Name Brandon St. Andre
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight Pride Flag.png
Age 21
Residence The Panhandle of Cornhusker State
Ethnicity Cacausian (White)
Nationality Flag of the United States.svg
Political Parties (in the U.S.) LibertarianLogo.png
Libertarian Party

Republican Party

Political Position Centre-Right
Ideology Right-Libertarianism
Favorite Presidents
  1. George Washington
  2. Abraham Lincoln
  3. Ronald Reagan
  4. John F. Kennedy
  5. Donald Trump
  6. Theodore Roosevelt
  7. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  8. Harry S. Truman
Disliked Presidents
  1. James Buchanan
  2. Andrew Johnson
  3. Joe Biden
  4. Millard Fillmore
  5. Herbert Hoover
  6. Richard Nixon
Other Facts
  • Likes Dark Chocolate
  • Fan of Music Artists; Disturbed, Kid Rock, Nickelback, Seether, Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin, SavingAbel, Daft Punk, Red, Elton John, and Garth Brooks.
  • Chuck Norris, Liam Neeson, and Mel Gibson Fan
  • Favorite Movies; Red Dawn (1984), Saving Private Ryan, Star Wars (Original Trilogies), American Sniper, Behind Enemy Lines (2001), Die Hard (1988), Olympus Has Fallen, Resident Evil (Original RE and RE: Apocalypse), and Back to the Future.
  • Dislikes; Steve Cutts, Michael Moore, The Young Turks, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Socialism, Anti-Semitism, and Third-Position Politics

Stickers, I Have...

No to Totalitarianism!No to the Far-Left and Far-Right!

Let's Go Brandon!

Proud American

Israel, I Stand With You! Ukraine, I Stand With You!

Tread Around and Find Out Brothers United

The Best Star Wars Meme in History... Lol.

Awful People

My Scenarios

  • Intergalactic Woe
    (The Sequel to Hell's Gone Loose, Founded with IsraeliMac&Cheese, In the Works)
    "Humanity is not alone, after all..."
  • A Forever Winter
    (Based off of Fallout and Battlefield 3-4, In The Works)
    "Half of Civilization on Earth is wiped out by the Great Flare War and the Great Winter Fallout."


Political Compass

DewDoritoz' Pol'Comp


• Pro-Life (the right of the birth of unborn children, even in emergencies)

• Gun Rights (in the case of self defense, hunting, or an overthrow of a tyrannical government)

• Medical Cannabis (Medicinal Marijuana)

• Low to No Taxes / Tax Cuts

• Right-Libertarianism

• Classical Liberalism

• Modern Conservatism

• Civic Nationalism

• Populism (Rightist and Centrist Sides)

• Donald Trump

• Ron Paul and his Son Rand Paul (Heroes of Libertarianism)

• Tulsi Gabbard

• All Lives Matter (This includes every race and ethnicity)

• Gender Equality (All Males and Females are Equal, but are not the same)

• Secularism (Religion and Politics can still exist; However, they should not influence each other)

• Laissez-Faire Capitalism (Free-Market Capitalism or Voluntary Capitalism)

• Civil Rights

• The Non-Aggression Principle (N.A.P.)

• Privatized Healthcare

• Privatized Education

• Stronger Military Force

• Voter ID

• Border Enforcement

• Small Government

• Brexit and various EU Exit parties (Brexit already achieved... Next Stop, Poland or France)

• LGBTQ+ Rights (equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people, etc.)

• Free Market Economies

• Green Conservatism (Pro-Enviroment Conservatives)

• Moderatism

• Legal Immigration

• Israel (I'm a Judeophile) and Palestine (Yes, I recognize it as an Independent Nation).

• Islam Reformism (The Reformation of Islam from radicalism to moderatism)

• U.S. Constitution (Thou the Original 10 Amendments shall not be infringed or repealed)

• United States of America (Proud to be an American, despite our flaws)

Middle Ground

• Barrack Obama (Even though his policies are flawed, I like him personally)

• Left-Libertarianism (Despite their whole Anti-Capitalism thing, We have one thing in Common... We both hate Communism and love the Free Market)

• Black Lives Matter (Although the message isn't harmful, the organization is not good.)

• Apathetic Satanism

• Vladimir Putin (I dislike him, but he's much better than Stalin)


• Communism and Authoritarian-Socialism

• Militant Islamism/Sharia Law/Jihadism

• Fascism

• Third Position Politics (Examples are Nazis, Nazbols, Alt-Right, Alt-Left, Falangists, Etc)

• Imperialism

• Racism

• Internal Revenue Service and Higher Taxation

• Far-Leftism and Far-Rightism

• ANTIFA (or "Anti-Fascists". Despite it's name, they use fascist tactics to harm or even kill for their cause)

• Compulsory Voting (also known as Mandatory Voting)

• Censorship

• Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic Groups

• Corporatism (A Collectivist Ideology where the Corporates are allowed to keep their Companies or Corporations, but they have to support the Government)

• Gun Control / Gun Ban (This does not make Gun Violence "Go Away", it makes the problem worse!)

• Abortion

• Critical Race Theory (MLK stood against this!)

• Militant Satanism

• George W. Bush (Responsible for the Iraqi War and the Recession of 2008!)

• Joe Biden

• American Secessionist Groups (Calexiters, Texiters, Cascadexiters, etc.)

• Kamala Harris

• Xi Jinping

• Bernie Sanders (Maoist Simp)

• Illegal Immigration

• Terrorism (All forms of it are awful!)

