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The Chequers Age (also known as the Post-Digital Age and the Warm Age) is a historic period characterized by a much hotter climate throughout the Earth, as well as a post-knowledge economy. Technological advnace have mainly slowed down since the end of the Information Age in the 2050s.

Egregious ignorance during the early 21st century had led the United Nations to not develop a fully comprehensive climate change agreement until the Paris Agreement in 2015, and even so, no real change came about until the start of the Climate Change Coalition (the Triple Cs) was formed in 2029, and the signing of the London Agreement in 2031, considered the most sweeping intergovernmental climate change regulations since the Montreal Protocols signed in 1987.

This timeline will explore the time between a UN report in 2018 describing humanity has until 2030 to reverse the severe effects of climate change until 2118, 100 years after that very report.

This timeline will be copied onto Miraheze when it is fleshed out.


"Chequers" became a common moniker for a failed or unfavorable negotiation or a compromise in the United Kingdom after Brexit and then Prime Minister Theresa May's Chequers Deal, which was supposed to reach a deal between those that wanted a soft Brexit and those that wanted a hard Brexit. However, it was unpopular in Parliament on both sides of the aisle, and quickly became a jest at Theresa May's and her cabinet's negotiating efforts.

It became a popularized term for the modern era after a 2103 book on the drastic effects on climate change and how previous generations could have seriously halted the adverse effects of it.

In North America, the moniker was confused for the archaic board game checkers, and as such in the US and Canada, is known as "The Checkers Age".



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