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Super Bowl LXXIX was a major sport event that took place at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany.

The two competing National Football League teams were the Dallas Cowboys (under coach Tony Romo) and the Denver Broncos (under coach Tim Tebow). Since the price of popcorn, soda, beer and hot dogs were so expensive at that time, people brought their own lunches to the game and actually lost weight two days after the game was over.


This would be the last major event to be televised prior to the world television ban that took place in the year 2040 due to concerns about strong sexual content and graphic violence on television. Music for the halftime show will be done by surviving members of One Direction. Advertising costs would exceed $15 billion North American Common Dollars (being the official currency of Canadamerica during this era). Dallas would go on to win this game by two touchdowns, two extra point attempts, and a field goal. Their legendary quarterback Kristopher Smith would go on to win the game's MVP and spend the rest of his career successfully beating Brett Favre's record for the most touchdown passes in a career. All future NFL games were televised on Puerto Rican television because that country became the only country to keep TV legal after 2040.

It is possible for people in the Southeastern portion of Canadamerica (and Cuban Florida) to watch illegal Puerto Rican satellite television; but with a few minor setbacks. Later broadcasts would be also be produced by amateurs (first in English and then in Lobjan when people got more literate in that language) and aired on a 72-day tape delay in the Lunar Protectorate due to licensing, transport, and bureaucratic issues with the NFL.

When the United States of Earth was established in 2090, the new government forced all sports leagues to be co-ed. Those leagues who could not readily adjust women athletes into the mainstream competition would find themselves to be banned by the USE for "encouraging sexism in professional sports." By January 1, 2091, females would outnumber males in what would become the World Gridiron League.

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