The Great Collapse or more commonly known as the European Takeover of America and Asia was a series of "proxies" between the year 2026 and 2038 after the end of the Russo-American War. Even though it was called the great collapse, it was more like a great economic and political recession more than it was a collapse. The Great Collapse however would be a scar on the legacy of human civilization, and one that would definitely alter the course of human history forever.


The story of The Great Collapse began in the year 2026, nearing the end of the Russo-American War between the United States of America and the Russian Federation. Due to the vast and sheer size of the war at hand, the world was left in a viable mess. Some countries were virtually unstable, and some cases even entire regions were left unstable.

As for the world powers of the time, the United States infrastructure and military forces were utterly devastated by the Russian Invasion of America, countless civilians and cities were lost from both the armies clashing. Europe faired a little better, but half of it was still severely damaged. Asia, particularly in the Middle East, were severely damaged by Chinese and Russian offensives into the region. Africa, was just a mess.

In 2025 nearing the end of the war, in typical fashion, the European Powers that had formed the European Coalition were finally at a turning point. Three times in the passed century, the European Continent had been devastated.. This time though, the continent wasn't devastated by internal bickering, but from outside invaders. With this incident, the European Coalition had decided to take matters into there own hands.

The Takeover begins

In 2026, the war in Asia was still ongoing, but the Russian Federation and the United States were still in talks about a peace negotiation. During the negotiations in front of the United Nations, the United Nations (Secretly supported by the European Union) passed "Resolution 922930."

The Resolution stated that the members of the United Nations would use United Nations Peacekeepers to distribute necessary humanitarian aid supplies to the people of the United States, the Russian Federation, and the Peoples Republic of China in the coming years. Given the shape these countries were in, the three world superpowers took the offer. Specifically, the Peoples Republic of China, who had hoped that European Aid would increase there influence in the continent.

Pan Asian-American Peace Treaty

Resolution 922930 officially came into effect in the Fall of 2027, when the Pan Russo-American Cooperation Agreement" was signed by the United States and the Russian Federation. The peace treaty signified the ceasing of military and political hostilities between the two countries, and the withdraw of occupational forces from the European Union in return for the US withdraw from the Peoples Republic of China and Vladivostok. The Pace Agreement was signed by the United States and Russian Federation Presidents, as well as by new Chinese President, Yuang Yenhai.

In addition to these agreements, the Russian Federation, the Peoples Republic of China and North Korea gathered with the United States and South Korean Governments to "officially" end the Korean War and the Chinese Civil War. In addition to these, the Japanese Governments and the Russian Governments agreed to sign an official peace treaty to end the Karil Islands dispute, and even World War II between the two countries all together. These great signing of documents became known essentially as "The Great Peace Deal" and it was expected that this would last for decades. Instead what it did is it essentially contributed to what would become known as the Federation War.

In 2026, the first United Nations Peacekeepers with boatloads of humanitarian aid and equipment arrived in Philadelphia, PA. This UN Peacekeeping force comprised of troops from many nations. These included...

  • The European Coalition (The European Union but including Greenland, Iceland, and Norway)
  • the United Kingdom
  • Morocco
  • West Morocco
  • Senegal
  • Sierra Leone
  • Niger
  • South Africa
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Columbia
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Bangladesh
  • Thailand
  • The Philippines
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Korea
  • Japan

In January of 2027, and then March, they arrived in the Peoples Republic of China. As world trade increased, the European lead United Nations Peacekeepers protected the transport of food and medical aid. There initially were reports of celebrations and cheering all across the world as emergency hospitals and food banks were quickly set up. Additionally, the European lead UN Peacekeepers wasted no time in deploying planes and ground vehicles to travel across continents to reach the effected world.

Workers from the countries taking part in the United Nations Peacekeeping mission, in Russia in particular, set up large and well stocked food banks and aid stations. They also used there resources to build temporary housing and rebuilding destroyed property for all those who had lost there things during the war.

Initially, the Europeans encountered nothing but friendly faces. Some, mostly inside of Russia, threw bottles or bricks, some even began to riot, however in the US and China, people were just thankful to have the basics taken care of for now because for most of them, as it had been a long time since they slept somewhere warm and ate three meals a day.

However, as the mission continued onwards it became very clear that this was not intending to be a peacekeeping mission. The reality of it was that the European Coalition decided to take over these countries to make them be forced by there terms.

Geopolitical Shift

With the European Coalition in complete control of the worlds powers, the European Coalition essentially started to begin dictating the world on there terms. The first act of the occupation was in the 2028 Elections of the United States and the Russian Federation. The European Coalition rigged the US and Russian Presidential Elections, replacing them with puppet stooges. Many Americans and Russians were unaware with these changes, and went along with it. In order to secure China, the Europeans bribed many Chinese Oligarchs into submission.

