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*New Rio comes back under South American Control
*New Rio comes back under South American Control
*New Hastings comes back under European Control.
*New Hastings comes back under European Control.
*Europe attempts to retake the planet Berlin, but the planet has become so independent that they do not want to return under European control, the [[Berlin Secessionist War]] begins.

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  • Public outrage explodes in Iran when a sham election gives controversial President Ahmadinejad a second term over reformer Mousavi. Supporters of Mousavi take to the streets and the Second Iranian Revolution begins.
  • Swine Flu epidemic takes a small bite out of world population (circum 12,000 deaths). America, Canada and most of the EU narrowly dodge the crisis with a surprising high production of vaccines and effective quarentines. Third World Countries are not fortunate.
  • The US Senate passes bill to provide funding for hospitals making Swine Flu vaccines.
  • The US Senate approves additional funding for CARS (Cash Allowance Rebate System)
  • Ted Kennedy succombs to Cancer in August, seen almost as a martyr in the US for his lifelong committment to passing Universal Healthcare


  • The Second Iranian Revolution ends with a victory to the reformers. The country is reorganized as the Democratic Republic of Persia.
  • February: China reveals a working Em-Drive, an engine that utilizes direct electricity to produce propulsion. They quickly establish dominance as a military power in space.
  • Aptera Motors surpasses Chrysler in American automotive sales.
  • China begins efforts to build their first space station.
  • GM announces that they will be releasing the Volt ahead of schedule at the end of FY 2010.
  • Ford continues to increase milage standards; at the end of the year they release an inexpensive vehicle that gets 65 mpg.
  • Congress passes the Information Neutrality Act, which basically cements net-neutrality.
  • First series of history books with a chapter on the Bush Administration hit US schools. The chapters, while written by different historians, near-consistently make the point that George W. Bush was one of the worst Presidents in US history, others are more neutral.
  • The Terrestrial Planet Finder and the Darwin planet finding probes are combined by the ESA and NASA into the Terra-nova Space Probe. Twice the size of either of the original probes, this vehicle will be launched on 2014.
  • Sinaloa, Gulf, Tijuana, Juárez, and Los Zetas Cartels unite and drive Mexico into a Narco state with an armed force some 300,000 strong, twice the size of the Mexican Army. On May 4th, 2010 the Mexican super cartel crosses the southern half of the United States, killing hundred in the border towns. Fighting is the worst in Los Angeles, where reports of children being beheaded, and women being raped in the streets become common. President Obama, recalls all remaining troops from Iraq, and orders the National Gaurd to defend the South West from attack. The minutemen in Texas begin attacking all hispanics in America, regardless of their affiliation to the cartels. The minutemen are arrested for their actions.
  • US troops invade Tijuana and begin open combat against the Cartel troops. President Obama orders air strikes onto Cartel controlled cities once troops from the Mexican army surrender to Joaquín Guzmán Loera in Mexico city. The cartels now have an active air force, and begin engaging US aircraft over Texas and California. American F-22s quickly take air superiority when deployed, but any airstrikes on American cities leave a lasting effect.
  • President Obama orders B-52 carpet bombing of Mexico.


  • YouTube is surpassed by the Forum as the largest repostiory of videos. The Forum is a private company and is directed more towards the individual user rather than a large corporation.
  • Nano solar, now with billions in federal subsidies from the GAA, announces construction of a second US manufacturing plant to be built in Indiana.
  • US midterm elections give the Democratic party a super-majority in the senate.
  • China announces the construction of the Shenlong Space Plane, a space shuttle capable of lifting five tons into Geo-Stationary Orbit.
  • The Russian Federation announces a Union with Belarus, and instates former Russian President, and Prime Minister of both Countries, Vladimir Putin as the President.
  • After years of intense negotiations, and the election of a far more moderate president to power, Iran officially ends their nuclear weapons program, and allows full IAEA cooperation.
  • The US pushes the cartels out of Los Angeles and the Invasion of Baja begins.
  • The last few leaders of the Mexican resistance are beheaded publicly in Mexico City. The cartels now have total control over Mexico.
  • August: US forces drive the last of the cartels out of America, and begin to make their way into Mexican territory. To weaken the cartels, Congress passes the drug security act, legalizing cannabis and taxing it, although not so much that it costs more than the cartels. The legalization aides in bringing the US economy back somewhat, and cripples the cartels flow of money as they now have to compete with personal growers, and large companies that capitalize on the new market, many of them tobacco companies.


  • Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney announces his candidacy for President of the United States. Charlie Crist, Ron Paul, and Mike Huckabee all follow within days.
  • South Africa constructs their first Nuclear Power Plant.
  • 20% of all US electricity now comes from Solar Energy, mostly from inexpensive Thin-Film Solar Cells. 10% Now comes from Wind power, and New York City now receives the majority of its energy from offshore wind and tide power. Nuclear power retains its percentage at 20% as fossil fuels continue to drop out of use.
  • Osama Bin Laden is killed in a US cruise missile strike in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province. The Pakistani Government, states their anger of an attack on their soil, but is willing to forgive the US considering the circumstances.
  • With Osama Bin Laden and most of Al Qaeda dead, President Obama recalls most of the troops from Afghanistan back to the US to aide in the war in Mexico, while the rest remain in peacekeeping, to be recalled over the next two years.
  • February: US Army forces reach Saltillo and are greeted as liberators. There is a feeling of kinship between Americans and Mexicans, as both have directly endured the atrocities of the Cartels.
  • The Greenland Ice shelf falls into the ocean resulting in a global sea level rise of 20 meters. This is effectively the beginning of the Flood


  • President Obama wins his re-election in a landslide over Former Governor Mitt Romney. Romney, who in the final days of the campaign continued to state that Global Climate Change is a hoax, lost with shameful numbers, though many attribute his loss to his concessions to the party's far right base.
  • In an emergency UN Resolution in the temporary UN headquarters of Seattle's Colombia Tower, the delegation passes the Seattle Protocol with the recommendations of former Vice President of the Untied States Al Gore to make all global electricity production renewable in ten years. The Protocol also calls for the elimination of all greenhouse gas emissions in fifteen years. Al Gore is made Director of the International Renewable Energy Council.
  • The European Union passes the Third treaty of Rome Uniting the current member states of the EU into a single nation.
  • The French Island of Brittany (Note: By this point sea levels have risen high enough in some areas to make what was once part of one piece of land an Island) declares independence from the EU.
  • President Obama orders the complete evacuation of the Gulf Disaster Zone. Millions of Climate refugees are relocated to the few cities around the country that are relitively uneffected by the floods
  • The Island of Scotland declares independence from the EU. European Civil War begins.
  • Eastern Russia declares independence from Western Russia, creating the Republic of Siberia. Western Russia continues to use the name Russian Federation, the Russian Civil War Begins.
  • China's largest Island of Shangdong declares independence and unites with Taiwan and Hong Kong to form the United Federation of China. The Chinese Civil War begins.
  • Millions of Refugess from Texas flood into northern Mexico.
  • US forces take Mexico city, the Cartels are still present, but have largely been driven out of Northern Mexico. There is talk of annexation.
  • Congress passes the Green America Act, calling for a modern day WPA and hundreds of new Public Works projects aimed at rebuilding the country's infrastructure and energy production to environmental friendly and energy conscious standards.


  • The Daytona 500 is permanently moved to Texas Motor Speedway due to Florida being completely underwater.
  • NASCAR's headquarters are moved to Dallas, Texas.
  • New Orleans' Mardi Gras is moved to Montreal, Quebec when it is discovered that the entire state of Lousiana is underwater.
  • The Blue Dog Coalition leaves the Democrats and eclipse the Republicans as the second major party of the US.
  • President Obama orders the recall of half of all US troops currently stationed around the world to return the the US to aide in the refugee crisis in what is left of the deep south.
  • India Annexes Nepal and Bhutan.
  • Mongolia joins the United Federation of China.
  • Washington Based Mariner Space Development successfully captures a small asteroid in Earth Orbit.
  • Baluchistan breaks off from Pakistan and Persia to become the Islamic Republic of Baluchistan, a nation founded on the belief that they were spared the "Deluge" because of the growing movement of Eco-Islam.
  • Persia, already spread thin just trying to prevent the refugees from the Shiite Republic of Iraq from entering their border is forced to recognize the new nation.
  • The Treaty of Mecca is signed officially recognizing new islamic countries and giving others independence. For example, the Alawite Republic is formed and Druzistan and South Sudan gain independence.
  • The EU recaptures Brittany.
  • NASA, now that the ESA has been disbanded to finance the EU reconstruction, launches TSP. By the end of the year the probe reports the discovery of a planet 1.5 times the size of Earth, and an atmosphere of Carbon Dioxide and Water vapor at 3 times Earth Atmospheric pressure in the Alpha Centauri system. The planet is named Centauri 3.
  • The UFC Captures Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Tibet.

