Okay, I know that we recently went over this sort of thing, but it seems necessary to go over again due to simply how many staff we have compared to the amount of total users.

Part of the problem with our latest drama, which I will not go into is that we had too many people with admin power so nobody could really take decisive action on literally anything. If everyone is an admin, then nobody is.

That is why I propose that we severely limit the amount of bureaucrats and administrators on the site. This would mean that several bureaucrats would have to give up their power, but I hope you all will just hear me out on this.


My hierarchy proposal would have a collective five individuals with Administration power, with three of those also having the power of bureaucrat. We could have x amount of rollbackers/content moderators depending on the time, but these positions would only be temporarily given out in times of drama/crisis.

Nominees for positions

Since I am proposing this idea, I find it imperative that I also list some potential appointments for these roles. They are as follows:

Non-Negotiable Bureaucrats

Any list of bureaucrats should include these two individuals for their longevity on the staff and their commitment to wiki betterment. They also remain fairly above the crowd and could pose an unbiased look into wiki issues.

Potential Other Staff

These individuals have also dedicated a large portion of time to the wiki, and I believe that any administration team should include some combination of these individuals.

Note: Despite his defense of [REDACTED] in [REDACTED], I would have included American2006 if not for his resignation from both the staff and the wiki as a whole.


We are definitely in a transitory period for the wiki as a whole, and it will be tough for a lot of us. Yet let us not forget the quote paramount to our wiki since it's founding.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Abraham Lincoln