The Russo-American War, as it would later become known by historians, was a conflict that occurred between the years of 2019 and 2027. Starting off as the declaring of independence of Kurdistan from both Turkey and the Syrian Arab Republic, the conflict escalated into an invasion of Syria, and eventually all out global war between the long time adversaries of the United States of America, and the Russian Federation, as well as the alliances of both NATO and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, as well as various other organizations.

The war itself would become the largest conflict in human history, spanning Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and North Artic. The conflict would also be one of the most ideologically divided conflicts in the world, with Liberalism, Authoritarianism, Islamic Extremism, Socialism, and many other ideologies duking it out across multiple continents. Ultimately, it would captivate in the deaths of what was estimated to be 190 Million People, and injuring and wounding another 300 Million for both soldier and civilian. While ultimately this war was the largest, it eventually paved the way for The Great Collapse, the PMC Wars, and the Federation-American War over the next several decades.


Flag of Kurdistan

The Russo-American War can be traced back to October of 2019, when the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, and the Rojava Region of Syria, officially united under one government, declaring independence from both Syria and Eastern Turkey as a Marxist Kurdish State governed by the Kurdistan Workers Party or the PKK. The United States, much to the surprise of everybody, recognized the independence, and began organizing the withdraw of American Troops from the region. Little did they know, this would be the beginning of the deadliest war the Human Race had ever known.

By this point in history, the war between the PKK and the Turkish Government had been going on for over 40 years, and this time the Turkish Civil War had reached a turning point. With Turkey loosing a good chunk of its lands, Turkey finally had enough and launched a cruel invasion of Kurdistan in which they murdered over 100,000 Kurds. To further quell the rebellion, the Turkish Government began a genocide against the Kurdish Population in Eastern Turkey. This genocide resulted in the deaths of almost 12 million Kurds, and went undetected, at least until it was.

This invasion caught the Syrian Arab Republic and the Kurdish Region completely by surprise, and soon, President Bashir Al Assad Authorized a defensive campaign against the invading Turks. The US Government called for sanctions against Turkey, while the Russian Federation and Peoples Republic of China tried to quell the the violence. The United Nations condemned Turkey’s actions and the international community placed sanctions against Turkey. Turkey responded and simply walked out of the UN and denounced the UN as a legitimate organization.

The War begins

Russian Invasion of Turkey

US forces in Turkey

In November of 2019, negotiations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey officially broke down. The Russians, seeing there ally under threat, crossed the Black Sea and started to attack Eastern Turkey, and supplying arms to the Kurds, and assisting the Syrian Army in attacks against the Turks attacking Syria. Russia, using Armenia and Azerbaijan as a staging ground started attacking Mt. Ararat and Kars. Given Turkey was a NATO Ally, the Turks called on the European Union and the US forces stationed there for help.

The United States and the European Coalition sent reinforcements and arms to Turkey. However, the United States Government refused to authorize any kind of actions against the Russians. The United States with its security alert being raised to DEFCON 2 sent fifty-thousand ground troops, two armored Brigades, and the US Sixth Fleet to the Mediterranean. However, when the Russians made an amphibious landing in Istanbul, this changed the entire US Stance, and soon, the West was mobilized for war against the Russian Federation.

Believing the Americans were not going to attack, the Russian Federation decided to take retribution for the hundreds of Civilians that were being killed by Turkish Troops. The Russians invaded via the Caucasus Region with a total of over 70,000 troops. The initial gains went very well for the Russians as the Turks were fighting on essentially two fronts. As the Turkish Government demanded that NATO declare war against the Russian Federation, who instead continued to exercise restraint. To preserve the Turkish Government for as long as possible, the Turkish Government came up with a very risky course of action, one that would turn the tide of the war.