The World at the Height of the Civil Wars


  • The US Refugee Relocation Act completes the evacuation of Refugees from the Deep South Disaster Zone.
  • Manhattan Island and Washington DC complete their respective flood walls, though many doubt that they will last more than a decade.
  • Mariner Space Development announces their gross income for FY 2015. Due to the mineral value of the captured asteroid, Mariner is now the richest company in human history with a gross revenue of over two trillion dollars in precious metals and other valuable minerals.
  • Mariner donates half of their earnings to the US Government to pay off the national deficit. With both Chinese Nations claiming rights to the funds the US is left with a very difficult decision, risk nuclear war with the PRC by giving the money to the UFC, or allow the PRC to continue to grow and eventually dominate the Global Economy. The US Congress comes to a decision when the UFC reveals the five of China's nuclear attack subs have defected to the United Federation of China. The UFC receives the money in secret and captures Beijing by the end of the year. The People's Republic of China officially dissolves by February 2016, Leaving the capitalist United Federation of China in its place. Tibet elects to remain in the Union as an Autonomous region, along with Mongolia.
  • Scotland is recaptured, the European Civil War ends and the EU stabilizes itself.
  • Russia recaptures their Oil and Natural Gas fields in Siberia, but continues to wage war with the SPR.
  • Mariner Space Development creates Generation Enterprises, an investment firm dedicated to global socioeconomic growth, they immediately invest billions into the US Automotive Industry to build a new generation of Green vehicles.


  • The United Federation of China begins its constitutional convention.
  • President Obama announces the expansion of Universal Healthcare to Gene-Therapy.
  • Generation begins construction of a series of vertical farms in all major US cities.
  • Vice President Clinton announces her candidacy for President.
  • The Republican Party announces that Congressmen Joe Wurzelbacher will be running on the Republican Ticket.
  • The Libertarian Party nominates Christopher Buckley as their candidate for President.
  • The San Francisco Sea Wall is finally completed and the San Fernando valley immediately begins draining.
  • Terra-Nova discovers the most Earth-like planet to date around Sirius B. The planet is almost the same size as Earth, with similar mass and atmospheric readings as well. The world is dubbed Gia.
  • The European Union amends its constitution to grant greater sovereignty for culturally unique regions. The EU states are effectively broken up to give the Basques, the Bretons, the Scots, the Roma people, etc. a greater level of representation. The EU central government is reworked into a a somewhat more decentralized representative body, rather than the strict federalism that the original constitution founded. Europeans call it peaceful feudalism, and it effectively becomes the first model of supranational micronationalism.


  • Siberian Revolution occurs and the republic is replaced with a military junta.
  • Hillary Clinton wins with 53% of the electorate. Buckley takes 35%, and Wurzelbacher takes 22%.
  • The United Federation of China launches the Tiangong 1 space station signally a new beginning for China.
  • Mariner Space Development begins construction of the Armstrong Lunar Base in the Sea of Tranquility.
  • President Clinton, at the request of European President Angela Merkel, begins the removal of all US troops from the EU.
  • President Putin, asks for aid from the US and Europe to begin retaking the Rest of Russia.
  • The US, Europe, and Russia begin taking back Siberia.
  • Terra-Nova has discovered 22 Earth like planets thus far; five of which could support human life.
  • China ratifies their new constitution, it is very similar to the micronationalist representative democracy of Europe.


  • President Clinton witnesses the Dow Jones climb to 15000. She publicly declares that the Second depression is finally over after eleven years.
  • The Republican Party is unofficially downgraded to a third party.
  • The Russian Civil War finally ends.
  • Mariner captures every Near Earth Object, 95% of the revenue is directed at global economic growth.
  • Pakistan cedes itself to India when Pashtunistan joins Afghanistan.
  • Turkey joins the EU.
  • US Fores are sent into northern Mexico when the hordes of US Refugees begin to be arrested by the Mexican Government.



