.


In 2043, The EU imposed sanctions on Algeria for their actions towards Tunisia. Hungary and Yugoslavia begin their invasion of Austria. Meanwhile in the Middle East, Kuwait and Jordan have fallen to Syria and Iraq. Saudi Arabia is being invaded. The UAE and Iran are fighting in the Persian Gulf. Yemen is balkanised and split into 3 nations: The Arab Republic of Yemen, the west, the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, or East Yemen, and the Principality of Socotra. Socotra achieves its independence but remains neutral. East Yemen joins on the UDC's side.

The war in Africa continues. Algeria begins a counterattack against Nigerians in their occupied territory. The US starts imposing sanctions on Algeria for starting a war in Africa, along with Sudan. Czechia surrenders. After Czechia's surrender, the invasion of Germany began. Finland continues its offensive in Karelia. Russian forces invade Svalbard. The British push Argentina in Antarctica back. Argentine Antarctica falls to the British, Chileans and Brazilians. The United Nations dissolves. Argentina halts its offensive in Oceania. Papua New Guinea and the rest of the weak nations in Oceania fall to Argentina and surrender. Argentina starts the invasion of the Indonesian province of Papua.


On the 30th of April 2044, The US officially declared war on the Algiers Pact, giving them the pass to join the Axis Powers. Ethiopia, Egypt and the East African Federation help the African Entente and start the invasion of Sudan. Mozambican, South African and Australian navies land on the shores of Eastern Madagascar. After the fall of Antananarivo, Madagascar surrenders. Moroccan and Libyan forces invade through the sandy dunes of Algeria. Mauritania and Nigeria start the invasion of Mali. The Liberation of Tunisia begins. Meanwhile in Central America, Nicaragua declared war on its neighbours, but Allied forces managed to stop Nicaragua's invasion of Costa Rica and Honduras by nuking Managua and vaporising the Ortega family, the family ruling the country.

Three months later, the Battle of Khartoum, begins. Mali had already surrendered after the fall of Azawad. Tunisia is fully liberated from Algerian occupation days later. Allied forces find and assassinate the president of Sudan, Mohamed al-Bashir, the military dictator of the country behind the Islamist coup in Sudan, causing the country to surrender. French forces land on the coast of Algeria. Egyptian forces assemble a D-Day off the shores of the Northern Egypt, with this being codenamed "Bloodsucker". French forces encircle Algiers. the Algerian government flees to Touggourt and refuses to surrender. French and Moroccan forces find the Algerian president, and kill him. Algeria surrenders, ending the final battle in Africa.

On November 1, 2044, the 2044 US Presidential Election is held. This time, it's Liz Warren vs John Thune. Some people were hoping to have Liz Warren run a second term, but unfortunately, due to the high unpopularity of Liz Warren, John Thune won the election and defeated incumbent Liz Warren. John Thune will become inaugurated on the 16th of January 2045. The war comes to another stalemate, with no change in frontlines, ending the second phase of the war. Egyptian and Greek forces are already in Greece and Turkey, along with Turkish forces.

2045 and start of third and final phase

On the 16th of January 2045, Republican senator John Thune, is inaugurated, and the third and final phase of the war begins. China invades through Central Asia. Germany pushes the Russians back and starts liberating Czechia. Austrian and Polish forces start entering Russian-occupied Czechia. Italian and Austrian forces cross the Yugoslavian border, starting the invasion of Yugoslavia. Meanwhile in Anatolia, Turkish and Egyptian forces have started the offensive into Ankara. Greek forces capture Athens, but the whole Greece is not yet liberated.

In the Middle East, The US, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are leading an invasion of southern Iran. Saudi Arabia and Israel are crossing into Jordan. After Amman was captured, Jordan was fully liberated. The invasion of Iran continues. Meanwhile in Asia, Sri Lanka joins the war on the third party, but India invades the country and turns it into an Indian client state while China is pushing the Russians in Manchuria back. Korean forces invade Vladivostok with 3000 troops. China and USA also halt the offensive into Russian Antarctica.


