The last week has been eventful, to say the least. Throughout everything, I tried to do what I believed was right. Of course, my judgement isn't always the best. 

Therefore it is right for me to resign, effective immediately and leave Wikia entirely.

Future was my first wiki I joined, way back in July 2016. This pales in comparison to some other users, but even then the wiki was vastly different. There wasn't any drama, only people writing their scenarios and stories on the wiki. The website was a hub for publishing your thoughts on potential wars, not starting your own wars with others users.

In the end, as said before; I have done what I feel is right. Of course I have made mistakes, but I've always been one to confront big decisions, not duck them. When I thought that there was wrongdoing from anybody here; I would confront it. Some might say I am too trigger-happy. Maybe they're right. When I want something to be done, I will stop at nothing to make it happen. There are some users here that I will miss greatly. Others I feel I have wronged when in the end they were right. Others I think deserved everything they had coming to them. But in the end, as a result of the last week, I have destroyed most of the remaining bridges I have, and I'd be lying to myself if I thought I still had a place in this community, or saying it's an environment I want to be in.

In the end, I've been involved in much worse, such as the HHW drama; which with some users still continues today, almost two years after it began. That'll probably be what I remember about my stint here. But in the end, my journey ended where it started - at Future Wiki. It's time to drop the Fester label and move on. It's time I actually get a life. (:P). 

It's been a wild ride, and I thank you for the experience. I wish you all the very best, and I wish that this wiki only has continued success.