On November 23rd, 2019, the Russian Government planned an attack against a Turkish Forward Operating Base that was believed to have been housing stores of Chemical Weapons. In reality, thanks to the poor intelligence, the base was actually being occupied by American Soldiers, as Turkey had given to them. Turkey hoped that Russia would attack the base, while they planned on carrying out an audacious move. The plan ultimately worked, and Russian Forces accidentally attacked the American Forward Operating Base in Eastern Turkey.

The Americans, who were defending the base, were completely stunned. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, the US Forces stationed there put up a good fight, but in the died fighting to protect the base. When the Russians found out exactly what they had done, they relayed the incident back to there High Command. The High Command responded with simply a few words, "May God help us all." Later on that same day, the Nuclear Reactor at Nogent, France suddenly blew up. The explosion irradiated more than 100,000 French People, 80,000 of which would die due to radiation poisoning, and the capital of Paris was forced to be evacuated.

In the following days, the United States Government and the Russian Government fell into complete dissarray, trying to explain what really happened to either side. With the tension between the two that had been billowing in the many years since the fall of the Soviet Union, no side could exactly pinpoint the blame on the other. By December of 2019, the American and NATO unified command structure began making plans to drive the Russians out of Turkey. The Russo-American War, had begun.

Russo-American War


On December 4th, 2019 the United States and the European Coalition met the advancing Russians at Malatya, Turkey. The NATO Command Structure under command of Turkey ambushed the advancing Russian Forces. As the battle on the ground intensified, European Coalition Fighter jets started attacking the Russian Air Force in the skies. In addition to this, the American Troops inside Syria met up with the Turks, and soon began engaging both the Syrian and Russian Forces together.

Invasion of Georgia

Russia, realizing the writing on the wall, knew that they had to go on the offensive in order to survive. After successfully occupying many of the former Soviet States, including Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan, Russian Forces crossed the border into Georgia once again, and attacked.

The attack began on December 25th, 2019, with the intense shelling and firebombing campaign of the Georgian Cities of Sukhumi, Zugdidi, Ambrolauri, and Telavi. Russia after losing the earlier Russo-Georgian War, and looking for some redemption shelled the cities beyond repair, to the point where almost 60 percent were wiped out. Then next came the actual invasion using over 100,000 personnel. Within two days, the Russian Army had captured the cities Sukhumi, Zugdidi, Ambrolauri, and Telavi, wiping out a good 80 percent of those cities. Then they began pushing South, about ready to capture half of the country.

NATO was quick to react and set up a defense force for Georgia consisting of 60,000 NATO personnel. Through the end of December 2019 and beginning of January 2020, Russian forces has essentially glassed Tbilisi, as well at the same time began attacking the arriving NATO Transports. NATO Forces held out until February 2021, when the entire country soon fell to the Russians. In the aftermath, the Russian Federation set up the puppet governments of the "Russian Soverign Republic of Kastovia" which was essentially a unification between Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia.

Invasion of Eastern Europe

Almost immediately after NATO attacks on the Russian Military began in Turkey, the Russian Military, having planned for this very scenario in 2017, launched an invasion into the Baltic States Eastern Ukraine, while occupying the country of Belarus to be used as a staging ground. NATO however for many years prior had realized there was a threat, and NATO and the European Union had devoted the bulk of their forces to the Baltic States. The battle grounds of the Baltics Saw three initial invasions, and it was one of the bloodiest combats of the entire Russo-American War.

The first invasion attempt occurred on November 3rd, 2019. The Russian High Command planned an encirclement tactic. The plan was to invade the countries of both Lithuania and Estonia, then move in for the kill on Latvia and capture the Baltics. At around 3:00 AM that morning, the invasion of the two countries began. However, NATO forces had disguised there forces into the countryside, so when the Russians advanced into the country, they were met with a fierce NATO Force. The Russians made it about halfway into Estonia, but the advance soon ground to a halt.

