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How's it going, everyone? My name is AllianceScoutAiothai. I'm a Wiki Bureaucrat and the creator of long-running Map Game Humanity's Course. I am now proud to present to you all my second map game, Weight of the World: A Map Game.

Important Content/Rules

For those new to this kind of game, I'll post some rules.


  • NO racial slurs or foul language, otherwise, you will be banned.
  • Please remain civil.
  • If you do not post for more then ten turns your nation will be taken away from you and it will be available for other people to take
  • Conflicts will be decided by the War Algorithm.
  • Please, please, please, be plausible! This is a must if you want to play this game! If you do not post plausibly, your implausible edit will be deleted. Which means:
  • Both parties must agree to an alliance/treaty/barter.
  • If you feel that you have been unfairly treated, please write your complaint in the comments.
  • Only the Head-Mod and game creator can appoint new mods and the map mod.
  • The game creator's word overrides all others.
  • The Head-Mod's word overrides all others except for the game creator.
  • Only the Head-Mod and Emergency Mod can start new turns. If a new turn has not be started within 24 hours, the Emergency Mod will start a new turn.
  • Every turn is one year until 2200 where it becomes ten years then in 2300 it turns to 20 years * A new turn starts every 24 hours.
  • Mods are able to create random events and will represent an NPC nation (i.e. Mongolia isn't going to sign its land over to Pakistan or something stupid like that), Mods also help to make that implausible stuff doesn't happen.
  • After you do three implausibilities you are banned from the game.
  • Every 25 years are to be archived to limit the amount scrolling that needs to be done to get to the latest year. Be sure to check back once in a while to ensure proper continuity!
  • Please, I must implore of you, if you plan to play this game, be active and check back each day!
  • This isn't a rule, but I'd like to encourage you to put your country's flag before your turn on the bullet list.
  • Have Fun!

(This is also copied and pasted from Future Map Game Revised, Future Map Game 2 and Humanity's Course, but with some rules and minor edits added in)


You have to apply to be a mod. Apply below, stating why you want to be a mod. Unlawful adding will result in a ban.


As 2020 dawns, the shroud of uncertainty has wrapped the globe in its grasp.

ISIS has been defeated. However, while the world was distracted by the militants, Boko Haram rose from the shadows and established the United Islamic Caliphate of Africa (UICA) comprising the former territory of Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

North and South Korea are at war once again, following the North's invasion of their capitalist neighbor. South Korea has called for support from NATO, while North Korea has requested military assistance from Russia and China.

The Mexican Government fell to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel in late 2019. The new Jalisco Government has predictably proven to be a corrupt, brutal, despotic regime.

In the United States, Donald Trump has proven to be an unpopular President, with the state of New York planning a secession referendum if he is reelected.

The Weight of the World rests upon the shoulders of its global leaders.



Fallen/Occupied Nations

  • Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Defeated by the Coalition)
  • Jalisco Cartel [formally Mexico] (Defeated and split up between France, Spain, Italy, and Brazil)
  • People's Republic of China (Defeated and split up between France, Russia, India, and Italy; remaining territory taken by Taiwan)
  • Norway (Merged into the Union of Scandinavia)
  • Sweden (Merged into the Union of Scandinavia)
  • Finland (Merged into the Union of Scandinavia)
  • Iceland (Annexed by Union of Scandinavia)
  • United Kingdom (Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales declared independent; now England)
  • Northern Ireland (Merged with Ireland)
  • Slovenia (Merged into Italy)
  • Croatia (Merged into Italy, autonomous region)
  • Cuba (Merged into Italy, autonomous region)
  • Latvia (Merged into Baltic Union)
  • Lithuania (Merged into Baltic Union)
  • Estonia (Merged into Baltic Union)
  • Paraguay (Merged into Brazil)
  • Suriname (Annexed by Brazil)
  • Guyana (Annexed by Brazil)
  • Manchuria (Overseas territory of Brazil)
  • Indonesia (Merged with Malaysia)
  • Singapore (Merged with Malaysia)
  • Brunei (Merged with Malaysia)
  • Philippines (Merged with Malaysia)
  • Vietnam (Merged with Malaysia)
  • Cambodia (Merged with Malaysia)
  • Thailand (Merged with Malaysia)
  • Laos (Merged with Malaysia)
  • Myanmar (Merged with Malaysia)
  • Tanzania (Merged with EAF)
  • Uganda (Merged with EAF)
  • South Sudan (Merged with EAF)
  • Burundi (Merged with EAF)
  • Kenya (Merged with EAF)
  • Rwanda (Merged with EAF)
  • Bahrain (Merged into Saudi Arabia)
  • Qatar (Annexed by Saudi Arabia)
  • Yemen (Merged with Saudi Arabia)
  • Saudi Arabia (Renamed Islamic Union)
  • Nepal (Merged with India)
  • Venezuela (Merged with Brazil; has special privileges)


Place a flag and write your username next to the nation of your choice. Feel free to add whichever nation you would like to play as. Five people must join for the game to begin.





  • Flag of ChileChile: We ask Russia if we can join the Eurasian Economic Union (Russian response needed), and increase the exportation of copper and fruits. (Secret) We also begin work on chemicals weapons (End secret)
    • Flag of RussiaRussian Dip: President Vladimir Putin warmly welcomes Chile into the Eurasian Economic Union (EEC), but decides a name change will have to happen. The Eurasian Economic Union changes to the Eurasian-South American Economic Union (ESAEC) to accommodate Chile's admission. We ask Chile for an alliance (Chilean Response Needed).
    • Chilean Dip: We thank Russia for their acceptance, and agree to the alliance.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We ask for a merger with all ASEAN countries, with the purpose of unity and security. (Response Needed) We begin upgrading infrastructure, economy, military and industry. We ask to join the UN and NATO.(Response Needed) We try to develop a more efficient biofuel made from palm oil. We increase production and exportation of rubber, tin, fruits, petroleum and palm oil.
    • Mod response: All ASEAN nations respectfully decline the merger offer, preferring to remain sovereign.
    • Mod response: NATO and the UN both cordially accept Malaysia into their respective memberships.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: We ask to make better or new alliances with India, Spain, Ukraine and Australia (Response needed). We start to invest in 100% renewable energy. We start to invest more in our main Tourism industry and we are open to other countries to become allies so we can make Tourism more popular in Italy.
    • Indian Diplomacy: We accept, as we will need the help of outsider countries to improve our infrastructure, our economy and our social structure.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept Italy's offer for alliance as we're members of NATO. We ask for mutual defense.
  • Flag of Hezbollah Hezbollah: Wins Lebanese elections with a 69% majority (response needed)
    • Mod response: Protests ignite across the country hut are quickly crushed by government forces.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: We continue our Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, aiming to reach total solar-energy of one million MW by 2022. We also continue our missions of aiming to construct and harvest 60 GW from wind power, 100 GW from solar power, ten GW from biomass power and five GW from small hydropower, using gas-insulated transmission lines to have more efficient expansion of the national power grid. This is to make sure India relies less on imports as to improve its economy and most importantly, to construct the base for advanced technologies to help improve education and reduce poverty. This act of improving education is expected to be improved by 2025.
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah Hezbollah takes full control of Lebanon and declares The Hezbollah State (Conflicts are decided by the Algorithm).(Mod Response needed)
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah We declare war on Lebanon.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We condemn Hezbollah action for declare war on Lebanon and make another conflict in Middle East. We ask Portugal for non-aggression pact and ask Italy for mutual defense [Mod and Italy Response Needed]. We start build our military, we recruit 7500 troops. We build military industrial in Murcia. We start build tower in Ibiza with high 450 m, named Ibiza Great Tower. We start increase our agricultural food, metal and some export items.
    • Italian Diplomacy: We accept the mutual defense proposition.
    • Mod response: Portugal accepts the pact proposal.
  • Flag of Tanzania.svg Tanzania: The East African Federation is established, after years of trying. It comprises of Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. We recruit 25,000 troops and ask for trade with Spain and India. We condemn Hezbollah.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept.
    • Indian Diplomacy: We accept.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We condemn Hezbollah and ask to form a coalition with Spain and Tanzania to help Lebanon fight against Hezbollah.(Spain and Tanzania Response Needed) We ask Australia and New Zealand for trade deal and non aggression pact.(Response Needed)
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We decline, but we still send troops to Lebanon as peacekeepers, we send 800 troops to Lebanon.
    • Mod response: New Zealand accepts the pact proposal.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: We also condemn Hezbollah for their actions. Italy asks to join this coalition with Spain, Malaysia and Tanzania (Response Needed). We recruit 10,000 troops.
    • Flag of RussiaRussian Dip: We ask if we can join the Anti-Hezbollah Coalition (Malaysian Response Needed).
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We decline, but we still send troops to Lebanon as peacekeepers, we send 800 troops to Lebanon.
    • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We accept Russia and Italy into the coalition.
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah: We attack Beirut with full force and launch rockets at Lebanese ports(Mod response needed)
  • USA: We ask if Mexico and Canada unite to become the North American Confederacy to become bigger and stronger and have more economy.
    • Mod response: Mexico and Canada both decline the proposal, wishing to remain sovereign for the time being.
  • Ukraine: We ask Russia to give us back Crimea, and in return we will give major autonomy to "Novorosyria" and it shall be able to join its own alliances, and any alliance that we, (Ukraine) join, this autonomous region shall not be forced to be part of. We also denounce Hezbollah, and do not recognize its ruling of Lebanon.
    • Russian Dip: We would rather have Novorossiya hold a referendum on whether to remain in Ukraine as an autonomous region, join Russia, or secede from Ukraine as a sovereign nation (Ukrainian Response Needed).
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah: We create mustard gas missiles and request help from Iran, and Syria(Mods Response Needed)
    • Mod response: Iran and Syria both agree to publicly support Hezbollah.
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah: With the elections won in Lebanon, Hezbollah ends the war and continues to secretly work on missiles and mustard gas. 


Hezbollah now completely controls Lebanon under a terror state. North Korea continues to advance into the South. UICA invades Benin. The presidential inauguration is scheduled to begin in the US.

  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We launch an attack with our coalition against Hezbollah.(Algorithm Response Needed) We ask the nations of ASEAN once again for a merger, this time they will also gain autonomy and ask all members of our coalition for a non aggression pact and trade deals.(Response Needed) We create a prototype fusion reactor in Kedah and it works even better than we imagined. We decide to construct these to power every urban area. We start urbanizing villages and recruit more soldiers. Our military, infrastructure, economy and industry undergo upgrades.
    • Mod response: All members of ASEAN agree to the proposal.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: With the increasing tourism, we now start generating more money so we pump it into solar energy and wind energy to make us less dependent on oil. The rest of the money generated from tourism will go to: Energy, Education, Infrastructure and the Army. After months of negotiations, a referendum is held to annex Slovenia, the two governments are very similar and we need the extra military power to help defeat Hezbollah (Mod response needed/War algorithm?)
    • Mod response: Slovenia votes to join Italy in a referendum vote.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: We start a plan called For a Green Future that focuses on gradually lowering greenhouse gas emissions by using more renewable energy. The plan also says to halve carbon emissions by 2035 and reduce all greenhouse gas emissions by 2060. We start planning a Martian colony.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Our peacekeepers are still stay in Hezbollah. We are surprise to hear Russia break their alliance with Hezbollah. We ask the UK and Morocco if we can build a bridge over Strait of Gibraltar (Mod Response Needed)
    • Mod response: The UK and Morocco grant Spain permission.
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah We offer peace as we are not a threat to anyone we also condemn The UICA and start a coalition, we also start taking steps towards human rights like abolishing Sharia Law, and giving woman the same rights as men.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: We propose Operation: Wheel Of Light, intended to improve several major problems of India including Resources, Infrastructure, Health, Social Issues and Technology, starting with Education as the main focus (aside from the already continuing development and expansion of the national power grid) to lay the base for the fixation of the other other issues. The operation intends to start by 2025. [SECRET: (This operation's second important goal is to kick-start India's developmental progress in order to surpass its "superior" rival China.) END OF SECRET]
    • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia Dip: We ask for a non-aggression pact and trade with India.
    • Indian Diplomacy: We accept the deal.
  • Saudi Arabia: We condemn the UICA, but don't join the coalition as we hate Hezbollah. We request that Bahrain join us, as we would like to protect our smaller Muslim brothers, and it would benefit both nations. (Mod response needed) (Or Algorithm I don't know)
    • Mod Response: Bahrain asks to give them time one year to make a decision. [Saudi Response Needed].
    • Saudi Dip: Making our annoyance clear, we give them a year, but station 20,000 troops on the Bahrain, claiming that it's "only in the event that they retaliate."
  • Norway: We ask if Sweden and Finland will join with us to create The Union Of Scandinavia, as separate we are unimportant, but as one we could do great things. ( Mod Response Needed)
    • Mod Response: Sweden and Finland will hold referendum to join Union of Scandinavia
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah We ask the world on why they are condemning us as we are at peace and we got rid of an evil regime which we show evidence for(Secret) The evidence is falsified (end of secret) and ask that the many nations around the world to join our coalition.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We pull our peacekeepers from Hezbollah State/Lebanon. We open again our ambassador to Hezbollah State and renovate a few our embassy office in there. We ask to open trade with Hezbollah State. [Mod Response Needed]. We decline to join Hezbollah Coalition because we want to stay neutral. We ask Anti-Hezbollah Coalition to stop invade Hezbollah as they're now peaceful country.
    • Mod Response: Syria and Iran accept to join Hezbollah Coalition and ask their ally, Russia to leave Anti-Hezbollah Coalition.
    • Saudi Dip: As Hezbollah is another middle eastern power, we refuse. Acting with false suspicion around them. (Secret) We send eight spies into the Hezbollah region, and two more into the Lebanon region (End Secret)
  • Norway: In regards to the referendum, we tell Sweden and Finland that we will cover the costs of the referendum if they hold it at the start of 2020, and we can hold debates to show their people how it will work.(Mod Response Needed)
    • Mod response: Sweden and Finland graciously accept Norway's proposal. The referendum is held, and the Union of Scandinavia is formed.


Hezbollah-Lebanon holds off Malaysia's invasion attempt. South Korea stops North Korea, and plans to invade their northern neighbor. UICA takes complete control of Benin and invades Togo.

  • Saudi Arabia: We push Bahrain to make a decision (Mod response required), we also help the government in the Yemeni civil war.
  • Scandinavia: We invade Iceland with 300,000 troops, to increase the union. (Mod Response needed)
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah(Secret) we send spies in to burn down government offices where secrets about falsified evidence is held, these orders are passed down by word so no tracking is possible (secret ended)We would like to give woman full rights, but men and woman between the ages of 18 and 25 must be enlisted in the military, but as reserves if we are attacked.
  • Italy: Italy condemns military service used by countries around the world, including Hezbollah, due to the fact that forcing people to join the military is against freedom of will. We ask Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Austria to join us as a country with referendums (Mod Response Needed) these will join Slovenia who have already held a referendum and joined us. We would ask them to join us on terms of economic security, social liberalism and a break away from the EU where our interests are ignored. ((of course, some countries will decline, but those who do accept will merge into Italy similar to how Slovenia did)). We have removed our national religion of Roman Catholicism.
    • Mod response: Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Austria all hold referendums to join Italy. All nations vote against the notion, preferring to remain sovereign.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: We haven't completed our Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, reaching around 999,000 MW instead of the intended one million MW by 2022. However, we have managed to achieve 60 GW of wind power and five GW of small hydropower and our power grid has improved vastly from the past decade. Optimistic, we intend to bring Operation: Wheel Of Light to 2024 at the earliest as the power network projects have been going smoothly so far. There is barely any other notable projects worth mentioning at the moment.
  • Scandinavia: We put forward a bid to host the Olympics in 2028, and we are going to use this as a means to improve relations with other countries. We hope the IOC get back to us shortly. (Mod Response Needed)
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: We have received reports that the Kremlin was burnt down by terrorists, fortunately Putin was on a diplomatic trip so he wasn't hurt, however many government officials were. We vow to catch those terrorists and bring them to justice, and we ask the international community to help (Countries Response Needed).
    • Italy Diplomacy: The Government of Italy is stood firmly against terrorism so we support Russia and provide any help we can.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We condemn terrorists action for burn Kremlin. (Secret, Russia know it) We support Russia and start to send spies to Middle East and Africa (End Secret)
    • Hezbollah Diplomacy We condemn terrorists and offer aid to help rebuild
  • Mod Event: Bahrain accept the proposal, but on the condition that they would still retain control of their army, as they feel otherwise they would be neglected by the larger country (Saudi Response Needed)
    • Saudi Dip: We accept on the condition that we have control when we are at war. Several people start throwing 'holy parties' to accept our brother joining us. (Mod response needed)
    • Mod: This is accepted by Bahrain, as long as when their borders are threatened they can withdraw their troops back. ( Response Needed)


Several high ranking Malaysian and Ukrainian officials were killed by a bomb in the Malaysian and Ukrainian embassies in the state of Saudi Arabia, another bomb was detonated which has caused a large amount of damage to a Saudi Arabian governmental building. Boko Haram have claimed responsibility. They threaten to try again if the world does not begin to bow to Allah.

  • Saudi Arabia: We start firing missiles at the Boko Haram territories, hoping other countries will do the same, especially Malaysia and Ukraine (Both Responses needed). We put out a 9/10 warning, not 10/10 because we believe they will not attack us again, as that would drive us to war. We ask the rest of the Islamic Treaty Alliance to do the same. (Mod Response needed)
    • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We also start firing missiles at Boko Haram territories as well.
    • Mod: The Alliance Accepts and begins firing.
    • Scandinavia: We fire at them as well.
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah We ask Italy why they condemn us for actions of forcing people to serve in the military when their neighbors to the north do the same and much worse(Italian response needed), we also ask Syria to hold referendum for Alawite State to join Lebanon, which if people agree to it we will pay Syria with five billion USD.(Mod Response Needed)
  • Mod Response: Syria accepts the offer, but want seven billion USD instead.
    • (Hezbollah Dip) We also put bid into 2028 Olympics
    • Italian Diplomacy: And we condemn them as well, the thing is forced military enlistment is forced and the government should not force people into things such as military enlistment that takes them away from their loved ones and their lives for any amount of time.
    • Mod: Alawite State join Hezbollah.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We hold a public funeral service for the Malaysian officials killed in the blast. We put a bid into holding the 2028 Olympics in Malaysia. We condemn Boko Haram and ask the world to fight these terrorists as we did with ISIS. We begin a development plan to connect all our cities with a Maglev Train line. We stop attacking Hezbollah, only on the condition they resolve any future disputes with Lebanon and surrounding countries peacefully, as we have more pressing matters at hand. We decide to develop a space program, and welcome any potential participants.(Response Needed) We ask for a merger with Papua New Guinea.(Response Needed)
    • (Hezbollah Diplomat) We are in no conflict with anyone, and we are Lebanon. we also are in no other conflict except Boko Haram.
    • Mod: Papua New Guinea accept.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We strongly condemn Boko Haram (UICA) action. We ask NATO (Include UK, France, US, and Italy) to discuss preparation to attack UICA [Mod/Players Response Needed]. We continue build our military, after our construction of military industrial is finished, we build more tanks, artillery, aircraft, ships, military vehicles, and weapons. We recruit more 7,500 troops. We start construction of Ibiza Tower and Gibraltar Bridge.
  • Italy: We post a bid into hosting the 2028 Olympics (Mod Response Needed). We take a new libertarian stance on most social issues such as holding more rehabilitation programs in prisons, legalizing drugs and also we lower taxes. We downsize our military now that Hezbollah is no longer deemed as a threat. We openly condemn all social conservative countries and authoritarian governments. We privatize all government operations except vital ones e.g. the police, the military, the education system and the health system. We condemn Boko Haram and enter talks with NATO.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: we launched our space station back in 2020. We are currently making plans for a moon colony by 2032. ( this is super unrealistic, and you cannot say you launched the station in 2020, as you only joined in 2022, thanks mod)China is very shocked that Boko haram is able to take all of Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Chad by 2020 since they were limited to very small areas back in 2016. Our GDP also overtook America's a while back. We have begun preparations to invade this Boko Haram state in the next year. With a force of half a million, liberating these states should be a piece of cake
  • Flag of EAF EAF: We improve our economy and ask to Saudi Arabia, DRC, Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan & Yemen to for the Middle Eastern and African Treaty Alliance (MEATA).
    • Chinese Dip: we would like to form a military alliance with the EAF (and MEATA if those other countries cooperate with the EAF)
    • Hezbollah Dip: We would like to join MEATA as we are part of The Middle East and one of the most peaceful, with greatest human rights and new assault rifle: HLS-01 which has firepower 10 times that of the FN Scar.
    • Saudi Dip: We will join META on the condition that Hezbollah are not let in. We see them as a rival and make a point that they are not peaceful. (EAF Response required)
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: We condemn the Boko Haram activist group's activities, especially since they are of Islamic faith and remind us of what the Muslims did to our homeland for centuries. As such, we downgrade and convert some of our space-faring rockets we do not need into accurate, sub-orbital missiles to use against the terrorists. In the meanwhile, we have finally completed our Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission and are close to finishing ten GW of biomass power, meaning that Operation: Wheel Of Light is on the horizon, expected to be enacted in 2024, where the improvement of the education and infrastructure of India will its the main goals in this decade. In the meantime ...
  • Flag of EAF EAF: We change the treaty name to Afro-Eurasian Treaty Alliance (AETA). We ask DRC to merge into the newly named African Federation.
    • Mod: DRC decline but ask instead for an alliance.
  • Mod: The IOC have made their decision. The hosts of the 2028 games will be Malaysia.
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah We ask Saudi Arabia, why they are being negative towards us, as we have not harmed them in anyway (Saudi response needed) We also ask to join the AETA (EAF Response needed)
    • Saudi Dip: We act negative towards you because we view you as a threat and rival for power. Your rapid rise to power is somewhat worrying. We would also like to become friend with NATO, so having the same enemy could be a quick way to become friends with them. Lebanon was also predominantly Christian in a largely Islamic area. We could look past this if it weren't for points 1, 2 and 3.
    • Hezbollah Dip: I am no enemy of NATO. Yes, I'm on a rise to power but we could both use that to both of our advantages.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We improve our economy. We ask again NATO members to discuss about preparation to invade UICA. [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod: All members agree to help a brother in arms.
  • Mod Event: Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria government in-exile, Greece, Mali, Czech Republic, and UK ask to join Afro-Eurasian Treaty Alliance. Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan, and Yemen are accepted into the Afro-Eurasian Treaty Alliance.
  • UNOA UNOA: We welcome all countries into the AETA. We ask Sudan to join us since they have had interests in joining us in the past. We ask to help attack UICA. We change our name to United Nations of Africa.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We begin building bigger stadiums and upgrading the Stadium Merdeka in preparation of the 2028 Olympics. We settle for a mousedeer mascot. We upgrade urban areas in preparation for the tourist surge in 2028. We start building up security in case there is a Boko Haram attack. We ask for non-aggression pact and trade with Russia and India, as well as a proposal for a joint space program.(Response Needed) We develop an efficient but prototype propulsion system, called a ramjet. We speculate that it will be capable of sending ships to the outer solar system in seven years. We start construction on the SEASA, or the South East Asian Space Agency, which will be completed in late 2024 latest. Economy is being improved on.