In 2030, the European Coalition set up the new advisory bodies of the United States, Russian Federation, and the Peoples Republic of China. The US would have an advisory group to the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China, and would participate in the meetings of the Russian Party Congress and Chinese Communist Party meetings. The Peoples Republic of China would have an advisory body to the United States and the Russian Federation, and would participate in meetings of the US Congress and Senate and the Russian Party Congress. The Russian Federation would also have advisors to the United States and the Peoples Republic of China, and would have access to meetings of the US Congress and Senate, as well as the Chinese Communist Parties.

These advisory groups would be controlled by a European Advisory group to all the parties involved. As per the terms of the treaty, the four parties would meet in a selected location and would discuss political issues to keep the other in check and to keep the balance of power. In reality, this would be so the European Coalition could dictate global affairs on there terms. With these advisory groups, the European Coalition slowly took power away from these governments via the United Nations, turning them into nothing but figureheads.

Beginning in 2032, the European Coalition began dismantling the militaries of these countries. The European Coalition first began with unilateral disarmament of the occupied countries. This mainly included dismantling Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons, reducing in American Military spending, and many others. The European Coalition soon sized American, Russian, and Chinese Military bases and turned them into bases for there operations, and sometimes building entirely new facilities.

Geopolitical Situation

The world of 2037 after the European Takeover of the United States, Russia, and China

By 2037, a decade after the European Takeover, the now European Controlled United States, Russian Federation, and the Peoples Republic of China, and other states were occupied by a European led United Nations Peacekeeping Force, the United Nations Special Service Unit (UNSSU), composed primarily of primarily European, Latin American, African, and Asian Forces. The UNSSU troops were stationed in many barracks and major population centers across all occupied regions. UNSSU troops periodically engaged in destructive combined arms training exercises which are deliberately intimidating to the local population.

After the European Takeover, the occupation leaders realized that the occupation was going horribly wrong. In many areas of the world, there were slums and getto areas filled with unemployed and poor average income people. In the United States in particular, there were "camps" of poverty stricken people. These poverty stricken people were anathema to the Europeans and their fellow citizens. Association and communication with some of these people were heavily monitored due to Political Resistance. Some risked their own reputation by offering humanitarian aid.

Due to the economic situation, the European Coalition was forced to introduce paid labor conscription in order to boost the unified world economy the Europeans created. Beginning in 2035, the Europeans introduced production, labor, and immigration quotas. These quotas were designed in coordination with the unification of the USMCA and CAFTA Agreements. This came along with a rationing foodstuffs with the surplus being shipped to the European Coalition.

European Occupation Elsewhere

After the European takeover of the United States, Russia, and China, the European Coalition spread it's influence across the world. Most of the European Union lead United Nations and UNSSU has spread it's influence into Africa, parts of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North America, and parts of South America.

In this new world, Norway, Iceland, French Guinea, Guyana, and Greenland were forced to become members of the European Coalition. Canada, Greenland, India, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Malaysia have become observer states to the European Coalition. In Africa, most of the countries (Mostly former British Commonwealth and French Commonwealth Members) are European Dominions. In the Middle East, the region looks nothing like it's former self. The UNSSU along with the United States National Guard, is actively fighting in the Middle East to restore order to the region, but the region's resources are starting to dry up. In Latin America, the Venezuela and Cuban Governments have been overthrown, and are occupied by UNSSU troops. The Islamic Republic of Iran, the Republic of Afghanistan, and Indonesia have become sworn enemies of the European Coalition, and currently the UNSSU is actively fighting against the Indonesian Military for control over West Papua.

Politics of this new world

A Military Parade in the European Occupied United States

In this new world, the United Nations fell under the direct control of the European Coalition, and it was through the United Nations that the EC was able to present direct control over occupied territory. The flag is of the occupied territories is that pale blue United Nations flag, with crossed U.S. and Russian flags superimposed on the sides. The U.S. flag is shown with its stars, and this flag is displayed during the Fourth of July, VE Day, and National Day ceremonies (Which includes a UNSSU Military Parade). The standard U.S, Russian, and Chinese flags are allowed but it is not allowed to be used in public gatherings or business, it is only used on Government buildings and property. The U.S, Russian, and Chinese national anthem also is allowed, but it is heavily restricted where it can be played.

