Welcome to the Futurologist Awards 2017. This is a page to commemorate the best of Future in 2017. This awards ceremony will be held annually, on either June 15 or December 30 (Vote on it guys).

Decide your nominees and nominate someone for an award. Everyone will vote on the winner in due time.


Best Article Nominees

Best Map Game Nominees

Best User Nominees

  • Alexander of Volzhsky, because he always try to make the games as plausible as they can be and always writes the most detailed mod responses that I've ever seen along with a very detailed story line during his turns in Discord. – AllThingsCombined
  • AllianceScoutAiothai:Was the most influential and charismatic person on this wiki.helps others and always remained impartial. Although the leader he always treats us like his friends.and very plausible with his map games and his map games are usually hits.-Flag of IndiaThis is Sailesh ,the BossFlag of Russia


When should the Futurologist Awards be held?

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