A military coup begins to rise in Australia over the super tight laws on animals entering the country. Their is 30,000 troops involved, led by the second in command of the Australian army. The U.S.A shows a public mocking of Malaysia for thinking that they can go to the edges of the solar system so soon

  • Flag of Italy Italy: Italy launches a new programme: Italy 2030 which aims to create Italy as the centre of leisure and tourism in Europe. This is building on from the large investment in tourism that was given in 2020. We build new stadiums, encourage new hotels to be built with attractive deals to chains and also we start refreshing cities. This new investment in Italy 2030 will also be part of the Olympics if we get chosen to host it. As part of Italy 2030, we also buy out Alitalia (the flag Italian airline) and turn it around to be sold by 2030. The people of Italy vote to leave the Eurozone throughout a referendum, returning to the Italian lira and subsequently we held an EU referendum which Italy voted to stay by a margin of 5.6%. ( you cannot do this. the referendum has been scheduled for 2025, and will be decided by a mod)
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: Our invasion of the state of Boko Haram has commenced with a force 500,000 strong (I know we planned only a turn ago but a year seems like a plausible amount of time to prepare for an invasion. Plus, the US invaded Afghanistan with less than a month of preparation and won by the end of 2001). We have tanks and can possibly capture any airbases in the country if there are any. We are invading to dispose of Boko Haram's caliphate [Secret] and to form a Chinese friendly government in its place so that we can extract uranium and oil. This new nation will comprise of all the countries which fell to Boko Haram.[End Secret] [War Algorithm Required]. We are making plans for that space station (in the real world, China is planning to launch a space station).
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We tell the US that we never said we can perfect the technology in seven years, but said it was capable of sending ships to the outer solar system in a seven year long journey. The ramjet prototype is still expected to be a prototype for years to come, so we ask the US not to simply mock people for trying to achieve the not yet possible. We ask China if they want a join space program.(Response Needed) We send 10,000 troops into Boko Haram territory to wage war against them.
  • UNOA UNOA We believe that Malaysia are acting foolish, believing they can reach the outer solar system. We ask Mozambique and Malawi to a have a referendum to merge in the UNOA.
    • Mod Response: Mozambique respectfully declines but Malawi says they will hold a referendum in 2026.
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah We start a space administration, to try to send a man into space, by 2030, and we ask nations to no act against Malaysia as it is no necessary, it is well damn near impossible but we don't need to criticize them for trying, I request to join the Shanghai Cooperation organization which I will give China and Russia the strongest assault rifles for free(Chinese or Russian response needed)I also send diplomats to Russia, China and India to boost relations.
    • Chinese Dip: We will accept Hezbollah's request in return for allowing us to build a foreign base in the country [Hezbollah response required]
      • Hezbollah Dip: We accept.
  • Flag of France France: It has been many years since we have entered the world stage on political and domestic matters. In the Senate, the reigning political group "Groupe socialiste" or the Socialist Group has been defeated in the elections being replaced by the "Les Républicains" or The Republicans are now the ruling party and a driving force on the political field; and in a shocking event the Communist Group has gained 12 more seats making them have a total of 32 seats lead by Éliane Assassi. In the National Assembly the Socialist Groups still hold power, but losing 20 seats making them have 275 total seats. In the previous 2023 presidential elections, former Mayor of Longjumeau, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet was re-elected for a second term in office. Her first plan of action is to fight domestic and foreign terrorism as France has always been a major target for terrorism since we had lead the fight against the Islamic State and she also asks the French Parliament for permission to enter war in Northern Africa to help liberate Northern Africa (mod response needed). We condemn the military coup in Austria, with President Kosciusko-Morizet saying that, "There is no need for this kind of action against a government when it can be handled by democracy." Her current poll numbers are at 45%, which is high for a second term president. The way that she plans to fight domestic and foreign terrorism is by using a NSA type branch of the government to spy on suspected terrorists in the country and if proof is found that an attack is imminent, the home or building where the terrorists are hiding would be raided by police and will stand trial for terrorism and if they are French citizens they will face both terrorism charges and traitor against the nation that could result in life in prison. She will introduce the plan next year after the Senate elections in which the polls are finding that the Republicans would be reelected.
    • Mod: The French Parliament approves of the proposal and sends troops to liberate Northern Africa.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We get our best scientists to try to create a stable advanced ramjet engine prototype as we want to prove the US and UNOA wrong. We expect the ramjet fusion engine technology will be perfected at the end of this century. We also launch a few communications satellites and one that will go to the Moon to locate a suitable location for a proposed lunar colony, which will be established at 2030 earliest. We ask Russia, China, Hezbollah and India for a joint space program and possible international lunar colony.(Response Needed)
    • China: China agrees to a joint space program. However, we are unsure if a lunar colony could be achieved so soon. We are willing to have an extra hand in our planned space station though.
  • UNOA UNOA We ask Algeria for an alliance. Our Space program, currently in The state of Kenya, is developing technologies that could see us leave the solar system by 2200. We invade UICA and ask Yemen for an alliance or Merge with us. We tell Malawi that we will pay for all the costs of the referendum if they hold it in 2025.
    • Mod: Yemen respectfully declines both offers. Algeria accepts the alliance.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: A video is posted by researchers at the SEASA headquarters mocking the UNOA for being hypocritical by thinking Malaysia is foolish for saying ramjet fusion can get us to the outer solar system in a journey time of seven years, yet they themselves are trying to develop space flight. We are slightly wary of Australia as of the military coup, and keep security near Australia very high as tensions are even higher. We ask Hezbollah for peace talks and trade deals.(Response Needed)
  • Saudi Arabia: We set off a bomb in Mekka, killing five and injuring 19. We start to move troops onto the border with Qatar accusing them (Secret) falsely (end Secret) that the attack was them.
  • UNOA UNOA: We improve our economy, continuing to climb up the ladder in the world. We ask Russia and Chile for an alliance. Our tech has gotten much better so we have brought the completion date forward to 2110.
  • Mod Event: Scandinavia's invasion of Iceland is successful, but they lose most of their troops and only retain 30,000 of the 300,000 soldiers that they sent in. China's invasion of the UICA is successful losing only 110,000 troops, but they cannot kill the leaders, and 2000 escape into hiding. The leader of Nigeria asks you to hand his land back to him. ( China Response Required)
    • China: we refuse to give back Nigeria's sovereignty and place a puppet government over Nigeria and western Cameroon will continue to conquer the remainder of the UICA (unless another country beats us to it) [Secret] and we will set up a puppet government over all of the land which they used to own [End Secret]. We will keep our military presence of 200,000 at least for awhile. Then we will slowly downsize to 10,000. However, we do build infrastructure projects, grant religious freedom, and build up an effective police force in order to win public support. We begin an offensive into Niger to further drive back Boko Haram [secret] and to extract uranium [end secret] [Mod Response Required].
  • UNOA UNOA We condemn Scandinavia's sudden attack on Iceland. We send 200,000 troops to Reykjavik to guard the city and fight back those Nasty Scandinavians. We also invade Cameroon, trying to liberate the country of the Islamic Caliphate.
  • War Update: Scandinavia easily repel the UNOA attack, as a Chinese offensive easily takes the entirety of the states of Nigeria and all of Western Cameroon. Thanks to both UNOA and UICA being in two wars, the UNOA can only make minor gains, taking little land with the expense of a lot more troops.
  • USA: We ask Mexico if he can join NATO.
  • UNOA UNOA: We leave our ally, China, to deal with UICA, since they are developed and very strong. We assault Stockholm and Oslo from the Air. We invade Helsinki from the ground and ask all of our allies to help us as the Scandinavian Union is corrupt.
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: We heavily condemn the UNOA assault on Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. We stand strong with our European partners and we make this clear by a press conference from the President. We send 200,000 troops into Helsinki to hold back UNOA. We call on the EU to stand with Scandinavia. We also ask Spain to co-build a channel underwater to aid tourism (Mod Response/Spanish Response needed/EU Response needed).
    • Mod: Portugal, the Republic of Ireland and Austria all condemn UNOA, while Estonia and Latvia condemn Scandinavia in their invasion of Iceland. Germany decline to comment on the situation.
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah We ask UNOA to call off attacks on Swedish soil before it escalates to war or even something worse.(UNOA response needed)
    • Italian Diplomacy: The President wishes to formally thank Hezbollah for supporting our European neighbours. Aside this drama, The President welcomes you to the Quirinal Palace to talk about furthering our once hostile relations. (Hezbollah Response needed)
      • Hezbollah Diplomacy: We happily accept.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: At long last, after a period of inactivity, we have finally finished the construction of our major power industries and have spread the national power grid across every single region inside the country. This will mean the commencing of Operation: Wheel Of Light which has already begun with such steps as introducing schools for adults to reteach techniques and methods for employment and introducing a more advanced national curriculum involving computer programming as an additional subject, used for such things as the programming of space rockets. Currently though, we are focusing more resources to improving the country over space travel, moves inspired by the short-lived but successful Modhi government in the past decade. Due to the power projects with renewable energy, reliance on imports has gone down, allowing more resources to be spent on more useful things such as infrastructure. However, for infrastructure, we will need the help of the major powers (Nations Response needed) for this although we are trying not to be annoyances or beggars with this optional request, although it would be of massive help if a major nation responded.
    • Hezbollah Diplomat: We would gladly help fund major projects as long as we cam extend on our embassy, coming from out budget of course.
    • Indian Diplomacy: We give the all clear on the expansion of the embassy to improve relations and get the funding needed. At least three major, first world economies will be needed with estimates.
    • French Diplomacy: French President Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet announces that France will help fund major projects for India, but the amounts of funds will have to differ depending on how our economy is.
  • Flag of FranceFrance (updated): With the permission of the French Parliament, President Kosciusko-Morizet signs a deceleration of war against the United Islamic Caliphate of Africa to liberate the following nations: Nigeria, Chad, Niger, Cameroon. President Kosciusko-Morizet comments at the signing, saying that "It is a sad day when we will once again have to use military might against a nation, but we cannot allow this destruction and murder to continue any longer. We want the world to know that France will always want peace, but is willing to use war if necessary in emergency situations." Military jets begin bombing raids on Northern UICA military bases and airports, along with government buildings and try to harm the least amount of innocent people as possible (Mod Response, results on raids) The French military plans on moving troops when Northern UICA is secured. Meanwhile President Kosciusko-Morizet's plan on anti terrorism (that she will introduce to the French Parliament next year) is drawling both sides of the tables; some saying that it is to strict and will possibly cause harm to innocent people, while most of the Republicans say that it will protect the people of France and secure the homeland from terrorism. Many think that this plan's success or destruction will result in the next presidential election in 2028 or in the next parliament and senate elections.
  • UNOA UNOA: We pull our troops from Scandinavia for now... We ask Denmark if we can place troops in their country as we feel Scandinavia may target them next. (Secret) We ask Finland to leave Scandanavia has we think they aren't as corrupt as Norway and Sweden. (End Secret). We ask Central African Republic, Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia to come into the United Nations of Africa.
    • Mod: Central African Republic rejects but asks to join AETA. Everyone else declines. Finland decline your offer, in a less than respectful way, (mocking you on the local radio,) and Denmark accepts, but tell Scandinavia it's 'Only for defensive purposes.'


The world is slowly killing the UICA as tensions continue in Scandinavia. The Australian coup is unsuccessful, but Australia is not safe...

  • War: The French raids are hugely successful, they only lose two jets, and render 5/6 airports in the north of the UICA useless. Meanwhile Chinese/Nigerian forces capture Southern Niger and Southwest Cameroon so only the North-West corner remains. Hoping to get in on the action, Benin and Burkina Faso declare war on UICA.
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: The President gives France his word of thanks for starting to invade the UICA. We start talking with Hezbollah about furthering tourism thanks to our hopefully strengthened relations (Hezbollah Response Needed). Alitalia starts making gains again and we sell Alitalia off to the International Airlines Group (company who also runs British Airways, Iberia and Aer Lingus). We put even more money into policing whilst lowering restrictions on alcohol purchase to accompany our Italy 2030 plans. City wise, we get all new pavements and develop sea fronts. In Southern Italy, traditionally more poorer than Northern Italy, we add a lot of money into redeveloping sea fronts and common tourist areas. We aim to help every hotel to be at least a 3* by 2030 by giving them grants (only applicable to 2* and 1* hotels). We implement the Hotel Standards Act of 2025 which means by 2030 any hotels which are deemed to be under 3* by governmental and international hotel standards will have six months to turn their acts around or they will be shut down and sold off. One-half of buildings in tourist areas will be designated hotel buildings only, special permission will be needed from the Mayor of the area to change it into anything else. We also sign a deal with the British Government to lower Air Passenger Duty to make it more cheaper for British holidaymakers. This is to compete with more popular tourist companies such as Spain (Mod Response Needed). We carry on work to become the Centre of Leisure and Tourism in Europe by 2030. We carry on saving money if we are chosen to run the Olympics in 2028.
    • Mod: Britain Accept
    • Hezbollah Diplomat We accept these talks and we would like to promote tourism to Italy(Italian response needed)
  • Flag of FranceFrance: President Kosciusko-Morizet announces with the success of the air raids in Norther UICA, troops will begin landing at captured airports in and moving to help the other nations capture North-Western UICA; the specific number of soldiers was not specified by at the President's press conference but later that day the Ministry of Defense puts out a statement saying that 50,000 troops will be on the ground by the following months. Kosciusko-Morizet asks the Chinese Government if they would like a temporary alliance until UICA is defeated (Chinese Response). Until the war is over, we will press heavy oil and weaponry sanctions on the UICA, and will lift them to Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon once they are released. President Kosciusko-Morizet announces the Anti-Terrorism Bill to Parliament to vote on weather it should be put into law. If passed the law would grant the creation of the IPA (Interior Protection Agency) or the "Agence de protection intérieure" that will allow the Government agency to spy on thought to be terrorist that could harm the homeland, and if enough evidence is found against them that a police raid would be allowed to be conducted and the possible terrorist would be arrested. The Bill would need 463 or above votes in the Parliament to be passed (Mod Response). Meanwhile, taking after Italy's lead the French National Olympic and Sport Committee announces that France will put in their bid for Nice, France to be included in the 2028 Summer Olympics; the reason that we give for choosing Nice is because of the front-ocean views perfect for the water events along with many beaches and hotels for victors along with updated security ever since the attack back in 2016 (Mod Response). We ask Italy for an official alliance between our two countries (Italian Response needed).
    • Italian Diplomacy: We accept.
    • Mod: The Bill is swatted down gaining only 179 votes, the bid will be considered by the re-named World Olympic Committee.
    • Chinese Dip: we would appreciate it if France went into Benin and the rest of Cameroon but we wish to continue our push into Niger.
  • Saudi Arabia: We attack Qatar with 450,000 troops, we also put a small bid into the 2028 Olympics being held in the Bahrain area of Saudi Arabia.
  • Mod: Italy votes to leave the EU - 53 Leave 47 Remain and To Leave the Eurozone - 61 Leave 39 Remain
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: We launch our space station. We are also making plans to put man on the moon by 2030 with help from Malaysia [Malaysia response needed]
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah We support Italy after leaving the EU just in case they have any economic suffering even if minor, we would like to be there for support, if needed and wanted(Italian Response Needed)
    • Italian Diplomacy: The President would like to thank you for your proposition but we have enough to keep us - and Italy 2030 going. He wishes Hezbollah-Italian relations good luck as he steps down ready for a new President in 2026.
  • Flag of ChileChile: We ask Argentina if they would like to merge.(Mod response needed)
    • Mod: Argentina rejects Chile's proposal.
  • Mod event: Mexico invades Guatemala.
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: The incumbent President steps down in way for a new President taking into effect on January 1, 2026. This is due to the result of the EU and Eurozone referendums.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: The Operation has been successful in curbing unemployment and the uneducated around most of the lower developed regions of India, slowly raising up the nominal and total GDP of the country. Despite this, the infrastructure still has a long way to go even with development due to the hands of the government being full on the other, more manageable problems with India, sparking anger across the less developed parts of the country. This will be the second last request for one more major power to help in. (Nations Response needed) In the meanwhile we present some new high-explosive supersonic ballistic sub-orbital missiles with the range extending to Europe and the middle of Africa. However, we have no intention or use for them in this time.
  • UNOA UNOA: We accept Central Africa Alliance and we start heavily invading the UICA, hoping to get some action.
  • War: Mexico has nearly invaded all of Guatemala, China has captured the rest of Cameroon and Southern Chad, France has captured Northern Chad and Northern Niger, UICA has surrendered. Qatar surrenders to Saudi Arabia.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We ask Paraguay, Uruguay and Suriname to merge with us (Mod Response Needed) We put troops on our borders as we think tensions between us and other countries may increase.
    • Mod: Paraguay accept, Uruguay and Suriname decline.
      • Hezbollah We announce that we will start a coalition against Mexico if they annex Guatemala, which won't go to war against Mexico unless they attack anyone else but we will put sanctions on them, we ask Italy to join the coalition as well as Spain and anyone else that would like to join(Italian and Spanish response needed)


Tensions are getting bigger in the Middle East, as a WW3 seems to have been averted.

  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We ask Venezuela and Guyana to merge with us (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod: They reject the offer.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: With Italy's vote to leave the EU and the Euro, Italy returns to the Italian lira. The subsequent presidential election, as the incumbent President stepped down, elected Dayanara Francesco-Montoya from the newly formed Italy NOW! Party which has been cited as a ‘centrist, liberal party with a capitalist touch’. The Italy NOW! Party was the party that won the hearts of all voters left and right who supported Euroscepticism and was less divisive. It is keen to carry on Italy 2030. Francesco-Montoya stated as she walked out of the Palace Doors in her peach designer dress ‘We have now left the European Union, victorious and with our heads held high. This is a massive high five to the world, we can do without them, we can be strong without them. Italy 2030 and the Olympics if we are hosting it are still going ahead and in full flow. We will not let bureaucracy get in our way, we are now committed on getting Italy tourism and defeating evil around the world.’. Francesco-Montoya, the once hardly known senator from Liguria rose to power quite quickly taking advantage of the two referendums. Italy begins to develop WMD's to keep up with other countries such as the US and the UK. Francesco-Montoya states 'In a world of growing uncertainty, it is paramount that we gain access to weapons of mass destruction to ensure our protection at home. These will be ready for use in four years even though I have no desire to press them unless a massive threat is coming ahead at us.'
    • Hezbollah Diplomat: We would like to have a meeting in Italy, with the new president, about some economic cooperation.
      • Italian Diplomacy: The new President happily accepts.
    • Russian Dip: We offer Italy five nuclear weapons and an alliance (Italian Response Needed).
      • Italian Diplomacy: We accept the nuclear weapons and the alliance!
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept Italy's offer in 2024 to build a channel underwater.
      • Italian Diplomacy: The president starts work on our end almost immediately.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We continue improving our economy. We start promote tourism to visit Balearic Islands, Andalusia, Valencia, Barcelona, À Coruna, and Madrid. We ask Italy to bilateral cooperation in tourism. [Italy Response Needed]. We continue upgrade military and build more equipment. We condemn Mexican action to invade peaceful nation Guatemala. We ask France for alliance [Secret] and discuss preparation to invade Mexico, also we send this message to Italy[Italy Response Needed] [End Secret] [France Response Needed]. We also congratulate them and China for success invade UICA. We criticism Scandinavia to invade peaceful nation Iceland. We ask Brazil for alliance. [Brazil Response Needed].
    • French Diplomacy: (Secret) President Kosciusko-Morizet agrees with the plan to invade Mexico but warns Spain that France's participation could change by the result of the Presidential election in two years (Secret).
    • Italian Diplomacy: We accept this bilateral cooperation. Italy joins the preparation to invade Mexico.
  • Flag of FranceFrance: President Kosciusko-Morizet holds a press conference at the Place of Versailles on the events of the war against UICA, "We have succeeded in this effort to liberate the nations that were so long captured by Boko Haram. As soon as the nations are officially released and their government's placed back in power we will withdraw our troops." Kosciusko-Morizet welcomes Franceso-Montoya to the presidency as the first woman president of Italy, as Kosciusko-Morizet herself is the first woman president of France. She invites Francesco-Montoya and her family to a state dinner at the Palace of Versailles for kind of a welcoming party to the Italian President (Italian response needed). Many French citizens are calling for France to leave the European Union, since many of the major powers have already left and as the leader of the Frexit put it, "The European Union is a shell of its former self and will in no way be able to protect the French people in a crisis." The French National Front has jumped on Italy's choice to leave the European Union, protesting outside Versailles chanting, "Itexit now Frexit!" President Kosciusko-Morizet does not support the quote on quote "Frexit", saying that we need the economic help, and if the European Union dissolves the Schengen Agreement. The Senate elections take place, and the Republicans gain 20 more seats, the Socialists lose 33 seats, French National Front gain 12 seats, Communists gain 11 seats, and the Union for Democrats and Independents gain one seat. President Kosciusko-Morizet is pleased with the election turnout of the Conservative Right, and hopes that another Republican will be elected after she leaves office. As only two years remain in office for President Kosciusko-Morizet introduces another security bill to the Parliament that is less strict than the previous one but that would increase security in landmarks that has a high population of tourists (Mod response; 925 members total, 493 or more for majority).
    • Italian Diplomacy: Francesco-Montoya accepts the state dinner offer and we do the same back in exactly six months time.
    • Mod: The bill passes 708 - 312 with five abstaining.
    • Mod: The nations of North Chad and North Niger are liberated. China (as it says above) places puppet governments Nigeria, Cameroon, South Chad and South Niger. There are calls for re-unification in Niger.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia; Chaos begins to die down in India as the development of the infrastructure slowly gains momentum with the funds from Hezbollah. France meanwhile has been entirely useless, although that is mainly due to their political struggles. One major achievement of the infrastructural side of Operation: Wheel Of Light has been the railway with a new Maglev Train system utilizing the surplus power from the previous power projects. The other projects of the Operation have been going smoothly and the GDP continues to gain momentum. However, resources have started to shrink, especially clean freshwater and for the final time we request aid from at least one other economic power. (Nations Response needed) In the meanwhile we test one of our missiles in The Indian Sea and it manages to almost reach Antarctica in a span of a few hours.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We offer some freshwater and financial aid to India. We ask India for economic bilateral cooperation. [India Response Needed].
    • Indian Diplomacy: The bilateral economic cooperation will start next year as our GDP increases further.
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah We condemn Mexico for their actions, and ask they stop before other countries become to fed up, we offer to host peace talks between Mexico and Guatemala(responses needed)
    • Mod: Guatemala reveal that they will be fully annexed by Mexico following their surrender. Brexit, which hasn't happened yet in this timeline, happens in a referendum. 53% Leave 47% Remain.
      • Hezbollah We warn Mexico to not annex Guatemala or we will form a coalition against them, where we will prepare for war if they attack anyone else, we ask Italy and Spain to join as well as a summit held in Beirut between the three nations( Italian and Spanish response needed)
        • Italian Diplomacy: We accept.
        • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept, we also invite France to join the summit and we need Hezbollah's agreement [France and Hezbollah Response Needed].
        • Hezbollah Diplomacy: We gladly accept this idea.
        • Malaysian Diplomacy: We ask to join the summit as well.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We ask Guyana to merge with us again (Mod Response Needed). We ask to join war against Mexico. We accept Spain alliance offer.
    • Mod: Again Guyana reject, they ask Suriname for an alliance and Suriname accepts.
    • Hezbollah Diplomat If you mean the coalition, yes you may, but we aren't at war, no one is against them, there will only be war if they attack anyone else, as long as Italy is okay with it you can as we want all members comfortable with each other, although we don't want to start any unneeded tension(Italian Response Needed)
      • Italian Diplomacy: We agree Brazil can join the coalition.
    • Spanish Secret Diplomacy: We ask permission from Brazil to place our troops if Mexico continues conflict with other nations in Central America.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We let Spain station troops. We ask Bolivia to merge with us (Mod Response Needed). We warn Mexico of their doings.
    • Mod: Bolivia reject, not wanting to enter into a mega war.
  • Saudi Arabia: We ask Oman and Yemen for a merger into the Islamic Union. (Mod Response Needed)
    • Mod: Yemen accepts, Oman only just declines.
  • Mod: Mexico changes its name to Imperial Mexico, they warn Belize and El Salvador that they'll be next if they don't join them, Belize and El Salvador request world protection (Nations Response Needed)
    • Italian President: Troops are being readied to deploy with immediate effect.
    • Hezbollah We have 10,000 troops stationed in Belize as well as rocket launchers with rockets that can reach Mexico City from Belize (which we don't intend to use unless it is truly needed)
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We warn Mexico to stop make more conflict. We send 38,000 and stationed in Fortaleza, Brazil. We also send some ships, aircraft, and tanks.
    • Malaysian Diplomacy: We tell Mexico to stop whatever evil intentions they have and send 41,000 troops and send battleships and tanks.
  • Hezbollah Diplomat: We accept the nations wanting to join the summit, but this is where we must cap it for now.


  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We begin an energy upgrade project similar to India's Wheel of Light, but we intend to implement a new biofuel developed from palm oil. The project is expected to be finished earliest late 2030, and we intend on selling it to the rest of the world as a renewable energy source. We increase several infrastructure in preparation for the 2028 Olympics. We begin working on missiles and start testing them. The ramjet fusion engine prototype has been vastly improved on, bringing the estimated completion date down to 2078 earliest.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: We ask South American countries to start to place troops in their countries ready for a possible attack with Imperial Mexico (Mod/Brazil/Chile Response Needed). We hold a referendum to eliminate the Prime Minister position so it is just the president, who is elected by the people and not the Senate. This is a bid to make Italy more fairer (Mod Response Needed).
    • Chilean Dip: We respectfully decline Italy's request, claiming to fear public backlash (secret) but secretly, due to our own, conflicting plans (end secret).
    • Hezbollah President We support this as it is closer to an Absolute Democracy, like in our country.
    • Mod: Ecuador and Peru accept.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We ask Uruguay to merge with us so they are safe from Mexico, but they will still have their own armies and government we will just pay for better hospitals and water & food supplies + they will be protected (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod: Uruguay reject because 1) They feel like merging with you will be the opposite and will put them in a more dangerous situation, and 2) They historically hate Brazil.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We ask permission from Venezuela, Colombia, Jamaica, and Panama to place our troops in there. [Mod Response Needed]. We send more 15,000 troops and more ships and aircraft to be stationed in Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro. Our prime minister, Juan Espadas and his staff are already to take a flight to Beirut, Hezbollah State. Juan Espadas wants to hold a meeting between him and President of Hezbollah to talk about our relation and bilateral economic cooperation. [Hezbollah Response Needed]. We pull our ambassador from Mexico and cut our diplomatic relations. We will hold general election in the next year.
    • Hezbollah Diplomat We accept
    • Mod: Panama reject fearing it would drag them into war, same with Jamaica, Venezuela will accept for $500 million and Colombia accept.
      • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept Venezuela's request. We send 12,000 troops from Rio to be stationed in Cartagena, Colombia and 10,000 troops (7,500-Fortaleza and 2,500-Rio) to Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Flag of FranceFrance: President Kosciusko-Morizet orders the immediate withdraw of French troops from Northern Niger and Chad, with hopes of all troops returned to France by 2030; commenting, "This is a great day for Africa, and another step for eternal peace in this world that we call home." Kosciusko-Morizet expresses her gratefulness of French Parliament for passing the act that would, "Ensure the safety and welfare of the French people and tourists from around the world." Hundreds of people have gathered outside the Place of Versailles, demanding that there should be a referendum on weather France should leave the European Union for good. Since President Kosciusko-Morizet does not have the power to leave the European Union alone, she asks French Parliament weather they should have a referendum (Mod response, French Parliament response). But she does ask that if there is a referendum that it takes place after the Presidential and National Assembly elections next year, since President Kosciusko-Morizet herself does not support the idea of a quote on quote "Frexit". Since the National Assembly elections are next year, the French National Front party is the most campaigning political party so that they can gain many seats in the up coming elections, in the meantime in the Presidential elections that will also take place next year the Communist Party is the most active as well, even though they are not seen as a major threat, major political figures warn that the Communist Party is a political force that should be watched carefully. In the polls many are predicting that the Republican candidate, Eric Woerth and Socialist candidate, Segolene Royal are tied for the Presidential candidates. Meanwhile, President Kosciusko-Morizet states that if military action is taken against El Salvador and or Belize (or both), Imperial Mexico will face military action by us (Mod, Mexican Response). Since Italy and us are already allies, we ask Spain if we can become allies against Mexico also (Spanish response needed).
    • Mod: 689 For, 210 Against, 20 Abstain. Mexico ask Chile for an alliance, saying that they can make them a "World Superpower." (Chile Response Needed)
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We gladly accept this offer as we are member of NATO and we hate Mexican government.
  • Mod: After a lot of campaigning, the public decide to eliminate the President position 72% For to 38% Against. (Italy)
  • Flag of Italy Italy: Dayanara Francesco-Montoya steps down as President, ready for a general election in 2028, where she will stand to become Prime Minister. Francesco-Montoya was the first woman president and the last president of Italy.
  • Flag of UkraineUkraine" Ethnic tensions between Ukrainians and Russians have escalated into almost a civil war, so to avoid armed conflict, we release Novorosyria as a sovereign state. (buffer zone between us and Russia) We ask to join NATO, as we do not wish to fall under Russian Rule again, as we have been under it for the most part since the 1600s, and we do not wish to spend another 400 years under the hatred that is Russia. [NATO Response Required]
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We support Ukraine's decision to join NATO.
    • French Diplomacy: We also support Ukraine's admission to join NATO.
    • Mod: Most of NATO supports the idea of Ukraine in NATO, they will vote at the start of 2028.
    • Italian Diplomacy: Dayanara Francesco-Montoya respectfully places their position against Ukraine joining NATO because of Italian-Russian relations
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: The build-up of the IT industry as per Operation: Wheel of Light begins with the reformation of Bangalore into a 'true Indian Silicon Valley' and the research into an internet network using lasers for transmission of data instead of conventional copper and fiber-optic wires begins. Other than the GDP rising, there is not much of interest.
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah We would like to join NATO as well as the The Mediterranean Sea is technically part of The Atlantic, and we are peaceful and want to keep peace on earth.
    • Mod: NATO seem mixed between letting you join or not, and it takes an amazing speech from the British Prime Minister elected in 2025, Sir Ian Murray of the Labor party, to convince everyone it would not be a good idea, a vote is scheduled for the start of 2028. (using that logic, the Pacific is part of the Atlantic).
      • Hezbollah Diplomat: It would make just as much sense as Germany, Italy, Greece, or especially Turkey, for us to join and we ask why the British PM does not want us to join?(Mod response required)
        • Mod: The new British PM does not want Britain to get involved in Middle Eastern affairs, he is against Turkey, Saudi Arabia and all countries from the area. The general public also doesn't want to get involved in the middle east after such wars as the Iraqi war and the Afghan war.
          • Hezbollah These wars were long ago, the middle east has changed, holding one of the most peaceful and one of the strongest economic nations in the world.
            • Mod: Yes, but the revelation that the Iraqi war was an illegal war was only ten years prior, and the UK only withdrew from Afghanistan eight years prior.
  • Islamic Union: We decide to respect Oman's independence, and we ask UAE for a merge request to join the great ISLAMIC UNION (mod response required) We would welcome anyone in, except China and Hezbollah.
  • Flag of UkraineFederal Republic of Ukraine: We change our official name to The Federal Republic of Ukraine. We begin testing the possibility of using highly concentrated laser beams to melt enemy tanks. We nickname this project "Light Show". Novorosyria recently threatened us that they want Crimea, however, we do not effectively control Crimea. So we give them ten million dollars instead. We got them to stop screaming, for now.