  • Mariner, in conjunction with NASA lands the first man on Mars.
  • IREC Director Gore reports that human greenhouse emissions have dropped to early twenty's century levels.
  • Russia begins Project Unity, an effort to develop cities damaged by the civil war and link the more isolated regions to the more developed regions of the country.
  • Europe closes its last Coal fire plant.
  • Aptera unveils the H Cruiser, the first cost effective hydrogen powered fuel cell plug-in hybrid.


  • The last Coal Fire plant is closed in Shanghai after the city is fully drained.
  • Opportunity Base is completed on Mars, and with regular flights made by the Cyclers, Mars' population doubles every six weeks.
  • Mariner finishes processing the minerals from their NEAs 75% of the minerals are transfered to Earth for commercial use, with the rest being left from the construction of space stations used as habitats and processing plants for the mining crews.


  • A cure for autism is discovered as a joint project of several hospitals in New York City, New York, U.S.. As a result of this cure, the surplus number of people creates a decade-long employment boom.
  • The tachyon is finally observed, effectively proving a version of string theory designed in 2019.


  • Carnegie Mellon University reveals the molecular replicator, a nano-manufacturing device only 1 million nanometers thin, capable of manufacturing anything to atomic precision.
  • Mariner implements the molecular replicator in the construction of space stations.
  • GM, Aptera, Chrysler, Tesla, and Ford all implement the molecular replicator for their manufacturing process.


  • All manufacturing in the US is conducted by molecular replicators.
  • GM unveils the worlds first hydrogen fuel cell hybrid capable of 500 MPGe.
  • Tesla unveils the worlds first practical flying car.
  • Mariner Space Development constructs a spacecraft capable of making a Mars flight in 2 weeks.
  • NASA, the ESA, JAXA, and the Chinese Space Program announce an international effort to terraform Mars in 30 years and establish small enclaves of habitable zones.


  • Global Greenhouse Gas levels drop to mid 20th century levels, the Greenland Ice Shelf finally begins to reform.
  • Mars receives its first terraforming ships; the Apollo, the Freyr, the Garuda, the Lugh, the Helios, the Amaterasu, and the Ra. The ships are enormous golden mirrors, each twenty miles wide and designed to raise the temperature of Mars to suitable levels for human colonization.
  • The world space programs complete construction of the Segan Radio Telescope, a giant space radio telescope capable of receiving every conceivable frequency of light and communication based signals.
  • Walt Disney is unfrozen. He commits suicide because of what his company has come to.


  • The space based particle accelerator Fermi II goes online, it is specifically designed to study gravity's ability to bend space.
  • Mars' temperature rises to 70 degrees F on the equator. The ice caps have now fully melted thanks to concentrated heating the poles.
  • The Vergil deep core drills are completed on Mars, they are intended to detonate a series of nuclear weapons within the Martian Core to jump start the planet's magnosphere. The project is set to go online once the asteroid tugs drag several large asteroids from the belt to Martian orbit to be fused with Phoebos and Demos via super heating with the space mirrors and gravity collision with the other asteroids.


  • Segan receives a series of complicated radio frequencies from a planet in the Gleisa 581 system. The frequencies are not much more complicated than Morse code, but it is hailed as the discovery of another branch of intelligent life.
  • The first colonists arrive at Valis Marinaris aboard the Mayflower.
  • The Russian Federation joins the Mars Colonization project.
  • Professor Stephen Hawking, discovers the slip stream while working at the Fermi II accelerator, he dies only months after concluding the existance of the anomole, but leaves behind the first step towards FTL travel.


  • After extensive decoding scientists on Earth successfully translate the messages from Gleisa, but what they decode is a horrifying truth. The society of Gleisa 581c had started a horrific global war some twenty years ago, and may have been on the verge of discovering nuclear weapons. With this revelation, the world's space agencies begin immediate work on an interstellar space program; Project Infinity begins.


