I think I can predict future trends. So bare with me while I get started on this journey. My world will deal mostly with technology and politics.


The 21st Century:

In my scenario the human race advances faster than we mere humans can keep up with it. Almost all our dreams from science fiction technologies are created by the time we reach the year 2100. These technologies ranging from the Holodeck and Food replicators to AI Internet and immortality create new avenues for human beings to explore and more geopolitical challanges. 

In the latter half of the 21st century it is considered weird to be a pure human, because bionic implants make life so much better and easier. You can pop apps like pills, become invisible and see through and around walls. The biological currency system is the most advanced payment system on Earth. This gives rise to two new classes of Homo-sapien: Androids (humans with bionic implants) and AIs (smart Robots with human-like features). 


I also like writing about the future of Corporations. So far, I have written about different corporations that tie in together nicely with my timeline scenario. If you read my timeline you'll notice that there are mentions of other corporations, so I will update these when I can. 

The current crop of corporations in my world include and more will come:

US Elections

I love following politics, which is why I included my political views on this profile. You'll notice that my philosophy is quite a unique blend. I haven't run into anyone else who has exactly my views on a lot of political topics. I tend to not follow known talking points and stick to my own ORIGINAL ideas. I have never voted for a Democrat despite loathing both Libertarians and Tea Partiers alike. I tend to be much more moderate in my political views. I'm not too good at predicting outcomes of elections, so take everything in these scenarios with a grain of salt. I'm not going to focus too much on Elections, but it's nice that they are included, and so easy to make via infobox! 


Geopolitics is fast becoming my favorite futurist topic. Even more so than technology. I've been working on the Geopolitics of my world (in my head) since 2009. So it's nice to finally write it all down. More on this to come.  If you want to read a great book about Geopolitics that will take place in the 21st Century I suggest reading George Friedman's amazing book about the future of Geopolitics: The Next 100 Years. It's what got me interested in Geopolitics.


World Currency:

Biological BitCoins


The Wilson Family

President Jon Huntsman JR.



- Signed up and created an account. Wrote down my timeline for the 21st century. Created two US election pages and 3 corporation pages. Updated my profile to include all this information!


- Updated more profile information explaining in detail the scenarios and world I will be creating. Added Social Classes page and the College Working Class3DVD, Stop & Shop, Global Community entries


-Added Biological BitCoins and Antarctica pages


-Added Sahara and California Displacement page.


-Added President Jon Huntsman Jr. page.


--Added more to Biological BitCoins page. 


--Added Wilson Conversion Systems page.  


--Added Fouche Inc. page 


--Added AIs (Artificial Intelligences) page.

Nearly Done With 21st Century:

--Added Androids pgae which ties everything together for my scenario quite nicely. It has defined three different types of humans and how humans are connected to androids. It clearly defines the differences between AIs, Androids and Purebreds (humans) as well as their role in society in the 21st century. This has helped me drastically with my world building and is one of the key pages for my universe. Androids are partially X-Men and partially clones.  Not to be confused with the cyborgs of older science fiction media. These androids look a lot like modern humans but are better in every way! 


--Added Cars page. It took some thought before I truly knew how I wanted to break down my future car ideas. I was thinking of making just different pages of each different advancement but I think that would be too many little pages, so I made one giant page about cars. Enjoy! 


--Added High Tech Bridges and Nuclear Energy pages.


--Finished Resource Wars Page. This is the one you have been waiting for!


--Added Wilson Family Page


--Added Gold Scandal of 2024 page.


--Added Space page. 


--I know I haven't been here in over a year, but real life gets in the way sometimes. I upgraded Falco Timeline's main page to include specific centuries that are in my scenario. As you can see there is now a 21st Century Page where all the previous information was listed. Pages up to the year 3000 are completed and are linked to as such. This was all original information mostly based on a timeline I created back in 2009 for a school project. Any pages I add to the timeline past today are completely new material and is considered expanded Canon