  • Flag of Italy Italy: After a general election on January 1st, Dayanara Francesco-Montoya is elected the first 'modern' holder of the new Prime Minister position (aka the PM is now the President, but still called PM, however this 'President' is elected by the people). Dayanara Francesco-Montoya is keen to make a brighter future for Italy and all its people, so it pays for referendums in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Albania to merge into a new 'United States of Italy' (Mod Response Needed) with a promise of a bright future economically, a social liberal platform through the Italy 2030 programme which will be extended to all new member states. We respectfully decline to voting for Ukraine or Hezbollah to join NATO. Ukraine because of our relations with Russia and Hezbollah because of their Middle East placement. We are now halfway through our development of WMD's, of which will be fully developed by 2030. 70% of hotels in Italy are now 3* or above.
    • Mod: Croatia accepts, but only if they act as a special autonomous region and still act independently in sports. Albania and Serbia politely decline in a lovely letters each, while Bosnia sends an email saying "Bosnia - NO"
  • Mod: Ukraine is allowed into NATO, while the Hezbollah situation has only a majority of one in no, France and Spain are needed to vote. (Franco-Spanish response needed)
    • ​French Diplomacy: We welcome Ukraine into NATO, promising that they will always be protected by France and the rest of NATO against Russia and their puppet state of Novorosyria. But we have to vote NO, for Hezbollah for their placement in the Middle East, and their controversial actions over the years and that we will consider their joining NATO over the next few years.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We vote abstain for Hezbollah.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: Dayanara Francesco-Montoya calls a national referendum of membership of NATO with Croatia included in the vote. The government thinks the Italian-Russian relationship is special and would like to preserve this, not wanting to break relationships by being in an organisation that supports their enemy. The government wishes to be out of the organisation so they can't be held to anything. (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod: Leaving NATO is unpopular with the general public, with polls estimating about 72 to 80% of the public wanting to remain. Other countries in NATO express their with for Italy to stay, but they say it is up to Italy.
  • Flag of FranceFrance (Part One): The Presidential election takes place and the polls are very tight between the Republican candidate, Eric Woerth and the Socialist candidate, Segolene Royal (Mod Response on election):
Polling among Republican and Socialist candidates:
Candidate Polling(%)
Eric Woerth (Republican) 50.1%
Segolene Royal (Socialist) 50.09%

Mod: The Republican candidate win in a 52.5 - 46.8 race, with other minor parties collecting the remaining 0.7.

Along with the Presidential election taking place, the elections for the National Assembly (AKA Legislative) are also taking place; the threat of Socialist overtake is looming over the Republicans which they have a slight lead over the Socialist (Republicans, 45.2%; Socialist, 44.99%) (Mod Response, 363 seats or above for majority).
  • Mod: As there is 725 seats, the Republicans gets 341, Socialists gets 328, the French National Front gets 22, The Conservative Right gets 17, The Communist Party gets 8, Democrat Unionists gets 3, The 'Nurse' Party gets 2, Green gets 2, The French Pirate Party (look it up they exist) gets 1, while the remaining seat goes to an independent. The parties now have to try to arrange a coalition. The Republicans ask French National Front and Conservative Right, Conservative Right accepts. The also form a coalition with Green, Nurse and the remaining Independent to form the new parliament.
    • Minister of foreign affairs - Republicans
    • Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy - Green
    • Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research - Republicans
    • Ministry of Justice - Conservative Right
    • Ministry of Finance and Public Accounts - Conservative Right
    • Ministry of Defence - Republicans
    • Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Women's Rights - Nurse
    • Ministry of Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue - Nurse
    • Ministry of the Interior - Republicans
    • Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood and Forestry - Conservative Right
    • Ministry of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector - Republicans
    • Ministry of Housing, Regional Equality and Rural Affairs - Split between Independent and Nurse
    • Ministry for Decentralization and the Civil Service - Republicans
    • Ministry of Culture and Communication - Conservative Right
    • Ministry of Urban Affairs, Youth and Sport - Republicans
    • Ministry for Overseas France - Republicans
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah We have started the MMCO or the Mediterranean Military Cooperation Organization, which we invite all nations that border the Mediterranean. (Responses needed, Italy, Spain, France, and Mod)
    • Mod: Most countries see no reason to join, only Montenegro and Albania would like to join, 'for the power, they say.'
    • Italian President: We wholeheartedly accept to join.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We agree to join MMCO.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: We unify all the territory we took under one puppet government based in Abuja; a nation called The Republic of a New Africa. We build infrastructure projects and grant religious freedom to win the people's support. We appoint a "president" over this new country and if he becomes so unpopular that people are rebelling then we appoint a new one. 90% of the oil will be profited off of by China but the people probably won't mind since many of those funds are being used to develop good infrastructure. New Africa will be like an autonomous region of China, we won't call it "china" but the region will be taxed by China. Training of an effective police force is currently underway. The mining of uranium in northern Niger is also underway [secret] we also build 20 ballistic missile silos across the vast desert of former Niger and Chad [end secret]. Hopefully, this new country will help us further relations with other African nations. Our space program is doing rather well.
    • France liberated North Niger and North Chad.
    • China: [secret] Then our plans for silos are also off but at least we got oil from Nigeria [end secret]
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: As per Operation: Wheel of Light, the IT industry in India is further upgraded with the research into a laser-optic internet network grid continues. Due to China's actions the border defence around the North-Eastern parts of India are slightly strengthened and research into robotics commences along with military research. The new cheaper and more advanced healthcare system is being tested for efficiency in some of the less healthier Indian regions. The build-up of India's technological field begins!
    • Mod: The healthcare system is a huge success.
  • Flag of FranceFrance (Part Two): President Kosciusko-Morizet comments that she is very happy with the results of the presidential election; she attends President-elect Eric Woerth's inauguration ceremony. After the ceremony is completed and Kosciusko-Morizet is no longer President she flies off in her private helicopter to her private home on Mount Blanc. President Eric Woerth and his family officially move into Élysée Palace in the capital of Paris, France. As first order as President of France, Woerth announces that France will have a referendum (by result of Parliamentary vote back in 2027) next year to decide weather France will leave or stay in the European Union. Personally, President Woerth is part of the "Stay" movement, but our neighbor, Italy has had a great impact on the French people and their questioning of the European Union. Many leaders of the "Leave" movement say that, "The European Union is not what it used to be. All major players are gone and there is very little to do now but leave or disband the European Union." President Woerth stresses on what it means to be part of the European Union, as he does not want the French people to make the same mistake as the British did back in 2016 (The British people had voted to leave the EU, and internet records show that after they got home they looked up "What is the European Union") and the many perks of it. We stress it enough that Italy not leave NATO, as it is our last defense against foreign invasion from important nations. President Woerth asks Parliament to vote on a bill that will state fund Security at popular tourist attractions, while also lowering the national taxes on the middle class and lower class (Mod Response, Parliament decision). We ask Northern Niger and Chad for a military and trade alliance (Mod response).
    • Mod: Northern Niger and North Chad happily accept, the bill passes 705 For - 33 Against, with 12 abstentions.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: After the talk in Beirut, in this year, Prime Minister Juan Espadas wants to continue the diplomatic tour in Eastern Europe, he wants visit Tirana, Athens, Ankara, Bucharest, Kiev, and Warsaw. [Mod/Ukraine Response Needed]. We continue build our military with recruit more troops and add more equipment. Construction of The Gibraltar Bridge is finished and will be opened next year by The King of Spain. There's demonstration in Madrid that people say they want Spain leave EU, Prime Minister Espadas says that Spain will remain in the European Union and won't leave EU because it would threatened our sovereignty, we don't want we like UK that held referendum in Scotland for second time to leave them as independent country (luckily they remain in the UK). Catalonia or Basque may leave us if we leave the EU. We will hold general election in late 2028.
    • Mod: They all accept.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We prepare to launch a lunar colony in late 2029. Final preparations are underway and we start selecting colonists. We urge China and other countries we have joint space programs with to select their colonists. We start developing missiles. Our missile defense system is complete. We send a satellite into orbit to map out nearby stars. We decide to follow India's footsteps and proceed with eradicating slums, improving living standards and working our way to become more technologically advanced. Education curricula also include more science subjects, astronomical topics and coding lessons. 40% of power now comes from our renewable biofuel made from palm oil, with a goal of replacing all unsustainable power sources by 2032.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We ask Bolivia to join us as special autonomous region. (Will add more later)
    • Mod: Bolivia decline, several regions start to become suspicious of all of the joining requests.
  • Flag of Serbia Serbia: The decline of the Italian proposal to become a part of their country is part of a rising wave of nationalism in Serbia. A series of liberal prime ministers have resulted in a pro-Western policy but less economic development in the country, with many industries going out of business. As a result, the right wing Serbian/Yugoslav nationalists have become more and more popular among the people. In this year's parliamentary election, the coalition known as the Serbo-Russian movement won with 68.3% of the vote. Its leader, Slobodan Dimitrijević, has become the new Prime Minister of Serbia and has declared that a major change in policy will occur. Although he did not say it directly, Dimitrijević implied that Serbia will focus on restoring Yugoslavia. He stated that Serbia will improve relations with Russia, and hopes to become part of the Eurasian Union. We hope to develop our economic ties with Russia especially. Also we would like to strengthen economic relations with China. In response to Italian encroachment in the Balkans region, Dimitrijević proposed to Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Bosnia & Herzgovina to create a military and economic pact known as the Balkan League (BL). The new alliance will include mutual defense, military and economic cooperation. Dimitrijević also begins a program to improve the Armed Forces of Serbia, introducing conscription for men aged 18-28 and setting the goal of recruiting 250,000 men into the military within the next decade.
    • Italian President: The President would like to congratulate you on your win. However she openly condemns conscription as it is been a key anti policy around Italy. Especially not including women either. We would also like to speak up against you saying we are 'encroaching'. It was not by force that those countries joined us.
    • French Diplomacy: President Woerth also congratulates Serbia on the Nationalist win in the election, although he does recommend that Conservatism would be the better way to go in politics. But he does not like the idea that you think that their are many anti-Italian redirect to their neighbor and our ally. We recommend that Serbia does not jump to conclusion on the simple events that have occurred around them.
    • Mod: Bosnia & Herzogovina accept, the rest decline, for various reasons.
    • China Dip: We would definitely like to strengthen economic ties with Serbia.
  • Mod: Imperial Mexico start to increase aerial activity over El Salvador and Belize, they position a small amount of forces on the border, in response to the coalition action and for self defence, they claim.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We warn Mexico to stop their aerial activity in El Salvador and Belize. We tell them that we won't attack Mexico if they stop threatening another nations.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Our prime minister Juan Espadas, take a flight to Tirana, Albania to meet president/prime minister and talk about our relation. We hold general election. Juan Espadas back a candidate because he is head of the Party. Another candidates are Sergio Sanchez and Fernando Aguilar.
    • Mod: The People's Party got 142 Senators and 198 'Deputies, a clear majority in both fields, the Spanish Social Workers Party got 78 Senators and 81 Deputies, Podemos (look it up they exist) got 14 Senators and 22 Deputies, The Catalan Democrats got 12 Senators and 19 Deputies, The Catalan Independence Party (CIP) got 11 Senators and 16 Deputies, The Basque Independence Party (BIP) got eight Senators and 11 Deputies, Green got one Senator and two Deputies, and Independent got one Deputy.


  • Flag of Italy Italy: Dayanara Francesco-Montoya speaks at the inaugural 'Winer Italian Meeting'. This is where the Prime Minister gives speeches in the different regions of the country. The main talking points are how we have nearly clinched our WMD's and how Italy NOW! is merging with the declining Democratic Party to form a new social democracy party called The Progressive Democrats. Dayanara Francesco-Montoya will head the new Progressive Democrats party (coloured pink) and remain Prime Minister. Italy 2030 is nearly complete, with most hotels now meeting our standards and most tourist areas up to scratch. She also announces that crime has gone down 50% thanks to new community initiatives. The Prime Minister condemns the new Serbia government saying it's 'backward' and 'inefficient' and that social conservatism has no place on the world stage.
  • Mod: The IOC announces the start of bidding for the 2036 Summer Olympics. The last Olympics were a huge success earning Malaysia 300 million USD.
  • Scandinavia: We place in a bid, and also ask for an alliance with Russia.(SECRET) We ask UNOA why they think we are corrupt when their countries are lined with bribes and back hand deals.(END SECRET) (Responses Needed)
  • Flag of Spain Spain: As Spanish Socialist Workers Party lost the election, Juan Espadas end his term with visiting some cities in Eastern Europe. In the talk between Espadas and other leaders, he asks to open trade between us and them and talk about our relation and political condition in Europe. For trading, they ... [Mod Response Accept/Decline]. Now, Sergio Sanchez, leader of People's Party become new prime minister. He takes first speech and says "Mexico, please stop threatening another countries or we will attack you. We don't want this war so stop that." We continue build up our military and economy. King Felipe visit Andalusia to open the Strait of Gibraltar. We invite King of Morocco and Major of Gibraltar to visit the opening ceremony. [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod: Both Kings accept, all Eastern European countries asked, accept.
  • Flag of ChileChile: We invade Bolivia on the grounds of expanding "our great nation". We ask Rio to stay out of the conflict, offering to support Brazil if they decide to invade Argentina (plus the Falkland Islands), Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, French Guiana, and Suriname, while also allowing them to control the nations, as long as they permit us to annex Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. (Brazilian response needed) (Secret) Our chemical weapons are now ready; we begin fitting warheads with nerve gas. (End secret)
  • Flag of FranceFrance: The referendum takes place on weather France should stay or leave the European Union, President Woerth has campaigned through out the past year for France to stay while the French National Front and other "Frexit" supporters have campaigned more for the past two years; in most polling the LEAVE supporters have the extra ground (Mod Response, referendum results). President Woerth announces that if France leaves the EU, he will begin asking surrounding European countries for open travel pacts, which would allow French citizens and their citizens to travel across each other's borders without a passport. Many are preparing for the very important Senate elections next year that might determine the path of French legislation, but it seems in major polling and campaigning that the Republicans might as well win again and might gain more seats. But there is troubling results in the polling that shows the Communist Groups are beginning to gain ground with their national polling being at 10%, which has never been reached so high since the end of World War 2. President Woerth and members of his cabinet have been campaigning very hard for the Conservative coalition called the, "la coalition des principaux partis politiques conservatrices pour l'avenir de la France" or "The Coalition of the main Conservative Political Parties for the Future of France" (short name: CMCPPFF). President Woerth expresses his happiness that his first parliamentary bill has passed and that it will, "Lead to a better future for France." The French National Olympic and Sports Committee announces that we will place our bid for the 2036 Summer Olympics for our capital of Paris (Mod Response, IOC response).
    • Italian Diplomacy: We would be happy to carry out a free movement deal right now. Quitaly happened a few years ago so this would carry on with or without the EU.
    • Mod: 55% votes Leave and 45% votes Remain. The IOC will consider your bid.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: Now that the Olympics are over, we tell Mexico to stop threatening nearby nations and that we will not hesitate to invade them if needed. We send the components for the lunar colony to the Moon, at the designated site at the Ross crater. Colonists wil follow soon. We start upgrading our military in case Mexico does not heed our warnings. We also announce plans for a Martian colony, completion date around 2052 latest. We now make vaccines mandatory for the population, and intercept any backlash with a report stating that vaccines have no harmful side effects. We plan to release this report to the scientific community. We ask for Russia, China, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea for a union, the Indo-Pacific Alliance which will be like an Asian EU.Response Needed
    • Mod: New Zealand accepts.
    • Chinese Dip: We will accept an economic union where there are no trade restrictions among members but not one where we give up our sovereignty.
    • Indian Diplomacy: We accept under terms similar to China, no trade restrictions among members with no loss of sovereignty.
  • Flag of Serbia Serbia: We continue our new policies to develop our economy. The Armed Forces of Serbia receive more recruits and equipment. Nationalist television shows and other cultural events are performed to increase Serbian nationalism. Prime Minister Dimitrijević says we will not bid to host the Olympics, but will continue to develop the tourism industry in our nation. Infrastructure is developed. (secret) Serbian media produce propaganda aimed at building support for a new Yugoslavia in Macedonia and Bosnia (end secret). We offer Bosnia and Herzegovina a military and economic pact, since the other countries did not want to create a Balkan League, and Bosnia was the only one interested. [mod]
    • Mod: Bosnia more than happily accept.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: We place a bid for the 2036 Olympics, this being our first chance to push our Italy 2030 tourism infrastructure to its limits. It will be hosted in our capital city of Rome. (Mod Response Needed)
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: CCTV is giving the PLA much praise for liberating most of the UICA's territory; nationalism is at an all time high. Our space station is still functional and there are talks of forming a lunar base by 2050. We promise to help develop Namibia in exchange for us extracting all of their uranium reserves [mod response needed]. We are considering possibly taking over Mexico.
    • Mod: Namibia, fearing invasion, accepts.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: (Secret) As soon as our WMD's are ready next year, we plan to prime them on Mexico immediately as a deterrent for them attacking other countries. (End Secret). We will happily work with China for them to overtake the Cartel if it comes to it. (China Response Needed)
    • China Dip: We decline the offer, we got this [secret] we plan on threatening to nuke Mexico if they don't surrender and we will place a puppet government there, too. We will have lots of military activity at first then it will drop to a permanent level and we will build silos; we will be right on america's doorstep [end secret]
  • War: Stalemate between Chile and Bolivia, Mexico again requests an alliance with Chile. (Chile Response needed)
    • Italian Diplomacy: The PM warns that if Chile form an alliance with Mexico, they will be dragged into the same consequences if Mexico do any more wrongdoing.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: King Felipe, with King of Morocco officially open the Bridge of Gibraltar. The bridge is tall (about 45 m from sea surface) so ships can go to their destination across Strait of Gibraltar safely. About Chilean action, Sergio Sanchez said, "No comment." We continue build up our economy and military. We upgrade some infrastructure, such as highway, railway, airport, harbor/ship port, railway station, and bus station, are upgraded. We continue promote tourism of our country. We ask France, Switzerland, Greece, Malaysia, Japan, and United Arab Emirates for cooperation in tourism [France, Malaysia, and Mod Response Needed]. We won't place bid for Summer Olympic 2038 but ask FIFA if we can be the home for World Cup 2038, we will upgrade and build more stadium in Spain. [Mod Response Needed].
    • French Diplomacy: We give our full cooperation for the boost for tourism.
    • Mod: Switzerland and Greece accept. FIFA are currently under a huge corruption scandal and are about the replaced by the WFA (World Football Association)
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We start to take action on Mexico, as we feel that may invade South America. We ask all decent nations to fight against Mexico.
    • Italian Diplomacy: We place 50,000 troops in Brazil pending acceptance. We also plan a big military base pending approval, too.
    • Mod: El Salvador and Belize thank Brazil.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We ask China if we can merge with Nigeria, as we can help reduce poverty + we have always had strong relations with Nigeria. (Mod Response needed). Many Brazilians also live in Nigeria.
    • China Dip: We are not willing to give up Nigeria but we will allow Brazil to build military bases and allow Brazilians to be part of the Chinese African government. We would however be interested in Brazil joining our space program.
  • Flag of Hezbollah We send troops on Mexican Border, with tanks, and we also have our mustard gas missiles armed and ready to fire. We also start the construction of a research mega-complex where we invite Italy, and Spain to join us in research.(Italian and Spanish responses needed)
    • Chinese Dip: [secret but Hezbollah knows] We tell Hezbollah about our plan to force Mexico to let us build bases and grant us control of the country and are offering to allow them to have bases in Mexico. Our puppet government will hand over any territory previously seized from other countries by the cartels [end secret]
      • Hezbollah Dip: We agree to this plan.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept to join in the research.
    • Italian Diplomacy: We accept.


  • Mod: Cuba allies with Mexico, they both threaten Jamaica.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: PM Dayanara Francesco-Montoya speaks from the Quirinal Palace "Mexico, Cuba and everyone else involved in their dastardly plan. We will not accept this, the coalition will crush you. If you make one more move we will place every bit of air, naval and army power we have on both of you. We will place our WMD's on you and you will not survive. So think again about threatening peaceful countries." she walks back in. Italy 2030 is complete, and it is a major success with Europe, with more people than ever visiting Italy on tourism. The money we gain from this, is put into infrastructure e.g., airports and ports.
    • Hezbollah Dip: We ask you don't use WMD's as they are not needed, we won't use ours unless truly needed.
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah That was the final straw for you, we ask the coalition to declare war, we will wait for there response. Coalition members response needed
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We tell the coalition to not start the war with Jalisco Cartel because they are not in armed conflict, only threatening other nations.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We join China's Space program. We invade Guadalajara with 650,000 troops, trying to quickly defeat the city. (Mod Response Needed).
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We ask Italy to help us invade Guadalajara. (Italy Response Needed). We also ask Italy to use WMD's on Guadalajara if it gets to serious. We start to invade Jalisco State, trying to surrender them (Mod Response Needed).
    • Italian Diplomacy: We promise to use half WMD's ton the Guadalajara attack if needed [Secret] we are saving them to use on Cuba to make them surrender because we are going to take over Cuba to use as a big military base [End Secret]
  • Brazil Flag Brazil:' We ask Trinidad & Tobago to merge with us because we can keep them away from Mexico and provide money to fund tourism and financial costs (Mod Response Needed). (Secret Except Italy) We ask Italy to start using the WMD's so the fight is over quickly (Italy Response Needed).
    • Mod response: Trinidad and Tobago both reject Brazil's proposal.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We tell Brazil and Italy to stop invade Mexico for a while because they are not in armed conflict. [Secret, only Coalition (Hezbollah, Italy, France, and Brazil) know it] We send secret agent to assasninate Jalisco Cartel, we tell the coalition this option is better than war so we can't kill Mexican civilians. Between Brazil and Italy's troops, we send volunteers and their ships to liberate and carry Mexican civilians to Europe. [End Secret]. We tell coalition, our mission is liberate Mexico from bad government, not invade and colonize them. We condemn Mexican and Cuban action for threatening peaceful nation, Jamaica. We tell Jamaica again, if we can place our troops in there to defend and keep Jamaica peaceful. [Mod Response Needed]. Prime Minister Sergio Sanchez took a flight to Beirut for joining the summit (I remind you about summit). The construction of Ibiza Tower is finished. We continue increasing our economy from tourism. We start upgrade stadium of Santiago Bernabeu, Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan, and Iberostar Stadium.
    • Mod response: Jamaica accepts Spain's offer.
  • Flag of FranceFrance: The people of France have spoken and despite of the President's constant campaigning, and France will leave the European Union in the next few years. President Woerth announces that Prime Minister Bovar will begin talks with the European Union leaders to begin the process of leaving the EU. Rumors are beginning to spread that depending on the Senate elections, that if the Republicans lose the Senate, President Woerth will resign from the office of the presidency. The CMCPPFF Coalition have been campaigning very hard for themselves to win back the Senate and recent polls show that they have a slight lead over the Socialists and Green Parties. (Secret) President Woerth has approved on an immediate action plan that would undermine the Liberal political parties by secretly releasing anti-Liberal propaganda to the public and say that it was released by a radical liberal group to diverge attention away from the French government. It will begin being released as soon as the senate elections take place (Secret). The French people head to the polls on weather to decide that either the CMCPPFF Coalition or the Liberal coalition (does not have name yet) will be in control of the Senate (Mod Response needed). President Woerth announces that an updating of the Eiffel Tower will take place over the next few years; including re-bolting the structure, re-painting, updating transportation between the top and the bottom of the tower, and finally making the entire structure eco-friendly to be safe for the environment. With the looming threat of the Mexican Government, President Woerth announces that three battleships will on both coasts of Mexico and in case of Mexican/Cuban invasion, we will begin firing on Government buildings. (Secret) President Woerth and his cabinet have approved of a plan to assassinate Cuban President Castro, and place a puppet leader of Woerth's choice in his place to call back the invasion (Secret). We ask Italy, Spain, and Hezbollah if they would like to take part in a major navy exercise to scare the Mexican and Cuban Government in the Gulf of Mexico (Spanish, Italian, Hezbollan responses needed).
      • Hezbollah Dip: We agree to this as long as you join the MMCO.
      • Spanish Diplomacy: We agree to join major navy exercise in Gulf of Mexico. We start send our naval troops from Fortaleza to be stationed in Louisiana.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: We invade Havana/Cuba with personnel of 30,000 army troops and 30 planes to assassinate Castro. The reason being that they do not have a democratically elected government and living conditions are quite low (secret) the actual reason is that we are scared that other countries are going to occupy Cuba and we need it as a vital strategic point, however we will eventually put up a democratic government, however it will have a President, who will be the PM of Italy. (end secret). We invade and await a response (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED). Also once we capture Cuba, coalition countries can establish bases around the country. We prepare propaganda for the Cuban people to become more supportive of the new government.
    • Hezbollah Dip: We ask you to pull out troops as you and Brazil are now the aggressors, which may have been what Mexico wanted.
    • Italian Diplomacy: We are not the aggressors, they invaded other countries, to which we have reacted by invading strategic points to give them back to the people. We withdraw from the coalition.
      • Hezbollah Diplomacy: They had only threatened you used aggression and actually assaulted.
  • Spanish Diplomacy: We deplore the decision of Italy for left our coalition. Although that, we decide to support Italy to liberate Cuba to democratic government.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: We negotiate a peaceful surrender of the cartel regime of Mexico [secret except to Mexico and Hezbollah] we secretly tell the cartel leaders that if they don't surrender Mexico to us that they will see their cities be nuked. China has the most powerful nuclear weapons still in use and only one is required to render an entire city uninhabitable. [end secret] [mod response needed]
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We support China's action to negotiate peaceful action with Cartel.
    • Mod response: Imperial Mexico not only ignores China,but also leaks their threat to the world community in an attempt to gain sympathy for their cause.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We start send our aerial troops to attack Cuban cities. We also send some volunteers to save Cuban citizens. [Secret, only us know it] Our secret agents went to Mexico City to start assassinate Jalisco Cartel. [End Secret].
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We ask to join the coalition against Mexico and ask for a claim on the western coastline in the event of invasion. We send humanitarian and military help to Cuba. We start working on a laser weapon technology similar to Ukraine's "Light Show", but will be more efficient. We establish the first lunar colony after several delays, sending our colonists to the designated colony base in our Artemis I rocket. The lunar base has been named the lunarium.


