Hello, I'm back. So as you know, I'm kinda inactive in the Wiki, and the main reason why is my school activities. This is my final high school year, and soon I'll be going to the university.

So, before you enter the college, there will be some selection. First phase is SNMPTN, a selection into the public/state university, based on your academic achievement in the school. You can enter this way if you are one of 40% best ranked in your school, and I'm one of them!

You choose a program within a public university with max. 2, then register. After registering, you may add your achievements during the high school time (if you have one), a scholarship for a student who comes from a lower-middle to low income family, and/or portofolio (if you chose art/design or sport program). After that, you can finalize!


But, well, I really have a problem with signing up for this selection. The main problem is: a cr*p server. As you can see on the above, whenever I try to log in, I always got that frickin' message, and so is other thousands of users. Yeah, I'm still experiencing this problem. But, we never give up.

Why can't they, the government or instutition which has responsibility on this, fund more for the server. FANDOM can be visited by thousands of users every day from around the world without any difficulties, I can play multiplayer in a Minecraft game in a server with hundreds to thousands of players without any difficulties, but why can't I go through this after many hours and hours struggling to just frickin' log-in? This is very needed for those students and me, to reach our dream, and helping the country with our skills. They keep wasting money on things that people don't need.

Please. Help me. I don't want to do the second phase, which is SBMPTN. You have to do an admission test (for max. twice), and the test will be so frickin hard!!!

Okay that was literally my thoughts and my current feelings right now which I want to tell to you guys. Pray for me guys, I want to pass this selection so I can spend more time here in this wiki.

Well if you guys are a college/university student or graduates, let me know how you enter the college, is it hard or not, have you experienced some technical difficulties like I do now, or anything else. Good luck to you guys and this wiki too.


--Hexarafi (talkcontribs)