The Fall of the United States

AUGUST 2020 - Leadership; Fallen

With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in the air, also being highly contagious, anyone was able to catch it anytime. While Trump and Pence do their regularly-scheduled testing, on August 23rd, President Trump and Michael Pence tested positive for COVID-19. They were both immediately put into quarantine the same day not even an hour later. Updates took place almost everyday on the news, and it was announced Michael Pence died on August 26th, 2020. Only a day later, August 27th, Donald Trump was thinking on his new VP mourning Pence, and ended up dying of COVID-19 a few minutes later. Joe Biden was immediately sworn into office that evening. Their funeral was hosted on September 1st, 2020. Joe Biden later took the oath on October 6th.

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