  • The Interstellar Exploration Vehicle Independence is nearing completion, it is the first manned craft capable of FTL travel, on board will be a crew of over a thousand; all scientists, engineers, physicists, sociologists, anthropologists, linguists, diplomats, trained astronauts, and one platoon of Marines. The ship also sports a SHIELD, an advanced network of deployable satilites that are all armed with their own lasers that can shoot down any and all nuclear based weaponry.
  • Mars now has a population of half a billion people concentrated in a few cities spread out in the habitable zones.


  • ISEV Independence launches for Gliese 581c, their mission is to first confirm if life is still present on the planet, and if so to immediately begin friendly relations with the natives. If however they should be at war, diplomatic measures must proceed immediately with the deployment of SHIELD. Should a peace be unable to obtain diplomatically, the Marines must be deployed to secure key population centers from any further attack.
  • Independence reaches Gliese 581c with only a three week travel time, the planet is roughly twice the size of earth, but only 50% larger in mass. From orbit the world appears to be a burnt dying rock, with only traces of cities still detectable. The presence of life is confirmed however, upon witnessing the detonation of a nuclear weapon from orbit. The bombs the Nations have are relatively primitive, they have to be dropped from aircraft, and are in the kiloton range. The shield is immediately deployed and all bomb carrying aircraft are destroyed. An away team lands in what intel has deemed the more socially free society and begins immediate diplomacy proceedings.
  • Television has become obsolete by this stage, as the internet and computers have made it redundant. Some say that TV's redundance was long overdue.


  • After a year of negotiations with the two main alliances in what is known on Nauceanica as the Grand Atomic War, a war initially started twenty years ago over slavery, has now escalated to ingulf the entire planet in nuclear fire. When an FTL Transmission from Earth reaches the Independence the decision by humanity is made clear, engage the side that owns the slaves, The Autocratic Desert Tribe, and end it. The 100 United Nations Marines on the Independence are immediately deployed to major combat zones. Utilizing advanced weaponry and armor the human forces are able to drive the Desert Tribe Forces back to their capitol.


  • What became known as the First Contact War ends with the surrender of the Desert Tribe. The UN directs the crew of the independence to immediately begin reconstruction efforts in major cities and aide in the diplomatic restoration of the planet. The first city to be reconstructed the River Tribe's Glowing River City, the planet's second oldest continuous city.
  • The City of Au begins reconstruction, it is the capitol of the Desert Tribe, and the capitals of other tribes, mainly the Grassland and Mountain tribes.
  • A terrorist attack in Earth orbit causes a Kestler syndrome in Low Earth Orbit, cutting Earth off from the valuable resources of space, sending the world economy into an economic recession.


  • After five years on Nauceanica the crew of the Independence return to Earth. They are hailed as heros to mankind, though there is a great feeling of uneasyness after engaging in a war with another species.
  • The United Nations convine to discuss the creation of a series of inter-species conduct protocols.
  • The UNSC Vice Admiral Preston Cutter proposes a simple measure allowing any species who wishtes to and promises to abide by the basic protocols of the UN should have the right to do so. The protocol also calls for the use of molecular replicators by any species who is in some kind of global crisis, or is trying to recover from said crisis.
  • Elsie May remakes "Gravity," by John Mayer. EuroBlues is taking off around the world.


  • Humanity makes contact with a primitive civilization in the Bernard's Star system. They are sentient, and have become an agrarian society, but have not moved much farther than man during the time of the fertile crecent.
  • The United Federation of China establishes New Beijing on Alpha Centauri.
  • The debris around Earth is finally cleaned up, defensive measures are put in place to prevent further attacks. Earth's economy recovers.


  • The UN begins construction of a series of large space elivators on Earth.


  • South America Unites as the Union de la Sur.
  • The UN establishes the Universial Health Care Protocol, insuring every member nation's citizens free and universal health care. This really has no effect for humanity considering that Eugenics have made eliminated most disease. For the alien member nations, it is a revelation.


  • The United Nations conveine to discuss building a new headquarters off Earth. They elect that a space station outfitted for every habitat for every species and culture would be best. Project Unity begins.
  • Blind Eddie Jackson founds Jupiter's Shadow.


