This is Future Fiction, or as I like to call it, FutureFic. I think that this Wiki would benefit from having a Fiction category.

WHY ARE WE WRITING IN THE PAST TENSE? We're talking about the future... Surely, the past tense cannot be the answer. I've started rewriting this article from the top. I've just done the Background section, and honestly, I'm not too pleased with the results. I'll keep going and see how it works out.

I've deleted this: "Regional wars were fought over the planet's dwindling oil reserves." because it just doesn't make sense given the rest of the timeline. If we have lots of Fusion Power by 2031, oil reserves aren't going to be drained anytime soon. Also, if we have cheap fusion power, we can extract hydrocarbons from non-conventional sources such as tar sands. A drop in the price of electricity will result in a either a drop in the price or a drop in the demand for hydrocarbon fuels - or both.

Okay. I've just done my first rewrite of "The Colonization of the Moon". "The Lunar Crisis" isn't ordered right, though. Paragraphs aren't right, either. Oh, and this sentence "Counting also the dozen or so commercial mining operations established on the moon, Luna's human population was nearly a thousand." is just awful. Anyway. I'll fix it on the second pass. StylusEpix

I didn't write this, but my thoughts on what "fictional, non-scenario" might be:

Future-focused Scenario focuses on:

  • realism
  • predicting the future

Future-focused Fiction focuses on:

  • drama, personality
  • communication of ideas

Sometimes, it's easier to communicate ideas about the future through fiction rather than by Scenario!

Because, by fiction, you don't have to worry about accuracy. Which allows you to tell a story that's fun (that people will listen to, that people are receptive to, that people will enjoy,) and a story that communicates ideas, and that won't be pecked as "oh, that's not realistic at all."

Nobody expects Star Trek to be realistic, but it does communicate ideas about the future. (See: The communicator device, communicating the idea of the cell phone.)

They don't have to spend all their time in full-time futurism to present compelling ideas (which are valuable to this process!) about the future.

A Scenario, I would think, should be much more rigorous. It should consider multiple dimensions of future life, even though it is dedicated to one (or more) central assumptions.

LionKimbro 23:52, 3 September 2006 (UTC)

What utter rubbish! Wars after wars--alien attacks and the like written by the worst "games" writer for 'action' and not any sense of humanity.11:15, 1 September 2008 (UTC)

I think it would make a great game!

Me, personally, I think it would make an awesome FPS to rival that of even Halo. But what you need to do is make a main fighting force to fight the aliens, like the UNSC are fighting The Covenant. You should also right an article specifically on the Aliens known as "Chigs" like their physical characteristics, like are they tall, or short? I think you should make them short, stout little insect critters, who utter funny punch-lines and stuff, and have all the capabilities us humans do, only better. If you work at it this could turn into an awesome game. I am making one called Total Assault. It takes place in the year 2099. Humanity has been at war with an alien covenant known as The Zodiac. In the year 2081, humans were making Worm Jumps and colonising most of the Galaxy, but when we attempted to make plans to colonise other galaxies, like our closest neighbor, Adromeda, we were over-heard by an alien force known as the Arians, hailing from the Aries constellation. They had apparently been watching us since we first began evolution, and watched as we evolved and spread, and killed everything in our path, even the Earth itself began to die, like a Parasite, we spread, and colonised, and killed, unknowing that we had awoken an alien rage and fear and that they, fearing for the safety of all terrestrial life, encouraged our extinction. They cite "Nature cries out for your destruction, and we THE ZODIAC, ARE ITS WILLING INSTRUMENT!" and they will not stop until we, every single human being, lies dead in the sands of time. One by one, they wiped out our colonies, working their way to Earth, they finally got to the final border colony, Adonias, and then the UEM were able to push them back. The Zodiac fleets retreated, but one UEM ship, known as the Gnashbone Fury was caught in the jump of one of the Zodiac Combat Carriers. On the other side of the jump, the crew gazed upon what appeared to be a massive utopia of lush atmosphere, jungles, oceans, mountains, and fauna, all of which appeared to be growing on a massive disk the diameter of Earth, a disk in the shape of a Hexagram. Little do the crew know, this is a Haven from something far more dangerous than the Zodiac, something that threatens all life in existence, in the Universe, and beyond, and in the end, only one race will conquer Haven, the Humans, or the races of the Zodiac... and this will prove to be the Humans greatest battle yet, this... Total Assault... --Lord Lycan 02:02, 17 May 2009 (UTC)


Wow this is a great article, just a few things I dont understand are:

  1. It says, "nuclear fusion reactors provided a virtually limitless amount safe energy from a clean-"burning" fuel." but contrastingly "biosphere contaminated by the burning of fossil fuels and use of dirty nuclear power (i.e. fission)" . This is very contrdictory and i think should be changed.
  2. Also, I think that the word "Universe" describes a singular existance, as "Uni"= one or Singular, therefore the idea about the existance of more than one Universe is ...incorrect?

Well, I am not sure if it should be changed so i posted it here. (There re some other minor things also but they cant be argued over, as this is a Science "Fiction".)

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