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It is the year 3463 man has colonized space. In this scenario we will talk about the technology, colonies, flags, terminology and a lot more in this future.

In this timeline humanity has colonized the entire Sol system and has spread its influence over many other systems, including the Alpha Centauri system, Ross 128 system and Tau Ceti system.

A quick heads up


New York City

I will make some assumptions that are completely illogical, but are just to make it at least a bit easier. In this scenario we will assume that English stays the dominant language and does not change over time. In this scenario I will try to only follow the laws of physics, but maybe take some liberties, this means no FTL or technologically generated gravity. No alien contact has been made, though we have seen alien species (on Freyja for example), none of them are intelligent. I don’t know a lot about politics so most of the politics in this scenario could be really strange or just wrong.

The TR

The TR (Terran Republic), in the people’s mouth called Terra, is the successor of the old UN, but with vastly more power. The TR controls the entire planet Terra . They strive for peace and prosperity , for Terra and because of the vast distances they can not influence other systems. This means that there are 3 systems where the TR has no power. The design of the flag of the TR consists of seven rings intersecting each other and a deep-blue-sea in the background. The rings are centered on the flag forming a flower in the middle, representing life on Earth. The intersection of the rings represent that all things on Earth are linked directly or indirectly. The rings are organized in a Borromean rings–like fashion, representing not only the seven continents, but how no part of Earth can be removed without the whole structure collapsing. Finally, the deep-blue represents the ocean and the importance of water for life on Earth. The flag was designed by Oskar Pernefeldt in 2015.
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