In the future, terrorism will be eliminated. Starting in the developed world then in the third world. Thanks to globalization, less people are poor. Poverty is the cause of most terrorism. Because of the City Awareness Grid Electronic C.A.G.E bombs can't be activated and all terrorists' movements are tracked useing Biometrics. Airplanes will eventually be controlled by artificial intelligence and will not be able to be taken over by terrorists.

One Scenario:

Advances in Biotechnology lead to the possibility of relatively small sects producing lethal weapons on a previously unimaginable scale. To counter this threat Information Control is used to mislead, trap, and generally mitigate the danger.

Another Scenario: A New Caliphate - a popular and charismatic leader of the Muslim world:

The proclamation of a Caliphate would not lessen the likelihood of terrorism and, in fomenting more conflict, could fuel a new generation of terrorists intent on attacking those opposed to the Caliphate, whether inside or outside the Muslim world.


  • under $10,000, and a ton of people, to make a bad virus
"Bioterrorists could create a varicella-IL-4 recombinant virus more easily than they could acquire or manufacture the pathogens that top the select-agents list. ... The total costs, including the DNA synthesizer: probably less than $10,000." -- Technology Review: The Knowledge


A fundamental problem: With increased technology, communication and higher population density, the ability of relatively small groups of people to maim and kill large numbers increases.

Possible terrorist targets include:

Skyscrapers, Airports (especially bio-attack), Oil refineries, Oil tankers (docked), Nuclear power stations, water supply, food chain.

Secondary Effects

An important element in controlling terrorism is controlling the public reaction. For example mass exodus from major cities on threat of a terrorist attack might cause more actual damage than the attack itself.

Stopping Terrorism