2020 United States Presidential Election 2024 (LLB'sWorld) 2028
2024 United States Presidential Election
November 3, 2024
Susan Rice.jpg Brown.jpg Carson.jpg
Nominee Susan Rice Scott Brown André Carson
Party Independent Republican Democratic
Home state District of Columbia Massachusetts Indiana
Running mate Tom Manatos Tom Reed Alvin Greene
Electoral vote 273 251 13
States carried 28 22 0
Popular vote 67,016,957 64,670,830 14,929,897
Percentage 43.99% 42.35% 9.80%
Top: Winners of Each State. Bottom: Distribution of Districted Electoral votes
President before election
Jon Huntsman Jr.
Elected President
Susan Rice

The United States Presidential Election of 2024 resulted in a fairly narrow victory for Independent Susan Rice.



  • Scott Brown, Vice President and Former Senator of Massachusetts
  • Scott Walker, former Governor of Wisconsin
  • Mike Lee, former Senator from Utah
  • Donald Trump Jr., businessman from New York
  • Christopher Wesley, former US Representative from Missouri

Vice President Scott Brown won the nomination fairly easily. His main challengers were Scott Walker and Mike Lee, two conservative Republicans who had been defeated in reelection prior to the presidential election. Other serious challengers consisted of Donald Trump Jr, who decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and get involved in presidential politics, but unlike his father, he actually ran. Another challenger was Christopher Wesley, a relatively unknown politician who had served as a representative from Missouri from 2021 to 2023.


  • André Carson, former US Representative from Ilinois
  • Chris Larson, former Governor of Wisconsin
  • Alvin Greene, former Representative from South Carolina
  • Steve Driehaus, former Representative from Ohio

The Democratic primaries, between Driehaus, Larson, and Carson were intense, and Larson did not manage to squeek out a victory until late May. However, a month later a horrible scandal involving bribery he accepted during his tenure as governor broke out, and Larson announced he was dropping out of the race. This resulted in a very short and intense battle between Carson and Greene for the nomination, with Carson victorious. Due to the confusion from the campaign, the lack of democracy in the nomination, and Carson's lack of appeal outside of the Rust Belt, they started extremely low in the polls.


  • Susan Rice, Former Ambassador to the UN and former US Representative from the District of Columbia

Susan Rice was initially a Democrat, and after leaving her post from the UN in 2017, was elected as a Democrat to the non-voting position as Representative from Washington DC. However, she backed the proposed Democracy Amendments in 2020, and in the African-American/Black Culture "War", she mentioned it would be nice to "clean out the many problems in the Black Community". This earned her the contempt of Democratic nominee Kasim Reed, who encouraged a primary against her. Rice ran as an independent in 2020, and served her last term as an independent. Midway through, the amendments passed and she got a vote in Congress. She decided to run as an independent in 2024.

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