These are the Rules of Future Wiki, as created by the administration. Members and guests should still follow the Terms of Use. Please note that the administrators reserve the right modify these rules at any time without further notice for any reason.

  1. There are 7 words you can’t say on TV. Don’t say them here. Racist, sexist, or other discriminatory slurs are also banned. Swear words may be permitted sparingly on timeline/scenario pages, although we would like to remind everyone that an entire page filled with just swear words will be counted as trolling/vandalism. Swear words are still banned in comments and on forum posts, and any in-wiki usage of swear words to insult or demean another user will be treated as harassment and punished accordingly.
  2. Insults of any kind will not be tolerated. Criticism may not necessarily constitute an insult. Constructive criticism is allowed and encouraged; and that there is a clear distinction between constructive criticism and insulting another user's work. Constructive criticism is criticism done in order to help another user improve their work (think "The layout of your page is a little sloppy, I think you should move a couple infoboxes around and add a couple bullet points" as opposed to "Your scenario sucks lol go die in a pit"). Contact a staff member if you are unsure whether a particular comment can be considered constructive criticism or an insult.
  3. Any unauthorized tampering with another person's page, and any comment or forum spamming will be dealt with accordingly.
  4. Policy for images and other media is much more strict then text. Due to the fact that certain graphic content is made in and for historiographical context, the content warning template should be attached to any page with graphic content after checking with a staff member. If someone uploads porn, nudity, or explicit content of any kind without following these guidelines, it will result in a permanent ban, effective immediately.
  5. If you break these rules, you will be given a warning. If the same user breaks the rules again within a 6 month span, a 48 hour block will be issued. Should the user further violate the rules again within 6 months of the 48 hour block , a 1 month block will be issued. If the user breaks rules again with 6 months of the 1 month block, a permanent block will be issued.
  6. Should a wiki leader violate the rules they will receive a warning, accompanied by a 1 rank demotion (e.g. bureaucrat down to admin, admin down to rollback, etc.), and the second offense should be a unilateral stripping of all ranks, plus the 48 hour block.
  7. If bureaucrats have substantiated proof that a new user has joined only to troll or vandalize, they are allowed to summarily ban said user, no questions asked.
  8. Doxxing another user shall be punished with an instant use of The Banhammer.
  9. Do not make alternative accounts unless your existing account is inaccessible. If you are found to have an alternative account while your existing account is banned for any duration, the alternate account will be permanently banned, and an increment of 6 months added to any existing ban. Repeated infractions will result in a permanent ban for all accounts involved.
  10. Refrain from spamming advertisements for external sites, other wikis, etc.
  11. You may appeal any administrator's decision by messaging them or another admin on FANDOM Community Central. The bureaucrats may vote on what the case will be.
  12. At any and all times, there will be at least 5 bureaucrats, 7 administrators, and 9 rollbackers. All bureaucrats will be administrators and rollbackers. All administrators will be rollbacks. Should any leadership disappear they can be removed by a vote of 2/3rds of the forum or of 2/3rds the bureaucrats. The bureaucrats may also appoint 2 discussion board mods, who may be administrators, rollbackers, or not have another leadership position.
  13. Any motion to modify the Wikia Rules will be decided on by a vote requiring simple majority.
  14. Creation of scenarios entirely contained in discussions is against the rules. 2 posts are allowed before consequences. Third offense is a warning, Fourth offense is a 24 hour block, Fifth offense is a 7 day block, and Sixth offense is an appealable permanent block. Admins must be able to help users transfer their scenarios over to articles.
  15. Polls must be related to either an upcoming scheduled event (ex. an election, a sporting event, etc.), or a scenario in the articlespace. Users may post up to 3 posts a day.