I'm rather fond of Alan Kay's quote:

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

Yes, I'm interested in technology: Information technology, biotechnology, cognotechnology, medical technology.

I'm interested in the links between different disciplines. The way biological cells process information is fascinating.

JC 18:30, 11 October 2006 (UTC)

==Dreams Of The Future==

I'm also very taken by Chet Snow's 'Dreams of the Future', where through hypnosis four future scenarios are explored:

  • New Age style settlements
  • High-tech cities dependent on artificial environments
  • Primitive isolated survivor communities
  • Space farers.

These scenarios all start by following a similar path, with significant Climate Change as a precursor.


  • Visit the Gallery with some chosen images from this wiki, with links to those pages.

==Some Other Pages of Interest==

Some of these started up as text on my home page, and then migrated to pages in their opwn right.
  • Computing - Current-mode devices rather than voltage-mode with 10x the functionality achieved per transistor and much lower power use.
  • Mobile phone - Where computing power, including portable AI, is going to end up.
  • Lighting - Short term (5 year) predictions. Mood lighting (10 years) is synergy between lighting technology and cognotechnology.
  • Phase Transition In Computing - Anticipating an abrupt leap in computer power, beyond the Moore's law doubling.
  • Life Extension - Debate as to likely success.

  • Scenario:JC - A first attempt to bring the various strands together. This one is based on reasonable 'factual' predictions, but the way that they come together, and of course the timing, is conjectural.

The following scenarios are built around a point of divergence, a disruptive technology or event:

  • Scenario:Micro Machines - A scenario considering the possibility of cheap, tiny, precision engineered parts that revolutionise manufacturing.
  • Scenario:Mind Maps - Visual maps of your mind. A new computer-assisted method for visualising the structure of thought has disruptive effect. People can debug and optimise their own thoughts, just as people today debug software.
  • Scenario:Genetic Instability - A potential global catastrophe unfolds.