Hey guys. I'm back, just for a moment.

I'm still checking this wiki and I become a silent reader for a long time. Not really much happening to this wiki, only new users doing their things... I didn't open Discord for a long time until today, and I found several users are still active there, but not in the Wiki.

For this year, I may be a 'silent reader'. But still, since I've made little contributions this year, and no contributions for past 3 months, I'd say I'm an inactive user. Also, I'm hardly ever active in the Discord chat. I don't really think I'll be active again in the near future, although I may show up occassionally.

Yeah, there is no New Year Countdown this time. I just wanna wish that this wiki will be doing okay next year, or anything that best for all. No more of stupid dramas that involving any users's position in the wiki. Realistically, I don't think this wiki will be back to 2017 level. This current activity level is actually okay, and I hope it continues. I also wish all Future Wiki users the best.

Goodbye, 2019.

Hello, 2020.

Happy New Year!

- Rafi