The second invasion attempt came in the Second Week of December 2019. The Russian High Command, realizing there encirclement wasn't going to work, decided to redirect there forces in Belarus North to cut the NATO forces off and link up with the Russian Forces in Estonia. However, thanks to US spy drones, a British Garrison that had been deployed to the region were warned about the impending attack, and set up an ambush for the Russians. When the Russians crossed the border into Lithuania, and attacked, the British set off the ambush, and successfully help back the Russians. However, this wouldn't be the case for long.

The Third and Final Invasion Attempt came in Christmas of 2019, when the Russians successfully captured Mt. Gaizins. The NATO Forces were unable to stop the advance now, and soon the Russian Forces linked up in Latvia. Together, with the overwhelming numbers they had the Russians began making overwhelming victories. US and European Forces had defended for almost a month, but they were forced to do a withdraw from the region. The Baltics had now fallen.

New Russian Allies

In January of 2020, at Baghdad International Airport, the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani was assassinated on January 3rd. It was unclear why he was there to begin with, but the US took no chances, and used a drone to assassinate the general. The Islamic Republic of Iran, furious, and after taking a look at the situation, decided to declare war against the United States of America, and allied themselves with the Russians and the Syrians. The Iraqis took a look at the situation, and declared war against the United States.

The Russian Federation, after that they were horribly underequipped in terms of economics compared to the United States and the European Union, were glad for the Iranian Support. This in turn caused the Russian Government and the Peoples Republic of China to begin negotiations for mutual support. The Peoples Republic of China, after dealing with the United States for far to long, agreed. Together, the combined countries in the war would form the backbone between the two countries.

The first attack began in February 2020, when Russian light and heavy armored units using there new found Iranian Allies attacked the Port of Shuwaikh in Kuwait. In addition to these, the Iranian Navy began attacking US Ships inside the Gulf of Oman. The outnumbered US Air Force attempted to attain air superiority, and to protect the valuable oil resources inside of the region. Ulimately, this deadly war would destroy the region, crippling the world for the next few decades.

After the landings inside Kuwait, the Iranian Military backed by the Russian Navy made an amphibious landing in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Together the combined Russian, Iranian, Iraqi, and Syrian Force started attacking the US units stationed in the area. As urban combat fighting broke out across the regions, the United States realized it needed help. Given the circumstances that has been evolved, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, and Saudi Arabia joined the war in support of the United States. However, they only would agree to join if the United States didn't encourage to get Israel to join the war to. The US, realizing the writing on the wall, retracted its statement about Jerusalem being the Capital of Palestine, and the four nations agreed.

The Nuclear Bombing of Basra

Together, the American, Saudi Arabian, and Egyptian Forces ran an amphibious assault near Basra, Iraq, where the Russians were supposedly using the city as a forward base. Together, the American lead coalition force entered Basra, and heavy combat fighting ensued over the city. However, as allied forces were entering the city, a US Navy Seal Team located a possible Nuclear Weapon inside the city. The US, horrified, ordered a full retreat out of the city, and soon sent NEST Teams to try and disarm the device. However, it was to late. The Nuclear Device detonated, wiping out the city of Basra. The total casualties were enormous, as roughly 200,000 were confirmed dead, most being civilian.

After this Nuclear Attack, the conflict then escalated in the Caspian Sea. The US sent waves of B2 and B17 Stealth Bombers to obliterate the Caspian Seas oil resource. Russian Air Forces managed to hold off some of the attacks, but the US still managed to damage a good 38% of the Caspian Sea's total oil supply. The conflict then returned to the Middle East, when the Americans launched an invasion of the Khuzestan Province of Iran, to deny the Russian led Shanghai Cooperation Organization a critical supply of oil. As a result, the Iranians tried desperately to defend the region alongside Russian units. In the fierce fighting that ensued, a good percentage of the oil and infrastructure inside the region was essentially burned to the ground.


Russian Offensive into the European Union

Russian invasion of Europe

By this point in the war, the United States had gotten a new President, Joe Biden. Who had a slightly different approach to dealing with the war. Realizing the importance of the fight ahead. Joe Biden rapidly ramped up industrial production, and using skillful diplomacy, the infrastructure bill he proposed managed to pass. This in turned decreased the US unemployment rate to just one percent.