With China pushing the Russians back and the Indians in Nepal, China starts the invasion of Nepal. Kathmandu is captured under 2 weeks, and the Nepali government refuses to surrender. India gives Nepal some weapons to fight to the death. China and Nepal make a duel. China invades through Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh and enter Indian-occupied Bangladesh, beginning the Bengal Campaign. When People's Liberation Army troops started crossing the Dhaka river, Indian forces begin a counterattack to repel the liberation of Bangladesh, but China is too powerful. The War in Oceania continues. Australia pushes back, and begins its offensive into Tasmania.

Bangladesh was fully liberated from Indian occupation. In Europe, Poland is in the process of liberating the whole Europe from the Russians Slovakia is fully liberated, and the Austro-Polish invasion of Hungary begins. They are heading for Budapest. After this, the Siege of Budapest begins. Later, Hungary cedes Transylvania to Romania and switches sides, ending 5-year rule of fascism in the country and disbanding the Arrow Cross Party.


In South America, Chile, Brazil and Peru are focusing on the Bolivian front. Peru and Chile start their offensive into La Paz and Potosi on the 8th of September 2047. After 3 days of fighting, Potosi is captured. Now they head off to La Paz. Chile reannexes the Atacama region. The Battle of La Paz begins. After the fall of La Paz, Bolivia signs white peace with the allies and exits the war, but Chile, Peru and Brazil don't leave their occupation zones. Chile annexes the Potosi and Oruro departments and are made Chilean provinces.

Peru annexes La Paz while Brazil annexes Pando. Brazil doesn't leave its occupation zone. They now have to focus on Argentina. Brazil pushes Argentine military from Riogrande, and Brazil launches an invasion of Argentine Paraguay. Brazil annexes Paraguay, and they invade Cisplatina and annex it after fully capturing the region. The offensive to Buenos Aires is halted to prevent high casualties. Meanwhile in Europe, Finland and Poland start their landing on the Baltics. After the fall of Talinn, the United Baltic Republic is proclaimed and Poland annexes Kaliningrad. Slovenia and Croatia declare independence. Croatia annexes Bosnia but not Republika Srpska. Italy, Turkey, Hungary and Greece liberate Albania, and Bulgaria and Romania. Albania invades Crnagora. Montenegro is restored. Belgrade is besieged, and then Yugoslavia surrenders, leaving Serbia occupied. A treaty will be signed in Skopje. The Treaty of Skopje includes the following:

  1. Croatia will annex Republika Srpska
  2. Albania will annex Kosovo
  3. North Macedonia will be given to Bulgaria.
  4. Vojvodina will declare full independence from Yugoslavia.
  5. Yugoslavia will be renamed to Serbia and pay 80 million in war reparations.
  6. Serbia will be occupied until 2060.

The remaining Argentine troops are kicked from Oceania, ending the Oceanian front. But, the Pacific is polluted from the atrocities caused by the Argentine Empire. Later, the allies start blitzing into Iran, Syria and Iraq. Just before they would capture Baghdad, a coup occurs in Iraq, causing the country to switch sides. Iraqi forces now start invading Syria. After the fall of Damascus, Syria capitulated, and the invasion of Iran began. Turkish forces start blitzing into Iranian Azerbaijan, and the Caucasus. After the fall of Baku, Transcaucasia declared independence from Russia, and started invading on two sides. Tehran is then besieged. After the fall of Tehran, Iran signed the Armistice of Isfahan, and surrendered on the 24th of December 2047. Iranian forces in the Iranian Antarctic Colony stop fighting, and surrender. A treaty will be signed in Dubai. The Treaty of Dubai includes the following:

  1. Bushehr, Khorasan and Sistan & Baluchistan will be no-fly zones until 2095.
  2. Turkey and Transcaucasia will partition Iranian Azerbaijan.
  3. The Islamic regime in Iran will dissolve, and reform into a pro-Western democracy.
  4. Tehran will be under Allied (UWO) administration for 40 years.
  5. Turkey to annex Iranian Kurdistan.
  6. Turkey and Saudi Arabia will partition Iranian Antarctica.

