• At present emphasis is on using signals from brain to enable paraplagics to perform actions. This is very good and noble  idea. But still nobler idea will be to use the reverse action. I have particularly one noble use. That is to make the billions of  BLIND people in the world  SEE. The technology would involve both the medical science as well as the computer science. Digital cameras are to be improved ( like the one used in mobile phones ) and the signal out put to be coverted to an acceptable level where it can be accepted and received by the brain.At present computer technology emphasis is on developing higher and higher amplification of the signals. The new requirement would be to develop the reverse  technology to reverse amplification of the signals to NANO levels so that the brain can accept these signals. The equipment should also be simple like the present HEAD BANDS ( with TWO Mini cameras  fixed on the head band ). Everything is wireless. The  new head band instead of using the input signals from the brain would be used in reverse  to give the brain the outsput signals from the camera. New technology may have to be developed for this process.The whole unit should be cheap and affordable by the ordinary world poor citizen. There should be no medical interference or operation involved. It would be like using a  new set of spectacle. Only difference is that these New Spectacles will enable the Billions of blind people to SEE. They would get the GIFT OF SIGHT..Both the research scientists as well as the venture fund enterpreuners will take this as a noble challenge and crack the technology  to make this future a real boon to Humanity. Next generation can make improvement by using feed back from the brain to zoom or reduce theimage size by the patients thought process.  I live in a poor country in Mumbai, India. If this  future technology really is made available it would be greatest gift to humanity by the present generation.


    Dr. V. G. Kamath 

    27 Feb 2014

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