After the failure in the Baltics, Belarus, and Ukraine, the Europeans and Americans sent massive amounts of reinforcements to the now border between Russian Occupied territory and Poland. Polish Citizens were ordered to evacuate, as the Russians looked increasingly like they were going to go on the offensive. However, on the week of March 13th, 2021, the Russian Forces decided to go around Poland, and instead went through Romania, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, as well as attacking Finland.

This initial attack caught the European Union completely by surprise, who were forced to reorganize and begin moving South. However, suddenly Russian Forces crossed the border into Poland, and started to attack. The Russian High Command used the encirclement tactic, and the plan was to meet in Lodz, Poland, then crash down on Warsaw. The plan ultimately baffled the NATO commanders, as everywhere they were not, the Russians were, and soon, the two advancing Russian Army groups converged on Lodz, taking the city from both sides. After the fall of Lodz, the advancing Russian Army group advanced on Warsaw, and raised the entirety of Eastern Europe to the ground.

By the end of July 2021, Eastern Europe had essentially been glassed, and the Russians were now doing regular air raids over Western Europe, and were massing for there attack on there Grand Objective, Berlin, Germany. On August 8th, 2021, the Russians began there attack against Berlin. The Russians, using Spetznaz Commandos cut off the NATO Communications going into Berlin. With no early warning, the Russians took Berlin with almost no warning to the city. With very heavy casualties on the NATO side, Berlin fell to the Russians with very minimal damage to the city itself.

By September 1st, 2021, the only nations in Europe that were left free from the Russians were Western Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, the UK, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, Luxemburg, and Switzerland were free from Russian control. Everything else had essentially fallen. Given the situation that was unfolding, in October 2021, the European Union in a huge vote official decided to unite the organization. Together, in an overwhelmingly 85% approval, the new European Coalition was born. Its Capital would be Brussels, the currency would be the Euro, and its flag would have additional stars added.

New Chinese Offensives

Russian forces entering China

After the invasion of Europe, the Peoples Republic of China, after months of preparation, began to attack. Allying with North Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Pakistan, Nepal, and the Russian Federation declared war against Japan and South Korea. South Korea and Japan were initially completely confused as the Chinese and North Korean forces started rolling into there respective countries. However, the United States, South Korea, and Japan had been preparing for months for such an attack.

The US and Southeast Asian Treaty Organization, had set up resistance cells across Japan and South Korea. The Chinese and the North Koreans advanced into the South, but were very slow. By the third day of the attack, South Korea had successfully stopped the Chinese led advance. Japan, despite losing multiple areas, was able to hold the line at the South/North Electrical Grid Line. To make sure the Russians couldn't retaliate, the Japanese and Korean Navies launched an audacious attack against Vladivostok. This in turn did major damage to Russia's Navy, meaning that the advance into Asia would be slow.

By Summer 2022, Southeast Asia was an all out warzone between the both sides of the conflict. The nations that were still free were India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, East Timor, Singapore, and Australia holding out against the Chinese Onslaught. Vietnam was initially on allied terms with the United States, however, the Chinese Invasion of the country and deforestation of the region devastated the Vietnamese Army's ability to defend the country.

A rough map of Africa during the war

By this point in the war, everything was now starting to stalemate. The Russian Advance into Europe had been halted at the Elbe River, and the Europeans were holding there own against the Russians. In the Middle East, Iraq and Syria were now in complete anarchy as the allied forces started moving into those countries. However, things really started getting hot, when Saudi Arabia used the war to increase there attacks on Yemen. The US, not needing to lose Saudi Arabia, didn't say anything to quell the violence. In Africa, it was just a bloody mess as pro-American Nations and Pro-Chinese/Russian Nations duked it out across the continent.