2048 and final months of the war

On the 7th of March 2048, China begins its invasion of Indian Antarctica, the second last major battle in Antarctica. Germany in New Swabia starts their offensive into Lake Vostok. After 4 months of fighting in Indian Antarctica, Indian Antarctica is occupied then occupied by China. Due to the cold and extreme temperatures, it may take months for a territory to be taken over. After the fall of Lake Vostok, Russia withdraws from its Antarctic colony. A treaty will be signed Nanjizhicheng. The Treaty of Nanjizhicheng includes the following:

  1. China will annex Indian Antarctica.
  2. Lake Vostok will be split between the US, the UK, China, Japan, Germany, France, Norway and Australia.
  3. The UK, Brazil, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, France, South Africa and the United States will split Argentine Antarctica.
  4. Antarctica will be scheduled for decolonisation by 2055.

China and Pakistan start advancing into New Delhi. On the 24th of August 2048, the offensive into Buenos Aires is resumed, but this time more cautiously than 2047. 7 days later, Buenos Aires is captured, and Argentina, the last EAA member in South America, capitulates to the Allies. A conference will be held in Sao Paulo. The terms of the conference are implemented:

  1. Chile and the UK will partition Tierra del Fuego.
  2. Brazil will annex Misiones, Corrientes, Entre Rios, and Formosa.
  3. Argentina must recognise the Falkland Islands as part of the UK as most Falklanders consider themselves Britons and not Argentines.
  4. Argentina will pay up to $450,000,000 in war reparations.
  5. Argentina will be occupied until 2060.
  6. Argentina will reduce its manpower to 50,000.
  7. Argentina cannot go to war until 2100.

The United World Order is declared on the 16th of August, 5 years after the dissolution of the United Nations. The offensive into Russia begins. New Delhi is besieged. India surrenders a few days later, leaving the Russian Empire the last EAA member. A treaty will be signed in Perth in Australia, for the deals of India. The treaty of Perth includes the following:

Terms of the Treaty of Perth:

  1. China will annex Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim
  2. Pakistan annexes the rest of Kashmir.
  3. India will pay up to $170 million in war reparations
  4. Goa will be occupied by the UK for 22 years
  5. Australia will occupy Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Kerala and Tamil Nadu for 40 years.
  6. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands will be ceded to Myanmar (Burma).
  7. India will remain in the Commonwealth.

The offensive into Russia continues. Poland annexes Galicia. The WDP now head for Kiev. After Kiev was besieged, Ukraine declared independence. The Battle of Minsk begins. After that, Belarus declares independence. Finnish and Baltic forces then encircle St Petersburg, and the battle of St Petersburg begins. The Russian Tsardom is unaware that China, Japan, and the US are invading Siberia on the other side, so the country sends its troops to defend on 3 fronts, with the other Chinese platoons and Pakistan invading Afghanistan and Central Asia.

On September 24, 2048, Central Asian separatist movements begin to rise in Russian Central Asia, with Bukharans, Uzbeks, Turkmens, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, and Tajiks. This weakens Russia's grip. Seeing that, the Allies advance quicker into Moscow, and start encircling the city. On the 2nd of October 2048, the Battle of Moscow begins. Allied troops then storm the Kremlin. After the Kremlin was stormed, they find Dmitri Medvedev, and kill him. The Russian Empire surrenders, ending the war. A meeting will be held in Helsinki. After the meeting, a peace treaty was ratified in Helsinki. Russia:

  1. Cannot go more than 400,000 in its manpower.
  2. Must recognise Crimea as part of Ukraine.
  3. Shall cede Krasnodar and Rostov to Ukraine.
  4. Will release the Central Asian nations, Chechnya, Dagestan and the North Caucasus Republic.
  5. Will cede Karelia to Finland.
  6. Will cede Kaliningrad to Poland.
  7. Will cede Sochi to Transcaucasia.
  8. Will cede Outer Manchuria to China.
  9. Will pay up to 6 billion dollars in war reparations.
  10. Will dissolve its empire, and split into 2 nations: Muscovy, and Siberia. Some parts of Siberia will be occupied by China.
  11. Muscovy will be occupied until 2054.