The flag of the occupied territories

In this new world. The United States, Russian Federation, and the Peoples Republic of China have faced unilateral disarmament of there nuclear weapons, this was accomplished after the three superpowers signed the Nuclear Weapons ban treaty. Additionally the USD, the Russian Rubel, and the Chinese Renminbi get there values via the European Euro and are pegged onto the New Gold Standard in this fashion. Additionally, the U.S. Russian and Chinese President and Congress become mere figureheads for their European Overseers.

Divided United States

Divided States of America.PNG

In 2028, after one year of official occupation, the U.S. Congress divided the United States into multiple "administrative areas." These areas are intended to become modelled in the way the European Coalition has unified it's country. The Administrative Areas are known to be...

  • California Special District: California, Nevada, Hawaii
  • Western: Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming
  • Northwest: Oregon, Washington, Alaska
  • Southwest: Arizona, New Mexico
  • North Central: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
  • Heartland: Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska (this is Peter Bradford's administrative area, and the territory which eventually becomes Heartland, with Omaha, Nebraska as its capital)
  • South Central: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas
  • Southern: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi
  • Mid-Atlantic: Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia
  • Appalachia: Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia
  • Midwest: Indiana, the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania (presumably named after the phone company that serviced these areas)
  • Northeastern: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont

In addition to these areas, Washington, D.C. comprises its own National Administrative District, South Florida is described by a character as the "Space Zone," and there is a passing reference to three "International Cities," one of which is San Francisco. Michigan is separated into two administrative regions, with the Lower Peninsula belonging to Midwest, and the Upper Peninsula belonging to the North Central region, Alaska however was a different story. Alaska was never "pacified", requiring continued engagement by European troops. Most of these engagements were of resistance by former members of the US Government. Armed resistance also took place in the Rocky Mountains and in West Virginia. The U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and American Samoa became new states added to the US Government, all be it this was so the United States could become weaker.

According to the European Coalition, each Administrative Area is governed by a supervising board made up of the governments of the states that comprised each Area, Alaska, Hawaii, and other American territories are special acceptations to this. In addition, individual state legislatures continue to make laws for individual states and counties. In addition, the "American Reformist Party" provides advisory groups from the European Union, as well as an advisory group for the national government. In addition, to keep the "Peace" between the three rival powers, the European Union has implied for Russian Advisors to advise and report about the US President and US Congress/Senate. In the same fashion, the United States has advisors in the Russian Government that reports in as well. These two advisors meet once every month in front of European Advisors in order to keep the peace between the two nations. China though was a loose end, and while it did have European and UNSSU Advisors, it never contributed.

The United States Military was completely reworked to fit the European Occupation. Each American in each administrative area is required to serve in the US military for four years. American Soldiers are taught special things that the regular American public is not taught. They are taught about there ancestors and are told that there service will better support the American People. The Europeans usually use propaganda tactics such as the help seeking a good civilian job after there service is over. The United States military was reorganized into a "National guard" type military. The US military is being used to deal with internal problems inside the United States itself, such as the resistance movement. Each administrative area also has there own national guard unit that is being used to protect the American people. The United States Military is being forced to cooperate with the UNSSU, and the United States Military is actively being used in UNSSU Missions across the world.

Life in occupied territories

Not much is known about life in the occupied Russian Federation or the Peoples Republic of China. However, according to recent documents that were recently revealed, life in the occupied regions was one of "minimum wage living conditions" in which citizens were just barely able to get on with there lives. Additionally, after the complete rebuilding of the United States, Russia, and China, thousands of jobs were cut because there simply wasn't enough jobs available. The living conditions in the occupied territories varied, from decent in the United States and China, to poor in Russia and other regions.

The Rust Belt in the United States faces its own special problems. Most of its advanced factory equipment was destroyed during the Russian Invasion of the United States in the Russo-American War. The European Coalition attempted to rebuild the region, but unfortunately not all could be saved. The region suffers 50% unemployment as a result, and its residents are not permitted to leave, except to volunteer for factory work in the European Coalition and other European territories, from which no one has yet returned.

These conditions were virtually the same in the heavily industrialized Eastern China. Due to the US invasion of China during the Russo-American War, the Chinese destroyed most of its factories and cultural centers to make the American Invasion worthless. However, when the war ended, the Europeans basically replaced the factories with European Ones. This in turn has thrown many Chinese out of work.

Education was also a huge issue inside the European occupied regions. The European Coalition heavily reworked the American, Russian, and Chinese School systems. Children and teenagers alike were taught false accounts about previous events, including talking about how American Ancestors got into fights a a lot and were brainwashed. This kind of counter culture was praised by European Officials in hopes that they could create a world where the ideals of political hatred between nations was non existent.