Russian invasion of South America

Russian invasion of South America

By 2022, the Russians had a realization. There war against the United States was clearly not going as well as expected, and it became clear that they needed to do something major to eventually defeat the Americans. As a result of the Middle East becoming a battleground, the United States had lost its major oil supplies. The United States had been switching up its strategy and had been importing oil from the South American nations. Realizing the United States basically had a new oil supply, the Russians decided to take it out once and for all.

After gaining the assistance of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, the Russians helped the three countries launch a series of invasions in South America. Venezuela launched an invasion into Brazil and Columbia wile the Russians blockaded the Panama Canal. Cuba then responded by launching an attack against Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Key West, Puerto Rico, and other territories in the Caribbean. While all of this was going on Nicaragua joined in the fun and began expanding Northward and Southward to link up with the Venezuelan and Cuban Armies.

Given however the poor economies of Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua, the joint Venezuelan, Cuban, Nicaraguan, and Russian Invasion of South America soon became increasingly bogged down. Even with the unifications of all three nations economies and Russian logistical support, the invasion of South America was effectively halted.


US Counterattack

The US invasion of Caracas

January 5th, 2023, the United States Navy sailed down to the Panama Canal, and then blew up the Russian fleet that was blocking the Canal. With this new found sense of victory, the United States contracted the help of Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, to begin preparations for an attack against Venezuela. On January 28th, 2023, the US launched an invasion against the Venezuelan Capital of Caracas. Three US Armored Battalions were dispatched as well as hundreds of support aircraft. Together, US troops successfully engaged, Venezuelan and Russian troops.

Eventually, Federation President Nicolas Maduro and his family secluded themselves to the Miraflores Palace, as Russian troops set up a number of air and ground defenses around the city. Given that no evacuation order was given, Venezuelan Citizens were caught up in the brutal crossfire between there government and the invading Americans. Eventually though, the Brazilian and Columbian Militaries started pushing back the Venezuelan and Russian advance into there countries, turning the tide of the war.

By the third day of the invasion of Venezuela, the pre-Invasion borders had been reset, and Nicaragua, after a couple US Air Strikes, also switched sides. Not wanting to be the hill they died on, Nicolas Maduro gave the order for an evacuation of the countries government as Brazilian, Columbian, Chilean, and Argentinian troops started crossing into Venezuela. The Russians Forces gave the Americans a run for there money as Russia began airlifting the Venezuelan Socialist Government out of the city. After nearly two weeks of hard core fighting, the Venezuelan Government was successfully evacuated from the city.

After the fall of Venezuela, the Cuban Government was left in a predicament. The Russians were now abandoning the Western Hemisphere (Or so thought), and there was nothing stopping the Americans. To prove the point, the Americans soon started launching an intense firebombing campaign of Cuban Military bases and facilities, as well as taking back Key West and Puerto Rico. The Russians were now squarely on the retreat from South America. Realizing that they were just defeated by the United States, the Russian Government came up with a plan so audacious, so outrageous, it would either turn the tide of the war in favor of the Russians, or it would cost the war entirely for the Russians.

Russian invasion of the United States

Russian invasion of the United States

On August 13th, 2023, the armies of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Peoples Republic of China, Thailand, Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Bhurma, Nepal, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Syria, Libya, Exiled Venezuela, Cuba, Algeria, Angola, Sudan, South Sudan, Pakistan, Yemen, and War Lords from Somalia launched a full-scale invasion of the United States, via Alaska and Texas using disguised commercial airliners. The invaders also used disguised Cargo ships to enter the ports of New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Seattle. With the US having the bulk of its forces in South America and overseas in the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Korean Peninsula the United States was left open to an attack. 

Invasion of the Midwest United States

The Russian led invasion into the United States began by dropping paratroopers all across the Midwest United States and attacked several key cities across the region such as Fort Worth Texas, Denver, Colorado, etc. The Russians managed to quickly take several small towns along the way and establish Martial law within the region. By August 23rd, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota and the Canadian provinces of The Yukon, Northwest Territory, and Saskatchewan were overrun by Russian forces while the states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana were also overrun.

