United States of Europe
Flag of Europe EU Shield
"In Varietate Concordia.
("United in Diversity.")
"Ode to Joy"

United States of Europe

Capital Turin
Largest Cities Nantes, Paris, Lisbon, Manchester, Novosibirsk,
Official language none
Working languages

English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish
Languages in U.S.E

Government Parliamentary semi-presidential federal republic
Demonym European
Type Interplanetary super power


European Parliament
Federal Assembly

Population 7.8 billion (Solar System)
Currency Euro

United States of Europe, in short, U.S.E or Europe, is one of nine superstates on Earth since late 21st - early 22nd centuries & a major interstellar power from 24th century onward. Comprise of 57 provinces within a border range encompassing the whole former European states (both in and out of former European Union) and new states formed on Western Russia (including the federal districts of Southern, Northwestern, Ural, Volga and North Caucasian) after Russia collapsed under its own burden, the nation now is a federal parliamentary republic, with elements of direct democracy. The nation was made possible during the Greater Depression, born out from the commitment to stabilize the region, to counter threats from an increasingly militarized Russia & its crumbling custom-made Eurasia Union, and came into reality after Geneva Constitutive Treaty, September 25th, 2079.

Today the European in 2119 generated a nominal gross domestic product (GDP) of 26.089 trillion Credits, around 31% share within The World of Men (Earth Sphere) along the galaxies.

Controlling a vast number of space colonies, ranging from space stations to an entire planet, with a population of near 8 billions in Solar System only, the European is one of the major space superpowers in 22nd century, briefly declide in 1st half 23rd century & rebount shortly later. By the time of 2222, within the Solar System, the European only stand behind the Confederates in term of living standard, 3rd in technological advances (behind Eastasia and Oceania) and 1st in military strength, on par with Union States (from late 22nd century onward, though, the army was change into both self-defence forces & space explorers).

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