Royaume-Uni de l'Angleterre et de la France
United Kingdom of England and France
United Kingdom
United Kingdom of England and France.png
Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom at its greatest extent.

Population 19,723,183 (2034 Census)
Government Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Languages English and French (Official)
Religions Anglicanism & Catholicism, though officially secular
Capital Dual Capital: London & Paris
Establishment November 16, 2019         ('Act of Union')
Currency Pound Sterling

The United Kingdom of England and France, often shortened to UK and sometimes referred to as the Franco-British union, is a nation located in both the British Isles and Mainland Europe, encompassing most of England and Northern France.

Great Britain faired okay during the war. Though the nation's strict gun laws prevented mass militias like the United States, the military began arming these citizens and training them later into the war. What was very interesting was the antics of Queen Elizabeth II. The Royal Family was extracted to Ireland (under the painful condition that Northern Ireland be surrendered to the Republic), but the Queen, at her own insistance, remained at Windsor Castle with a private army of Civilian survivors that defended the castle "for the duration" in her own words. She also turned all her properties into "protected areas" over to whoever may reach and defend them, so on the bright side, a few lucky survivors lived like Kings for the duration of the war. All medieval castles were repurposed for their intended use, and many survivors began to pile into these fortresses. The British High Command retreated to Scotland and set up a defensive line on the Antonine Wall. They were however, caught off guard by the declaration of Scottish Independence and the expelling of the British Government. Over 300 years of history was put to an end that day. Scotland and Ireland then banded to create a "Celtic Confederation".

France however, did not fare too well during the war. The incompetence of the French Military played a large role in the high military casualties. Some survivors piled in to the Palace of Versailles, only to find out that there was no defensive advantage and that it was just a large fancy house. A terrible fire burnt the place to the ground, and the French War Memorial now stands on its ashes. The French Military also sustained high casulties by refusing to take the necessary steps in liberating Paris slowly and effectively, instead, to boost the already broken morale, French soldiers quickly liberated Paris, though losing many good men in the process. In the end, France was devastated, as was the United Kingdom due to its short civil conflict known as the "Fall of the United Kingdom".

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