Invasion of the Northwest

Russian forces invading Seattle

The Russians, using a large number of civilian freighters they covertly transported thousands of soldiers, vehicles, and equipment (at least the equivalent strength of several divisions; a corps) past the U.S. Pacific Fleet and invaded the city of Seattle, as well as using hundreds of paratroopers to capture the city. The Russians swiftly crushed the U.S. Army and National Guard units there, forcing them to retreat to the countryside. Using Seattle as their base of operations, the Russians proceeded to invade the whole of Washington State in an effort to distract the U.S. Army. The President ordered the American defenses to employ any means necessary to repel the invasion.

Within the following days after the invasion of the Northwest, the United States set up a defensive perimeter around Sandpoint, Idaho and Portland, Oregon. The Americans used the Cascade Mountains to defend Sandpoint from Russian hands, the Americans used guerrilla tactics such as blowing up roads and bridges across the state of Washington to slow the Russian Advance. However their numbers were too great and the Americans were forced to retreat from the Northwest. 

Russian Invasion of the Eastern Seaboard

From August 2023 to October 2023, the Russians attempted an invasion on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. The Russian aircraft was able to penetrate the American radar defenses because of a recently retrieved ACS module and was copied to the Russian high command. With the copied module, the Russian forces were able to hack into the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) system, leading to the invasion of the Eastern Seaboard. A few spillovers of the fight moved into Quebec, Canada and Vancouver, British Columbia

Russian forces invading the US Eastern Seaboard

During the initial stages of the attack, many of the U.S. military including the U.S. Army Rangers and the U.S. Marine Corps are scattered across the Eastern Seaboard, the Southern United States, and Southern California as the Russian aircraft managed to drop as many paratroopers as possible and significant ground support. The bulk of the US force was sent to Washington D.C to defend the capital city from any Russian attack.

Most targets by the invading Russian forces included major cities on the East Coast such as Miami, Florida and all the way up to Nova Scotia. Some of the fighting's continued into Eastern Canada in cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, and Quebec City. Some areas and buildings on the East Coast that are attacked by the Russians included the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, Camp David and the Pentagon. The Russians’ highest priority and target city in the United States was Washington D.C. where many American forces held every advance off in the capital.

Western and Southern Fronts

By December of 2023, Russian forces invaded Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California (Specifically Los Angeles and San Diego), the surprise attack caught the U.S. defenders off guard, leading to the request for British aid on the front, which was denied due to the Russian invasion of Europe. The Russians already took almost all of the Southern United States over, and the Russians continued pushing through the West with victory after victory.

Russian Ground Forces moved deep inside U.S. territory. Their main objective in Nevada was to secure the Hoover Dam and pour thousands of troops into Arizona and beyond. The first part of the battle took place in a Nevada suburban town which was under heavy Russian attack. The National Guard took numerous losses during the attack but managed to push the Russian forces back to a choke-point in a valley pass close to the Hoover Dam. From this point, the Russian armor made a dash for the Hoover Dam to put heavy guns for the fight, but the National Guard halted the Russian advance.

The last phase of the battle was to secure the Hoover Dam. The Russians rigged both sides to detonate on the power generators and, if successful, the states of Arizona and Nevada would lose all power, effectively rendering them defenseless. Although the initial approach by the S.F.S.G forces was hampered by heavy defenses, they managed to clear the outer defenses and move in. After clearing the interior of the dam out, the S.F.S.G defused one charge in the power supply for Nevada, but as they tried to defuse the charge for Arizona, it detonated, completely knocking the power out for Arizona.

Despite this setback, the National Guard held its ground and halted the Russian advance in Nevada. The Russians are pushed out of the West, making the battle of Nevada an American victory.

Retaking American lands

After the failed Russian Invasion against the US Eastern Seaboard, and the Western United States, the Russians had essentially exhausted there supplies, and there economic and military condition was in no way able to keep up with the demands of the war in the US. Given the circumstances that were in place, the American and NATO allied Governments decided that it was time to go on the offensive.