The Taliban once again takes control of Afghanistan, and pledges their support to Imperial Mexico. Communist Vietnamese Rebels rise up against the Malaysian Government.

  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We invade Suriname and Guyana (War Algorithm/Mod Rsponse Needed) We ask Chile for an alliance (Chile Response Needed). (Secret except Chile) We tell Chile that they get Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador and we get Uruguay, Suriname and Guyana and we will decide who gets Colombia and Venezuela later (End Secret).
    • Chilean Dip: We accept Brazil's offer for an alliance (secret) and their land proposal (end secret)
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We start invade Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo with aid from American troops in Guantanamo. [Secret] We want make Santiago de Cuba as our military base, coalition members and their allies can put their troops in the base, if the invasion is successful, we move all our troops from Fortaleza to there. We want do it, because we feel Brazillian Government start being a bad government after they invade peaceful nations, Guyana and Suriname. We keep this secret because if we break our relation, we don't have base to threat Mexico. Our agents, in Mexico City, start do a mission to assassinate Jalisco Cartel (Mod Report) [End Secret]
    • Mod response: The President of Imperial Mexico is shot and killed in Mexico City. The Mexican Government vows to find the perpetrators.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: We send over twenty Italian diplomats through army aid to Cuba, then if the invasion of Cuba is successful, we will be able to put in a government fast. We completely pull out of Mexico, leaving it to everyone else at the time being, however once we conquer Cuba, everyone can use assigned parts of Cuba as military bases. We openly condemn Brazil for imperialism without any reason, Italy may seem as hypocrites though but we invaded Cuba because of the reckless and inhumane dictatorship.
  • Flag of Hezbollah Hezbollah We send troops in straight into Mexico City and to get there as quickly as possible, we also launch three missiles on Havana (none of which contain mustard gas)
  • Mod: Cuba surrenders to Italy.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: Dayanara Francesco-Montoya walks out of the Quirinal Palace with a beaming smile on her face. 'Once again, Democracy wins. We have ended the nearly century rule of a cruel and reckless dictatorship. Now it's time to thwart the Mexicans. Let's all unite under democracy and tell them what for! Until 2032, we will be putting in a socialist government run by me, to make sure the transition is a safe, comfortable and secure one. Then, we will hold elections (secret) the people running for president will be Italians masked as Cubans and the country will stay Italian (end secret) so democracy can come back in full flow. Also, countries helping to fight Mexico, I am willing to give you space at the West of Cuba for military bases.' (Countries Response Needed)
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We congratulate Italy's victory over Cuba, although Sanchez is confused because it's out of the plan, but it still proposed to change government. Now, it's time to liberate Mexico. We ask Italy if we can put our troops in Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, or West Cuba (I'm only asking for one base). We will move our base from Fortaleza to New Orleans (Louisiana) and Cuba.
      • Italian Diplomacy: We say you can place it on the Isla de la Juventud, but make sure it isn't in Nueva Gerona.
      • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept to place our troops in Isla de la Juventud, our troops start leaving Fortaleza. We are now have five military bases in Central America and Caribbean Sea, there are Colombia, Venezuela, Jamaica (only to defend Jamaica), Louisiana, and Cuba.
    • French Diplomacy: President Woerth video calls Dayanara Francesco-Montoya to congradulate her on the big military victory in Cuba. He does ask that if we could use their bases for navy and military uses against the Mexican Government. At the end of the video conversation he does ask if French politicians could move to Cuba and possibly be part of the new government there in Cuba (Italian response needed).
      • Italian Diplomacy: [SECRET ONLY FRENCH KNOW]Publicly, it can't be seen for Italian or French people to be apart of the government, it will be a government that is put in place by the Italian government but the Cuban people will be under the illusion that they chose their own party (however, there will be five parties manned by Italian politicians who now have Cuban citizenship)[END SECRET]
  • Flag of Italy Italian Overseas Countries (Cuba): Dayanara Francesco-Montoya, the interim President, asks America to lift the embargo and start positive relationships once again now that there is no communist government (American (not a player)/Mod Response Needed) Also, Italy sends money over to Cuba to rebuild infrastructure and the general economy now that it has been left to wreck for nearly a century. We start to give subsidies and open up trade deals with other countries to get new cars etc
    • Mod Response: American President Julian Castro agrees to lift the embargoes on Cuba as long as Francesco-Montoya, that American citizens will be safe to travel back and forth to the island.
      • Italian Diplomacy: All bases are away from the main tourist places, all American citizens will be warned against going out of the assigned tourist areas. the Italian government will protect all citizens and tourists.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We continue to invade Guyana and Suriname (Mod Response Needed). We invade Georgetown and Paramaribo (Was Invasion Successful? Mod Response Needed. We help Chile invade Bolivia and Argentina.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We thank Brazil to allow us place our troops and contribute to our coalition. But we tell Brazil to stop invade Guyana and Suriname.
    • Mod Response: The Brazilian invasion of Guyana and Suriname are an early successes and Brazilian troops are very close to both of their capitals and have revived very little resistance from both Government's army and people.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: King Felipe officially opens the Ibiza Tower. We upgrade the Bridge of Gibraltar. We condemn Taliban for support Jallisco Government. We ask Argentina for an alliance.[Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Argentina accepts the alliance.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: We place 50% of army capacity in a secret base near Havana, we put 30% of air capacity in the San Antonio de los Banos Airfield and we place 40% of naval capacity in a new Naval base just off of Havana. We also incorporate all willing Cuban soldiers into the Italian-Cuban operation. [SECRET 1] The Cuban army, naval and air force will be incorporated into the Italian force eventually. [END SECRET 1]. [SECRET 2] We also prime WMD's off the coast of Italy on Mexico in case Mexico try to pull any tricks. [END SECRET 2]
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China:There's a terrorist attack in which someone flew a plane into the Shanghai tower [secret] it was really a false flag operation to justify nuking Mexico [end secret]. After the attack, we nuke Mexico City, Ecatepec, Guadalajara, and Puebla in retribution. We will continue nuking cities until they surrender. We use the uranium to get nuclear power and build a few enrichment facilities to get them to power grade [secret] 5 enrichment facilities were built in a remote location and they are to enrich uranium to weapons grade. These new nukes won't be as destructive as our current city destroyers but we hope to at least build 1000 of them and they will still be able to completely destroy enemy bases.[end secret]
  • Flag of FranceFrance: The Senate elections have taken place last year, and it is revealed that the Republicans continue to hold the French Senate, and the rumors that President Woerth would resign end. President Woerth holds an emergency meeting of Parliament and announces that he will introduce an act of war against the Imperial Republic of Mexico, saying that, "War is never good, but when the innocent are in danger it is necessary. So I address you members of Parliament and introduce an act of war against the Imperial Republic of Mexico." The Parliament agree and the act passes overwhelmingly, and President Woerth signs the act of war against the Mexican Government. After the signing, President Woerth addresses the nation by saying that, "My people of France and beyond, with support of our elected officials in Parliament-I have signed a Deceleration of War against Imperial Mexico. I know that some of you will not support the war, but it is needed. Right now, our navy ships have begun firing at Government buildings on both coasts of Mexico; we have also begun a manned invasion on both coasts also. Thank you and goodnight." As said before, our manned invasion of Mexico on both coasts have begun and our navy have begun firing at government buildings on both coasts of Mexico (Mod Response, results). President Woerth asks Italy if we can use your captured bases to re-fuel our navy ships (Italian response needed). Hundreds of people have begun protesting the Mexican War outside the Palace of Versailles, it has not turned violent yet but there are reports that a man threw rocks at windows but was arrested.
    • Italian Diplomacy: Sure.
    • Mod response: France's invasion of Mexico is successful, and French troops quickly begin to close in on Mexico City.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Prime Minister Sanchez makes an action to request The King to sign the declaration of war. King Felipe accept and later we officially declare war on Mexico. We start an aerial activity in Guatemala City, Campeche, Merida, Villahermosa, Cuidad Victoria, and Monterrey, and start bomb Guatemala City, Campeche and Monterrey. Our naval troops do a massive moving to Yucatan, Campache, and Tamaupilas. [Secret, we tell it to every countries who at war with Mexico and Coalition] Our agents report us that they success assassinate President of Mexico. We congratulate them and tell them to run away safely from Mexico. We finally tell this secret to all nations who at war with Mexico and Coalition that our agents assassinate the president of Mexico. We ask them if they can help us to carry our agents safely leave Mexico. [Nations Response Needed]. We ask them if the war resulted change of territory and every countries get territory of Mexico (but we hope the war resulted in liberation of Mexico and change of the government to democratic), we ask to get Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi, Tabasco, Campeché, Yucatan, Quintana Roo, and East Guatemala(Petén, Alta Verapaz, Izabal, Baja Verapaz, El Progreso, Zacapa, Chiquimula, and Jalapa) [Nations Response Needed]. [End Secret]. We continue build up our military, we send more 17,000 troops to fight Mexico. We start take an action to Brazil and Chile, we criticism them for invade peaceful countries.
    • French Secret Agency: (Secret) We send three secret black helicopters to the Spanish Agents locations to pick up and safely move them to our South American territory of French Guiana and will secretly move them to Spanish Government safety. We also agree that Spain will get the nations that they wanted as long as we get Oaxaca, Colima, Michoacan, and Jalisco (Secret)
      • Spanish Secret Diplomacy: We accept France's offer and we thank them to help us. We tell France that we can control some areas of Mexico if the war resulted in occupation of Mexico, not change of government.
        • Italian External Intelligence and Security Agency: We ask please if we could have Quintana Roo instead, seeing as it's a tourist area and it could plug in well with Cuban tourism? But that's all we want.
          • French Secret Agency: We agree that Italy can have Quintana Roo, since the areas that we want are very bad areas that need to be "Fixed".
  • Flag of Hezbollah Hezbollah The president assumes absolute control, but offers many human rights, such as the people can vote on everything except their leader. We also make a pledge to stay out of any war and we change the name of our nation to The State of Hezbollah and Lebanon. We also offer to take refugees from Mexico.
  • Flag of Chile Chile: We condemn China for their attack on Mexico, declaring the strikes "an attack on Latinos of all nationalities." We offer to accept refugees from Mexico. We also send 5,000 extra troops to Bolivia, Guyana and Suriname, and call on the other nation states of the ESAEC (see Russia response to Chile's turn in 2020) to support Brazil and us. (Russian, and Kazakh responses needed (players) (Belorussian, Armenian, and Kyrgyz responses needed (mod))
    • Mod Response: Belorussian, Armenian and Kyrgyz forces refuse to get involved militarily but do agree to give supply drops to Chilean forces by air.
  • Brazil FlagBrazil: We reach Paramaribo (Was it Successful???/Response Needed). We continue to push into Guyana (Response Needed). (Secret except ESAEC) We tell all members that the invasion of Uruguay must be put off until 2033. We ask Venezuela to invade Colombia and Panama (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: The Brazilian forces have reached the Suriname capital of Paramarido with still little resistance by the people and the military. The current President announces that Suriname will surrender their forces to Brazil and accept annexation. Guyana forces still hold out major resistance from their capital of Georgetown and refuse to surrender until the last man standing.


The Jalisco Government in Mexico collapses, with all leaders being captured or killed. Vietnamese Rebels capture Hanoi. The IOC has made their decision: Rome will host the 2036 Summer Olympics, the President of the IOC congratulates Italy.

  • Flag of Italy Italy: Dayanara Francesco-Montoya steps out of the Colosseum in Rome with yet another beaming smile on her face. "Hello everybody. Thank you. First, let me just thank all participating countries and services in the takedown of the Jalisco government. We will all serve the Mexican people well. May I also add, that we are in control of the Quintana Roo state in Mexico, which will become part of Cuba in the coming months. Secondly, our successful army, naval and air services have fallen the dictatorship government in Cuba. We are now in control of the country and are holding democratic elections. Thirdly and finally, may I happily announce that right here, in Rome we will be hosting the 2036 Olympics! We are heavily delighted at this opportunity to put our Italy 2030 plan into full force. The Stadio Olimpico, which was used in the 1960 Summer Olympics, will be completely renovated for the 2036 Summer Olympics."
  • Flag of Italy Italian Overseas Countries (Cuba): The democratic election was held in Cuba, in which The Centrist Alliance party won with a vote of 48.6%, this party encompasses centrism, social liberalism and third way economics. [SECRET] This government and all future governments 'elected' by the Cubans will be put in place by the Italian government [END SECRET]. The state of Quintana Roo in Mexico is now a part of Cuba/Italian Overseas Countries.
  • Flag of FranceFrance: President Woerth holds a formal media event under the Eiffel Tower to announce the current events involving France, "Hello. Welcome to one of the most beautiful sites in the our modern world, I have brought you all here to announce the military events in Mexico. We have succeeded in our quest to free the Mexican people from the Jalisco Cartel, and we have begun peace talks with the other members of the coalition to decide how the land will be split. I am pleased to announce that very few French soldiers have died in this war and a good majority will begin their withdraw as soon as the land change is official. I would also like to congratulate Italy on their win for the 2036 Summer Olympics; and although we are disappointed with the decision by the IOC, we are pleased to announce that this beautiful city of Paris will be placed in the bid for the 2044 Summer Olympics. Thank you everybody." President Woerth's announcement is broadcasted all over France, and in a number of days his approval rating jumps almost 10% with the success of the war in Mexico. The French Foreign Minister asks all Coalition country leaders to meet for a Peace Summit in Paris to OFFICIALLY re-draw the captured land in Mexico (Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Hezbollan Responses needed). When asked at the weekly press conference, President Woerth's press secretary is asked to comment on the Vietnamese Civil War and responds with, "President Woerth wishes to make no comment on the situation in Vietnam."
    • Italian Diplomacy: Thank you. The Italians don't request much, just the state of Quintana Roo, please.
    • Brazil Flag Brazil: We ask France if we get Jalisco State Or Chihuahua State. (France Response Needed).
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept to join Peace Summit in Paris. Our Prime Minister, Sergio Sanchez will take a flight to Paris.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: We completely scrap our plans to invade Mexico and decide that justice was served with five nukes [secret] we're going to send a ballistic missile submarine over to the North Sea and launch four nukes at London, Paris, Ankara, and Berlin. We built 20 Russian yield nukes via enriching uranium from Namibia, four of which are being used in this false flag operation. Since there are tensions between NATO and Russia and submarines can launch ballistic missiles while still underwater. NATO will likely assume that Russia did it. [end secret]
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We send military support to Hanoi to try to wipe out the rebels. We abstain any claims for Mexican land as we didn't do much. We launch a monthly supply ship to the Lunarium, and try to create a bio dome there. We start testing missiles over the Indian Ocean.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: After the recent anti-Erdoganist revolution completely overthrowing the corrupt AKP government and replacing with a much more secular democratic one as well as the devastating bombs by the Chinese wiping out a 1/3 of the Ankara population, the CHP, the new government immediately begins to involve itself in the world political table, with the new president Leyla Deniz offering the Vietnamese Rebels some medical and military aid (Mod Response Needed). Later on, the new prime minister Çeyhan Devratoglu would like to restart economic and diplomatic relations with France (France Response Needed) as well as create deeper ties with Spain (Spain Response Needed). Later on, the crumpled republic is suffering heavily by the previous government, along with Chinese bombings, the infinite war against the Kurds and political isolation, and desperately needs financial aid. (Nations Response Needed)
    • ​French Diplomacy: The French Government would like very much to restart our economic and diplomatic relations with Turkey, we immediately open the Turkish embassy in Paris and send our diplomats to Istanbul; currently the next ambassador to Turkey is being vetted by Parliament and should be finished by early next year. The French Government sends nine billion Euros (since we are still talking our way out of the European Union) to the Turkish Government ($30,065,472,720 Turkish Lira).
    • Mod Response: The Vietnamese Rebels accept the medical and military aid, with the biggest request being air drops of food, water, and medicine for injured rebels.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept to strengthen our relation. We tell Turkey that we have good diplomacy before Leyla Deniz become a president. Our prime minister, Sergio Sanchez would like to visit Ankara and meet the new president and prime minister to talk about our economic and political relation. [Turkey Response Needed].
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We accept and fully welcome you, as well as fully invest in our economic and political relations by making a"double-end" deal for if we have a crisis we shall help each other out. Our president, Leyla Deniz suggests this deal and hopes for response. [Spain Response Needed]. Later on, the prime minister Mr. Devratoglu visits the Vietnamese rebels base and recognizes their existence, straining ties deeply with the Vietnamese government [Mod Response Needed]. Simultaneously, the Turkish Government accepts this money in return for openings of five French schools in Turkey and two embassies with two fantastic ambassadors.
      • Mod Response: Malaysia currently owns Vietnam now, I believe.
      • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept the deal.


The world is flung into a state of mass hysteria due to the nuclear attacks. Some suspect Russia as being responsible, due to the weapons deployed being Russian Yield-class. The War in South America continues. South Korea defeats and annexes North Korea after a prolonged conflict. Supported by the Turkish, Vietnamese rebels continue to move across Malaysian-Vietnam, capturing the city of Vinh.

  • Flag of Spain Spain'::We condemn Russian attack for nuking our allies, France. We ask France to move the summit from Paris to Seville or another cities in France such as Marseille, Lyon or Bordeaux [France Response Needed]'. We choose Seville because Madrid is possible place to nuked. We continue strengthen our relation with another countries. We ask Colombia, Japan, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, and Greece. [Mod Response Needed]. We continue building our military by recruit more troops and add more military equipment; building economy by increase our comodity production; and upgrading infrastructure by upgrade the highway/motorways, airports in Mallorca, Seville, and Á Coruna, and Stadium of Camp Nou (Barcelona), Mestalla (Valencia), Riazor(?) (Á Coruna), and Vicente Calderon (Madrid), with cooperating with clubs that owner of these stadiums. [Secret, NATO Members know it] We begin build eight missiles and ask NATO Members for support and later ask NATO to build nuclear bombs, for self-defense [France, Italy, UK, Ukraine, and Mod Response Needed].
    • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia Diplomacy: We support Spain and send 2.5 billion euros equivalent to them.
    • (Mod Response): They accept.
    • French Emergency Action Diplomacy: (Secret) We agree and we have some nuclear weapons but we chose not to use only because we are focusing on rebuilding Paris. But if there is an armed invasion we will begin using our nuclear weapons. (Secret)
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We criticize Turkey for supporting the Vietnamese rebels. We heavily fortify areas surrounding Hanoi, restricting access to the rebels. We congratulate South Korea on their victory and ask for diplomatic ties and trade deals.(Response Needed) We announce that in the event of another world war we will remain neutral (Secret) but we will support any NATO country facing hardships during the war. We also secretly weaponize the Lunarium, constructing a missile system in the Maclear crater in the event someone attacks us. Our scientists are also working on a weapon, which is basically a giant tungsten rod, which can be fired from the Moon and impact any designated city with the force of a nuclear bomb without the fallout. (End Secret)
    • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We refuse to end our support on the Vietnamese rebels and continue to send more supplies and weapons. We also send troops to help the rebel's accelerate on land-capturing as well as to force out the Malaysians. We also officially cut diplomatic ties due to your unlawful treatment of the ethnic Turks living inside. (Malaysian Response Needed).
  • Flag of FranceFrance: The entire area of Paris is destroyed, almost 3.2 million innocent people are killed in the attack. President Woerth has survived as he was immediately evacuated to the Bordeaux until further notice; in a roll call out of the 925 members of parliament, only 120 members have survived as they were either out of the city or were evacuated with Woerth to Bordeaux. The Palace de la Bourse is made the temporary Parliamentary meeting building and Bordeaux made the temporary capital of France. President Woerth announces that for the next two years, no elections will be taking place. Three hours after the attack takes place, President Woerth walks in front of the Palace de la Bourse and says that, "Today is a horrible day, we were not expecting an attack on our capital city of Paris, the 120 members of parliament and me were the few lucky ones out out of the millions were killed. I am also sorry to report the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum (including the Mona Lisa), and the Palace of Versailles were destroyed. But we will re-build, and I do understand that things that were destroyed cannot be replaced but we will re-build the city and we will make sure that the people of France can feel safe in their capital once more. Thank you very much." He immediately sends hundreds upon thousands of aid workers to the destroyed city to help survivors and "tent cities" are built to help the ill, along with be forced to commission the digging of mass graves near the city for the millions of dead people. He also sends 13,500 troops into the city to help with the aid of the trapped and hurt citizens. The worst damage would be in the subways under the city since many structures would collapse and hit the trains and rails, causing them to crash. An estimate by the French Red Cross says that 2000 people were killed in the subways with another 300 being seriously injured. All streets leading into the Paris and the surrounding cities are blocked off and checkpoints are placed there so that only aid-workers and soldiers will be allowed in. The fallout is wide-spread and many other cities are evacuated, and the air force scrambled 300 jets to move the cloud from the fallout away from other major cities, but it is predicted in a matter of months that fallout will reach Bordeaux. All ports and roads are temporarily closed until further notice, but immediate aid is asked by surrounding countries (Italian, Spanish, British (mod), and German responses needed). We ask Italy if we can hold the Peace Summit in Rome (Italian response needed).
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We give our condolences to France. We send financial aid to France plus food, fresh water, and another refugees' equipment to the survivor. We also send our humanitarian. We now don't think if Russia has responsibility for this event, we don't know who nuke Paris and some cities in Europe but we are sure it's not Russia. [Secret to NATO Members] We ask NATO to investigate it together so we will know who nuke these cities [End Secret].
    • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We send 5.7 billion euros equivalent to France, along with our deepest condolences.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: we express sorrow for the attacks and immediately distance ourselves from russia. [secret] We are currently working on american yield warheads to use against russia to hopefully provoke russia into nuking the US. Then we will offer to help rebuild America in exchange for us ruling over them. If we're lucky, we can also achieve this in western europe and russia. [end secret] We build a fence along the border with Vietnam as refugees are coming into the country.
  • Flag of Pakistan Pakistan: we invest eight million USD in building more nukes to defend ourselves.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We start working on a missile defense system in response to the attack in Paris. We start working on tracing the origin of the warhead, which we will subsequently go to war with the country that fired it. We attempt to retake Vinh and Hanoi from the rebels.(Algo Needed?) We are also proud to announce that we have erased all non renewable energy sources from the country, after being replaced with the biofuel created from palm oil. We also prepare for a second lunar colony, which will be located in the Arago crater, and future colonies being planned in the Manners, Ritter, Sabrine and Plinius craters.
    • Chinese Dip: We are interested in purchasing this renewable energy since smog is a big problem in our big cities. We also would like to take part in the 2nd moon colony.


A nationalist militia takes control of London. Malaysia crushes the Vietnamese rebels.

