The Second Renaissance

This timeline begins in January 2009, and catalogues the next century of human development during a new golden age.

Populist America

  • The Great Recession saw some of the greatest injustices by the richest 1 percent in American history; and the experience of that era influenced the vast majority of the nation's youth who had come to believe that freedom was not just there to safeguard people from government, freedom is the safeguard against all tyranny, social and economic.

Friedman Scenario

  • A timeline detailing the predictions by Dr. George Friedman of STRATFOR.

An Independent in 2000

This is a tribute to the fans of my timeline by the same name on Alternate History Wikia. This timeline fallows an alternate history with a point of divergence at 1963 when an infant is discovered in Mt. Rainier National Park, and eventually grows up to defeat both Governor George W. Bush and Vice President Gore in the 2000 election. This timeline continues three years after President Edwards leaves office.

Freedom on Mars

In 2010 Blue Origin revealed Project Jamestown, a private venture to begin the first martian colony of 100 civilian scientists, engineers, and geologists.

Homo Novus

In 2010 one of the first Gene Drugs under human trials results in a human with access to 78% of his brain, creating the greatest thinker of the last thousand years.


Asimov's Children

In 2015 the first MQ-47 entered service. This marked the first real shift to an unmanned military. By 2025 1/3 of US armed forces alone was robotic. The same year the machines rose up.

The Last Congressman

January 20th, 2017; During the 59th Inauguration day cerimony; Washington DC is struck by a low yield suitcase nuke; killing newly elected President Bill Richardson, and all but 1 member of the US Congress. What follows changes the course of human history and redefines the US position in the world.


Humanity engages in a war against an alien civilization that takes over nearly three fourths of the Earth.

Apocalypse Yours

On April 23rd, 2010 the first person died of a mutated version of the H1N1 Flue Virus. By June, hospitals were so crowded with the sick that tent cities were built to house all of the dying. By August, 50% of humanity had died due to Boar Flu. As hospitals shut down, literally being flooded with the dying and dead, a mere lack of sanitation escalated the crisis. By 2012, 90% of the world's population had died, the 10% left over being what was left of those who were immune to the plague. This is the scenario; the societies that develop in the aftermanth are for you to create. I will act as a moderator, and only ask that user's don't edit other user's pages, but simply post their complaints on the Talk pages in question.


These are just notes from a conversation I had regarding a map someone wanted me to do for a book, surebasically utah attempts to secedeactually wait, scratch thatduring the depression hoover gasses a hoovervillesouth begins to revolt againother factions begin to revolt including native tribes, SW, West coast, Mormon territoryHoover can't stand it and gasses large parts of each rebelling faction

ok I think that clears things up a bit, so basically if its west of the Mississippi its no longer part of the US?And I think you mentioned Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico go back to Mexico?yeah, and the south breaks off as wellNot all of it. Some does, some forms it's own faction

Ok, I think I can work with that.

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