Battle of St. Louis

The first phase of the attack on St. Louis was when US Special Forces (Or the Green Beret’s infiltrated the city and destroyed several anti-air placements inside the city. After the anti-air guns were destroyed, American forces entered the city full scale using B-52 bombers to destroy Russian airfields, as well as ground forces to infiltrate Russian institutions and buildings inside the city.  

After three days, St. Louis was secured and the Russians were forced into a retreat. Following the retreat, American forces chased down the Russian defense in full force capturing city after city along the way. Eventually, the Americans had recaptured the states of Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana from Russian control. 

Battle for Seattle

After the major success that the United States Military had on the Mississippi, the US Government decided to shift its focus away from unimportant areas of the country. Under direct orders of US President Joe Biden himself, the US Military was going to be diverted to strike to cut the head off of the Russians. The Russian headquarters for Operations in the United States, Seattle.

In February 2024, the US Navy made an amphibious landing in a small town called Pine Valley, Washington. The Russians tried to counterattack the American forces by pulling their main force away from the Northern California and Montana fronts, however, the Americans were waiting and took off in pursuit of the Russians. As valentines day approaches, the Americans liberated both Idaho, Oregon, and Northern California from the Russian invaders, and were now pushing into the Russian Occupied "Federation of Washington," as the Russians called it.

As February Changed over to March, the United States Military eventually liberated Spokane Washington. With the new conscription law that was introduced, the United States Military started arriving in larger numbers as the US continued to push inland. Eventually, they reached Russian Occupied Fort Teller inside of Washington State. With an attack from all sides, the US Military successfully managed to capture the Russian Base of Fort Teller. In the process, they got a complete schematic of the Russian Defenses surrounding Seattle.

Given the information obtained from Fort Teller, U.S. forces numbering in over 500,000 soldiers launched an all out assault on the Russian Perimeter that surrounded the city, by going around the Russian defense where they weren't and moving in for the kill. Together, the Russians decided that there only hope of saving themselves, was to get out. Over a chaotic two weeks, the Russian Occupation Government for the United States evacuated as Russian Soldiers desperately tried to hold off the advance. By the time they were out on April 1st, 2024, the entire Russian occupation force of the city was decimated, or had surrendered.

On April 4th, 2024, after a near eight month long endeavor, the US raised the Stars and Stripes above the city of Seattle. This not only signaled that the Russian Invasion of the United States was over, but it put the US on track to becoming the ultimate victor over the Russian Federation in the Russo-American War.

2025-2026 Stalemate

Chinese involvement

As the US was trying to get it's act together and recover from the Russian Invasion, the Peoples' Republic of China were still an issue. China was still fighting its war inside Southeast Asia, and given the condition of the US due to the Russian Invasion, it appeared that the Peoples Republic of China was going to go on the offensive again. However, this was from the outside, from the inside, it was a whole different story. Due to the destruction of the Russian Economy from the invasion, the Chinese Economy was starting to tank, and also given the huge stalemate across multiple fronts, the Chinese People were actually starving.

In 2025, Chinese Admiral Huang Yenhai, realized what the Chinese Government wasn't. The PRC was not in a position to continue the war any longer, and he and his groups of men and women were planning a coup against the Government, and to sue for peace with the US and NATO allies. In mid 2025, Huang Yenhai put his plan into action, starting a revolt against the government with his supporters. This in turned started yet another Chinese Civil War. Knowing that the rebels in China were not going to last very long, the United States made a bold move. The United States was going to invade Mainland China and cut off Russia economically and to finally bring down a long time enemy of the United States.