Mostly, the citizens of these didn't have a choice or say in any of the issues, and were forced to comply. The European led UNSSU in Russia and China in particular treated Russian and Chinese Civilians with suspicion. Not much is known, but all we do know is that the UNSSU in Russia forced a strict curfew against civilians, limited internet accessibility, and banned all talks about Communist Ideologies. The Communist Party was officially dissolved, and it's members were never discovered. China has not released any details about the European Occupation, and it is difficult to tell what life was like, but it is believe that the European presence was relaxed compared to the United States and Russia.

The end of the occupation

The end of the occupation of the United States, Russia, and China started to come about in 2037. The European leaders of the occupation of all three countries were faced with the dual problem of keeping the countries pacified and convincing the European Coalition Council that their fears of a revitalized U.S. and Russia are unfounded because the country can no longer pose a threat. The European Coalition Council was not convinced, and considered exploding three nuclear nuclear weapons over an unnamed U.S. cities as a warning to the U.S. people and to the world. Trying to be relatively human about it, the European Council came up with another plan.

At great risk, the European Coalition council decided to dissolve the United States, the Russian Federation, and the Peoples Republic of China. Additionally, members of there Governments would be exiled if they refuse to dissolve the nation's government and disperse in peace. This plan however backfired massively when the worlds press got wind of the plan. This sparked outrage across Russia and China, who's people began to protest after realizing that they were not being helped, this was an occupation. The American Resistance started growing considerably, and there attacks on UNSSU facilities became regular. Many politicians spoke out in arouse, even though they were personally recommended by the European Coalition. However, things were about to get really ugly.

Terrorism in Panama

In 2037, after some tense relations, some groups in the Panama Defense Forces revolted against the pro-European Government in Panama. Since the European Coalition had nationalized the Panama Canal, the anti-Government Forces detonated an explosive device on one of the locks in the Panama Canal. The result saw the Panama Canal flooded, and causing all trade in the Canal to come to a halt. This started to have drastic economic and political effects around the world as global trading basically became slower.

Not long after the attack on the Panama Canal, the European Coalitions Economy first entered a recession, before it fully crashed in New Years 2038. The result of the crash saw the miniscule economies of the United States, Russia, and China start to tank as well. The European Coalitions Council was now in a rough spot, they could either continue the occupation, or focus on the problems at home, but they couldn't do both. After not that long of a consideration, the European Coalition passed a resolution to pull back the occupation forces out of the United States, Russia, and China. The UNSSU would also be dissolved in the process.

The withdrawal

In the winter of 2038, the European Coalition and the United Nations announced a pullback from the United States, Russia, and China. The remaining countries that contributed to the UNSSU were free to continue supporting it, or free to leave it. Most countries like in South America decided to leave the United Nations all together, as did many other nations. The Final UNSSU units pulled out of the United States on March 20th, 2038, ending the occupation for good.

Within the following hours of the UNSSU leaving there occupied regions, the United States Government abolished the administrative areas and ceased all barracks that belonged to the UNSSU. In addition, the UNSSU left behind large amounts of equipment, signifying a very hasty withdrawal. This equipment was ceased by there respective countries. In addition, the American Reformist Party and the advisory groups that were sent to all three were dispended entirely. In 2039, the Russian, American, and Chinese Militaries officially met in Hawaii and conducted a training excersie which involved a European Coalition attack, RIMPAC became the official "Alliance" between the three countries for many years.


The "Great Collapse" as it became affectionally known in the history books was seen as one of the greatest missteps in world history. The European Coalition was left politically and economically divided after the collapse. The United States was reformed and was liberated, but albeit needing serious help and support. The Russian Federation's old government was replaced with a pro-Neutral Government that wanted to try and continue a policy of peaceful coexistence, as well as new reforms to bring Russia into the modern day. The Peoples Republic of China and the United States having most of there industrial complex's removed tried to settle there differences between there respective countries, which lead to a cold friendship between the two states.

On June 2nd, 2039, due to the economic problems at home, the nations of Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, united to form a brand new country, the Federation of the Americas. Later on in 2039, the new nation of Azawad declared independence from Mali. Then later on in 2039, the new nation called "United Federation of Sudan" officially came into existence as a unification between Sudan and South Sudan. All of these events were all caused by the Great Collapse, and ultimately they would have political consequences in the future.

In the end, the Great Collapse achieved nothing and only caused humanity to go backwards instead of forwards like it was promised. The reputation of the European Coalition was destroyed and it ultimately lead the idea of a pan European Nation, this new nation would eventually form into the European Federation. The Great Collapse was considered by historians to be one of the biggest mistakes ever undertaken in world history. However, ultimately the Great Collapse would be one of the direct causes of the deadliest war in Human History, more commonly known as the Federation War.