  • Flag of ChileChile: We continue to invade Bolivia . (Mod response needed)
    • ​Mod Response: The invasion of Bolivia by Chile is making progress at a steady rate. Chilean forces have captured the major city of Cochabamba and all surrounding towns and villages. Three Chilean fighter jets have been shot down by the Bolivian Government from their capital of La Paz. One Chilean War General says that, "We're doing good on the ground but losing in the air." Heavy resistance is being met around the capital with many citizens blocking any troops or tanks from coming through. Although recent surveillance has revealed that the inner Bolivian Government is very weak and could be taken over easily if something major happened to disrupt the Government's proceedings.
  • Flag of HezbollahHezbollah We condemn the militia in London and hold a new election with the two main parties being Hezbollah and The Nationalist Party of Lebanon(Mod response needed)
    • Mod reponse: The now-popular Hezbollah wins the elections in a landslide.
  • Flag of FranceFrance: President Woerth walks out to the front of the Palace de la Bourse in Bordeaux and makes the following announcement in front of the press from around the world, "Thank you for being here after this great tragedy that has occurred in our great nation. I have talked with the remaining members of parliament and for the time being Parliament will be abolished and Martial Law is now declared, that means I will be stepping down as President of France. This title will also be abolished for the time being, and now I will hand over power to my top military general, General Régis Marais." The former President of France, Woerth and his family walk away from the cameras and back in the palace and begin preparing the depart the palace. General Régis Marais takes the microphone and announces that, "Thank you Woerth. These will not be the easiest years ahead of us, but trust me we will get past this horrible event. As you have just heard, Parliament has been abolished, the official title of the Presidency has also been abolished, and martial law has been declared. That means a few things: the border with all neighboring countries will be blocked off, no air planes except for military use will be able to take off or land in French territory, all major highways and cities will be met with checkpoints, food drops will occur every six days at major towns, and all foreign reports standing in front of me will be immediately moved to the nearest airport and flown back to their home country. Also, a 20 mile radius zone will be placed around Paris and nobody except military and aid (both foreign and domestic) will be allowed accsses. I am sorry to announce that since Martial Law has been declared the current Constitution has been abolished, and the Fifth French Republic has ended. Thank you everybody." Since we will be focusing all on rebuilding Paris, we will be pulling out of the Peace Talks temporarily and hand them over to Spain, and all we ask that we can still hold the area that we previously requested (Spanish response needed).
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept France's request.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We are sadly to announce that our Ambassador for France and Germany are dead due to the nuclear bombs. Luckily, our ambassador for UK is alive because he goes to Manchester when London are nuked. We also confirm that 135 of our population, are dead (84 in Paris, 27 London, 25 in Berlin, and 12 in Anbar?). [Secret to all NATO Members] We start investigate the countries who have a responsibility for it, we ask NATO members, excluding France, Germany, and UK, to support/help us investigate this. [Italy, Ukraine, and Mod Response Needed] [End Secret]. We start place our troops in Mexico to secure the territory. We build up our economy and military.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We officially leave BRICS, because we want to keep good relations with Europe and China and Rusia are screwing that up at the moment. We reach Georgetown, Guyana (Mod Response Needed).
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: We pass more lenient policies on Islam (such as allowing burqas and korans) but also increase our security against terrorist attacks (like having our fighter jets shoot down any commercial liners which strayed off course. [secret] we send agents to secretly train the taliban and provide them with automatic weapons and anti tank weaponry to take pakistan so that they nuke india [end secret] We also increase the amount of anti-ballistic missiles we have in response to the russian attack [secret] is actually to keep the taliban from nuking us [end secret] [secret] we send another nuclear submarine to the North Sea to nuke St Petersburg. The Russians will likely blame this on the Americans or another NATO country [end secret] We deorbit our space station. We have future plans to build a bigger one with collaberation with Malaysia [Malaysia response needed] 
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: After cutting off ties with Malaysia, many people take on the streets chanting anti-Malaysian chants. The government calms them down by holding a referendum of either keeping relations and not interfering, or to remain with cutting ties completely and go attack. The response later came and 83.5% of Turks said to stick with cutting ties, so the government sends in troops and more supplies into rebel zones in Malaysia. (Malaysia Response Needed). While this was happening on one side, drama returned inside the borders on the other side. Many Azeris fled into Turkey after what seemed like Russian aggression and Armenian interference in Azerbaijan. Turkey demands Russia to "stay out of Azerbaijan or face lawful justice" (Mod Response Needed). [Secret] The governments of Turkey and Azerbaijan decide to unite as one however under Turkey and create plans on merging [End Secret].
    • ​Mod Response: Russia makes no comment back, but seems not to take Turkey's warning seriously.
    • Malaysia Dip: We tell Turkey to stop aiding the rebels or face the consequences.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We start build anti-missile defense in all around our territory, prime minister took a flight to Mexico to see the Coalition troops how they work in there and meet the commander of Coalition Troops. Meanwhile, King Felipe and his royal family go to Canary Islands. [Secret] They do this to avoid some possibly dangerous events like one country nuke us and make the King and prime minister are dead. We also build bunker underground in Andalusia. We send some spies to China, Russia, North Korea, India, Pakistan, and Iran to search the countries who nuke Paris, Berlin, and London. [End Secret] We continue expand our diplomacy and increase our political relation. We ask for alliance to Canada and Saudi Arabia [Mod and Saudi Response Needed]
    • Islamic Diplomacy: We deny, citing that we "don't want to get involved" and that we don't want to side with an alliance as crippled as NATO.
    • Mod Response: Canada accepts the alliance with Turkey, mostly since Canada was involved in War on Terror alongside Britain and the United States. They open the Turkish embassy, and send their ambassador to Turkey's capital.
  • Islamic Union: After years of neglect we rise again, to see Europe devastated and no one strong enough to interfere. We cut ties with all the weaklings around us, apart from Palestine as we are impressed with their survival. We decide not to enter into a war against Russia/China, as we have our own business to deal with. We position 250,000 troops and 10,000 tanks of all sizes on the border with the UAE.
  • Brazil FlagBrazil: We place troops on all of our borders and get prepared to go to war, siding with Russia against China. We ask for an alliances with Islamic Union (Islamic Union Response Needed). We continue to invade Georgetown (Mod Response Needed).
    • Islamic Diplomacy: We deny, citing that we "don't want to get involved," but he later tells the countries involved to "have fun."
    • Mod Response: The city of Georgetown falls to Brazilian forces and the Government officially surrenders and accepts annexation by the Brazilian Government.
    • Chinese Dip: We kindly remind Brazil that we have nukes and going to war with us will not end well for you.
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: Dayanara Francesco-Montoya has expressed much excitement for the 2036 Olympics but has made it clear that 'Any Country that is in conflict during the time of the 2036 Olympics will be banned and not allowed to participate.'. She has also stated that Italy will not be involved in any war unless absolutely necessary for the remainder of her term of being Prime Minister. In August, she resigns as Prime Minister with an election held later in the year (November). The contestants are as follows:
    • Party of Social Democracy (PoSD) (Incumbent Party, social democracy, progressivism): Maritza Ramos
    • Italian Pride (Social conservatism, nationalism, socialism): Marco Bernadello (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED)
    • Mod Response: In the election for the title of Prime Minister, the Italian people head to the polls and the results are as follows: Maritza Ramos has gained 13,465,789 votes (34.2%), and Marco Bernadello has gained 10,679,438 votes (29.5%). The PoSD Party and their candidate Maritza Ramos has won the General Election and has become the Prime Minister of Italy.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We have no comment on Brazil's actions. We accept China's offer for a joint space station. A lunar colony is underway with the construction of its components. (Secret) We discover that China is responsible for the nuclear attacks, but we ask them for military support as we plan to invade Turkey after a false flag operation. We also assist them in covering up evidence of the nuke's origin.(End Secret)
    • Chinese Dip: [secret for malaysia] we agree to support the invasion of turkey [end secret]


Supported by an unknown force, Afghanistan invades Pakistan. The British militia expands to control Oxford.

  • Flag of Italy Italy: Maritza Ramos completes the final barriers for the 2036 Olympics in Rome. We openly criticize the militia but we vow not to get involved, unless NATO does, as it's not in our best interests or budget.
  • Flag of Ukraine Republic of Ukraine: We enlist 5000 men into our army via enlistment cards, which are sent to 5,000 able people. We begin focusing heavily on reaching our NATO quota on military spending, and we begin spending 10% of our government budget on our military, 5% on government offices, and the rest on welfare programs and turning Ukraine into the "Japan of Europe"
  • Flag of Pakistan Pakistan: 10,000 troops are sent to the Afghanistan border for defense. We send a group of spies to Kabul, disguised as Turkish diplomats to prepare for a coup d'etat of Afghanistan.
  • Flag of France France: It has been one year since the nuclear explosion has openly destroyed our capital, Paris. Unfortunately, the death toll continuously rises since many of the reported missing are found to be deceased. We regret to inform any allied countries from the Fifth Republic has been destroyed in the nuclear blast and the work and rescue teams are currently working hard to find out if there were any survivors. Many survivors have been reported to have finally been moved from the nuclear blast areas to the tent cities thanks to the from aiding countries. Many of the sick and injured are reported to have severe burns, blindness, major cuts and gashes, etc... but the current health organization says that many will survive but have life lasting effects. We hope to have rebuilt Paris by the end of 2045, a decade from now. General Régis Marais announces that the fallout has ended but has spread 196 miles in all directions from the blast zone thanks to the wind moving it. We warn both Belgium and Great Britain to prepare for nuclear fallout from the blast (British, Belgian responses needed). General Régis Marais orders that the air force continue to try to move away the fallout still in the air into the Atlantic Ocean, away from any other French cities or other countries. We begin the continues process of rebuilding the city by beginning to clear all roads in the Paris area, and begin attempting to fix the water systems so that citizens will be able to get fresh water once more. General Régis Marais sends the best wishes to Italy for hosting the 2036 Olympics and apologize that France won't be able to participate this year or at least for the next decade and a half.
  • Flag of UkraineRepublic of Ukraine: I strongly urge that France retaliate to Russian Aggression. A speech is delivered by Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman which says: We should not, can not, and will not tolerate Russia using nuclear weapons on a NATO city, and I urge that the entirety of NATO invade Russia, or nuke their major cities, as the principle of Mutually Assured Destruction [must] be followed. I ask that we completely cut all trade and diplomatic ties with Russia.
    • Flag of RussiaRussia: President Vladimir Putin says to the world community "We are not responsible for anything at all. We will find this menace threatening world stability and, if it is a country, we nuke that country. If it is a terrorist group, we will form a coalition to defeat it. We offer help to the French in rebuilding Paris, sending 500,000 volunteers to help rebuild, as well as 158 billion roubles (roughly 1.25 billion euros) to rebuild. (Secret) We have a suspicion it was North Korea who performed the Paris nuclear attack, however we are not sure. We cut all diplomatic ties with North Korea. (End Secret)
    • Flag of France French Emergency Diplomatic Center for Foreign Relations: General Régis Marais makes a rare public appearance and makes a public statement sighting that France will not go to war with Russia and as he put it, "Ukraine just wants to start a proxy war with Russia to help them instead of helping us." (Secret) We tell Russia not to be concerned about a war. We also tell Russia that we don't think that they launched the nuclear warhead at Paris as we think that was not "Russia's style", along with asking for their help to find out who really launched them [Russian Response needed] (Secret).
    • Flag of Russia Russian Dip: We thank France for their assurance that we did not nuke any city. We also tell France that we suspect North Korea of launching the bombs, as a diplomatic trip to North Korea recently revealed Kim Jong Un laughing at the devastation of the nuclear attack, saying that "these capitalist pigs have finally been humilliated! HAHAHAHA!". (Secret to all but France) We amass troops on the North Korean border and tell Kim Jong Un to reveal who nuked Paris or die. We also tell assassins to be alert in case Kim Jong Un refuses the ultimatum.
    • Flag of France French Emergency Diplomatic Center for Foreign Relations: (Secret) We tell Russia that we will not be getting involved militarily, but we will send billions of funds to your military, and weaponry for the war. We prefer that our support not be known to the world at this time (Secret). General Marais thanks Russia for the full support in help for rebuilding Paris, and allows the Russian transport planes into French airspace.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We continue improve our economy and upgrade the infrastructure. We have an project to build new futuristic city in Andalusia. [Secret, NATO members know that] We have not yet discover the nation who nuke some cities in Europe. But, our agents discover that Russia, India, Iran, and Pakistan are not responsible for nuking some European cities. [End Secret]. (Again), we tell other nations that Russia is not responsible for nuke European cities. Prime Minister Sanchez is interested in visiting Russia and meeting Putin to talk about our economy cooperation. [Russia Response Needed].
  • Flag of India India: India, after years of isolation, has returned to the world stage with a new booming robotics industry, with robots becoming part of everyday life in India, a result of a decade's work in secret. We also have rolled off a new line of Arjuna Mk.3 tanks to replace our aging Arjuna Mk.2 tanks as well as an improved version of our imported PAK-FA aircraft improved by the brand-new Aerospace Factory dubbed "लोहआकाश", meaning Iron Sky. This company will also assist the Indian Space Research Organization in development of space technologies. So far, India's living conditions and economy have vastly improved, making India finally a prime competitor for China and as such, tighten border patrol around the north-eastern regions of India.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We uncover some evidence claiming that the Vietnamese Rebels were responsible for the Paris attack, but how they got hold of nuclear weapons is beyond us. Our scientists have proved it is theoretically possible to contain the fallout from a nuclear blast into a fortified box made mostly from a lead alloy, and we are currently trying to create a method of eradicating the fallout. We ask India for a joint space program and establish the first lunar country: Neo-Asia (Participating countries retain their sovereignty)(Indian Response Needed) We decide to export our biofuel to China at a lower price in hopes of helping with the horrible air quality there. We start researching quantum computers as we are nearing the end of Moore's law, and results should be coming out latest 2045. We undergo an upgrade in urban infrastructure by replacing all roads in major cities and highways with smart roads capable of creating energy from the pressure created by vehicles and giving notifications on the conditions of the road. (Secret) We tell China that we say the Vietnamese Rebels caused the Paris attack. We also tell them that the false flag operation will be held after the 2036 Olympics, but since Turkey supported the rebels, doesn't that exonerate them?(End Secret)
    • Chinese Dip: [secret] we agree to this plan [end secret]
  • Flag of RussiaBreaking News From Russia: Today, at 15:53 local time, St Petersburg has been nuked. Two million people have died, and the fallout is affecting the entire Novgorod and Karelia regions, as well as all of Eastern Finland. We are sorry to tell the world that martial law has been declared, leaving General Igor Gorbachev to lead Russia at this time of crisis. We are also sorry to tell that we will not be able to assist France in rebuilding Paris, as we have our own city to rebuild.(Secret to all but France) We ask France if there has been any chance Ukraine has acquired nuclear weapons. (French Response Needed, and keep it secret)(End Secret)
  • Italy: Maritza Ramos promises to stand with Russia in the event of any war, threatening to break away from NATO if needs be. We ask the IOC if we can cancel the Olympics due to tensions and instead move it to 2038 or 2040. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED).
    • Mod response: The IOC concurs with Italy's suggestion, and suspends the Olympic games until further notice.
  • Pakistan: We launch a campaign to find corrupt officials and dismiss them from government posts. Parliament decides to vote on a constitutional amendment which would change the role of Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan. Instead of striking down laws which do not comply with Shari'a law, it instead will only strike down laws that deny Muslims from complying with Shari'a law themselves. A two-thirds vote is needed. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED). We also ask to create the COFFAD (Cooperation Organization for Freedom and Development) and ask the following countries to join: Brazil, Malaysia, and India (Brazil, India, and Malaysia response needed).
    • Mod response: Parliament votes "yes" on the amendment, barely garnering the two-thirds majority needed.


Pakistan manages to successfully defend itself from Afghanistan's invasion. The London Milita captures North Hampton. Due to heightened European tensions, the Baltic States merge via referendum to form the nation of Balta.

  • Chile: (secret) Hoping to send the Bolivian govt. into chaos, we plan a terror-attack on the Bolivian Capital Building in Sucre. (secret) (mod response needed)
    • ​Mod Response: Two bombs are detonated on the Bolivian Capital Building, causing ciaos in the streets. In fear for their lives, people begin looting the streets for supplies and the Bolivian police not able to do anything the country falls into complete anarchy. More are killed in the looting and riots then people killed in the attack on the Capital Building.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: We have studied the trajectory of type St Petersburg, and Paris nukes, and they appear to have come straight from Hangzhou, China. We immediately put harsh sanctions on China and urge other countries to also impose heavy sanctions. We evacuate as many as ten million people from the fallout zones and transport them to other major cities. We also tell France that we can send cleanup personnel to Paris again, as 6.5 million volunteers have signed up to clean radiation up. (Secret) We begin funding a coup in China secretly. (Mod Response Needed) (End Secret)
    • Flag of China Chinese response: We immediately deny the claims of an attack on Europe and we claim that Russia is simply trying to cover up their own dirty deeds.
    • Russia: General Igor Gorbachev says " We are disgusted at liberal Chinese nuking. It is not acceptable in today's time. In fact, it is a crime against humanity.I thought you would have the decency to know that."
    • Flag of France French Emergency Diplomatic Center for Communications: (Secret) We tell Russia that we think that Ukraine might have some nuclear warheads left over from the Cold War, but we do agree that we think China is responsible. We have launched a secret investigation, and have found the same results. We also think that funding a rebellion would be a good idea against China (Secret).
    • Mod Response: (Secret) Russia's funding goes to a secret and suppressed Chinese rebel group named, "Democracy Now!" which is small in numbers but thanks to the funding, numbers in turnout are rising a quick rate. They thank you for your help (Secret).
  • Flag of India India: Paying respects to France for economic support during the Dark Decades of India (2010-2030) we send cleanup personnel to France to assist in helping to reverse the effects of radiation, helping our old ally Russia and to pay respects to Russia, put harsh sanctions on China. Border Patrol around the north-west regions of India bordering China are increased. The current political party of India announce that they will stand with Russia in the event of any war. Meanwhile, we accept Malaysia's request for a join-space program from the previous year and the budget on the space program begins to be slightly increased. Our economic growth is slightly stagnating...
    • Flag of RussiaRussian Dip: We thank India for the reassurance and we welcome India to St.Petersburg if they want to clean radiation there too. (Indian Response Needed) General Gorbachev says to the world community "Today's era is an era of turmoil. It is important that the world stand together against this menace that is China. Whether you are friends, or enemies of Russia, we shall stand together as one community, one Earth."
    • Indian Diplomacy: We accept and send cleanup personnel to St. Petersberg to help the radiation cleaning efforts.
    • Flag of France French Emergency Diplomatic Center for Communications: We thank India for standing by Russia and our side during this very difficult time. We do ask that they also help wit the radiation clean up in the city, even though many other countries are also helping us it is, "Simply not enough." (Indian Immediate Response)
    • Indian Response: We increase the amount of cleanup personnel in Paris and also give the personnel our best cleanup technology.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: We are trying to direct fallout from St.Petersburg into the Arctic Ocean, but the fallout scope is increasing, fallout covers a large swath of land from Stockholm, Scandinavia all the way to Perm and stretching southwar nearly to Moscow. We prepare the evacuation of Moscow. The residents of Moscow will be evacuated to various towns and cities in Siberia, because it is unlikely that fallout will reach there. We warn Balta, Scandinavia and Belarus of fallout.
  • Flag of India INDIAN UPDATE: We alert Pakistan that we have discovered Taliban agents along the Pakistani-Indian border and it seems they want to overthrow your current president. They bear weapons from China and we have come to the conclusion that China wants to get rid of you in order to invade us. (URGENT Pakistan Response Needed)
    • Pakistan: We send drones we have created in secret to report to us on the Taliban agents and what they are doing. (MOD Response Needed) We ask India to support us in "Operation Pigeon Squad" for us both to send in fighter planes to bomb any suspected agents. Pakistan increases security measures blocking people from entering houses of government. (secret)We send 100 intelligence agents to China.
      • Indian Diplomacy: We advise for miniature helicopter drones to be sent in to take down suspected Taliban agents rather than fighter planes. [SECRET: (We send spies to China) END OF SECRET]
      • Pakistan: Drones will be searching for the agents and we ask if you will join COFFAD (cooperation organization for freedom and development for advancing freedoms, human development, and sustainability among emerging world powers. (Along with Malaysia and Brazil)
      • Indian Diplomacy: To improve relations with you, to take down China and since Malaysia is in the organization, we accept and join the COFFAD.
  • Flag of France France: The new report is showing that the radiation in central Paris is beginning to slowly go down. Even though the radiation is less, we still warn that aiding countries still wear protective gear so that they won't get Radiation Poisoning. The ash cloud has moved out to the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean and we have repeatedly warned Great Britain and Belgium (along with other French cities) about the major nuclear fallout, but since have gotten no response so we can only think of the worse. Even though it has been over a year since the nuclear bomb hit Paris there are still many dead and injured remaining in the city, and it has been reported that since the nuclear warhead hit Paris to now, more than 200,000 innocent people, aid workers, and military personnel have died due to the radiation. Still the military police are still sweeping the city for any survivors and have begun to bring the deceased out from many destroyed locations. Even with the help of other countries, the aid is still not enough to help all the citizens in need, so we introduce a plan similar to what the United States emergency plan is. We begin recruiting local surviving emergency room doctor's and nurses to help with the sick and injured at the aid centers located outside of the city. Power and plumbing are still down in the city and surrounding areas, despite constant efforts to return them; scientists predict we will only be able to begin returning the resources to the city when all of the deceased and injured are moved out of the city. News broadcasts have been very little in actual broadcasting since the major networks were stationed in Paris, along with Martial Law being declared only General Marais has control on what is broadcast to the French people. The only reports from the news are that the investigation is pending on where the nuclear bomb came from, and that efforts to recover Paris are ongoing. Ever since the nuclear bomb had gone off, there had been major evacuations of millions of people from Northern France to the South which has caused over-population in many areas in Southern France. Still, supply drops are still occurring mostly twice a week. But food and FRESH water are becoming more scarce as more people migrate South. Refugee camps are being set up in lower France to accommodate the evacuates, but it is not all clean and fresh and there beginning to be some protests for more food and water, even though the government is stretching their resources to the max. We tell the Russian people and government, "We stand with you, we understand what you are going through. We will always stand with you our friends." (Secret) We give Russia millions of Euro's to them to help in their recovery effort and tell them that we understand them pulling their effort out. But, we do tell them that we agree that China most likely behind this and that we are planning to launch a cyber war on them to disrupt their core communications and also will begin funding to the Chinese Rebel Group, "Democracy Now!" (Secret).
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We condemn the nation that nuke St. Petersburg. [Secret, NATO Members, Russia, and India know it] We discover the nation that nuked Paris, Berlin, London, and Ankara, that is China. We sending our espionage report to NATO Members, Russia, and India. But keep it secret to other nations, including China. [End Secret]. We start send our cleanup personnel and humanitarians to France, UK, Germany, Turkey, Russia. We decided to hold the Peace Summit in Seville, we invite Italy, Hezbollah, and China for this [Nations Response Needed]. [Secret] We also start underground bunker in Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Á Coruna, and Mallorca [End Secret]. Prime Minister Sergio Sanchez asks Russia to visit them in Moscow and meet President Vladimir Putin to strengthen our economic cooperation.
    • Italian Diplomacy: We refuse to sit around a table with China.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We cancel our invitation to China, because we think China has now turned to the bad government.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: We cut all diplomatic ties and relations with China, immediately suspending all trade and impose sanctions on China. We advise for Italians not to travel to China or radiation affected areas. We evacuate Rome in case China retaliates. We ask all Italians to get on the streets and stand up for peace in the world. We prime all four WMD's on China in case they attack us. We give grants for one massive bunker per town. A Big bunker for politicians will be situated in Rome.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: We evacuate another ten million people, and we prepare for creeping radiation extending through 65% of European Russia. 35,000 bunkers with room for one million people are built all over the country. Air lifts of food and water are brought into the fallout-infected cities. Apparently, the magnitude of the explosion was 45 megatons, that was how the radiation got so far. "And to tell you how far," says General Gorbachev to the people, "it has spread through much of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. But the world must remain strong. Just because Europe is blanketed in fallout doesn't mean that we'll give up to China. We will fight to the very last man! We will never give up because we are doing this for the world!. (Secret) We broadcast the speech to the Democracy Now! rebels in China this, and they start using "FOR THE WORLD" as their rallying cry. We also aim several nukes at Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Chengdu. They will fire as soon as war starts. We inform Democracy Now! that when war starts, move away from the big cities, we will nuke them.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We are officially cut all our diplomatic relation with China. There is a demonstration anti-China in Madrid and Valencia, they say in their opinion "China want destroy the world and conquer this world. They hate peace and want a war with us. We should defend ourselves from this new evil! Death or win! Against them!". Prime Minister Sanchez responds the demonstration action, he says "To our citizens, please calm down. We can solve it together, we will try that to avoid the great war and more bomb fallout in this world. We warn you, prepare yourself! We have some facilities to make all of you safe." Anti-Nuclear bombs are stationed in every major cities.
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil: We side with Pakistan and Europe countries and we ask Tibet, East Turkestan and Inner Mongolia to declare independence from China [Mod Responses Needed]. Our WMD's are ready, as we prepare to hit Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou with them.
    • Russian Dip: We tell the Italians that it is OK, we already have WMDs pointed at six Chinese cities, but if they want to nuke any other cities in China, they are more than welcome to.
    • China: We warn all countries that war with us will result in the destruction of cities.
  • Italy: The Italian people gather up two million in the Chinese Yen to send to the Democracy Now group. The government openly gives this to the group in order to help prevent a war.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We are disappointed at China for supposedly launching the nukes, but we have also uncovered evidence that the Vietnamese Rebels had connections with certain high authority Chinese personnel, in the event of a second Vietnamese War. The nukes fired may have been an attempt at making a comeback. We do not blame China for the time being, but for safety purposes, we decrease trade and fortify our borders. We report that a Turkish Airlines passenger plane crashed into the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, with lots of debate on whether it was a hate attack by Turkey. We report 57 casualties including those on board the plane, with more than 150 people injured as it crashed into a waiting lounge. We tell the world that we should not use the nukes against China, as it will only bring us down to their level. For the moment, we suspend all Chinese activity on our space station and lunar colony. We have made significant progress in the newly named "Radiation Sucker", which has been proven to be able to absorb Alpha radiation, the weakest form, and we are trying to improve it to absorb even Gamma radiation to help with the European fallout. We ask India to assist us.(Indian Response Needed)
    • Indian Diplomacy: We accept and direct radiation clean-up personnel to assist their Malaysian counterparts, we also begin to divert some of our economy to repairing parts of France and Russia.
  • Russia: We are receiving reports of violence committed to Chinese communities across Russia, with 520 Chinese-Russians dead already. Chinese hate speeches are performed across Russia, and anti-Chinese protests fill major cities. "The people clearly want war," General Gorbachev says. Tensions have gotten so high in Tyumen Oblast and the Jewish Autonomous Oblast that a 9 PM curfew has been put in place there. Nationalist sentiment since St.Petersburg has grown to the point that the people cannot be calmed by government actions to prolong war. So the people get war. We start preparing for war with China. This is not a declaration of war, but it will be soon.
  • Flag of Pakistan Pakistan: We offer to send 600,000 people to clean up nuclear fallout in Ankara. (Turkish Response Needed). We support the independence of Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and East Turkestan, and we now stop all diplomatic relations on China. We stop buying all Chinese exports. (Secret to NATO, Brazil, Malaysia and India) We are launching drones at Beijing. (End Secret).
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: We deny having anything to do with the attacks. We also drastically increase our military budget and begin drafting to form an army bigger than the US population to protect us from being attacked. We send troops to autonomous regions to maintain order. All non military related projects have been put on hold as we build factories to manufacture military equipment such as tanks and guns. Our shipyards have now been converted to build more ships for our navy. Our chinese president gave an announcement that China is ready to defend itself and that invasion will result in MAD. [secret] each of our key chinese leaders have been evacuated to separate hidden locations. Our president has been moved to Abuja after the speech while many members of the National People's congress now have fake identities [end secret] The country is now under emergency rule and much of the populations of our major cities have been evacuated. CCTV is currently broadcasting how to survive a nuclear war on repeat. We have 260 warheads capable of devastating entire cities [secret] in addition to 500 russian yield warheads [end secret] We ask other countries to sympathize with us in the event Russia attacks us [countries response needed] [secret] we are possibly making plans to launch a preemptive strike on russia, pakistan, and italy and we are also drastically increasing our biological and chemical weapons stockpile [end secret].
    • Pakistan: We believe that you are responsible for the attacks because everyone else said that. We will support Russia if they attack you but we oppose bombing you.
    • China: In response to the taliban assault, we will do a crack down on the members who secretly supported the taliban [secret] it's all a cover up and the people who get caught and "locked up" will be given false identities. We also use the crack down as an opportunity to stomp out dissidents [end secret]
    • Russia: We tell Pakistan to not negotiate with China, "They are not to be trusted". We are straining our resources to the max trying to help clean up and rebuild St.Petersburg already, abd we cannot deal with the mass discrimination of people of Chinese ancestry in oblasts bordering China. We ask our allies to help enforce law and order there (India, Pakistan and mod (Iran) response needed).
    • Indian Response: Riot Control Drones are diverted to Oblat to help enforce and keep the peace. India has now decided to use its infinite potential to assist countries in need.
  • Flag of France France: With the growing threat of World War III, General Marais puts in place the equivalent to the American Emergency Alert System (EAS) to announce the evacuation of all major cities with populations over 370,000 people. Throughout a week's time, all televisions and radios broadcasts the alert and almost immediately millions of people begin heading to Southern France. Along with
    EAS France