  • The UN Council on the Environment reports that the Earth's ozone layer is 98% restored.
  • The UN Security Council votes to further reduce the tonnage of the UN Navy, as many continue to cite how small a force is typically needed to stop a conflict on new worlds, and how every species humanity and the Earth Sphere have encountered have joined the UN peacefully.


  • Project Unity completes the United Nations headquarters. It is the largest station ever built.
  • Currently the UN consists of seven different intelligent species and countless nations.


  • The IEV Endurance makes contact with the first species ever discovered to have also developed translight autonomously. The species, known as the Hakari Hakari, while technologically advanced are very primitive by social standards. They are almost feline in appearance and extremely resiliant to radiation and most forms of physical injury. After a mere two hours of contact the Hakari Hakari demand that the humans surrender their territory, and join their empire. The ship's commander originaly percieved the threat as a joke, until the Hakari Hakari's drew their weapons. The Star War begins.


After over eighty years of fighting, the Star War comes to an end with the humans victorious.


As humanity begins to take stock of their resources, it becomes abundantly clear that they are out of room. During the war, humans were driven back to just their core systems: Sol, Alpha Centauri, Rigil Kentaurus, Bernard's Star, Wolf 329, Sirius A, Ross 128, and Procyon B. Countless worlds were abandoned or left by the way side as the HH systematically attacked any human colonial world. With a population bursting at the seams the UN Security Council forms the Marshal Program. Taking the most experienced veteran soldiers and who exhibited expertise in history, anthropology, and technological progress, the UNSC intended to reign back control of the hundreds of human fringe worlds. Only 173 Marshals were commissioned, each given the authority to wrestle a world back from the brink by any means necessary.


  • New Rio comes back under South American Control
  • New Hastings comes back under European Control.
  • Europe attempts to retake the planet Berlin, but the planet has become so independent that they do not want to return under European control, the Berlin Secessionist War begins.


  • Contact is remade with Planet Chikyuu in the Fuji system. It is discovered that the colony ship's Hawking Drive was damaged during atmospheric entry, and has cause a distortion in the space time continuum within 1.32 light-years of the Fuji system, accelerating the flow of time within what astronomers and physicists have dubbed a Fuji Distortion. The First Marshal to make contact with the world discovered that over 2000 years have passed on that world, and the population is completely ignorant of any technology beyond early steam engines. The planet is in the middle of a massive war between the three nations that control the four main continents.
  • Planet Omaha is reclaimed by the US. Its population had descended into a neo feudal society.
  • The Chinese reclaim Planet Jintao, though gorilla warfare on the surface forces the UFC to give the socialist regime autonomous status.
  • New Scotland is reclaimed by the Europeans.


  • The US reclaims Planet Gettysburg after a month of full scale conflict with the local forces, who have attempted to emulate the actual Confederate States of America.
  • The Caliphate reclaims their only colony outside of the core worlds; New Tripoli.
  • The US takes back planets Sonora and Mojave.


  • The Caliphate makes contact with an alien species roughly as advanced as 1st century CE humanity. They become the first species to emulate a human religion, Islam.
  • The Europeans take back the last fringe world: Planet Rhineland, a world covered almost entirely in rivers. The planet however, is controlled by a dictator physically identical to Herman Goering, and is under a Neo-Nazi regime. The Europeans respond mercilessly with several kinetic strikes on major military installations and a strategic laser strike on the world's capitol.
  • The Indians discover a planet that has been rendered lifeless by what is apparently a nuclear war. While the battle appeared to have occurred thousands of years ago, their are still ruins of the old civilizations, indicating a society roughly as advanced as Earth in the 1960s. Humanity is somewhat unnerved by the grim reminder of how close they came to nuclear armageddon.


  • The UN completes construction of the New Shield, a massive array of defensive satellites placed around every planet and moon in the Earth Sphere as well as major defensive stations in the Lagrange points of every planetary system.


The Marshals encounter an alien species that appears to have evolved from viruses. They are routhless, illogical, and consume anything they encounter. The Marshals are all called in to defend humanity and her allies from the Plague. When the dust settles, the Marshals have been victorious, and have destroyed the offending civilization, but not without heavy costs. All but four marshals are dead.


The Marshal Corps is officially disbanded, the remaining four Marshals are all awarded the USNC Medal of Valor, the highest honor awarded.

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