Swarm Gauntlet

This is the primary weapon system issued to every Ultra Soldier. The Swarm Gauntlet is a miniaturized version of the larger Grey Goo Capsule. The Swarm Gauntlet catoms are NOT self-replicating (self-replicating catoms or nanites are prohibited by international treaty), each Gauntlet is a catom/nanite factory and they can produce catoms as required. Swarm catoms can operate up to 1km away from the Gauntlet, if they are forced farther than 1001 m from their Gauntlet the catom automatically self destructs (a built in safety protocol). Before self destruction the catom informs the gauntlet and is replaced.

To the casual observer the Swarm Gauntlet looks like a form fitting, seamless glove (all US are issued with two Swarm Gauntlets, one for each hand) and is a militarized version of the Smart Suit nano-clothes. Each Gauntlet is capable of releasing a single Swarm. The Swarm consists of several trillion Catom's housed on a base Nano-Clothing Glove. Upon release the Swarm forms a vast network, resembling a invisible cloud of gas. This effectively is a form of programmable matter, with each "particle" being a robot (catom) capable of flight. Swarm catoms can act individually or in concert. Individual catoms network (and communicate) via Virtual Telepathy (routing through the hosts synaptic transceiver) and are under the control of the host who wears the Gauntlet. Only those equipped with a Tactical Computer Encephalon can control a Swarm or even wear a Swarm Gauntlet (the gauntlet interfaces with the Tac-Comp and is controlled via it)

Swarms have a multitude of uses, ranging from performing advance reconnaissance, coordinate cyber attacks, invade structures/vehicles/enemy combatants and disabling or killing (as appropriate) these targets. When used defensively the Swarm can provide cover (forming into nano-string carbon fiber shields), increase the hosts mobility as the Swarm can dissolve all but the most heavily reinforced armour or form into other 3D macro sized objects. Because each catom is equipped with its own sensors the Host can "view" through the Swarm extending the Host's visual/auditory/olfactory abilities by 1000 m, This gives the Host tremendous advantages, as they can instantly map out a large (1000m square) portion of terrain, on going as they move through an area.


Catoms, or claytronic atoms, are also referred to as 'programmable matter'. Catoms are the ultimate evolution of the nanite and were perfected by the late 21st century. Catoms are described as being similar in nature to a nanomachine (or nanite), but with greater power and complexity. While microscopic individually, they can bond electromagnetically and work together on a larger scale (to form 3D macro-sized objects) or act individually. Catoms can change their density, energy levels, state of being, and other characteristics using Virtual Telepathy alone.

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