    The Emergency Alert System broadcast across France.

    heading to Southern France, people begin flooding the border to Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. (Secret) General Marais orders the arming of all nuclear missiles on hand. He orders the navy to patrol the waters around France, with radar being updated to the max at the quickest possible time to watch for Chinese subs, planes, or missiles. All nukes begin pointing at major cities in China, the air force (which is already on high alert) is ordered to patrol the skies to protect the homeland. General Marais is flown secretly to Saint Pierre and Miquelon Island off the coast of Canada for safety (Secret). All bunkers from that still remain from the Cold War are all opened to the public, which is only able to fill about three million out of the seven million people that are evacuating. With all of the evacuation, and what not. The recovery and re-building effort on Paris is haulted and all foreign aid workers and military personnel are ordered to return to their home country. (Secret) In case nuclear war and military conflict breaks out in Europe and Asia, General Marais invites General Igor Gorbachev to Saint Pierre and Miquelon Island to discuss military action as a joint force and for protection also [Russian Response] (Secret).
    • Russian Response (Secret): General Igor Gorbachev accepts.
    • Italy: We will only open our borders on the condition that immigrants are immediately conscripted into the army, if they do not comply, they will be sent back.
    • Spanish Foreign Ministry: We open our border to French immigrants, but we tell them to keep move to the South, like Andalusia. Only 5% of immigrants who can live in Barcelona. We also carry them to safe islands, like Balearic Islands and Canary Islands.
  • Flag of India India: Border Patrol is heavily increased as radar is upgraded to their maximum use and drones are dispatched around the Eastern borders of India rotating roles every week. [SECRET: (The current president of India is flown secretly flown to a nuclear bunker located in the region of Kerala.) Military Funding is increased as tensions in India start increasing with the newly created flagship-vehicles (Main Battle Tanks, Fighter/Attack Jets, Bombers, Hyper-sonic Re-entry Vehicles) currently in conducted tests to be battle-ready for a Chinese invasion. Development on a Hyper-sonic Earth Orbit bomber begins and will finish in just two years. ICBMs are aimed at Chinese cities and satellites aim their sensors at Chinese territory. Nuclear bunkers begin being constructed around major cities in India and places such as Bangalore are protected by EMP-resistant shielding. Indian aid workers and personnel are brought back into India to help prep India for a Chinese first-strike.
  • Pakistan: We offer to buy Tibet and East Turkestan from China (Chinese response needed)
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil: Our leaders pretty much say "Yolo" and declare war on China and ask all others countries to join us including Pakistan, Russia, India, United States of America, UK, and all other decent nations. We ask Japan, Russia, India, Pakistan and any country against China's actions to form an alliances called The Anti-Chinese Coalition. We ask ROC to help invade mainland China .
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We decline, we don't want to join in the great war.
    • Russian Dip: We join the coalition immediately. We position three million troops along the Chinese border, and we recruit every able-bodied man into the army, while the women will be in the intelligence. This will probably boost our army by at least 25 million. npeople.
    • Pakistan Diplomacy: We decline. We will not attack or invade China unless they attack Pakistan, India or Malaysia. We still want to buy Xinjiang and Tibet from China. (Chinese response needed)
  • Flag of Italy Italy: We announce a conscription program where every able man and woman gets rapid quality training. Any refugees will be automatically conscripted into the new army. We nationalize all Italian airlines and begin to convert them into high power Air Force aircraft.
  • Italy: (Secret) We prime WMDs on Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, where they will automatically detonate on January 1st, 2037. These are deadlocked and the date can only be brought before January 1, not after. (Mod take note) (end Secret) All politicians and high ranking figures have been moved to Cuba in a bunker, so if China nukes Cuba, it will affect the US, which may drag them into the war.
    • Russia: We will nuke Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin again on January 2, 2037 for a clean sweep, and we will also nuke Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Nanjing.
      • Pakistan: We ask Russia not to nuke China but instead use other methods of warfare. (secret to Russia) taking out the current regime would help. We need intelligence agents in China to discover where their nukes are so we can take them.
    • French Emergecy Diplomatic Center for Communications: (Secret) We tell Russia that we will also be nuking Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Hangzhou with both our fighter jets and subs, so we ask Russia if our jets can fly over your land to get into China [Russian Response needed] (Secret)
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: This war has lead to a schism in the people of Russia, with the radiation-affected people and the Siberians are pro-war, and the Uralic regions and the unaffected lands in Southern Russia are anti-war. Chinese discrimination is at an all-time high, with Chinese being brutally murdered and raped. They have also been denied access to the nuclear shelters, especially in Moscow and Siberia. Russian and Indian riot control police have been unable to stop the inhuman treatment of Chinese, and a Nazi-like fascist group as appeared in Krasyonarsk in Siberia, giving speeches about how the Chinese must be eradicated. "Russia is falling apart" says former president Vladimir Putin, currently hiding in a politician's bunker in Novalaya Zemlya. We ask nations that harbor anti-Chinese feelings but have chosen to stay neutral, such as Spain for instance, help us restore law and order. "We are stretching out our resources to the max." says General Gorbachev. " A very delicate balance must be struck. If we focus on upholding law and order, we lose the war. If we focus too much on the war, we risk losing to Neo-Nazi Fascism." (Player and Mod Response Needed)
  • Italy: A new poll coming out shows new PM Maritza Ramos is at an all time low. She has positive approval ratings of 21%. The country is enduring a massive nationalist wave, and a peoples coup could be underway. Maritza Ramos states 'we cannot afford to be divided, we need to crush China and spread democracy, give justice where it is needed and put an end to Chinese hate.' In an attempt to get the people behind her once again. She also said 'We cannot fall back to hurtful and mindless fascism, we all know how that ended up.'
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: Because of the looming threat of nuclear war, we are interested in a "No first use treaty" which will hopefully preserve both us and the west from an apocalypse. Hopefully this treaty can prevent an escalation to WWIII and reduce it to a 2nd Cold War.
  • Flag of UkraineRepublic of Ukraine: We ask Russia to join NATO, as we are in a time of crisis against Chinese aggression. We apologize to Russia for asking France to nuke Moscow, overreacting, we, as an apology, acknowledge Russia's Sovereignty over Crimea [Russian Response Required]. We ask France to station nuclear weapons inside of our territory [French Response Required].
    • Ukraine: We state that we have located three nuclear warheads in old Soviet era bunkers, so we send them back to Russia.
    • French Emergency Diplomatic Center for Communications: We will begin placement of nuclear warheads immediately.
    • Russian Dip: We join NATO, and ask if our ally Iran can join NATO too (Player Response Needed). Also, we thank Ukraine for sending nuclear warheads back to us and recogizing our sovereignity over the Crimean Peninsula. We believe this action will permanently end hostilities between us and the West. Meanwhile, Crimea joins the anti-war side of Russia.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We urge everyone to not use nuclear warheads. We have already seen the consequences of it over Europe and Russia, and there is a lot of history that will be destroyed if you decide to do so. We have lots of evidence that China is not 100% responsible for the attack, and using nukes on six Chinese cities in retaliation for nuking four cities is a bit overkill. China has been a great ally to us, assisting us with technological advancements. We support Pakistan's idea of taking out the current regime instead of using warheads.


Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Nanjing are devastated by Italian and Russian WMDs. China's preparatory evacuation plan manages to save many lives, however, civilian casualties are nevertheless estimated to be around 5,000,000, with 1,000,000 injuries, and 500,000 reported missing. The U.K collapses, as England is fully overtaken by the British Nationalist Militia. In the midst of the disorder, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland declare independence from the U.K. The new English Government declares their support for China, and threatens great retaliation against the PRC's enemies. New Zealand, Afghanistan, and the United Nations of Africa (the former of whom, fears the loss of yet another major trading partner), also announce they will back China in the event of an invasion. The world is thrown into mass-hysteria and chaos.

  • Flag of India India: Mass hysteria and chaos spreads across India as people start to either flee into nuclear bunkers or head off the the countrysides and the military is mobilized. Chinese communities across India are denied access to nuclear bunkers or evacuation and are put down or raped by Sino-phobic Indian civilians, this act forces the military to intervene and act as riot police, an act that has been done in India for years. The Indian Military also manages to halt a Nazi-like fascist group, similar to the Siberian one, from fully developing. Because of this, optimism in the military increases and we asks Russia if we can assist in similarly putting down the Neo-Nazi group in Siberia (Russian Response Needed). Prototypes of the new Hypersonic Orbital Vehicle begin flying over the regions of South Asia and Eastern Asia and one of them manages to take some orbital photos of the now destroyed China. Radiation has begun to enter Asia and the orbital vehicles have recorded massive amounts of dust and radiation in the atmosphere and it is possible the world may enter a Nuclear Winter. (Mod Response Needed) [SECRET: (We secretly supply the Democracy Now! Liberation Group in China with non-military aid to ensure a better and more progressive China in the future.) END OF SECRET]
    • Russia: We gladly accept India's help in suppressing the Siberian rebels.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: We will not tolerate any nation supporting the current Chinese regime. Deaths caused by growing Sinophobia in Russia are currently 350,000. We prepare an invasion of China by positioning 20 million troops, mostly mobilized, along the Chinese border. This winter was a record-breaking winter, with -80 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures recorded in parts of Siberia, and temperatures reached -50 degrees Fahrenheit in Moscow, an all-time low. We believe this is the beginning of a nuclear winter. The radiation caused by the St.Petersburg nuclear attack is beginning to subside, with radiation reaches retreating, albeit slowly. We begin mandatory evacuation into the bunkers.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We receive a message from The Royal British Government - who has exiled to somewhere in British Overseas Territory, or Commonwealth Nations, we don't know - that they asked us, NATO, Russia, and other countries to free the land of Britain of some rebels who clearly opposed NATO, and support China. So, we will do it. [Secret] We invite General Régis Marais of France, General Igor Gorbachev of Russia, and representations of Italy, India, Pakistan, and Brazil to gathered in secret meeting in Seville, to discuss about preparation to invade England. [France, Russia, Italy, India, Pakistan, and Brazil Response Needed]. [End Secret]. However, we recognize Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland as long as they not threaten NATO, like New English Government does. We ask nations to fighting and launch WMDs each other, Prime Minister Sanchez in his speech, "Please stop this war, look, many innocent people become victims. As a government, we should protect our citizens." French immigrants who enter our territory increased. Reported, about 4,500,000 French immigrants enter our territory, many of them keep moving to Andalusia, Murcia, Extremadura, Valencia, and Balearic Islands. So, we begin building houses and expanding employment for immigrants. We continue increase our economy. We ask Algeria and Libya (I'm sure that North Africa not include United Nations of Africa) to open trade for petroleum. [Mod Response Needed]
    • Pakistan: (secret)we will attend the meeting, but we do not wish to be invaded or bombed by China. (end secret)
      • Spanish Secret Response: We tell Pakistan to not worries about that. We will keep this safety. We are in position neutral now (not against China, only their allies)
    • French Emergency Diplomatic Center for Communications: (Secret) General Marais accepts the invite, but will only be doing it by video-call from the safety of where he is currently being hidden so that his live will not be risked in the process (Secret)
      • Spanish Secret Response: We accept to doing it via video call.
    • Mod response: Algeria agrees to the petroleum trade while Libya gives no response.
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: The last two decades were a time of great change in Israel. Many radical Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Fatah believed that due to the chaos in the world, nobody would bat an eye when Israel is struck down by terror and war. However, they failed to understand that it could work both ways, and in 2019, as soon as we were attacked by Palestinian guerrilla and security forces, we initiated "Operation Final Straw", a campaign to capture all the Palestinian territories and install a democratic regime there that would recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland. While military losses on our side were few, there were more civilian casualties, caused by a relentless terror campaign. This so-called third intifada lasted between 2019-2022 and caused 8,000 civilian deaths in Israel. However, in 2020, when the Palestinian capital of Ramallah was captured, the victory was hailed in Israel as the beginning of the end for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Hamas and Fatah movements were outlawed and a moderate government was elected. That government agreed to negotiate a final peace deal with Israel. Israel got to keep its settlement blocs which would receive formal recognition, while the State of Palestine got the rest of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. West Jerusalem was under Israeli sovereignty, while East Jerusalem was ruled jointly by both states. The peace deal was signed in 2025 and marked the end of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In parallel, the Israeli economy continued to grow and innovate, especially in the fields of hi-tech and water industry. Many international companies moved their headquarters to Israel and many more opened offices and R&D centers in our major cities. By 2037, despite the chaos in the world, Israel retained its status as a center for technology and innovation, as well as the only true democracy in the Middle East. Israel's population in 2037 is 11 million people, of which 73% are Jewish and 22% are Muslim. In the recent elections, a national unity government was formed, consisting of the Labor Party, the Likud Party, and a number of small secular and moderate parties. The religious and Arab parties compose the opposition. The newly elected PM, Benny Mordechai vowed to protect Israel in this chaotic world and to make sure it prospers. We do not want to align ourselves with anyone in this war, but we do want to enhance our relations with as many countries as possible (Responses and Mod responses welcome). We deliver a message to the Islamic Union and Hezbollah, asking for their position regarding relations with Israel, as we've had our history of comabt (Islamic Union and Hezbollah responses needed). Due to the growing threats in the world, we expand our mandatory service to 3.5 years and reserve service for 24 years, which would increase our regular army to 320,000 and our reserve army to 600,000. Due to the peace with Palestine, our military budget was lowered, but now, the Knesset passed a law which increased the defense budget back to wartime levels. We send a message to Palestine stating this military buildup is not directed against them. We start building many drones piloted by smart AI to deliver precise strikes in order to minimize collateral damage. We will have 500 of those drones by the next year. (Secret) In a cabinet meeting, the PM orders the Jericho ballistic missiles to be placed on high alert in case of a nuclear conflict. Those missiles can carry a nuclear warhead to most of Asia, and all of Europe and Africa.(End Secret). We decide to enhance our network of existing shelters to withstand a nuclear strike and begin reinforcing the bunkers and shelters in a long process that would take about three years to complete. We also start a shift towards clean energy, tripling the number of solar stations, doubling the number of wind stations and beginning to manufacture electric cars that would cancel the need for oil, whose days are numbered.
    • French Emergency Diplomatic Center for Communications: France and General Marias would very much like to become more friendly with Israel, but he asks if it can start after World War III has ended (Israeli Response needed)
    • Israeli Diplomacy: The relationship can start whenever France wishes, but since Israel is a neutral force in WWIII, it wouldn't make much of a difference if the relationship started in the course of the war. (French Response needed)
  • Finak-0New Alliance of Congo: We send two marine special squads to attack Israel, and we set up a defense's troops (Mod Responses Needed).
    • ​Mod Response: Israel's main defense system shoots and kills defense team from Congo.
  • Italy: There are reports Maritza Ramos has been kidnapped and murdered by a fascist militant group. The 48 hour takeover has seen Italy been taken over by a dictatorship. The new dictatorship, who is led by Marco Villarrubia says 'Ramos has been too easy on China, we are going to take things to a whole new level to protect the citizens of Italy and our allies, even if it meant obliterating anything that stands in our path. We've had enough of nicey-nice politics and it's about time we made great change. Our borders are closing, the Chinese will be deported and any citizens supporting China will be arrested and exiled. With brutal force. At this point, all major cities have been evacuated and at least 70% of the population (which includes Slovenia, Croatia and Cuba) are ready to go into bunkers at the drop of a hat.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: We launch our Chinese yield warheads at Moscow (ground zero will be the Kremlin), Rome (ground zero will be, and milan. The remaining top ten largest cities in Italy are nuked with Russian yield warheads. We officially declare war on Russia and Italy. [secret] we send a letter to every former Soviet country (except Russia) asking them to support us. We also promise that we'll give back territory to Ukraine and Georgia which Russia stole. (mod response needed) [end secret]
    • ​Mod Response: Georgia denies, saying that they want to remain out of the conflict.
  • Italian Social Republic Italy: Felipe Villarrubia states 'China have crossed a line. They attacked our allies, we retaliated, they should've just taken their punishment. They thought Ramos was bad, they haven't met the new government. Bye bye China. *he sticks his middle finger up to the cameras* also you think you've hurt us? We will just rebuild. You try to trick us with Russian yield warheads? We all know it's you, you and your nation are just an anthill, and we will step on you, with pleasure.'
  • Flag of Pakistan Pakistan: We declare most favored nation economic relations with Malaysia. We are now accepting refugees from China to camps in northern Pakistan. We will accept refugees from Russia as well. However we have a strict punishment system to refugees and they will be deported if they do anything wrong.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: Our army has reached half a billion, being the largest army to ever exist in human history but distribution is not disclosed [secret] ten million were killed by the nukes. 50 million in total are protecting the autonomous regions (not including Tibet). 30 million are in Tibet because it is the temporary command center (due to its mountainous nature) [end secret] With our production, we have constructed many tanks in addition to our currently existing 10,000 tanks [secret] around 40,000 were assembled in total last year but 10,000 of them were destroyed along with our biggest cities[end secret] We built more drones and stealth jets [secret] we currently have 1,000 drone planes (the kind which have propellers at the end) and 200 J-20s but we are working on developing a new stealth aircraft which requires no pilot and has the same performance as the J-20 [end secret] In response to the democracy now group, we cut off contact with the outside world in the autonomous regions and block off every website which could undo our propaganda in all of China. There is a lot more military activity going on in the west part of China now since there are no big cities which will be nuked and there's a possibility that russia could invade [secret] we have increased the amount of sarin and mustard gas. We are also working on anthrax and making tuberculosis resistant to colistin, the strongest antibiotic [end secret] The entire country is a no fly zone so any planes which enter our airspace will be shot down. Our GDP growth has shrunk significantly and the main thing keeping us from going bankrupt is nigeria's oil which is being sold to african countries. 90% of our budget is funding military operations while the remaining 10% contributes. Elementary remains mostly unchanged while junior high and high school have mostly things which will benefit the military (students can either take algerbra and chemistry to be a scientist helping the military or learn how to shoot guns and go long distances) so that they can be stationed as soon as they turn 18, strict rations are imposed in order to give most of our food to the soldiers, science is dedicated to advance our military tech level, and free healthcare is limited to military members, government officials, and children still in school who are healthy.
  • Italian Social Republic Italy: We upgrade all bunkers, fitting them with air purifiers so if the bunkers have to be sealed in any scenario, they can by the central government. (Secret) We are building a mega city (and maybe a country) underground in the case of a world nuclear meltdown. This will only be available to Italian citizens. (End Secret)
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: We tell China no one was hurt in the Moscow nuking, about 90% of Russia is already in the bunkers. We are building a mega city stretching from Moscow to St.Petersburg. It will be able to house 80% of the Russian population. The only persons allowed above ground are military personnel. Rumors are that General Gorbachev has been assassinated by the fascist rebels, and a new dictatorship, led by Dmitri Stanislav, is formed. He says "Putin and Gorbachev have been too soft, we will show the Chinese some hard Iron (referring to the Iron Curtain),". All Chinese are to be deported, and if they re-enter Russian ground, they will be shot on sight. We make nukes that can store 20,000 gallons of sarin and nerve gas, and "test" it on Lhasa, in Tibet (most of the population evacuated there), Lagos, in Nigeria (to further harm their economy), and Abuja (to cause Nigeria to try to secede from China)(Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: The "testing" is great succsses for the Russians on all sites, in Lhasa the gases either kill the rest of the people or force the rest of them out of the city. In Lagos, with the gases killing and injuring many people there, the economy crashes in almost hours after the attack. Finally in Abuja, the cases kill and injure hundreds and cause much civil unrest with many calling for a Civil War against China.
  • Italian Social Republic Italy: New dictator Marco Villarrubia gives a stern message: 'All Chinese, Afghans, British and allied citizens of China are not welcome here. You have a one month amnesty (secret) we start arresting immediately (end secret) to leave the country, if you refuse to leave we will arrest you. You are not wanted here. You are not welcome here. We will cleanse this country of this filth, going to any lengths.'. A new 'jail' has been opened where prisoners of Chinese, Afghan, British and so on citizenship are detained. (Secret) Here we test 'disease bombs' on these people, and generally hurt them. This new complex includes a chamber where these gases are tested on the people (End Secret)
    • Russia: There is no way to cleanse Chinese filth better than this way, so we adopt the Italian system of cleansing Chinese.
  • Italian Social Republic Italy: We threaten China and allies "We are currently rounding up all your people in our country, one false move and I can arrange for the death of every single one of them. That is 320,794 Chinese people and 72,234 Britons. I myself do not want another cleansing, if you agree to a truce then we can de-escalate the situation. We will release the jailed people but only if you promise not to attack Italy."
    • Chinese Dip: we agree to a truce
    • Pakistan: We tell all Pakistani citizens in Italy to move back to Pakistan and we will provide subsidized housing for them.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: Radiation levels in our big cities are lowering to a safe level since they were air bursts and we begin demolishing structures to salvage steel [secret] we use this steel to begin construction on nuclear bunkers which will house most of our population. The production of tanks have been halted to construct these bunkers which will be built in random locations, preferably in sparsely populated areas [end secret] most of our tanks were scattered across sparsely populated land so nuking cities has done little. We launch 40 of our original yield in random spots between Moscow and St. Petersburg [secret] these nukes will actually hit the ground and create craters unlike our previous nuclear strikes which were air bursts. [end secret] Many nigerians are outraged and the Chinese african government enforces a draft which increases the PLA by 20 million. There are rumors that quite a few top leaders were killed by this russian attack which has led to the country falling completely into the hands of the military. [secret] we build more enrichment facilities in sparse location and continue the amount of uranium shipments from Nambia [end secret] From now on, the chinese government forbids anyone with a russian or italian passport from entering the country and those who are already in the country will be forced to leave in a week and the same applies to our puppet government in Nigeria, southern niger, and southern chad.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: The Chinese nukes killed 40 million civillians. Now, we unleash 127 nukes across random spots in China and their overseas territories. They will hit the ground and create craters, and they have 50,000 liters of sarin gas attached to each nuke.
  • Pakistan: We begin building a new city called Azada Nu Usari 20 miles north of the coast of Pakistan. It will be in construction process immediately. By 2040, it will contain enough apartments, commerce districts, business parks, and factories for one million people to work there. By 2050, it will be enough for six million. We will build our transportation system from the ground up. The city will have a central financial district and should become a major economic center of the modern world. A massive sanitation system will be built, and sufficiently poor people from other parts of Pakistan will be able to live there for six months for free before paying their bills. One sector of the city will be designed to hold a limited number of people from cities that have been nuclear bombed. We ask factories and businesses to buy property there. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED). We ask Australia to form better trade relations and to support us in remaining neutral in this war. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED).
    • ​Mod Response: Many factories and businesses agree to move their services to Azada Nu Usari, seeing much opportunity for better lives there. Australia agrees to form trade relations with Pakistan, but they do not want to get into any involvment into the war, wanting to stay as neutral as possible.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: Dictator Stanislav was assassinated in his sleep yesterday. Former President Vladimir Putin then seizes the title as leader of Russia and re-transforms it into a democracy. His first action is to apologize to the world community about Russia's recklessness, saying that "Stanislav is mentally deranged, so some of my followers had to assassinate him to save Russia and the world. We tell China that we want peace, we are willing to give Outer Manchuria to China and Crimea back to Ukraine in compensation for Stanislav's insane nuking. All Chinese prisoners are to be released and choose for themselves whether to remain in Russia or return to China. We immediately peace out of the war and say that we are to remain neutral for some time until our country can be rebuilt. Stanislav's trial will be held later this year.
    • Chinese Dip: we are willing to make a truce
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We decide to build a new capital in Matto Grosso State, called Cidade Futurista Which translates to Futuristic City. Continuing our invasion of China, we attempt to place occupation zone in Manchuria (Mod Response Needed). We try to push Chinese forces out of Inner Mongolia, to let the Inner Mongolia unite with Outer Mongolia (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: The occupation zone is placed on Manchuria, but major Chinese troops may be incoming. The push for Chinese forces out of inner Mongolia is a slow successes but will take major resources to keep the push going.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We support the peace decision from Russia to finish this great war. [Secret] We will hold the discussion of preparation to invade England next year. We still wait for another country's response in our invitation to attend this meeting in Seville. [Russia, Italy, India, and Brazil Response Needed] We start build nuclear reactor ONLY for self-defense [End Secret] We ask for an alliance to Israel [Israel Response Needed].
    • Israeli Diplomacy: We agree to form an alliance with Spain.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: We have reported that at least 713 million people, including 50% of the Chinese population have been killed by WWIII. At trial, former dictator Dmitri Stanislav has been tried for crimes against humanity and has received a death penalty. Our radiation satellites show that radiation is circulating around Europe and Asia, as well as West Africa, and as many as four billion people are at risk of radiation-related sickness. Also, the concentrations of sarin gas across China are deadly to anyone who comes above ground. The only place safe from both radiation and sarin gas in China is their Niger and Chad concession. Suicides spike all across Russia, as people think that the worst is yet to come.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: Our economy is not heavily impacted by the Third World War. We ask Pakistan and India for an alliance, which will result in combined efforts to counter the effects of the nuclear winter. We evacuate most citizens to the southern islands of Indonesia and heavily fortify our borders with China. The radiation vacuum is at its final prototype stages, and will soon be available for use. We ask to collaborate with India and Pakistan to create a giant underground city in the event the world really does freeze over/irradiated. We start accepting refugees from any country, provided that they stay peaceful as we do not need any more trouble. Troublemakers will be deported. We start expanding the Lunarium, which now covers more than 250 square kilometers of the Moon. Two more lunar colonies have been established in the Maclear and Aragon crater, each being less than 50 kilometers wide. Both have been renamed Kuala Bulan and Rahman respectively.
    • Indian Diplomacy: We accept the request for collaboration as most of our country is now radiated and getting record-breaking low temperatures. The Indian Space Agency continues collaboration with its Malaysian Counterpart.
    • Pakistani Diplomacy: We accept collaboration to build the underground city. (Secret to Malaysia and India) We would like to have secret tunnels going under this city to Pakistan so people can get in without the world knowing.
  • Italian Social Republic Italy: Dicator Marco Villarrubia steps down 'It was a mistake. This movement was a mistake. I fully understand the consequences of my ego fueled ambitions. I am going to step down and hold an election with the normal two parties. I cannot bring Maritza Ramos back but may she rest in peace'. Suddenly, Marco Villarrubia is shot dead by the police and dragged off stage due to his shocking announcement.
    • A new overground city is being built called New Rome which will be a mega city by 2045, housing up to 15 million people, it will be an eco city.
      • The new candidates for the election are:

Valentina Accardi - Party of Social Democracy (social democracy, pro-WW3 peace, progressivism) - promises to rebuild every city by 2070, promises to clean up all nuclear gases by 2050 and promises to end the war by China.

