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US Senate Elections, 2022
33 of the 100 seats, 51 seats needed for the majority
November 8, 2022
First party Second party


Leader Chuck Schumer John Thune
Party Democratic Republican
Leader's seat New York South Dakota
Seats before 52 48
Seats won


Seats after 61 39
Incumbent Majority Leader
Chuck Schumer

Elections to the United States Senate were held on November 8, 2022 with 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate being contested in regular elections, the winners of which will serve six-year terms in the United States Congress from January 3, 2023 to January 3, 2029. All class III Senators were up for election; class 3 was last up for election in 2016, when Democrats won a net gain of two seats. Democrats had to defend 12 seats, while Republicans had to defend 22 seats.

In this Senate election, Democrats had needed to have a net gain of 8 seats to gain a supermajority, which would be the first time since 2009 that they had that many seats. Republicans needed to net gain 3 seats. Ultimately, in a surprising final result, Democrats had a net gain of 9 seats in the Senate which gave them a supermajority for the first time since 2009. Following this year of elections, it was the first time since 1979 that Democrats held a supermajority in both houses of Congress. The widespread Democratic wins were attributed to President Trump's fairly high disapproval. This was also the second election in a row in which a party leader faced a significant challenge, only that Schumer defeated President Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump. This was the closest Senate race in the state of New York since Hillary Clinton defeated Rick Lazio in 2000.


State Incumbent Result Candidates
Alabama Richard Shelby (R) Incumbent retired, Republican hold Bradley Byrne (R)
  • 58.7%

Colby Cooper (D)

  • 38.1%


  • 3.2%
Alaska Lisa Murkowski (R) Incumbent re-elected Lisa Murkowski (R)
  • 49.9%

Ethan Burkowitz (D)

  • 37.3%


  • 12.8%
Arizona Mark Kelly (D) Incumbent re-elected Mark Kelly (D)
  • 50.3%

Steve Smith (R)

  • 45.7%


  • 4.0%
Arkansas John Boozman (R) Incumbent re-elected John Boozman (R)

Mark Pryor (D)

California Kamala Harris (D) Incumbent re-elected Kamala Harris (D)

Peter Thiel (R)

Colorado Michael Bennet (D) Incumbent re-elected Michael Bennet (D)

Darryl Glenn (R)

Connecticut Richard Blumenthal (D) Incumbent re-elected Richard Blumenthal (D)

Linda McMahon (R)

Florida Marco Rubio (R) Incumbent lost re-election, Democratic gain Patrick Murphy (D)

Marco Rubio (R)

Georgia Johnny Isaakson (R) Incumbent lost re-election, Democratic gain Kasim Reed (D)

Johnny Isaakson (R)

Hawaii Brian Schatz (D) Incumbent re-elected Brian Schatz (D)


Idaho Mike Crapo (R) Incumbent re-elected Mike Crapo (R)


Illinois Tammy Duckworth (D) Incumbent re-elected Tammy Duckworth (D)

Bruce Rauner (R)

Indiana Todd Young (R) Incumbent lost re-election, Democratic gain Peter Visclosky (D)

Todd Young (R)

Iowa Chuck Grassley (R) Incumbent retired, Republican hold Rob Blum (R)

Dave Loebsack (D)

Kansas Jerry Moran (R) Incumbent re-elected Jerry Moran (R)

Joe Reardon (D)

Kentucky Rand Paul (R) Incumbent re-elected Rand Paul (R)


Louisiana John Neely Kennedy (R) Incumbent lost re-election, Democratic gain John Bel Edwards (D)

John Neely Kennedy (R)

Maryland Chris Van Hollen (D) Incumbent re-elected Chris Van Hollen (D)

Diana Waterman (R)

Missouri Roy Blunt (R) Incumbent lost re-election, Democratic gain Jason Kander (D)

Roy Blunt (D)

Nevada Catherine Cortez Masto (D) Incumbent re-elected Catherine Cortez Masto (D)

Brian Sandoval (R)

New Hampshire Maggie Hassan (D) Incumbent re-elected Maggie Hassan (D)

Chris Sununu (R)

New York Chuck Schumer (D) Incumbent re-elected Chuck Schumer (D)

Ivanka Trump (R)

North Carolina Richard Burr (R) Incumbent retired, Democratic gain Nancy McFarlane (D)

David Rouzer (R)

North Dakota John Hoeven (R) Incumbent re-elected John Hoeven (R)

Erin Oban (D)

Ohio Rob Portman (R) Incumbent lost re-election, Democratic gain Tim Ryan (D)

Rob Portman (R)

Oklahoma James Lankford (R) Incumbent re-elected James Lankford (R)

Scott Inman (D)

Oregon Ron Wyden (D) Incumbent re-elected Ron Wyden (D)

Ted Ferrioli (R)

Pennsylvania Pat Toomey (R) Incumbent lost re-election, Democratic gain Michael Stack III (D)

Pat Toomey (R)

South Carolina Tim Scott (R) Incumbent re-elected Tim Scott (R)

Thomas McElveen (D)

South Dakota John Thune (R) Incumbent re-elected John Thune (R)

Paula Hawks (D)

Utah Mike Lee (R) Incumbent re-elected Mike Lee (R)

Brian King (D)

Vermont Patrick Leahy (D) Incumbent retired, Democratic hold TJ Donovan (D)

Phil Scott (R)

Washington Patty Murray (D) Incumbent re-elected Patty Murray (D)

Jaime Herrera Beautler (R)

Wisconsin Ron Johnson (R) Incumbent retired, Democratic gain Mark Pocan (D)

Scott Fitzgerald (R)

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