United Republic of Great Britain


Flag of the United Kingdom

Flag of the United Republic



 Location of the  United Republic (dark green)

and largest city

Official national


Government Parliamentary Republic
- President TBD (First)
 -  Prime Minister TBD (First)
Legislature Parliament
 -  Upper house Westminister Palace
 -  Lower house Communal House
 -  Acts of Union 1707 1 May 1707
 -  Acts of Union 1801 1 January 1801
 -  Establishment of the UR June 22 2073
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The United Republic of Great Britain (Formerly the United Kingdom) also known as UR, or just simply Great Britain, is a Republic in the Island of Britain in Europe, it is divided into provinces and the provinces divided into Regions.


2068 Referendum (2068)

On August 9, 2068 the 2068 Referendum took place, the question was "Should Great Britain become a Republic?" with 70% Yes and 29% No, Which would take effect when King George VII would die

Death of George VII (2073)

On January 18, 2073, after a long history of illness, George VII Died, in which the United Republic of Great Britain took effect and was created, abolishing the monarchy


There are 2 Houses in Great Britain, Westminster Palace and the lower Communal house, The Prime Minister's House at 10 Downing Street was rebuilt to a larger house, and the president's house is the Central House

Westminster Palace

The Westminster Palace is the House of the Representatives. Debates and Voting take place there. Westminster Palace had a Renovation that began in 2068 and was finished in 2075 

Communal House

The Communal House is the Lower House of Great Britain, where the Commune debates about changes in the Commune.

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