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Indonesian (Learning)

Hey, I’m just a casual user of this wiki, if there’s a map game running I’ll probably be on it.

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My Favorite Pages

The Great Calamity (Scenario)

45-49th Presidents of the United States (Vincent's World)

My Pages

Indonesian Civil War (Mercbl)

Second Spanish Civil War (Mercbl)

Mercbl Timeline

Volgograd Agreement (Mercbl)

Presidents of the United States of America (Mercbl)

Canonism (Mercbl)

Map Games

Standard Future Map Game II (Map Game)-Australia

Volatile Disposition (Map Game)-Australia

Future's Course III (Map Game)-Mexico

Oppenheimer's Comet: A Map Game (Season II)-Sixth Persian Empire

Carpe Diem: Map Game-Union Base/UEC Mars Space Force/Eisen Union

Terra Nullius (Map Game)-New Turkish Empire

Humanity's Course Eternal: A Map Game-Australia

Fallen Kingdom (Map Game)-Creator

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Historical Figures

Historical Periods

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