2026 Invasion of China

The United States began preparations for an invasion of the Chinese mainland on July 4th, 2026, however, the Chinese Naval Fleet and various naval installations were still active in the South China Sea and were preventing the US from approaching the mainland. To break through, USMC and USN forces conducted an aggressive push through the surrounding islands, engaging all

US forces attacked and took control of key military installations in the South China Sea, including a staging area on the Nansha Islands, a hidden naval facility in a rocky hill, and a firebase located in the Paracel Islands. Engagements also took place around a small fishing village and a cliffside resort. Both sides began employing missile launchers on controlled islands to destroy opposing carriers, these installations would become highly contested assets during the naval operations in the area.

Mainland invasion

US forces first began there invasion of China starting in the fall of 2026. US Forces landed across multiple costal cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and plenty of other cities. With assistance from Admiral Yenhai's men and supporters, the US managed to land along the entire Chinese coastline from Shanghai to Hong Kong using an army of about 5.5 Million allied soldiers from around the world, making it the largest land invasion in world history.

US forces invading Shanghai

First US forces began launching missile strikes against Chinese Military Targets across the coastline. Then, US forces launched and made amphibious landings across the coastline. Shanghai saw the most intense combat of the entire invasion, taking about three million casualties in total for both sides. As US forces invaded, it was discovered that the Peoples Republic of China's right-hand man was in the Peoples Government building in Shanghai. US navy seals infiltrated the Peoples Government building while tank crews were sent in to defend the building.

Eventually, Navy seals came out and the Chinese HVI was captured alive. After the capture, it was discovered that Chinese forces had sent a fleet of 14 Xian H-6 bombers to Shanghai in order to level the city. However before the bombers arrived, the US Air forces managed to shoot down seven of the bombers significantly reducing the damage. At 5:00 PM Chinese time, the US forces raised the American Flag above the Peoples Government building in Shanghai signifying American forces had captured the city. Despite Chinese efforts through bombings, shellings, and whatever they could, American forces refused to let go of the Chinese coastline.

However, things turned for the worst, when Russian forces betrayed their Chinese counterparts in fear that they were going to lose a vital ally. The resulting betrayal by the Russian Federation forced China to the negotiating table, and later on, the Peoples Republic of China and the United States signed a former alliance with one another in order to defeat the Russian Federation.

2027 Ceasefire

In Spring of 2027, the Russian lines in Western Germany finally broke. Given the circumstances, the European and American forces went on the offensive, and eventually took back Berlin, and with it, all of Germany from Russian Control. Although Russian Troops still outnumbered the NATO troops almost 3 to 1, the Russian troops were almost malnourished. Food shortages were wide spread, and there simply wasn't any jobs to make money and actually live a vital life.

In the Summer of 2027, officials from both the Russian Federation and the United States of America started meeting behind closed doors. By this point, the war had reached almost every continent across the globe, and there wasn't much anybody could say about the destruction that was left behind. In Africa and the Middle East Specifically, the entire region was in almost complete anarchy as the two superpowers battled it out across the continent for influence either directly or indirectly.

On November 11th, 2027, at exactly 11:11 AM. the Russian Federation and NATO signed a ceasefire between the two sides to effectively end the Russo-American War. The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution to send peacekeeping units to the United States, the Russian Federation, and the Peoples' Republic of China to effectively rebuild each country and to keep the peace between the three countries, however, it turned out this would be the next main enemy.

The Russian Federation was forced to relinquish all its occupied lands that the European Coalition had claims to. At the same time as part of the ceasefire agreement, the Russian Federation and the United States were going to be forced to conduct joint military training and to help rebuild the world after the end of this war. The result of the Russo-American Conflict would be no winner, and instead, it would be a ceasefire that would have drastic consequences for the rest of the world.

However, as Russo-American War wrapped up, the world powers began to unravel. Starting with the European Union, then Russia, then the United States, then China, the superpowers were now former superpowers. As the superpowers began to unravel, nations like Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Brazil became the new world superpowers, Japan soon grew to be the largest economy in the world and the most modern and developed nation. However, the Russo-American War would bring on a new kind of conflict, a new conflict that would be known as the Federation-American War.