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In this future humanity discovers a crashed alien ship in Antarctica (called The Disk ) 67 years after the discovery of this ship they are able to copy the technology and become a space-faring civilization. They discover many wonders like the glass volcanoes on Branhuld and the sentient clouds of Quantez .

NC-1445 was the first ship that encountered intelligent alien life


  • 10 December 2026: Chinese revolution, China becomes a Westernized nation
  • 20th January 2032: Dwenit is the new president of the USA
  • 9 February 2033: Dwenit is the worst president ever and leads the US into an economic crisis
  • 20 February 2033: The US is falling apart, Texas and Alaska have become independent
  • 8 August 2033: 28 other states become independent
  • 30 December 2034: The last 2 US states (Maryland and Delaware) become independent
  • 20 January 2037: China (now the leading superpower) discovers a crashed spaceship in Antarctica (The disk)
  • 29 July 2040: The Disk's existence is revealed to the public
  • 20 January 2104: Technology is reverse-engineered, humanity is now a spacefaring civilization (New way of year classification, BS (before space) and AS (after space)
  • 16 January 20 AS: All nations on earth unite and become the nation Gaia, the planet now also calls Gaia
  • 30 June 280 AS: humanity sends its first ships out of the Milky Way
  • 5 march 350 AS Gaia forms a union with millions of other planets, forming The Intergalactic Union