Giuseppe Bellini - Italian Pride (ultra nationalism, social conservatism) - promises to continue the war with China, plunging many into poverty, which has been seen as very controversial.

Giovanna Di Capiro - Peace NOW! (environmentalism, socialism, pacifism) - promises to rebuild every city by 2055 through high taxes, promises not to use 'dirty' energy and fully clean up nuclear gases in the country by 2055. Promises to end all war with China on her first day in office, and not start any wars. (MOD REPONSE NEEDED)

    • Mod Response: The election is won by Giovanna Di Capiro, by 31% of the population, with Valentina Accardi voted by 29% and Giuseppe Bellini by 28% with 22% abstain.
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: We are outraged by the unprovoked, aggressive attack against us by the New Alliance of Congo. We request all of the nations of the world to condemn this madness in the strongest terms. (Responses and mod responses needed). Since we prefer peace, we give the New Alliance of Congo an opportunity to issue an official apology, pay $10 million in reparations and vow never to attack out of aggression again. If our terms aren't met, we will be forced to go to war. (New Alliance of Congo Response needed).
    • Brazil Flag Brazil: We ask Israel for an alliance (Israel Response Needed). We condemn New Aliance of the Congo. The capital of Brazilian Manchuria is Harbin.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: We agree to enhance relations but only in civilian fields, such as economic and scientific relations. We won't join the world war.
    • New Alliance of Congo: We call Israel for a negotiation,(Secret) our project of weapons and exos, for your help in the war (End Secret) Okay? (Israel Response Needed)
    • Israeli Diplomacy: There will be no negotiations. You attacked us unprovoked and now you expect us to agree to your terms? You will comply with our demands for compensation ($10 million in reparations and a vow never to attack out of aggression again), or face the consequences. (New Alliance of Congo Response needed)
    • New Alliance of Congo: (Secret)' My weapons are far more valuable and helpful to domination any countries. If you accept, still allow mining in my territory (Gold, Iron, Aluminum ) .'(End Secret) (Israel Response Needed)
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: We turn all our focus on rebuilding our cities and finding a way to help contain the radiation or blow it into the Arctic Ocean. An above-ground city is being built in the far south of Russia. It will be named Putingrad, to honor Vladimir Putin, a great leader who has leaded us through many crises, including the initial nuclear crisis in Paris. The vast underground city stretching from Moscow to St.Petersburg will be called Gorbachevgrad, to honor General Gorbachev, who lead Russia in the days of crisis just before WW3. We encourage factories and businesses to move to Putingrad, and we welcome refugees of any nationality, even including a Chinatown, an Italian community and a French community built into the original plan.
  • Flag of France France: General Marais is disappointed about Russia's leaving of World War III, but does understand and accept it. Hey says at a press conference at the undisclosed location he is at, "Even though many of our allies have left the war, we will keep pressing against those Communist Dogs! They will pay their price for killing millions of innocent French citizens." As his speech ends, 197 nuclear warheads are launched from the French mainland with their destination being, Beijing, Chongquing, Shanghai, and Tianjin; along with any other location with other major population gatherings and where the Chinese Government is currently stationed (Mod Response). Along with launching the nuclear warheads, a major air and naval invasion is launched with 200 air force jets (with both nuclear and other weaponry abilities), four battleships (that will fire at government locations), and 80 other naval ships that could land on the shores and then launch a ground invasion (Mod Response). General Marais thanks President Putin for wanting to help rebuild Paris, but he asks that no foreign troops or aid will enter France so that if China retaliates no foreign troops will be lost in the attack. It is now mandatory that all citizens move to the nuclear bunkers that are populated all over the country, with more being built so that more people can enter them. The Emergency Alert System has blared on all televisions and radios around the country for almost a year now, since Marais wants the least amount of French citizens killed or injured. In many parts of the country; cities, towns, villages, and farmland are completely empty since a majority of the population are in the bunkers. Many call on Marais to end the war early, but he denies it.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: The government of the PRC is in shambles with the chinese president having died in the nuclear attack on Abuja and several members of the National People's Congress also losing their lives to nuclear attacks. We will allow the government of Taiwan to step in and allow them to be the new government. The People's Republic of China will be no more.
    • Italian Social Republic Italy: Two frontrunning political parties standing for election (PoSD and Peace NOW!) promise to offer aid to the cities destructed by Italy.
    • Flag of RussiaRussia: We offer to shelter Chinese refugees in Putingrad.
    • Flag of France French Emergency Diplomatic Center for Communications: We take this as the Chinese surrendering. We ask both current and former countries involved in World War III to attended a peace summit next year in the current largest city of Marseille, France (Coalition and Axis response needed! SOON!)
    • Indian Diplomacy: India accepts the request and will attend the peace summit of next year.
    • Italian Diplomacy: We agree to a peace summit.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We ask to join the peace summit although we are not involving in the war (only give diplomatic support), as observer.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: We accept to attend peace summit next year.
    • Malaysian Diplomacy: We would like to attend the peace summit as well, on the same grounds as Spain.
    • Flag of RussiaRussia: We will attend the peace meeting.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: We have reported the death toll to have increased to 1.4 bilion. 85% of the Chinese population, as well as 20% of Russia and small proportions of other nations have died in World War 3, and we are glad it is over. We are happy that the People's Republic of China has been overthrown, and we offer the new Republic of China 15 million volunteers to help rebuild the Chinese mainland, as well as 500 trillion roubles (100 billion Chinese remimbi). We have cloud seeded to produce wind to blow radiation to the Arctic Ocean. The radiation scope has greatly reduced, and even Moscow is now free of life-threatening radiation. However, the concentrations of radiation around Northern Russia are very much like those in China: any person going above ground for just five minutes can receive radiation sickness. Another study shows that the food supply in the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean, and much of the East Pacific is nearly devoid of life, and as many as 23,000 marine organisms and 4,500 land organisms have become extinct. We warn of a famine besetting Europe, Russia, and East Asia. In our underground bunkers, we put underground farms. In the underground farms, there are temperature controllers, artificial sunlight, and the farms are 25 miles wide and 30 miles long. We build 195 of them, ensuring that the population of Russia gets enough food to eat and we can export the rest of it to Europe and East Asia. We demobilize the military and continue rebuilding work in St. Petersburg and start rebuilding Moscow. The interim capital is moved to Putingrad, even though it is not finished yet.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We have completed the heat generators and send them to areas affected by te nuclear winter. We have programmed them to keep the temperature at pre war levels. Construction begins on the colossal underground city with support from India and Pakistan. We announce that we are working on a genetic resurrection project, which will restore species lost to the fallout, and possibly prevent the collapse of ecology in the Mediterranean. We start building more hospitals along our border with China for the Chinese injured during the war. Vertical farms are being built in cities, in preparation for the famine and also as some greenery to the cities as we have eliminated pollutants from the air. We also ask for a reformed Eurasian Nations Association, an Eurasian EU, and invite Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Japan and South Korea to join. (Response Needed)
    • Flag of RussiaRussia: We join the genetic resurrection project and also establish the Eurasian Union, an economic union similar to the EU. The currency of the Eurasian Union will be the Eurasian Dollar, pegged to the Euro at one Euro = 1.1715 Eurasian Dollars and one E$= 0.8536 Euros.
    • China: We accept.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We graduated to a developed country six years ago and now we are starting to make some technological advances. We ask Malaysia if they could help out because we don't yet have the right technology to build better cities and vertical farms, etc. (Malaysian Response Needed).
    • Malaysian Diplomacy: We accept to assist them with the technology, but in return also ask them for support in our genetic resurrection project, as we lost a lot of species.


  • Flag of Russia Russia: We start creating spacecraft capable of landing on Mars. We also manufacture a lot of wide-range thermostats to terraform Mars by programming the wide-range thermostats to 25 degrees Celsius to turn the entire Mars inhabitable (it would need about three million wide-range thermostats to terraform the entire Mars) and pumping oxygen into Mars's atmosphere. We are colonizing Mars because a survey by a stranded rover on the planet shows it has large reserves of iron, coal and oil. The coal and oil has been dated back to 3.5-2.1 billion years ago, showing life existed on planet Mars a long time ago. The abundant reserves will be profitable on Earth, and hopefully boost our GDP by quite a bit.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: Giovanni di Caprio (Peace NOW!) has been elected as Prime Minster with 31% of the vote. She has had to form a coalition with Valentina Accardi (PoSD) in the Senate. With the air more or less clean now, di Caprio closes all bunkers, and immediately puts all taxes up to 65%. All cities should be inhabited and rebuilt by 12 years she reveals. Citizens who lived in villages and towns have been able to move back into their homes, but everyone has been working together to build a provisional city called New Rome which will easily be demolished by the time all the other cities are habitable again. The houses and buildings are made with prefab materials so it is cheap. di Caprio is happy to announce that airports and ports are open again, hotels are operational and the economy should start to stabilize by 2050 once everything is normal again. 'Italy is open for business again!' she exclaims. She has also signed a document which cannot be overruled, which makes Italy a pacifist country until at least 2060.
  • Flag of TaiwanRepublic of China: we halt all military production and demilitarize. With the destruction of almost every Chinese major city, Taipei will be the new temporary capital for the time being. We officially disclose that the nukes in Europe were in fact a false flag operation carried out by the imperialist government and we apologize to the world for starting World War 3. We plan on holding a referendum in Chinese Africa next year. It will likely require the assistance of other countries to assist us in the rebuilding efforts
    • Indian Diplomacy: We answer the call for assistance by our former enemy and using our massive economy, decide to allocate some our our funding into rebuilding cities across Mainland China. Cleanup Personnel and Drones are sent in to help clear radiation. Sinophobia has been dying in India since the war ended.
    • Malaysia Diplomacy: We have already built hospitals along our border which offer discounts for people affected by radiation, and we also send some architects and engineers there.
    • French Emergency Diplomatic Center for Communications: General Marais announces that 5,700 French aid workers, and 7,800 military soldiers will be flown to China in the help to rebuild the country.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We start developing technology to colonise the atmosphere of Venus, which we should be able to do by 2055. It is long shot, but we don't want to be on Mars or the Moon when a war breaks out.
    • Malaysia Diplomacy: We ask to assist Brazil in this.
  • Flag of India India: Living conditions have been returning to normal since the end of 2037 with the main problem being the developing Nuclear Winter. Our resources have still not been used up and we have been conducting them to building giant conditional heaters to combat the oncoming Nuclear Winter. The completed sub-orbital aerial vehicle has so far conducted tests in space with a giant electro-magnetic used to clear up the the space rubbish orbiting the Earth. Since Nepal has many resources, potential surplus of of Agriculture and a close relationship with Nepal (having Indian politicians and Military Officials), we request for Nepal to merge with us, promising to build and develop the regions of Nepal. (Mod Response Needed) Due to the other planets being raced to by the other global powers it is decided we will take advantage of Saturn's resources by colonizing Titan, the second most colonisable moon in the Solar System. Our Space Program and Iron Bird Aerospace Agency have been committed to undertake, for the former, three quarters of its resources and for the latter, half of its resources to make this possible.
    • Malaysia Diplomacy: We ask to assist India in this endeavor, and offer to let them use the Arago crater as a launch pad.
    • Mod Response: Nepal accepts the merger, but asks India to respect their culture and history.
    • Indian Diplomacy: We offer to respect Nepal's culture and history and one of our first actions will be able to scan Nepal's still-standing historical structures as to preserve a 3-D model for rebuilding and preserving in the future. We decide to use the Arago crater as a lunch pad. A new type of rocket is being built for this endeavour.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We announce that we will begin working on colonizing and possibly terraforming Mars, as India and Brazil are setting their sights on bigger projects. Our scientists have suggested using lots of factories to cause a controllable greenhouse effect on Mars, and the ice will melt due to heat and refill the basins. We ask India and Brazil to attend an International Spaceflight Conference to discuss the future of space colonization and expansion.(Responses Needed) We have acquired about 34% of the genetic makeups of the animals that went extinct in the wake of the nuclear winter. Our vertical farms are complete and we plan on building more. We begin mining for resources on the Moon, which will generate resources for the nation and trade.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We accept to attend Malaysia's meeting and we accept their proposal to help us develop the tech and colonise Venus. With the help of Malaysia, we start building basic Vertical Farms.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We report that refugees that enter our country is increased, about 24,000,000 French and Italian immigrants has entered our territory, so we start build more immigrants's residential. However, we start relocate our citizens to South because Northern area, especially Basque, began affected by radiation. Radiation also start spreading from Italy. So, we start clean the radiation before it reach Madrid. We will hold general election in this year on December.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: All civilian planes that were seized and turned into air force planes have been converted back and given back to the respective airlines. All cruise liners seized have also been returned to their rightful owners. The tourist areas have been cleaned up first and the first package holidays are set to start in 2040 again. We ask the IOC to continue to hold the Olympics but it will be in 2042, the stadium and everything is still there (IOC/Mod Response Needed).
  • Flag of France France: People begin leaving the nuclear bunkers almost immediately after the news of the Chinese surrender and begin cheering in the streets that World War III is over. Thankfully the Chinese didn't even have the chance to launch another nuclear warhead at the French homeland and Paris is the only city still affected by the bomb. Many people begin to return to their homes in all the towns and villages, and France begins to be filled with life once more. Even though World War III is over, Paris is still in ruins and re-construction resumes and foreign aid planes are once again welcomed into the French airspace. General Marais announces that refugees can return to France and attempt to go back to their normal lives, he thanks Italy and Spain for taking in a majority of the French refugees. All military planes and ships are immediately requested to return away from the Chinese mainland and back to the French homeland (other than aid planes and workers). Marais apologizes to the Republic of China for the destroyed land and many deaths and hopes that peace can return to this world. Marseille's preparations for the World War III Peace Summit are finished and world leaders involved in the conference are requested to fly to the Marseille Airport to attend the meeting (Summit Attendees responses). Security is extra high for the event, and in the days leading up to the event, military jets fly over the city in protection of the air space. (ALL PLAYERS READING, AND WHO ARE ATTENDING THE SUMMIT; PLEACE GO TO THIS PAGE: 2038 Marseille Peace Summit (Weight of the World))
    • Spanish Diplomacy: Prime Minister of Spain, Sergio Sanchez has taken a flight to Marseille, Sanchez is so happy after French citizens welcome our representation warmly. We ask France in this meeting we talked about the division occupation zones of Mexico because it has not been done and delayed due to World War 3. [France Response Needed] We also ask to increase our status from observer to main members (present).
    • Russian Dip: President Vladimir Putin will fly to Marseilles today to attend the Summit.
    • Flag of Italy Italy: Giovanna di Caprio is coming.
    • Indian Diplomacy: An Indian representative has taken a flight to Marseilles to attend the Peace Summit for improvement of relations.
    • Chinese Dip: Taiwanese president Tong Shaiming will attend the summit.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: Giovanna di Caprio announces that Italy is now called the Modern Republic of Italy. The people have crowned her the Founder of Modern Italy.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: Edmondo Cetta has been elected leader of the third largest party, Italian Pride. He has many controversial views, including support for the fascist government during the war.
  • Flag of ASEANASEAN: We change our name to ASEAN after the Marseille Peace Summit. We launch components for a colony and factory to Mars, while colonists will follow soon. The rocket that will send the colonists to Mars uses a prototype ramjet fusion engine, the one that we invented years ago. We will have a new election for a Prime Minister, as the current PM is old. The candidates are( Mod Response Needed):
    • Muhammad Bin Rafi: Indonesian, Homeland ASEAN Party, promises to fully colonize the Moon and some of Mars by 2045, and improve the economy and infrastructure by upgrading ports and roads.
    • Ong Ming Kai: Singaporean, Prosperous ASEAN Party, promises to make ASEAN the first spacefaring nation, and improve economy and unity among the population. He also promises a "small salary for living peacefully", with taxes funding scientific projects.
    • Johann Nyugen: Vietnamese, Militaristic ASEAN Party, promises to "let Vietnam go" and actively participate in the next wars and improve the economy.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We abandon our idea to colonise Venus, instead we focus on building an O'Neill Cylinder, which would start being built in 2071, and be able to lift off to orbit a planet by 2086, with our current technology. Although we are gaining significant advances in tech, so the date could be brought forward.
    • ASEAN Dip: We will gladly take over the Venusian terraforming and colonization project then. Support is given for the O'Neill Cylinder in the form of great scientists and 1.4 billion USD.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: Sadly, President Vladimir Putin has passed away at the age of 86. Elections are to be followed, the candidates are: Daniil Gorbachev (Mother Russia Party), General Igor Gorbachev's younger brother. He promises to make Russia great not in land, but in technology.

Joseph Volodymyr (Pacifist Russia Party), Promises to rebuild Moscow and St.Petersburg in ten years, and not engage in any wars ever.

Vladimir Grozyman (Make Russia Great Again Party), very controversial, promises to deport any Chinese immigrants, also says he will break away from NATO and try to make Russia expand.

The current percentages are:

Daniil Gorbachev: 35%

Joseph Volodymyr: 33%

Vladimir Grozyman: 14%

Abstain: 18%

Who will win? (Mod Response Needed)

    • Mod Response: The election is own by Daniil Gorbachev of the Mother Russia Party by a vote of 35% of the population, followed by Joseph Volodymry of the Pacifist Russia Party with 31% of the population's votes and Vladimir Grozyman of the Make Russia Great Again Party by 25%. 9% of the population's votes were abstained.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: The current prime minister Sergio Sanchéz announced that he would not run again in the next election, so the People's Party (Partido Popular) held an election to select the next leader. The result is Araujo Meratia elected as the leader of People's Party. If the party wins the election, he will strengthen Spain's economy, build a better relationship with another countries, and build a renewable technology. He also promised to strengthen Spain's military.

Another candidates are:

    • Andreas Sosa - from Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (Partido Socialista Obrero Español), promised to strengthen Spain's economy. But he focuses on defense, he will upgrade Spain's military technology, and make the great defense.
    • Paulina Ritiera - from United We Can (Unidos Podemos), she promised to build a better relationship with another nations. She also wants to make some giant project with another countries. She promised Spain won't engage at war again.
    • Carlos de la Mata - from Unitarian Candidacy of Workers (Candidaturia Unitaria de Trabajadores), he will change the ideology of Spain to Communist. He promised to give poor citizens a better live, especially for Workers. When the war breaks out, he gave the support for People's Republic of China. However, he will still make Spain has good relationship with Western World, and he also support for peace.
    • Fernando Gonzalez - from Action for Victorious Party (Partido Acción Para la Victoria), he is ultranationalism and always make a controversy statement. He promise to continue the war and strengthen Spain's military.
  • The election will be held on December. [Mod Response Needed].
  • Flag of India India: Development in Nepal commences,with Operation: Bengal Tiger, intending to develop the now-Indian region to match the higher standards of the rest of India. It will be an industrialization and information project that will start up with linking Nepal to our power grid, as well as build wind farms in the Himalayas. Meanwhile, development on an Aneutronic Fusion Engine begins... Meanwhile, the world's first supercomputer laptop has returned from the peace summit to participate in India's Titan Colonization Program.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: All rubble in St.Petersburg and Moscow has been cleared, and the actual rebuilding has been 10% finished. We send 15 robots to Mars to prepare for the Martian colony arriving in about 2040. Also, we begin developing Siberia and we also give all Chinese refugees who have decided to remain in Russia immediate citizenship, increasing our population by 125 million to 228 million. The reason we are developing land and building more towns and cities in Siberia, especially the areas near China, is because the Chinese immigrants can live near their homeland and also if their families and friends want to visit them, they don't have to take a long flight. We ask the ROC if we can station wind blowers on their land to blow the radiation and sarin gas in China to the Arctic Ocean. Also, we have found out that Vladimir Grozyman, the Make Russia Great Again party leader, is planning to run again, and has added that he will re-open the gulag camps and send all Chinese in Russia there. This sows great discontent in the entire population of Russia apart from his followers, the last remnants of Sinophobia in Russia. A Chinese immigrant, Lim Shi Huang, assassinated Vladimir Grozyman today at his home in Nizhniy Novgorod by putting a bomb under his house. We are concerned about the rampant assassination of Russian leaders. Also, murder and suicide rates have spiked to 85 per 1000 and 91 per 1000 respectively. President Gorbachev is highly concerned about his peoples' sanity.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: Giovanna di Caprio is advising against all but necessary travel to Russia because of the murder rates. She is advising that all Italian citizens come back to Italy and we will put them up in affordable housing.
  • Russia: We have found out why murder and suicide rates are skyrocketing. The Gorbachev and Volodymyr supporters are murdering the Grozyman supporters, and vice versa. President Gorbachev is concerned that this situation will lead to civil war, and enacts measures to prevent this from happening. He says to the people "Why are you fighting with each other? We shouldn't quarrel over stupid stuff like Grozyman or anything, we should be united as one nation. You Grozyman supporters, he's dead, and I can't do anything about it. Can we please stop this insanity? In this time of recovery, you should be working together, despite your differences. Do you know how wars are caused? When people refuse to work together. The last war was extremely devastating, and you want another war while we are still recovering? A warmongering fool is of no benefit to the world community,". A 9 PM curfew is put in place in Nizhniy Novgorod, Grozyman's hometown. We tell the world community that the rest of Russia is fine, just don't travel to the Moscow and Nizniy Novgorod regions. We have evidence to prove this.
  • Flag of ASEANASEAN: We send the first few Martian colonists to Mars using a basic ramjet fusion powered rocket from the launch pad constructed in the Arago crater. A colony has been established at the base of the northern face of Mons Olympus, named Kuala Merah. We ask India whether we can combine ASEAN's ramjet fusion technology with their aneutronic fusion engine and also if we can send some colonists along to Titan.(Indian Response Needed) We ask Russia to use our radiation vacuums instead of blowing radiation into the Artic where it will affect the ecosystem there. We also ask them for a joint space program as Russia is planing to colonize Mars as well.(Russian Response Needed) The genetic resurrection project is now 69% complete. Soon we will release 10,000 fully grown species into the Mediterranean for repopulation. We also plan to construct a launch pad on Mons Olympus for trade with the upcoming Titan base and for the colonization of Europa, which will commence in 2045 at the latest.
    • Flag of RussiaRussian Response: We agree to a joint space program, and we set up a colony near Valles Marineris on Mars, called Sankt Putingrad (not to be confused with Putingrad in Crimea, the interim capital of Russia). We develop a warp propellor system on our rockets, making it travel at 56% the speed of light, which means that the colonists should reach Mars in six days once they are launched. We tell ASEAN that it's OK, we already contained the radiation at a region 50 miles from the North Pole and evacuated all the animals in that small zone to the shores of Siberia, but we still want the radiation collector to wipe it off the planet. Also, we are genetically engineering many crops, including wheat, corn and rice to withstand subzero temperatures, so wheat and corn can be grown in Siberia, while rice can be grown in European Russia. We also zone off an entire area on Mars 70 miles wide and 220 miles long for a huge rainforest. The thermostats there are set to 32 degrees Celsius, around the average temperature of the Amazon. We also make it really humid there.
    • Indian Diplomacy: Due to people in India (including the government) having warm relations with ASEAN, we decide to allow them access to our Aneutronic Fusion Technology, including the latest and best prototype of the world's first Aneutronic Fusion Engine, able to go at over 50% the speed of light and could reach Jupiter in a few months. We remind ASEAN that the technology in its current state still has a noticeable degree of instability and unpredictability.
    • Indian Diplomacy: Sadly, relations will have to improve further in order for ASEAN to get a colony on Titan.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We develop better technology so the O'Neill Cylinder should be ready by 2050 and can start construction in 2042. A meeting takes place in Cidade Futurista, and leaders decide that the first O'Neill Cylinder will orbit Uranus, since Malaysia is helping us with technology it should be easy to get there by 2055. It was also decided at the meeting that its climate shall resemble that of The Alps in Europe.
  • Russia: Our subzero genetic engineering is complete, and we begin building vast plantations across Russia and planting wheat, corn, potatoes and rice in those plantations. We do this because "We have lost a breadbasket when China got destroyed, now we need a new one, and it will be us". The technological reshapement of Russia is underway, and since Moscow and St Petersburg has been leveled to the ground, we can rebuild it to incorporate the latest technology, including holograms and other cool stuff that the older generations can remember as being seen only in science fiction.
  • Flag of TaiwanRepublic of China: We are rebuilding our cities with international assistance. Our tank factories are being demolished to help rebuild the infrastructure of our largest cities. Our military has been drastically reduced in size.


