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This is a list of the presidents of the USA in the Mercbl scenario

This is not intended to be entirely realistic, nor a reflection of my own political views.

45. Donald Trump-Republican (2017-2025) VP: Mike Pence (2017-2022), John Bolton (2022-2025)

DJ Trump

45th President, Donald Trump (14 June 1946-21 June 2028)

Election: Donald Trump became the 45th President of the USA by beating Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. He managed to win a second term against Joe Biden in the 2020 election despite his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is believed that concern over the black lives matter protests following the death of George Floyd allowed Trump to win a slim majority of 270 electoral votes.

USA 2020 Mercbl

2020 election map

Presidency: Donald Trump’s Presidency is considered to be the first “social media presidency” due to his utilisation of the social media platform Twitter. This was a defining feature of his presidency. Another feature of Trumps presidency was a focus on foreign policy, such as a summit with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and bringing American troops home from Syria.

Trump’s second term however was very different, being largely defined by the unpopular Iran War. Trump survived 4 assassination attempts during his second term including the Houston bomb plot which killed his Vice President, Mike Pence.

It is widely believed that Trump’s pro-Russian foreign policy also allowed Russia the freedom to invade Ukraine and occupy Belarus. He especially received criticism as many suggested that only America’s preoccupation with Iran allowed both of these events to happen.

A major event during the Trump administration was the Houston bomb plot on 17 August 2022 that killed his Vice President, Mike Pence. The bomb was planted behind where Trump was scheduled to give a speech, but a change of plans lead to Pence also giving a speech and being killed by the blast. Following the death of Pence Trump nominated John Bolton as his Vice President due to his support of the Iran War, following conformation by the Senate and House of Representatives, Bolton was sworn in on November 2 2022.

Under Trump, a number of nations left NATO, these were Turkey, Luxemborg, Albania and Montenegro.

46. Bill Gates-Democrat (2025-2029) VP: Tulsi Gabbard

Bill Gates

46th President, Bill Gates (28 October 1955-11 November 2056)

Election: William Henry Gates III, more commonly known as Bill Gates, secured the democratic nomination, beating both Kamala Harris and Ilhan Omar, and then continued on to beat John Bolton in the 2024 election, winning 320 electoral votes in a surprising landslide.

USA 2024 Mercbl

2024 election map

Presidency: Much of Gates’ first term was spent reforming America’s foreign policy and internal programs. Gates began an extensive program of rebuilding Iran following the brutal Iran war, sending Iran $20 billion annually in foreign aid.

Foreign aid wasn’t only sent to Iran, however, as foreign aid spending tripled between 2024 and 2029.

President Gates also revolutionised healthcare in America, establishing the single payer healthcare program “AmeriCare” in February 2026.

Military spending was greatly decreased with significant increases in spending on education, science and healthcare.

Gates received much praise, as well as the Nobel Peace Prize, for his swift and effective response to the Colombian invasion of Panama in 2025, as well as negotiating the Treaty of Panama City to end the war.

The USA went back to the Moon during Gates’ Presidency with Jocelyn White becoming the first woman to stand on the Moon.

Bill Gates’ president is often held to be the beginning of the American Foreign Policy Focus Realignment (2024-2045) in which America began to end its policies of interventionism and instead look towards either isolationism or internationalism.

Queen Elizabeth II died during Bill’s Presidency, and he was one of a group of many world leaders to attend her funeral.

47. Kim Reynolds-Republican (2029-2033) VP: Joni Ernst

Kim Reynolds

47th President, Kim Reynolds (4 August 1959-1 March 2040

Election: Kim Reynolds, former governor of Iowa, became the 47th President of the USA, as well as the first female president, on the 20th January 2029, having defeated all opposition, the Democratic nominee, Ilhan Omar and Bill Gates, who had left the Democrats to form his own party, the True Progressives. This split allowed Kim to win 345 electoral votes.

USA 2028 Mercbl

2028 election map

Presidency: Reynolds followed a internationalist, bordering on interventionist, foreign policy, examples of which include supporting the Republic of Korea in the Second Korean War and imposing sanctions on Russia following the Volgograd Agreement.

Shortly after being inagurated as President, Reynolds had to deal with the outbreak of the Algerian-Tunisian War, in which the US ended up supporting Tunisia.

Possibly the largest foreign policy event in Reynolds’ Presidency was the detonation of a nuclear weapon in the Nigerian city of Lagos by the organisation al'iimbiraturiat aleazima.

Reynolds successfully negotiated the Indo-American alliance in 2031.

48. Bill Gates-True Progressive (2033-2037) VP: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Bill Gates

48th President, Bill Gates (28 October 1955-11 November 2056)

Election: Following Gate’s split with the Democrats to form the True Progressive Party, the Republican Kim Reynolds was able to win the election. However progressivism continued to grow in popularity in the US during Kim’s presidency and in the 2032 election, Gates was able to beat both the republican nominee (Kim Reynolds) and the Democrat nominee (Ilhan Omar) with 273 electoral votes. Gates also became the oldest President in American history, at the age of 78.

