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"I don't consider my criminalization of television article 
 to be useless.  Television is useless, because people waste 
 time watching predictable programming, they gain weight while 
 watching television, and don't engage in their social lives. 

A lot of television is damaging - and becoming more so. With current trends computer generated Anime content is likely to make television even worse, not better. However, although a lot of television content is 'bad' there is also good television content too. I remember an excellent series about how the human body works called 'The Body in Question'. It was entertaining and educational - I learned more biology from that 12 episode series than I did in school. JC 13:31, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

Discussion of Feb-2007 re-write

Tell me what you think of this re-write of your article.... JC 13:31, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

I like the re-write for this article. I think that it's really cool and more in-depth than my version. You have my permission to re-write this article in that particular fashion. RyanVG

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GJeremy's responses

  • Banning television would be like Bush starting a new draft to invade north Korea.
  • The ban would be worthless if they didn't ban DVDs as well.
  • If television was banned in 2040 there would be no television fans in 2157.


Well for starters it wouldn't be Bush doing the banning... Is a ban on TV unthinkable? 20 years ago, could one have imagined cigarettes being banned?

There are many problems with this TV-ban scenario and it doesn't, yet, really hold up. There would need to be related bans on DVD, YouYube and so on. I personally see convergence of internet/TV/DVD as obvious - and then content filtering coming in.

  • Hard filtering - total ban on snuff movies, ban on info on how to make bombs and on how-to hijack jumbo jets.
  • Intelligent soft filtering - making 'undesirable' content appear low down in search lists, combined with tracking of who is accessing it, and control of how much access they get to undesirable content in a given time period - and what to.

The big unknown is what the content filtering will filter, and how that will be decided.

TV being treated like banned drugs is an outlandish idea - but a more moderate scenario about widespread 'filtering' wouldn't make the key points so well. So, I'm open to having an in-your-face scenario about a ban - even though I disagree with the scenario. To make a total ban scenario more credible, we would need some new elements, only hinted at on the main page. If computer AI, Scenario: Google as God, shows us that TV is hugely damaging to society, and if we'd come to trust and rely on that AI.... Far more likely anyway that in 10 years time 'TV' will be an irelevance, because everything will be on the internet.... JC 11:20, 27 February 2007 (UTC)

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In the year 2032 the Brainchip was invented. It was able to store all television shows up to the year 2020 due to its limited size. All other content could be downloaded off the internet wich had become the main sourse of television sense 2016 thanks to YouTube which started braodcasting in Highdef in 2012 and in hologram form by 2015. Cable and satilite television had be come obsolete. All people had to do was buy a monitor. The Brain chip also eliminated the need for monitors, computers, and video game consals. The user had a free virtual reality enviornment which he cold manipulate to his will.

Some improvments that can be made

  • I have createted a new article that I think better represents what will happen with Television Scenario:Television.


Relying sole entertainment on Hollywood?

So let me get this straight here if T.V. is banned we have to go to movie theaters for our entertainment? I find that to be uneithical and first of all most movies that have been produced by Hollywood have been how to say disappointments right from the start let face it bad movies will be to be a bigger problem if we cut bad T.V. off the problem is not the televison it's the people who work for corrupt networks thats the cancer of the media since these days is all about spoon feeding people only one side of the story and leaving the more important peices of imformation in the garbage can and as for bad shows you can easily blame the FCC for letting crap on television like south park and family guy and many others to follow that would turn future generations into paranoid, stupid, and xenophobic towards anyone who's diffrent like the Republican Party of the United States.Crypto457 19:00, March 10, 2010 (UTC)


Some of your srticles sound vaguely communistic, your will fall.

  • Communism and fascism are two different ideologies, you're contradicting yourself. 16:00, April 15, 2010 (UTC)


You expect the rest of the world to copy just another of Hugo Chavez's paranoid little bans? Saying TV causes violence and sociopathy is just like saying all video games do the same. Playing Mario definately makes me want to go out and rape someone to death (Disclaimer: OF COURSE NOT!!!). Just remember: Charles Manson listened to the Beatles. He thought they were giving him "instructions" for Helter Skelter (the name of a Beatles song, btw). Besides, remember Prohibition? Banning something doesn't keep people from doing it. It just makes it more exppensive (like bootleg booze then, and marijuana today). It seems infinitely STUPID to have the mafia sell blackmarket TVs (an inevitable result of your global TV ban, Ryan)!!! If the only way to watch the Olympics is for you to be rich and able to travel all the way to see them, then why have them at all? If I'm a Serbian living in your world, why would I give a s**t if a fellow Serbian wins an Olympic Gold Medal in the 21(who the hell cares) Lunar Olympics? After all, I probably didn't even see it or even know it happened, because I didn't have the money to fly to the moon or a TV so I could see it at home! Ryan, you are a goddamn Canadian elitist!

Jasosa, stop doing that. If you do, an admin will just block you or don't try to put the blame on Ryan, stop getting Ryan to start an blatant argument on the talk page, he's been retired since 2015. ― Hussein Sonic (talk | contribs) 22:47, June 12, 2018 (UTC)