The world is now a different and changed place for the better. After the 2038 Marseille Peace Summit and World War Three had ended the world had come together to help rebuild the places that were destroyed. Many countries now put their focus on space travel and rebuilding their nations and destroyed cities.

  • Mod Event: To the players that were not involved into the Peace Summit or just did not read them here is some major changes to this world. China's Communist Party is dismantled and will not be allowed in China indefinitely, Tibet will cede to India, Xinjiang will cede to Russia, Inner Mongolia and Outer Mongolia are united as one nation, the Chinese Constitution is re-written and will be a democratic nation like the United States, the people will elect the members of the congress and the President, an anti-Communist propaganda campaign will begin in China, the Republic of China will take over the Chinese Government and the rules will still apply to them, all nations involved in the war will stay democratic, countries will recognize and begin clean-up of the environmental pollution, and most importantly nuclear weapons will be banned.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: Giovanna di Caprio officially opens Milan, only the centre was heavily damaged, but we have quickly rebuilt to the utmost of accuracy we could achieve. She also officially opens the outskirts of Rome, ready for habitation again. By 2040, Naples and Turin will be ready to be fully populated again. The plan of originally 12 years to rebuild has been decreased to eight thanks to the massive tax revenue.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: The rebuilding of St Petersburg is nearly complete, since that was an airburst and only about half the city was destroyed, but the rebuilding of Moscow is only a quarter complete, since it was a ground burst. We are preparing to send 50 people to the Sankt Putingrad colony on Mars later this year, as well as making innovations that will help society. President Gorbachev passes a law changing a term from five to four years, and also preventing a president to be able to run for more than three terms.
  • Flag of TaiwanChina: We have rebuilt enough of Beijing to relocate our capital from Taipei. We are also in the process of rebuilding other major cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou. We will hold one referendum each for Nigeria, South Niger, and South Chad asking whether they wish to stay part of Chinese Africa or become independent [mod response needed].
    • Mod Response: The referendums take place and here are the following approval: for the independence of Nigeria is 127,438,299 vote YES, 550,365,438 vote No; Nigeria will gain their independence. For the independence of Southern Niger is 850,436,499 vote YES, and 6,489,456 vote No; Southern Niger will gain their independence. For the independence of Southern Chad is 6,500,438 vote YES, and 2,399,487 vote No; Southern Chad will gain their independence.
  • Flag of India India: Progress on the improvement of Nepal continues as blackouts in Nepal start decreasing. We also start constructing a laser-optics Internet Service that will extend from the bottom of Tamil Nadu all the way to the mountainous regions of Nepal. Peacekeepers and Police Drones are sent to Nepal to control the massive amounts of crime there. The national education system starts to enter Nepal to educate the people up to the standards of the rest of India. Meanwhile, research into the Aneutronic Fusion technology is almost finished and will be ready by 2041. We hold a referendum on whether or not Tibet will chose to stay as part of India. (Mod Response NEEDED)
    • Mod Response: Millions of people of Tibet come out to the polls and here are the results: 3,100,439 vote NO, and 79,438 vote Yes; Tibet will gain their independence. The newly elected 17th Dalai Lama personally thanks the Indian Government for the opportunity for them to gain their independence after many years of captivity under the Communist rule.
  • Flag of France France: With the end of World War Three, General Regis Marais steps out in front of the palace in Bordeaux and makes a very surprising announcement. He adjusts the microphone and says, "I am announcing that my team and I are beginning to re-wright the constitution for the Sixth French Republic and as soon as it is ratified we will begin to start the process of elections once more." The announcement brings much joy to the people of France who are tired of the strict laws of martial law, and begin celebrating both the end of World War Three and the writing of the new constitution; almost a million people flock to Bordeaux and wave French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Indian, and Brazilian flags cheering for hours on end; a poll is taken and all representative of those countries during the conference and it seem that they all have an approval rating is above 85%, and is personally sent to those leaders. General Marais is truthful in his announcement, so he and his team of his trusted advisers and begin writing the new constitution for the Sixth French Republic; they are expected to be finished by the end of this year. Posters begin appearing all around France that show Marais' picture and say under them, "General Marais for President!" General Marais has not made any personal comment on weather if the Sixth French Republic is formed, if he will run for president. A poll is taken around France on weather General Marais should run for president (MOD RESPONSE). Reconstruction on Paris is running very smoothly and very fast. Teams of hard working French people, both male and female between all ages have been welcomed into the city and helped rebuild the city. The complete center of the city is almost completely cleared and construction is beginning on the new Parliamentary building, Presidential residence, and a memorial for where the Eiffel Tower once stood. Rumor's are beginning to spread that a new Eiffel Tower is going to be built, but no officials have officially commented. City-planners announce that since the entire Île-de-France area was destroyed after the nuclear blast, it will all be merged into one city that will take up 4,638 square miles in area (12,012 km2), it will be the biggest city in the entire world.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We held the general election. (For more information about election, see my post in 2038.) [Mod Response Needed for result]. Prime Minister Sergio Sanchez, in his last period, he made some program, like upgrade military by recruit more troops, add and upgrade military equipment, and build one military industrial in Galicia; upgrade economy by increase our export activity and its production, upgrade infrastructure, etc.; and make a better relationship with another countries. Spain now clean from radiation, and we start give some financial aid to France and Italy to rebuild their cities. King Felipe asks Germany to visit them to strengthen our relation. [Mod Response Needed].
    • Italian Diplomacy: We thankfully accept your donation. Tax rates have now decreased from 60% to 56%.
    • Mod Response: Araujo Meratia of the People's Party wins an overwhelming 11,439,489 votes in the general election, with also winning 22 more seats in the Spanish Congress of Deputies.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: After being left in the shadows for years, we finally ask All UN members if we can set up a peace meeting about how Abkazia, South Ossetia, Western Sahara and any other state wanting to achieve independence, We want them to. Millions of Brazilians gather on the streets yelling "NO MORE WAR!!!, NO MORE WAR!!!", so we want all these states to have independence, so there are no wars, a peaceful Earth (Mod Response Needed). We have decided that the O'Neill Sphere must be before to 2060 completion date, because our leaders recently confirmed an asteroid bigger that the one that killed the dinosaurs, is headed straight for Earth, in 2059 or 2060. (Secret except EU, Russia, China and India) Our Scientists also want to go into secret talks with China, Russia, India and the EU, after being forgot about for years, the supposed claims of a ninth planet (2014-2025) Our scientist say there are 12 planets in the Solar System, but we need the EU, China and Russia's help & technology to find them (Player Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: The United Nations decides that a vote will need to take place by Security Council Members next year to decide for the peace talks.
    • Russia: We know quite a bit about tipping asteroids, we just have to explode about 1000 tons of TNT at the part of it farthest away from the Sun, that will cause it to miss Earth by about 500,000 miles and burn up in the Sun. We immediately launch our rocket to land on it, explode the TNT, and go back to Earth on the mission to deflect the asteroid. We keep this a secret from the public because we do not want them to panic about human society getting destroyed by the asteroid.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: The main area of St.Petersburg is rebuilt, and there have been rumors that St Petersburg will be expanded to link up with the major cities of Novgorod and Pskov. In the meantime, Putingrad is also nearly finished and will span all of the Crimea, and it will continue being Russia's capital. Moscow will link up with other cities in the area. Together, those three mega cities are expected to house up to 80 million people each,so the entire population of Russia could be stored in these cities if need be. The Gorbachev family has been regarded as one of the most influential families in the entire world, and we have received great news that Former President Vladmir Putin, General Igor Gorbachev, and President Daniel Gorbachev have all earned the Nobel Peace Prize of 2039. The Kremlin will be rebuilt in Putingrad, and it will be the most futuristic building in Russia. Air Russia has replaced all planes with supersonic ones, allowing travel from Putingrad to Bordeaux in 80 minutes, Putingrad to Dubai in two hours, and Putingrad to San Francisco in five hours. We launch our 50 colonists to Sankt Putingrad on Mars, and we finish terraforming our area of Mars so our patch of Mars looks green compared to the red of other parts. Most cities are now using 100% renewable energy, and we have managed to control the murder rates so Russia is safe for travel again. We also start making the Putingrad Tower, which will be 1,992 meters tall (the 1,992 meters is a reference to the date of the fall of the Soviet Union and the installment of the Russian Republic). Siberia is now lush farmland, even though it is still white in the winter, and paddie fields now surround Southern Russian cities like Putingrad, Volgograd and Astrakhan. Russia now exports food to the majority of Asia, and we start a program to eradicate world hunger. The nuclear winter has successfully been pushed back, and Russia is currently enjoying peace and prosperity. Older folks across Russia have been saying that life has never been better, as standards of life in Russia start to exceed the US.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: The new city, Cidade Futurista, has not worked out as we planne, due to its location most likely. We now have two official capitals, São Paulo and Harbin. Harbin is the biggest city in Brazil, harboring 44,664,880 people as of this year. This is most likely due to Radiation levels in China, so many people went North to shelter. We are continuing to struggle with our population, because of migration, we have reached an estimated 680 million people, so now, in the large cities, we are starting to adopt Capsule homes, like in Japan, although these are permanent living spaces.
  • Flag of ASEANASEAN: We welcome Russia to Mars with a visit to their colony bearing gifts of Martian grown crops. Kuala Merah has expanded to cover the entire base of Mons Olympus, and we now claim Mons Olympus as Malaysian territory. Three lunar colonies are now established in the Ritter and Sabrine craters, as well as another in the Sea of Tranquility. We also start sending colony components into low orbit around Venus in preparation for a new colony type: the cloud city colony. The cloud city colony will be completed in 2042 latest. We also hold a great funeral for the recently deceased Najib Tun Razak and announce that the first Venusian colony will be named after him. Ong Ming Kai wins the election by 38% of the population votes, followed by Muhammad bin Rafi by 32% and Johann Nyugen by 28% with 2% abstain. (Secret to those except Brazil, Russia, EU, China and India) We have received information about Russia's asteroid detonation. We discover our satellites are picking up a barrage of asteroids coming towards Earth due to a suspected collision in the Kuiper belt. We send a probe to identify the source and to understand the threat. We warn everyone that these asteroids will not only end all life on Earth, but a significant chunk of Earth will be blasted off, given current trajectory, as well as showering Mars with other asteroids as well. Titan should be unaffected due to Saturn's gravity, which should act as a vacuum.(End Secret)
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: We tell the world not to worry, we got this all sorted out, the probe is already here and will detonate the TNT to make the asteroids tip and burn up in the Sun. We attach TV and Internet cables on Sankt Putingrad, our 50 colonists report good times, and we have 100 colonists lined up for launch next month. We begin setting up New Moscow, our second Martian colony, on Elysium Mons, and once the seas are ready, it will become an island. We are planning the Hawaii of Mars here, so we make the climate like Hawaii.
  • Flag of France France: General Regis Marais and his team of special advisers and writers publish a proposed constitution to all news outlets in France and to a majority of French people and see if they agree to the new constitution. The proposed constitution is somewhat similar to the one that the Fifth French Republic had, with only a few minor changes like banning the Communist Party and any other that states that they will cause civil unrest, and that nuclear weapons are banned from being built as long as the Sixth French Republic stands, etc. General Marais asks for a public opinion poll on how well revived the poll is (Mod Response), and if the people like it a referendum will take place and the people will vote on weather to use the proposed the constitution or not. Our satellites begin picking up detonations from space. General Marais makes a special announcement saying when the Sixth French Republic is formed, 15 men and women will be launched into space to colonize the planet Mars; and when one reporter asks why it was kept secret all these years he says that, "We were distracted with World War Three, so I like to think of this as a nice surprise."
    • The public receives the poll well.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We keep moving the completion date of the O'Neill Cylinder closer and closer. It should finish construction in 2041. We make them much larger than the original concept, making it 250 km long and 50 km in diameter, it will be the largest spaceship to ever launch. It will be the first Starship ever, although won't be able to travel different solar systems until say, 2100???. We finally name the O'Neill Cylinder, it is called "Traveler of the Stars". It will be able to house (In Capsule houses) 70 million people.
  • Flag of India Bharat: We congratulate Tibet on their independence and guarantee their independence in case of any future invaders. We rename ourselves to Bharat as Nepal starts catching up with the rest of the regions of India. Clean-up operations of rubbish in Nepal begins as Green Fusion Atomizer Rubbish Incinerators are constructed to amount for the massive amounts of garbage in Nepal. The new internet national system in India can reach up to speeds of several gigabytes per second and are one of the fastest in the world. Bangalore has since become the new Silicon Valley of the world, one of the brightest urban areas in the world, as well as a major area of Cybernetics development. Meanwhile, an unmanned prototype Aneutronic Fusion Engine spacecraft is tested for its acceleration range by being examined on its course to Jupiter. We hold a referendum on weather or not ASEAN will get a colony on Titan (Mod Response NEEDED).
    • Mod Response: The vote is YES with the backing of 76% of the population and NO with 23% of the population, with 1% abstain.
  • Flag of ASEANASEAN: We begin terraforming work near Mons Olympus, specifically in the Amazonis Planitia, the Amazon Plains, which will be terraformed to a Mediterranean climate, and the Martian ice is beginning to melt. We begin upgrading infrastructure and technology, and we plan to make ASEAN the pinnacle of technology in Asia other than India.
  • Russia: We begin putting desert irrigation systems in Xinjiang (now renamed East Turkestan Oblast) so that they can get their own food without having to get it from the rest of Russia, so we can export more food and end world hunger. We have detonated the TNT and the asteroids have changed their orbit so they are going to be sucked in by Jupiter and become Jupiter's new moons. We have a 70 gigabyte per second internet service across the entirety of Russia.
  • Flag of TaiwanChina: We have completely rebuilt beijing. Where the forbidden city and tiannmen suqare once stood, there is a memorial underway to list all of the victims of the Beijing bombing. We have also built skyscrapers in the Pudong area of Shanghai but they aren't as tall as the Shanghai towar or the WFC. We would like to form a joint space program with other countries such as ASEAN, Japan, and Korea [malaysia and mod responses needed].
    • Flag of ASEANASEAN Response: We accept the offer.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We change the biome for the Traveller of the Stars to A rainforest type biome, imitating to Russia's biome on the moon. Instead of it orbiting a single planet, it will be able to fly freely.
  • Chile: We launch an all-out assault on Sucre. (Mod response needed)
    • ​Mod Response: Although the Chilean military out numbers the Bolivian military, they focus their Towered Artillery (that Chile doesn't have) as an defensive strike against the incoming Chilean military forces. Although the artillery is able to hit some targets, it takes five minutes each to reload, and in that time uses most of their attack aircraft to bomb artillery locations and other military personnel. Chilean military forces are able to break through Bolivian defensive forces in some areas surrounding Sucre, but are quickly met with more man power. Bolivian military forces are quickly transported from the north to the surrounding Sucre area. This will take time, but it looks like Chile might win the battle for Sucre.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We decide the first animals to live in the Traveller of the Stars will be the following: Asian Elephant, Indian Rhinoceros, Blackbuck, Asian Black Bears and Dholes.
  • Russia: We ask Brazil for a joint space program (Brazil Response Needed)
  • Brazil: We accept the joint space program proposal and ask Russia if they would like to build an O'Neill Sphere as well (Russia Response Needed). We also tell Russia that we are willing to let their citizens go on the Traveller of the Stars if they want them to Russia Response Needed). We ask the World for suggestions on what other animals should inhabit the Traveller of the Stars, remember it is a rainforest biome (Responses Needed).
    • Flag of ASEANASEAN: We suggest the Hornbill, Mousedeer and the Tapir as we would like to put a little bit of ASEAN in space.
    • 'France Emergency Diplomatic Center for Communications':  Zoo's across France suggest the Dormice, European Beaver, Pine marten, and the Red Deer.
  • Flag of ASEANASEAN: We have finalized the design and concept for the Venusian colony. We begin construction of the components. Mons Olympus is now surrounded by Martian water as we increase the temperature there to 11 degrees Celsius. We start building components for another Martian colony, which will be located on Arsia Mons. We plan to develop a high speed railway for interaction and communication on Mars. We develop a string of satellites between Mars and Earth for communication, which is now in testing stage. We have great news on our ramjet fusion engine development, and we announce that the completion date is pulled forward to 2059 earliest. We begin commercially selling resources mined on the Moon, to increase the economy and trade with other countries.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: We accept ASEAN's proposal and we add the following species: Tapir, Mousedeer, Hornbill, poison dart frog, Cassowary, Tree Kangaroo, Capybara, Freshwater Bass, Blue & Flathead Catfish, Carpet Python, Pirahna, Lungfish, . (In hurry must add more later)


  • Flag of France France: General Marais is very pleased that the polls have shown that the new possible constitution is well revived among the French people. He announces that all French people will be taking a vote on weather the new constitution should be adopted (Mod Response, vote count). General Marais has announced that he and his team of advisers are planning out the new elections, political parties, term limits, parliament, etc... Rumor's are beginning to spread that Paris will not be the capital anymore, but instead Marseille where the Peace Summit for World War Three was held (Secret) Marseille will be the new capital (Secret). General Marais
    visits the construction site of the new super city around the old Paris area; he firstly visits and stays around the new memorial area in the center of the super city where the Eiffel Tower once stood; he places a bouquet of flowers on the memorial. The new super city is planned on being completed around either 2045 to 2050; as the old Paris area is planned to be completed by 2043. The old Paris city is about half completed with the rest about to be finished as previously stated around 2043, but the hardest part is incorporating the rest of the Île-de-France area since there is so much more area to cover and convert into a city. The new space program is just about finished, with the first manned mission to Mars with a crew of ten brave men and women later this year to land in the Hale Crater in the Southern area of the red planet. At a press conference that took place recently the astronauts that are planned to launch later this year stated, "We wish the best of luck to the other astronauts in other countries, and see you on Mars!"
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We ask France, Italy and other members of European Space Agency to space cooperation [France, Italy, and Mod Response Needed]. Araujo Meratia, in his first period as prime minister, only focuses on internal condition, and then we are interesting to join other players's projects. We have increased our economy and upgrading our infrastructure. We invite Scotland to join European Union. [Mod Response Needed].
    • Italian Diplomacy: We decline not wanting to waste money.
    • French Emergency Diplomatic Center for Communications: We would very much like to join the European Space Agency.
    • Mod Response: Scotland responds that they very much would like to join the European Union, as they hve been wanting to join it ever since 2016.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: The plan is going faster than expected, and 85% of the population are back in their old homes, with only 15% living in the prefab homes of New Rome. The homelessness rate is 0%, due to the now abundance of housing.
  • Flag of India Bharat: The rate of pollution and illiteracy in the former nation of Nepal has been decreasing due to the efforts of several projects to renovate the region and now efforts are being made to renovate the transportation network of Nepal including the addition of a national subway system. The color spectrum of the laser-optics internet in India has been gradually altered from red to purple, as to give a speed of several hundred gigabytes per second. The Unmanned Prototype Aneutronic Fusion Rocket, after 18 months of flight, has successfully passed beyond Jupiter several days early and now heads for Saturn, estimated to get there in another several months. Fresh-water has been delivered from Nepal and polluted water cleaned through Sewage Systems in order to reduce thirst conditions in the country of Bharat. Nepal, due to technologies such as vertical farm technology and Permaculture techniques have slowly built up Nepal to becoming a foo surplus region. However, robots will not be introduced to Nepal until the next decade as to prevent imitations of the Luddite movement forming around the region. ASEAN has now permission to send colonists to own 25% of Titan.
  • Flag of the United States.svg USA: We hold a new election in which John Martin wins. Under him, we have ended a 20 year long reprisal of the Monroe Doctrine started by Donald Trump. We condemn the actions of the chinese communist party and hope that the new chinese government acts in the best wishes of the people and that another war like this one does not happen again. While we were isolated, weed was taken off the Schedule-1 list and every state has legalized medical marijuana. New York was the 1st state to ban tobacco in 2023 followed by California a year later. Arizona is now a purple state, Florida is a blue state, and Iowa became a red state. However, that no longer matters because in 2030, enough states ratified the national popular vote to take a majority of electors. The states which signed the NPV promised to give all of their electors to the candidate who won the popular vote. This has significantly changed the game. Instead of campaigning in a select few swing states, candidates now had to campaign all over the country because every vote mattered. They spent most of their time in big cities because it was an effective way to reach as many people as possible but campaign ads were distributed pretty much evenly across the country.
  • Brazil Flag Brazil: (Secret) We ask Argentina to invade Uruguay and we ask them for an alliance + they should retake the Falkands from England, since they are in a weak position (Mod Response Needed). Enrico Santos is replaced by Isabelle Oliveira at the presidential elections. We ask Wales, Ireland and Scotland for an alliance (Mod Response Needed). We ask Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia if they would like to form the South American Union, it will be like the European Union (Mod/Player Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: (Secret) Argentina will begin their invasion of both Uruguay and the Falkand Islands next year and they will accept the alliance (Secret). Wales, Ireland, and Scotland accept an alliance. Peru, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina will join the South American Union; Bolivia gives no response as they are in a fierce war with Chile.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: We welcome the USA out of their isolation and assure them that Russia is not like what it was before , we also ask for a joint space program with them (USA Response Needed).
    • USA Dip: We agree to the proposal.
  • Flag of ASEANASEAN: We have released around 5700 kilograms of carbon dioxide into Mars' atmosphere to thicken it further. The heat generated by our factories keep the Martian colony at a steady temperature of 11 degrees Celsius. We construct a lunar railway, which connects all our lunar colonies. The genetic resurrection project is now complete, and we release the previously extinct species into the Mediterranean. We begin mining for resources on Mars, specifically at the base of Mons Olympus. Construction has begun on the Venusian colony, which is expected to be completed at 2043 now instead of 2045 due to technological advances.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We search for the closest living relative of the British Royalty, giving the result of a man that is a distant relative of the former Queen. We declare him as the head of state and he is taken to Canberra, where we have made replicas of the crown jewels. We also begin building a particle collider to find element 119. This should be finished in 2049. We ask to buy a ASEAN lunar colony for 16 trillion US dollars equivalent. (ASEAN Response Required)


  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: Our particle collider construction is going smoothly and we are now expecting it in 2048 instead of 2049. We begin building dams around Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, and Darwin to stop the flooding. We begin building a colony ship destined for the moon, in a small, unclaimed territory that we have now claimed. It is called Opal, after our main export. We begin building a new city on the coast, called New London, after London, the capital of the former British Empire.
  • Flag of India Bharat: We are pleased to announce that after some successful tests with the Aneutronic Fusion Powered Spacecraft a manned mission will be designated on the new year of 2042 to head to Titan.This journey will break several records and will solidly place Bharat as the most innovative nation on the planet. While this is going on, the light range of the laser optics internet system is currently blue an delivering speeds at over 100 GB/s. This year has so far been uneventful for Bharat.
  • Russia: Putingrad is almost complete, and also we have received information from Sankt Putingrad, the planet has been proved inhabitable, and actual life outside from the colonies has been documented. The only life on Mars outside from the colonies, however, is 78 species of prokaryotic bacterium native to Mars.
    • Australia: We ask to purchase a martian colony for 16,000,000,000,000 US dollars equivalent. [Russian Response Required]
  • Flag of ASEANASEAN: We tell Australia that they are welcome on all our colonies, and we decide to allocate a region for a future Australian lunar colony in the Sea of Tranquility, along with 1.4 billion USD equivalent for support. We have completed the latest prototype for the Ramjet Fusion Engine, and we announce that it will be used for the colonization of Europa in 2046 earliest. We ask for Russia's assistance in studying the prokaryotic bacteria that they found.( Russian Response Needed) We have established two other Martian colonies on Pavonis Mons and Ascraeus Mons. The temperature there is slowly warming up due to the pollution caused by our factories. We have our sights on colonizing the Proxima Centuari system, but that will not be possible until late into the 21st century.
  • Flag of the United States.svg USA: NASA would like to cooperate with ASEAN and possibly expand their mars colony in return [ASEAN response needed]
    • Flag of ASEANASEAN: We accept this offer, and declare our colonies ASEAN-US colonies.
    • Flag of ASEANASEAN: We tell Brazil that Europa was selected by ASEAN to be its colonial world first, but it can be shared.
  • Flag of ASEANNeo-Malacca: We link our Martian colonies on the Tharsis Montes mountain range with a high speed railway. We are proud to announce that we will be able to colonize Europa by 2042 thanks to technological advancements. We decide to create an artificial island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and ask India if they would like to participate.(Indian Response Required) We are contemplating a name change to suit our interplanetary status, and decide we will be renamed Neo-Malacca.
    • Indian Diplomacy:" We respectfully decline the offer, saying there is no gain out of constructing an artificial island in the Indian Ocean, and that there is an ongoing crop blight beginning to spread from the once-surplus food region of Nepal


Malaria reemerges in Nepal, Bharat. The Maldives become completely submerged in water, leading to a massive global refugee crisis.

  • Flag of Spain Spain: We continue building military and infrastructure. We also continue researching in space program. We plan to build underwater tunnel from Valencia to Ibiza (Balearic Islands), and Las Palmas (Canary Islands) to Casablanca (Morocco). We ask permission from Morocco for this [Mod Response Needed].
  • Flag of the United States.svg USA: NASA sets a lunar base on the moon and has completed a martian round trip. In probably another decade, we could visit the Galilean moons

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