Make no mistake, we will rip you (The United States) from the history books. Every last trace of you gone! You will know loss. We will be the architects of your pain, we will build monuments to your destruction. The whole world will bear witness to this, our ascension. We will blot out your skies, we will bury you in darkness. Know this and know us. We are your enemy. We are the Russian Federation!"

- Alexander Kaminchki

Ultranationalist Russia, known worldwide as the Russian Federation, is a country that exists in Asia and is the largest country in the world. First a Democratic Third World Country, the Russian Federation went in the transition to a Capitalist, to Authoritarian Capitalist, and to a dictatorship that ruled over a brainwashed society with loyal followers. It was also the main enemy during the United Nations Civil War and is responsible for the American Massacre.


The whole issue started in 2020 after the Great Super Flare destroyed the world's supplies of computer technology. The Russian Federation being technologically underdeveloped compared to Europe wasn't hurt too much by the Super Flare. With Russia being the state that it was in, some people inside the Russian Government and some popular Russian Figures spotted an opportunity.

These people formed the "Slavic Russian Unity Party" basically the Russian Ultranationalists. They knew that Russia being technologically underdeveloped could easily become the world's most powerful nation. They believed they could force countries to follow Russian ways and to finally solidify Russian dominance.

2024 Russian Elections

In the year 2021, thanks to there problems at home, the Russian Government had almost no choice but to leave Syria in a hasty withdraw. Over the course of the next couple years, the rebels seized power and declared Syria a Federative Islamic Republic governed by Sharia Law. This sparked a huge outrage amungst the Russian Population, seeing there government ineffective. As a result, the Slavic Russian Unity Party began a campaign for the 2024 Presidential Elections.

Using some "questionable" tactics, the Unity Party of the Russian Federation gained an occultist following from across Russia, and became a leading figure in politics of Russia. As the 2024 Russian Presidential Elections approached, the party became a leading figure in extreme left politics. After the election results came in, the Slavic Russian Unity Party was now in charge of the Russian Government. After the transition of power, the new Ultranationalist Government went straight to work, transforming Russia into a one party dictatorship.


The Ideology of the Russian Ultranationalists is very complex in the fact that it hasn't been seen before. The Russian Ultranationalists call this the ideology of "Unitism" which can only be described as Fascism, Trotskyism, and Sharia Law all combined. The Ideology of Unitism is considered to fall under the extreme left wing of politics, and it is one ideology that soon became to be despised by most of the other world powers.

The Russian Ultranationalists view the Russian Federation as the sole successor of the Soviet Union and the permanent government of Russia. They view Russia as the sole world power, and the only world power for that matter. The Russian Ultranationalists despite having strong political views despise the former Soviet Union. They see the former the Soviet Union as the country that destroyed the reputation of Russia and caused the world to undermine Russia and view it as a laughable joke. They see Communism as a threat to the future of Russia entirely, and this eventually caused tension between Ultranationalist Russia and the Peoples Republic of China.

Logo of the Russian High Council

The Russian Ultranationalist Party is heavily totalitarian/Authoritarian. Russia is ruled by several levels of government, the first is "Supreme High Council" later named the "United Earth's High Council" during the United Nations Civil War. The Supreme Council Members are usually put into office through rigged elections and political connections based on loyalty to the state. The Council Members sit until either they resign or they die in office. From the Supreme High Council, there is the "Supreme Russian Council" or the "Supreme Earth Council' during the United Nations Civil War. The Supreme Russian Council is basically a council within a council, and consists of the leaders, high valued individuals, and Russian Military Generals within the Russian Federation. Some of the bravely loyal individuals of the Russian Population are often called to meet with the Supreme Russian Council. The Supreme Russian Council has a direct line of descent, so if the Premiere of Russia dies in office, a relative of that person will succeed him/her unless otherwise, kind of like an absolute monarchy. During the United Nations Civil War, a coup took place the Lebedev Family out of power and the Kaminchki Family into power.

The Russian Federation and the Russian Ultranationalist Party are heavily militaristic whose government stretched throughout the United Nations Solidarity Council. The Ultranationalist Party rules with an Iron Fist and uses it's military to force loyalty amongst citizens. Before the United Nations Civil War, refugees often described the Russian Ultranationalist Government to have a secret police force inside the Russian Armed Forces. This secret police force's job was too rude out political opposition, and in some cases, they intentionally locked an entire family in there home and burned them alive. Upon the end of the United Nations Civil War, it was discovered that the rumors were actually true.

