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Hey everyone!

I’m sorry this took a little while - I wanted to create this space, so that we can address all of the issues that have been going on at the wiki. For those who don’t know, I’m ReverieCode, and I’m a Wiki Representative from Fandom assigned here, to help with things such as these.


I imagine most of you are already aware about what’s going on, but just to give some context in case it’s needed, some users have been voicing concerns about a block that happened in the past week - wiki admin Hydrozen blocked the user AlNeiman for a period of 3 months, indicating intimidating behaviour/harassment as the reason for the block. (To clarify - this block was later reduced to 1 month. There were other blocks to the same user before.)

As a result of the block, my understanding is that part of the community disagreed with the decision, and this has caused other bad situations around the wiki - arguments, insults, etc. Some concerns have been raised about the administration of the wiki being inactive while these things have happened. As a result, Fandom Staff was contacted, leading to the demotion of Hydrozen as admin.

Users have then come up with polls, with intentions to become new admins here, but I’ve observed that there is still some uncertainty, and ongoing conflicts/disagreements. It would be good to look at everything before going any further with this.

Note: I'd like to amend this with comments made by Hydrozen below, to offer his point of view as part of the whole context of what happened. Hydrozen mentions this:
"I was bombarded with messages and pings by people threatening to leave unless Al was unblocked completely, and that was before I had even addressed these posts in one of my own.
By the time it seemed necessary to write up an explanation from my perspective, several users had already slandered me across several posts, making my actions seem abusive when they were in line with the Future Wiki Guidelines.
I never blocked Lisaa236."

What's Next

To come up with a solution for all that’s going on, I’d like for the community to raise some of the main concerns in the comments below, so that others can address them. My intention is not to fully demote an admin and add a new one and leave it at that; I’d like to avoid us getting to this point in the future, and ensure people are happy to be here, and can just edit without worrying about things.

I understand that some of the people here aren’t really getting along right now, but I’d urge you to keep things reasonable and civil as much as you can for the sake of the wiki. You’re free to talk about anything you think is important, and needs consensus or some type of response. (Should the block be reduced, or removed? Could Hydrozen be reinstated? Do we need new admins, or maybe admins alongside Hydrozen?)

(As a note, I've also temporarily unblocked AlNeiman, so that the user has the opportunity to address their point of view as well.)

Feel free to talk below, and we can work together on whatever needs to happen. (And please, no arguments - if things take a turn for the worse in the comments, I will be forced to take action, even if it’s temporary.)

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