President Kamala Harris (2025 - 2033)[]

2020 kamala

47th U.S. President: Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris (1964 - 2050) is the 47th U.S. President in American History following Joe Biden. Kamala Harris also is the first female President in American History and the 2nd African-American President following Barack Obama. She started off being the District Attorney for San Francisco in 2004 - 2011. Kamala would later run for Attorney General of California and win and serve through 2011 - 2017. During that time she became famous and ran for the California Senate which she won. After she won the Senate in 2020 she ran for President but had a disappointing finish with dropping out before the Primary Season. In 2020 after Joe Biden got the nomination he was interested in picking Kamala Harris as his winning mate. She'd accept and she was announced to be the running mate at the National Democratic Convention in August. After Joe Biden won the Election Kamala Harris became the 49th U.S. Vice President and the first female Vice President in American History. Kamala Harris would take office a lot during Biden's presidency due to emergencies. Also similar to Lyndon B. Johnson and JFK, Joe Biden wasn't good at getting bills passed but Kamala Harris was. Kamala Harris would run for the 2024 Election and win against Nikki Haley making the the 47th U.S. President in American History.

2020 Presidential Campaign[]

Many considered Kamala Harris a top contender for the nomination in 2020 and many speculated about a possible Harris 2020 run. On January 21st, 2019 she announced her run for the 2020 Election as a Democrat.

Kamala Harris President

Kamala Harris announcing her run for the 2020 Election

In the first 24 hours after she announced her run she was tied for most money donated. The person she was tied with was Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders from 2016. During the first Democratic Debate in June 2019 she scolded Joe Biden calling his statements he made "hurtful". After that debate she started leading by a lot of points but that would not continue. During the second debate Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard exposed Kamala Harris and Joe Biden which hurt both of them. After that debate Harris's polls numbers dropped and started losing donations. On December 3rd, 2019 she dropped out due to lack of funding with a disappointing finish. In 2020 she was contacted by Joe Biden and he asked if she would be his running mate. Harris accepted and at the National Democratic Convention she was announced to be the Vice President.

Vice Presidency (2021 - 2025)[]

After Joe Biden won the Election that meant Kamala Harris became the 49th Vice President in American History. Many didn't like her as the Vice President due to her past history and even Tulsi Gabbard who had exposed Harris's record in the Democratic Debates came out and said she was very disappointed in Joe Biden for picking her. After the attempted assassinations of Joe Biden and his health she served as President 3 times during Joe Biden. Kamala was a very boring Vice President with only having credit for a few things that took place in Joe Biden's Presidency. Many said this hurt her 2024 campaign for President.

2024 Presidential Campaign[]

On February 3rd, 2023 Vice President, Kamala Harris announced her run for the 2024 Election.

Announcing kamala

Kamala Harris announcing her bid for the 2024 Election

She got a lot of support but many Senators and Congress Members didn't support her. Just because of Kamala Harris congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard didn't want to run due to her.

Kamala Kickoff

Kamala Harris's kickoff rally in Los Angeles, California

During the Democratic Debates many candidates attacked her on her past history of being an attorney. Many said she pulled the biggest reverse card after proving she didn't send any innocent people to prison. This made the people that accused her look bad and caused them to drop out. In the end it was down too Her, Andrew Cuomo, and Pete Buttigieg. In the end Kamala got the nomination making her the second Democratic Female to get the nomination following Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Kamala harris speech

Kamala Harris accepting the nomination

Kamala was running against former South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley who at the start was leading polling but after Kamala found audio leaks of her talking trash Kamala started surging in polling. During Debates, Kamala also won due to her past history of being an attorney. Many started talking about her past records but Kamala tried to hide them and make Nikki look like a bad person. Going into October Kamala Harris had such a high chance of winning until Senate Minority Leader, John Thune opened an investigation on Harris about her past records. In Mid-October, Harris's numbers had dropped by almost 10%. Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer would also open an investigation on Nikki Haley's leaked audio conversations with Senators to help her get elected. Kamala's vice president, Beto O'Rourke did serious campaigning in Texas which in 2020 it was decided by 0.53%. Nikki's vice president who was Texas Congressman, Dan Crenshaw also did serious campaigning in Texas. Going into Election Night Harris had a 4% lead in national polling and no one knew who would win.

2024 Election Results

2024 Election Results

In a landslide, Kamala Harris won the Election. She became the 47th U.S. President in American History and the first female President. Many had claimed the Election was rigged by multiple U.S. Senators such as Steve Bullock, Joe Kennedy III, Sara Gideon, Mark Kelly, Dianne Feinstein, and etc. On Twitter many Haley supporters also demanded a recount and threatened to leave the country if she got elected. Nikki Haley told her supporters to stop complaining as it was a fair election. Kamala Harris was inaugurated on January 20th, 2025 with Beto O'Rourke as the 50th U.S.Vice President in American History.

Nikki Haley Concession

Nikki Haley's concession speech

Presidency (1st Term)[]

Economy (1st Term)[]

When Kamala Harris became President many were worried about a new recession taking place after many useless stocks were bought. Harris introduced "HarrisCare" which was similar to Obamacare but just named Harris. Many called this useless as the stock market was about to see a decrease. On April 1st, 2021 the Stock Market had the biggest drop since Q2 of 2020. Many called this "Fools Market Wednesday" due to the market crashing on April 1st. Beto O'Rourke suggested what F.D.R. during the Great Depression and they started micro-managing the economy. By August 21st, 2022 the economy had gotten back to what it was when Harris had became President. By 2027 the economy was decent, not good and not bad.