The Russian Ultranationalist Party political view on Modern Technology. After Humanity began to recover from the Great Solar Flare of 2020, Television, Computers, Cell Phones, the Internet, gaming consoles, and even videogames were strictly forbidden in Russian Borders. There was even a law that banned the sale of caset tapes inside Russian Borders. The Russian Ultranationalist Party has also completely reworked the Gulags and reopened them as Extermination Camps to rude out political opposition and to enforce fear into the Russian Population.

The Russian Leaders initially viewed the United States as not a potential threat. Even though tensions between the two were still existent, the Russian Government believed that the United States wouldn't bother doing anything if they decided to invade the Middle East (A plan existent since the Russian Tsars). They have asked the United States to not consider Russia a threat and asked the United States to accept co-existence. After the end of the European-Iranian War, the Russian Leaders began to realize that the United States would stop at nothing to obtain resources, and they began to consider the United States as a threat. After the Russian invasion of America during the United Nations Civil War, the Russians couldn't break the stubborn Americans and decided to begin a genocide to finally wipe them out in the largest genocide in world history, which would ultimately lead to there downfall.

The Russian Ultranationalists view the European Federation as a threat to Russia. The Russian Ultranationalist Government being the worlds sole superpower put heavy sanctions amongst many European countries, and has put in a huge embargo against Kosovo. The tension between the European Federation and the Russian Federation grew to be so high, that the two began to have border skirmishes between the two. Even worse is that the Russian government was caught sending out letters for the Muslims to rise up and Jihad against the European Federation.

Any criticism against the Russian Ultranationalist Government is completely illegal inside Russian Borders. The Russian Federation has these "Peacekeepers" that patrol the streets every day to make sure people are loyal and don't disagree with the Ultranationalist Regime. The Ultranationalists have also put in hidden Camera's in homes and businesses across Russia to make sure that anybody who didn't agree with the Ultranationalists could be arrested.


The life inside the Russian Federation is one of the decades of transforming the Russian Culture into a cult society that is brainwashed to be loyal to the state and only the state.

Men and Women

Men inside the Russian Federation under the Ultranationalist Government were immortalized by Russian Society. Every "Regular" male inside Russian borders was required to serve inside the Russian Military for a total of 15 years starting at age 21, and they are either sent to the front lines or are in reserve service. Men who were not conscripted into the Russian Army were usually those with imperfections, such as Autism, Polio, Down Syndrome (Who the Russian Federation immortalized). The 15 years conscription rule made the Russian Military one of the largest in the world, Russian Soldiers were heavily trained and drugged to make them stronger than the average human. During the United Nations Civil War, it was estimated that it could take at least five armor-piercing bullets just to kill one Russian Soldier, and their body armor also made them even more difficult to kill.

Women inside Russia under the Russian Ultranationalist Regime were treated poorly. Women were revered as "Sex Attracting Human Beings" by the Russian Ultranationalists. Because of this, Women were forced to serve in the Russian Army for only 7 years, but the rules were so strict that most didn't make the cut. Those Women who did make it into the armed forces were banned from the Front Lines and were often used in heavy labor to maintain the large Russian Army, in a form of slave labor. Women were also banned from several jobs such as teachers, political positions, etc. Women were also banned from riding in the same cars as Males, banned to work certain jobs such as factory workers, banned to work alongside males, banned to use the same drinking fountains, banned to stand on balcony's without a male present, etc. Worst of all, Women in Russia were forced to wear a mask similar to the Russian IP5 Rebreather mask that would cover all parts of there face except for there eyes. Most women attempted to flea Russia via the borders, most of whom did not make it.

Removal of "Threats"

After the transition of power by 2026, the Russian Ultranationalist under complete secrecy began a purge to remove threats that could bring down the regime. This mainly included foreigners, blacks, homosexuals, as well as people who were sympathetic to the Soviet Union. However most were either deported or killed outright, and those who they didn't kill were instead given harsh jobs that would help further advance the Russian Ultranationalists regime. These jobs were mostly done in transformed Gulags.

After the removal of the "Opponents" Russian Culture was forever changed into a full white supremacist state and one that was cutoff from the world with concentration camps, political brainwashing, etc. Most Russians became loyal to the state and only the state, and it was amazing that after the population boom in Russia, millions of people managed to put up with these positions. The demographics of Asia were changed and soon most of Asia was now of Russian Descent.


The Russian Ultranationalist Government has reworked the Russian School Systems to try and make their compatriots loyal to the Ultranationalist Regimes. History teachers inside Russian Schools are mostly FSB Agents and they are required to make sure Russian Students don't openly question the Russian Regime and have complete and loyal followers. Most of the teachers carried armed weapons and were required to shoot children on sight of they found any form of political opposition, or even better just hand them over to Government guards.

