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United States of Earth

Billings, Canadamerica, U.S.E. in the year 2110
Country United States of Earth
State Canadamerica
Founded 1877
Government Mayor-council
Mayor Jimmy James

– Total 607 sq. mi.

Elevation 3,123 ft (952 m)

Population 5,581,450

Time zone Mountain (UTC-7)

Billings, Montana has become an industrial city when automobile production moved to Billings in 2024. The city went through more urbanization changes in 2035. Tampa Bay Buccaneers moved to Billings at the Billings Sports Complex in 2041. It became the 16th largest city in Canadamerica, and there are plenty of jobs there. Montana's farms were more northern as the city included urban agriculture facilities like Windroit. R.R. Corporation is the largest company that operates its company in Billings. Since the small city has grew, and got a larger population. It is one of the largest cities in the United States, and pretty successful.


Billings has been a pretty small city in the beginning of the 21st century. By the end of the century, Billings population increased 35% more. American families were moving to more safer cities, and Billings had a low population. While Muskegon (Michigan) also had a low population, it had a hard time attracting new people because of the toxic waste legacy of General Motors.

In the 2120 census, there were 2,596,729 people in the city of Billings. There was a major difference in the city since the 2000 census. Little Rock, Billings, Boise, and Birmingham are small cities in the United States of Earth who's population will increase over time. Urbanization of areas around Billings began occurring. Big cities began building, and conventional farms became extinct. Billings became the new Denver, while Denver replaced Phoenix. There were more good-paying jobs Billings than in Denver as of 2110 that had full-time working hours.


Electric car supply

A charging station in Parktown, Billings, Montana.

Billings became the electric city in the late 2100s. Electric companies Billectric, and Montech, Inc, were supplying the energy for many automobiles all over Montana. There are many Billectric charging stations all over Montana. Billectric was founded in 2057 in Northern Billings. Montech was founded in Great Falls in the late 2100s.


  • Interstate 90 - Interstate 90 is a busy freeway in Billings, Montana
  • Interstate 92 (future) - Future road goes to second largest city, Largo, Montana in Northeastern Montana.
  • Interstate 94


There are two airports the Billings North Metropolitan Airport, which is the 15th busiest airport in Canadamerica, and the Billings Logan International Airport, which is not used as much as Billings North Airport.


Their NFL sports team is Billings Buccaneers, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers moved to Billings.

New Buccaneers logo.

The Billings Bucks is the International Basketball League Team. Who play at the Billings Arena.

The Billings Arena, where IBL team, Billings Bucks play.