USA 2032 Mercbl

2032 election map

Presidency: Shortly following his second inauguration, Gates began working with the leaders of the other nations in the anti-North Korean coalition to create a peace treaty that the PRC would find acceptable. Following China’s agreement to this agreement, Gates met with said leaders in Pyongyang in June 2032 to sign the Treaty of Pyongyang.

The twenty-eighth amendment was introduced in 2034, introducing limits on corporations making political donations.

Gates’ focus on a neutral foreign policy lead to the USA not intervening in the Egyptian invasion of Sudan or the Greco-Turkish war.

49. Ben Shapiro-Republican (2037-2040) VP: Thomas B. Cotton

Ben Shapiro

49th President, Ben Shapiro (15 January 1984-11 February 2076)

Election: With Bill Gates having served his second term as president, the popularity of the True Progressive party greatly decreased, splitting the liberal vote again between two parties, the Republicans were then able to capitalise on this with Ben Shapiro successfully securing a slim victory of 271 electoral votes. Being a jew, Ben Shapiro became the first openly non-christian President in history.

USA 2036 Mercbl

2036 election map

Presidency: Following the Chinese invasion of Mongolia, the USA along with a number of other countries including Russia, imposed sanctions against China, secretly the USA also worked with Russia to supply the Mongolian forces and separatist groups in Manchuria, East Turkestan and Tibet.

50. Thomas B. Cotton-Republican (2040-2041)

Thomas B Cotton

50th President, Thomas B. Cotton (13 May 1977-9 December 2058)

Former governor of Arkansas Thomas B. Cotton became president on the 4 October 2040 following the impeachment of Ben Shapiro.

Presidency: Cotton became President during the mid stages of the 2040 Republican Presidential campaign and this took up much of his short term as President. While Cotton had been Ben Shapiro’s running mate having to deal with becoming the Republican nominee and the loss of reputation for the Republican party associated with the impeachment of President Shapiro proved to be an uphill battle and to much for Cotton.

During the chaos following President Shapiro’s impeachment, the Second Volgograd Agreement, the Russian annexation of Estonia and Latvia, went largely unnoticed and unchallenged. This proved to be ammunition against President Cotton in the 2040 election.

51. Athena Salman-True Progressive (2041-2045) VP: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Athena Salman

51st President, Athena Salman (1989-1 June 2078)

Election: Athena Salman won a resounding victory in the 2040 election, beating both Thomas B. Cotton and Jackson White. Athena became the first openly atheist President and her win was praised as evidence that America’s longstanding bias against secular politicians was ending.

USA 2040 Mercbl

2040 election map

Presidency: President Salman followed the True Progressive party’s traditionally isolationist foreign policy stance, for example, refusing Australia’s request to intervene in the Indonesian Civil War.

The twenty-ninth amendment was introduced in 2043, which repealed the second amendment, removing the right to bear arms from the American constitution.

52. Saxon Musk-Democrat (2045-2053) VP: Patrick Murphy

Election: Saxon Musk became the youngest ever President at the age of 39, winning a victory of 296 electoral votes. Saxon chose Patrick Murphy as his running mate to gain credibility through his much older and more experienced partner.

USA 2044 Mercbl

2044 election map

USA 2048 Mercbl

2048 election map

Presidency: Immediately after being inaugurated, Musk made his top priority changing foreign policy to a more interventionist stance, and agreed to support Australia in the Indonesian Civil War, an action that initially caused criticism and drew comparisons to the interventionist Presidents of the early 21st century such as George W. Bush and Barack Obama, however following the wars swift conclusion it became a rallying point for Musk’s supporters.

53. Patrick Murphy-Democrat (2053-2057) VP: Aidan Smith

Patrick Murphy

53rd President, Patrick Murphy (30 March 1983-3 February 2059)

Patrick Murphy

USA 2052 Mercbl

2052 election map

54. Francisco Castro-Democrat (2057-2065) VP: Tabitha Gray

Election: Puerto Rican born Francisco Castro became the first hispanic President in 2057, following his defeat of the True Progressive Ryan Dorsey and the Republican Isabel Griffiths. One of the main factors in Francisco’s favour was his incredible ability in Presidential debates, far outpacing that of his competitors.

USA 2056 Mercbl

2056 election map

USA 2060 Mercbl

2060 election map

55. Jocelyn Franklins-Democrat (2065-2073) VP: Ernest Jones

Election: Presidency: The thirtieth amendment was introduced during Jocelyn Franklins presidency, repealing the twenty-second amendment which limited Presidential term limits.

56. Micah Jacobson-True Progressives (2073-2077) VP: Ryan Dorsey

Micah Jacobson

57. Samuel Sheen-Democrat (2077-2081) VP: Natasha Chapman

Election: Samuel Sheen defeated the incumbent Micah Jacobson in a surprise victory in the 2076 election, winning 299 electoral votes to become the first openly gay President.

58. May Facciolo-True Progressive (2081-2085) VP: Fritz Flügel

May Facciolo

59. Zihna McCullens-Democrat (2085-2089) VP: Fabien Demaret

Zihna McCullens

60. May Facciolo-True Progressives (2089) VP: Fritz Flügel

May Facciolo

61. Fritz Flügel-True Progressives (2089-2105) VP: Marc Harvey (2089-2101) Darryl Mercer (2101-2105)

Fritz Flügel

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