The Third World War is said to be the deadliest and bloodiest conflict since WW2, the deadliest conflict in the 21st century, and the biggest war of humanity. According to the UWO, about 943 nukes were launched, and the total casualties were about 244 million. According to rumours, over 100 million people were killed in action, and 9 million were missing. This also included children. Several ethnic groups such as Yakuts, Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars and many others were subject to beatings and torture by the EAA. There were lots of widespread diseases and famine. Luckily, the Earth didn't end up becoming uninhabitable. Global warming had slowed down after the birth of the United World Order and the Net-Zero by 2050 law. A new era of peace has come to the planet, but there is an ongoing war in Sudan.

The leaders of the member states of the Euro Asian Alliance will go to the International Criminal Court for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. According to the UWO, the EAA committed more war crimes than Nazi Germany, the Japanese Empire and the Soviet Union. Another war occurs in Africa, Morocco is invading Western Sahara. The US intervenes to help Western Sahara, and the UWO orders Morocco to withdraw or else they will issue sanctions on the country. Morocco agrees to pull out. A ceasefire is then signed between Morocco and Western Sahara.

Islamic extremism begins to rapidly decline as many jihadist groups are being disbanded and their leaders are being executed. However, ISIS is one of the remaining Islamic extremist organisations in the world, along with Al-Qaeda, the Hezbollah and many others, but this time, they are only in North Africa, the Middle East, and Antarctica, and they are now much weaker. But now, far-right terrorism and fascism are outnumbering jihadism around the world. Far-right terrorism would rise in Africa and the Middle East, while Islamist terrorism would rise in Antarctica. The reason behind the rise of Islamism in Antarctica is Iran's involvement in WW3 and Iran being the second theocracy to colonise Antarctica, after Saudi Arabia. Also, far-right terrorism would pop up in Antarctica.

Later, the World Defence Pact disbanded, and gave birth to the New York Security Organisation and the Beijing Pact, the two rivalling alliances of the world. In 2050, the world went net-zero, and the Second Cold War started, and the process of denuclearisation began. Another anti-carbon treaty was signed by the major allies of WW3, the US, China and Japan, and was ratified a few years later. The 6th of October, the day WW3 ended, became a global public holiday around the world, usually celebrated by the Allied countries of WW3. Meaning, there would be no school, no work or busy days. Children would just play VR games, relax, and adults don't need to go to work. But, homeschooling and remote learning are still compulsory. What happens on that holiday is that people go to the WW3 memorial sites and put roses on the graves of the deceased soldiers and civilians. There is a parade held at night, and with photos of soldiers that fought in the war, gave up their lives and ascended into heaven.

With the future here, the terraformation of Mars is underway, and space colonisation is here. The Second Space Race is happening. The US became the first country to make military presence on the moon. And the first child on Mars is a boy from Germany, at the age of 11. School systems have become more efficient, and education in space and other planets are gaining popularity. The International Space Station has been decommisioned, and a new space station called the Delta Space Station becomes its replacement. Virtual reality has become more popular on video games. The EU also makes military presence on the moon after the US. The latest technology are gaining more popularity than the first iPhones and iPads. Computers are now touch screen, and mind uploading is now possible. Humans can finally access the internet via their brain, including children! The age to use social media is now 12 for most countries as 12 is considered the teenage level, except for Greece, the Philippines, and Vojvodina.

In 2050, Ethiopia decided to switch to driving on the left as they are controlling the territory of British Somaliland under the orders of an Ethiopian ex-WW3 veteran Addisu Girma. However, both Ethiopia and the East African Federation are still at war despite both countries being left-hand driving. This prompted several ex-British colonies such as Nigeria to drive on the left.