Once upon a time there was a holy land of interesting map games and political scenarios.
Everybody enjoyed this place and it was a small but tight-knit community.
Enter Lonixdron, an innocent young boy who had not yet discovered loli.
A user named Fester tried to get him banned due to their retarded history, alas, this was not to be.
At this time, there was also some cunt called HusseinSonic. God bless him. He should’ve gotten admin when he demanded it.
At this time, the de facto head admin was named Aiothai. However another admin named Spacey was catching up to him in influence and controlled the Discord faction.
Other than a horrific moment when a user called Fester called for the systematic slaughter of all Japanese cartoon viewers, the Discord server was relatively harmonious in ridiculing Ben Shapiro’s son, named Alan.
He loved making 2020 election pages, and users noted this was a problem as they began to clog up the wiki.
Their response? Make more of them, of course.
But these were better. Unlike the satanic Trump re-election pages, pages predicting blue Utah replaced them.
Eventually, Spacey banned Lonix from the server for being underaged, despite this being common knowledge for the better part of a year.
Other than himself, Fester was literally the only user who was happy about this. Thus began the war to end all wars.
Fester was banned repeatedly by Beta, the user who hated him for calling for the execution of weeaboos and was salty over his ban being repealed. Just like every other attempt, it was repealed after a fake “truce” involving his ban was ignored.
This period saw the glorious promotion of EoGuy, a member of MENSA!!! to bureaucrat. For one brief moment, the wiki rejoiced.
Eventually Spacey was alone after Fester, who is more loyal than Italy, switched sides. A demotion thread was made on him, one yes vote was made and then Beta closed the vote and declared victory for the pro-Lonix squad. The wiki rejoiced.
Then Sansee came and said that it was very naughty for Beta to close the vote, so another was held and Spacey easily survived. Lonix stuck around.
Then there was a lull, mainly involving Aiothai trying to invade the Discord with the help of Alan, who tried to ban discussion of murder and ban the word rape.
Happy new year, it’s 2019 and YAPMS is a thing.
Basically it’s a mental asylum so it attracted the denizens of Future Wiki.
At some point, Fester returned after a long absence. Once again, the wiki rejoiced as the most handsome and highest iq user had returned.
Conservative warrior Alan had also turned into a BernieBro, and this was very bad. So everybody made fun of him. Still.
Tensions had been rising between Spacey, newly minted moderator Fester, and Aiothai who had escaped the civil war unscathed.
This came to a head when everybody was chatting shit about him in a Discord chat and he appeared there for the first time in forever.
But then, handsome high iq man Fester responded, calling him a retarded faggot with a pretentious attitude, ranting about how his bluetah opinions were stupid and how he wasn’t a dictator.
At some point, his hatred of the Irish came out and how he was pro child-abuse.
Fester then called him a spic. This enraged Aiothai Jalapeno, who was a Mexican supremacist. Fester was one of many suppressing Chicanos. This could not stand. He had to go.
Fester was banned. He was unbanned immediately. The wiki was tired of his random “compromises” he came up on his own, his sense of superiority blablabla who cares,
support was quickly canvassed to yeet Aiothai. However Aiothai quickly explained it all.
He was on crack. That’s why he was talking about beating children. Literally. Everybody understood, of course. So Aiothai remained.
That’s what happened in Aiothai’s mind. What actually happened was rather different.
Even Beta, an Aiothaite, supported his demotion. Along with Alan, who Aiothai thought he owned after supporting him when he was bullied.
Aiothai told Alan to his face that he was owned by him, and Alan began to waver.
However, in the end Alan was convinced that he was not in fact Aiothai’s slave. Aiothai committed Richard Nixon and resigned before he was impeached. He wrote a 40 line grovelling apology. It was met by “lol” and “ok bye”s across the community.
At this point the wiki was dying, filled with zombie fetish articles and countless 2020 predickshuns. YAPMS was consuming the Discord.
The interim of the next week involved Beta being banned after she became salty and wrecked the channels.
Why did this happen? Because we found her reddit account with active posts on trans and FNAF subreddits. In 2019.
She was played with for a while whilst the wiki was being raped.
Alan Augustson had ceremoniously been elected President thanks to a randomiser and the wiki was renamed to alan(not augustson)xtulsi. With Alan Augustson’s face being triumphantly displayed across the background.
Lonix was eventually banned, and this time there was no civil war. Everyone hated the cunt.
Eventually something happened (nobody actually knows) and Civil War 3, the second war after the ending of wars, began with people rioting for Beta’s unban.
Fester, being the man of conviction he was, was for Beta’s ban (he being the one to ban him) until he wasn’t. The anti-Spacey side begged Aiothai to come back and help. He came back and helped hatch a plan to dethrone Spacey.
Fester penned his second demotion page for Spacey, 9 months after his first one. This was his third demotion thread out of the three on the wiki, the other being Aiothai’s demotion thread, also being penned by Fester.
Although there were more neutrals than on Aiothai’s page, Spacey was demoted to admin for the heinous crimes of making fun of Fester and posting an instagram photo of a 15 year old near-nude. Aiothai cried at the sight of a child.
A final confrontation happened, with Spacey near suicide and Derpmaster screaming at Fester for singlehandedly causing his untimely death. Fester did not care.
Spacey survived the night and then Fester fucked off.
Aiothai stayed around for a while, trying to weasel his way back into power with staff elections that never happened.
Eventually, YAPMS cunts became the majority and the Discord server became nearly entirely 2020 Election orientated, even more so than before.
Now, the Discord is dying, and the wiki is dead. If you want weird zombie fetish articles, retarded FIFA spam, autistic Formula One predictions, and endless 2020 predictions with the strangest candidates and maps possible, Future is your place. Join today. This wiki needs your autism.