Hello all, it's Fireblaze19 .I like map games,Kurzgesagt alternate history and hypothetical scenarios. I'm a new member of Fandom and have a great interest in map games.


These scenarios are planned under the category 'The Darkest World'.

  • Great European War (The Darkest World)
  • South China Sea War
  • Second Korean War
  • World War 3
  • Second American Civil War
  • Second Chinese Civil War
  • Indo-Australian War
  • The United Propserity and Peace Council
  • The Second War on Terror

Map Games

Brave New World (Map Game) - Commonwealth of Australia, isolationist state who is fortifying itself for the future.

Inactive Map Games/Games I Left

A House Divided (Map Game)-Republic of Washington

Onwards (Map Game)- Republic of Poland, war-mongering state who failed to take out Lukashenko.

Our Darkest Secrets-Map Game-Federal Republic of Germany, gave up after 2 turns

The World State (Map-Game)-United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland scientific pioneering nation who landed on Titan, discovered exotic matter and was the last European kingdom with Norway.