• Slavery (still happening in the Middle East, mostly from Saudi Arabia and Iran)

• Nancy Pelosi


• Illan Omar (Anti-Semitic)

• Big Government

• NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens... Destroys both the Environment and the Economy)

• Conscription (or mandatory enlistment to the military)

My Thoughts on Climate Change

I will not deny it, actually! Climate Change is indeed real; However, their are questions about it!

Q: Is it a man-made thing?
A: No. Climate Change can technically occur due to human activity, but this usually happens in China, Canada, The Former Soviet Union, and India; however, Human Activity is not what actually causes Climate Change... It indeed occurs by Natural Causes such as; volcanic eruptions, ocean currents, the Earth's orbital changes, solar variations and internal variability.

Q: Can we stop Climate Change?
A: No... hence it being natural, there is nothing we can do. Also it was proven that we are still in an "Ice Age"... if anything the End of the Ice Age as well.

Q: Is their an alternative fuel / power source?
A: It depends, if the alternative fuel / power source is reliable. Wind Mills are unreliable, due to the fact that it requires wind to generate power, and birds can be harmed or even killed by the wind mill(s). Solar Panels are not the best idea for power either, hence that it can be wasteful when solar panels are partially broken and just tossed away into a solar panel graveyard, which can produce toxic waste. Electric Cars use Lithium and Copper Batteries, which Lithium and Copper are found in Strip Mines, a thing which environmentalists are against. I think that alcohol is the successor of crude oil... but until then, Oil is what we have for now.

So that just answers it... I do agree that Climate Change is real, but there is nothing we can do to stop it, hence it being natural.

What I think of Ideologies

Ideologies that I Like.

Libertarianism: Left-Libertarianism... Right-Libertarianism... who cares! The Greatest Ideology Ever!!!

Classical Liberalism: The good ol' classic, yet reliable variant of Liberalism and The Father of Libertarianism... One of the Greatest Ideologies Ever!

Modern Conservatism: A Modernized and Moderate Version of Classical Conservatism. One of the Greatest Ideologies Ever!

Free Market Capitalism: This Economic System Works.

Green Conservatism: Conservatives can actually become Pro-Enviroment.

Civic Nationalism: A Democratic Version of Nationalism... what I like to call this, "Democratic Nationalism".

Moderatism: I Like this Ideology.

Mutualism: A Valid Form of Anarchism. Sure this idea opposes capitalism in general, but it does love the Free Market! They also oppose Communism, something I do a lot!

Anarcho-Capitalism: Another Valid Form of Anarchism. I don't use this ideology a lot and it's not usually practical, but I recognize it as a beneficial idea.

Minarchism: Loved by Left Libertarians and Right Libertarians Alike!

Centrism: Likes and Dislikes both sides... I Respect!

The Ideologies that I have mixed views for...

Classical Conservatism: Monarchies use this.

Elective Monarchism: Wait... Monarchs can be Elected!?

Ideologies that I Hate!

Maoism: The Worst Ideology in History!!! Collectivism at its Worst!!! Mao's "Great Leap Forward" had killed 78 Million People in the People's Republic of China! "Great Leap Forward", My Ass!

Stalinism: Killed 20 to 30 Million People from the span of 30 Years... 30 Years!!

Marx-Leninism: Just Simply, An Awful Collectivist Ideology!

Left-Wing and Right-Wing Fascism: One of the Worst Ideologies! Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile deserved to go to in Hell!

National Socialism... AKA, Nazism: A Third Position Ideology... Violated millions of people's rights and have ruined millions of people's lives by taking them to somewhere they don't want to go and killing them for all the wrong reasons! Therefore, they are NAP-violators and is one of the Greatest Enemies of the Free Market! Hitler did Everything Wrong!!!

National Bolshevism... AKA, Nazbolism: Nazism, but it's Left-Wing!

Alt-Rightism and Alt-Leftism: Neo Nazis and Neo Stalinists are awful! These Two Ideologies Simp for Stalin and Hitler alike!

Falangism: Basically Francoist Spain.

Militant Islamism/Sharia Law/Jihadism: A Violent form of Islam where the Quran is always right and everyone else is wrong... ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Hamas are responsible for Terrorism! Screw this Ideology!!!

Hyper-Calvinism: Calvinism, but Awful... Westboro Baptist Church, I'm Talking About You!!!

Imperialism: Imperialism is bad folks, do not support this!

Hyper-Nationalism: Imperialism, but worse!

Hyper-Globalism: Globalism, but worse!

Corporatism: A Capitalist Version of Collectivism! Big corporations can be just as exploitative! (not only to the free market but to people's lives) as an authoritarian government! Corporatism renders Economic Prosperity, completely impossible to achieve!

Anarcho-Communism / Anarcho-Collectivism: An oxymoron; you need a state to enforce communism. This ideology is just Communism and Authoritarian-Socialism, but enforced by the majority.

Anarcho-Fascism: What... Just- What... Ya think I'm stupid?! This is a damn Oxymoron! Anarchism and Fascism don't mix!

Feudalism: Ask Tsarist Russia in the 1900s or Feudalist France in the 800s or 900s century... It was awful.

Hoppeanism or Pinochetism: This is Not Anarchism nor Libertarianism! Throw People out of Helicopters!?!? That's not "based", that's disturbing!

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• IsraeliMac&Cheese

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• American2006

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