Hi, Hexarafi here. I will tell you about something. Yeah, it is story of my life on this wiki. I am inspired by blogs that created by two of my friends, Sailesh and Ryan.

General info

My name is Rafi Hexa Fauzan, I live in the city of Bandung. I am a 15 years old man, and I was born in city where I live on 24 June. Currently, I am a senior high school student at one of favorite public school in the city, SMA Negeri 5 Bandung. I am Muslim, and I am proud for it.I like mapping since I used Google Earth on computer, I like to draw map on a paper, but I can't do that with computer. I also like soccer very much, I like that since 2010 FIFA World Cup when my father brought me newspaper about World Cup and it was interesting.

Before joining wiki

I am from lower-middle-income family (No one cares about how much rich or poor I IRL). I was one of the smartest student in the kindergarden, elementary school, and junior high school. When I was in junior high school, I was bullied by my friends in the class, and I left absence for 2 weeks. The conflict was resolved and I befriended these bullies. 2015, the school decided to move my old classmates to other class, and I got new friends from other class, they are actually newcomers (who entered the school since semester 2). One of them brought me to this wiki.


I interested on war since I saw one of new classmates, Yudhistira, made an article about WWII. He explained anything to me about WWII, from tanks, generals, and nations. Then I though, "maybe there will be World War III." I then started to make scenario about World War III in my books, and I started to do research, I found articles about WWIII in this wiki. I enjoyed these articles.
I joined the wiki just hours after National Exam ends. Then I found Fate (Map Game), an active map game at that time. I then join the game with play as Turkey.

Then until now

When Fate ended, I join many other map games. I start to make friends here. After one month joined this wiki, I created this map game, Future of Nations (Map Game), surprisingly, this map game was success, but after these implausibility, the map game was closed.
Circa August–September 2016 (I forgot), my friends started to demand adminship. I was quite and didn't interest to be admin. But, then I proposed myseld to be admin, it was accepted by Ryan. After everyone gained right as admin, my friends though it was not enough and wanted to be bureaucrat, they proposed me to be bureaucrat when I felt enough and happy with this. Surprisingly, Aiothai appointed me as bureaucrat. I was very happy with this.
Now, I continue to contribute for Future Wiki, and as President of the USA, Donald Trump said in his campaign, I will make America Future Wiki great again.

Special thanks

Thank you for these people who keeps support me...

Thank you!