Inside Russian schools, Russian students were required by Russian law to get at least 17 years of schooling nine hours a day six days a week, one of the strictest in the world. The Russian Ultranationalists idolize World War II in the sense that Russia was invaded by a hostile power. In Russian schools, students are taught that there are hostile countries that would like to invade and destroy the Russian Culture, and they teach that Europeans are ready and willing to do it again. They teach that the Cold War was entirely caused by Europeans, and they believe that the United States could have been a beneficial ally to Russia. The Russian Ultranationalists also teach that the Bolsheviks have destroyed the Russian Culture. They teach that the west was correct in the fear of the spread of Communism as it almost made the Russian Culture go extinct. The Ultranationalists hold Joseph Stalin as a war criminal, and they believe he was incompetent in not preventing the Nazi invasion of Russia.

This school system was considered by many countries who did know about the truth to be a violation of international law, but after the collapse of the United Nations Security Council, the Russian school system became rumored until 2096 when it was discovered that the rumors were true.


The economy of the Ultranationalist Russia is very much a command economy, however, it does allow for some private ventures, mostly limited to Sole proprietorships. These enterprises are required to register with the Russian Government and all actions of these businesses need to report to the Russian Government on an annual basis.

The entire Russian Economy such as manufacturing, mining, and transportation industries are entirely run by the state. Most CEO's of these companies are top government officials that have there full loyalty to the Russian Ultranationalist Regime. These CEO's are allowed to hire their own workers, but it has to be workers recommended and inspected by the government. These workers are often forced to work at almost four dollars an hour USD, however, due to reworks in the Russian Currency, the Russian Population is brainwashed into thinking they were being paid higher.

These businesses have to be on full alert in case if Russia was at war with another country. If Russia was at war with another country, these businesses need to be prepared to manufacture anything that is needed for the Russian Military, the UNSSU. If a Business is incapable of supplying the Russian Military, then it will be converted into supplying the Military.

All across Russia, there are small businesses that are privately owned. These small businesses can include restaurants, small grocery stores, and gas stations. However, the Russian Government places FSB agents in all of these stores as well as place's security cameras to make sure that these companies are still loyal.


Religion in Ultranationalist Russia is pretty much completely banned. Nobody inside Russian borders can have any record of religious decent, most specifically the Russian Ultranationalists hate the religion of Islam, Catholicism, and Christianity. They hate it so much that they have a system put in place that immigration and travel to Russia doesn't bring in any form of religion. This religious ban has never really been thought of by the Russian People.

During the United Nations Civil War, the Russians detonated a Chemical Weapon in Vatican City and basically bombed the city off the face of the Earth. So much so that entire population was wiped out. Vatican City was never fully able to recover from the United Nations Civil War.


The Military of the Ultranationalists is entirely made up of "UN Peacekeepers." The highest level you could reach was the "United Nations Special Service Unit" or UNSSU. The UNSSU was basically the Russian Version of the SS. The UNSSU has it's own generals, it's own enterprises, and even it's own seat on the Supreme Russian Council. The UNSSU is tasked with actively investigating political descent and making sure that any and all people living in Russia and during the United Nations Civil War stay in line.

Every Russian is required to serve in the army. Men are forced to serve for fifteen years, 8 years in active service, and 7 years in the reserve. Women are required to serve for 7, 2 years in active service, 5 years in the reserve, but women were mostly treated as pure slaves in the Russian Army. During reserve, the Russian Soldiers are allowed to have civilian jobs and are able to go see their families, however they need to be laying and ready to ship out when they get the notification. There is no leave for the soldiers and they are constantly monitored to make sure they are ready to go. Most Russians are taught that going into the Military is one of loyalty to the state, and service in the Military is the best honor you can do to the state.

End of the Ultranationalists

After the defeat of the Russian Ultranationalist regime at the end of the United Nations Civil War, the Untied States and the European Federation came down hard on the Russian Ultranationalists. The Russian Ultranationalist Party was required to completely disband and was banned from ever serving inside the Russian Government. After it was discovered about the harsh political brainwashing and the treatment of Russian Civilians, the Russian Ultranationalist leadership and Generals responsible were placed on international trial in front of the new United Nations Security Council officials. Most were sentenced to death by execution.

Some of the UNSSU divisions and prominent generals went into hiding or simply refused to surrender. Over the course of the Second Great Depression, the UNSSU soldiers who refused to surrender continued to attack and sabotage the "Enemy" which no longer existed. The aim was to destroy the "American Imperialists" and continue the fight for the Russian Ultranationalist Government, which no longer existed. The UNSSU cell that didn't accept the surrender of the Russian Ultranationalist Government surrendered to United Nations Commanders in Chile in 2116.