Healthcare (1st Term)[]

Due to Fools Market Wednesday many Americans lost healthcare and after the Republicans in the Senate tried to pull a bill that could've gotten many Americans to lose healthcare it made many people get freaked out. Due to the Democrats having the majority in the Senate it wasn't passed but still many Republicans in the House tried to get the bill passed. A year after HarrisCare was passed many claimed it was useless and wasn't working. In 2023 when the Election was just 1 year away it was not looking good for Kamala with the economy still being poor and a lot of violence in America. On December 10th, 2023, Kamala had her worst ever approval rating with her only at a 55.2% disapproval rating nationwide. By 2024 Healthcare in America had gotten better after congress passed "Healthcare For All Act of 2024".

Violence (1st Term)[]

With the Economy being bad and Healthcare being worse many people had gotten very angry with President Harris and record high crimes were reported nationwide in 2022. Despite Joe Biden's violence bill many still got away with violent crimes in the U.S. On March 5th, 2023 a terrorist attack from Saudi Arabia was leaked from Kamala's administration. Kamala instantly tried to stop this act and sent troops to Saudi Arabia to foil the plan. Many claimed Kamala had wanted to go into war after it was announced she was sending troops to Saudi Arabia. Beto had told the nation the reason why she sent troops was to stop a possible terrorist attack on the U.S. The terrorist attack was prevented and it was found out they planned to bomb over 10 cities in the U.S. On May 23rd, 2023 a shooter had open fired on a mall in Boulder, Colorado. This shooting had killed over 11 people and injured over 60. Kamala had responded and claimed they would find the man who committed the crime and would get justice for all of the people that were killed. A few days later they found the shooter who was 53 year old, Robert Sanders who was found hiding out at an abandoned building in Boulder. While in custody he had committed suicide which many blamed the Boulder Police for not checking him. By 2024 violence crime rates had dropped by 11% since 2023 after the signing of a new bill.

2028 Presidential Campaign[]

Kamala Harris announced she would run for re-election on January 10th, 2027 while at a press briefing. She got a lot of support from her supporters and despite her unpopularity rating her party still loved her. In the 2028 Democratic Primaries she only had 3 opponents but 1 only got any delegates. The 3 Democrats who were running against Harris in 2028 were Florida Governor, Val Demings, Georgia Governor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, and finally Minnesota Representative, Ilhan Omar. Kamala easily won the Democratic nomination. More attention was brought on who would be the Vice Presidential pick.

Kamala 2028

Harris announcing her re-election bid

It was neck and neck between Chris Murphy and incumbent vice president, Beto O'Rourke. Very narrowly incumbent vice president, Beto O'Rourke won re-nomination. During the Republican Primaries rumors were going around about Harris rigging it so Josh Hawley would win the nomination. These rumors were later debunked despite Hawley finishing in 2nd. Kamala Harris was going up against Former Texas Senator, Ted Cruz who was nationally hated across the nation. Beto had still done heavy campaigning in Texas along with Ted Cruz who also did intense campaigning in Texas. Harris used this as a distraction for Cruz and campaigned in states like South Carolina and Alaska which for the first time in many decades were swing states. Of course she payed attention to Georgia and Florida too and even had the largest campaign rally in Jacksonville, Florida. Cruz's running mate, Josh Hawley had also done campaigning in states like Michigan and and Ohio which both went for Harris in 2024. In the debates Harris had destroyed Cruz and in the vice presidential debates Beto had also destroyed Hawley. As it got closer to Election Night Harris had been leading in polling by around 13% and many considered how Cruz had no chance. On Election Night it was another blowout for Harris.

2028 election-0

2028 Election Results

Harris had received 400 electoral votes and Cruz only got 138. For the first time since 1964 Alaska had went for Harris by only 0.12%. Many Republicans wanted recounts in states like Iowa, Wisconsin, Alaska, Utah, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, and etc. Only one recount took place in Alaska and the recount actually gave Harris a win by 0.20% instead of 0.12%. On November 10th, Ted Cruz had conceded the election and congratulated Harris on the historic Alaska win. Many of his supporters were outraged still and were very hungry for revenge after the loss of Nikki Haley and Ted Cruz. A big downside for Harris was the Republicans took control of the Senate and maintained their majority in the House of Representatives. Kamala Harris was inaugurated for a second term on January 20th, 2029.

Sad ted cruz

Ted Cruz's concession speech on November 10th, 2028

Kamala Harris victory

Kamala Harris re-election victory speech

Presidency (2nd Term)[]

Economy (2nd Term)[]

After Harris got re-elected the economy was actually decent for the first time in years. Many new jobs were being created until May 15th, 2029. On May 15th, 2029 is when the stock market crashed mysteriously. No everyday citizen knew why and even a lot of Harris's cabinet didn't know why. It was later found out the stock markets crashed due to not a lot production of items and unemployment. By the end of Harris's 2nd term in 2033 the economy was at an all time high and many say Harris has great at handling the economy.

Healthcare (2nd Term)[]

Healthcare wasn't a big issue until the Stock Market crash of 2029. After that many Americans lost healthcare and the Senate was also about to appeal types of healthcare which they had tried to do earlier in time. This time since the Republicans had control many starting panicking and hoping 2 senators would flip on the Republican party. Similar to John McCain's Maverick move in 2018 multiple Republican senators flipped on the party and voted no. Of course the Republican senators that voted no became very unpopular and had lost their jobs in the 2030 mid-terms and 2032 general election. By 2033 healthcare also was decent but still many Americans didn't have it.

Violence (2nd Term)[]

There was a lot of violence during 2029 - 2030 due to an African-American family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin all being brutally murdered by police. This caused another wave of BLM protests which really hadn't been in the spotlight since 2025. Harris had responded and demanded protests and the cops be sent to prison. Many Republicans had used Harris's statement of "If you can, please protest" as a way to use it against her. On July 4th, 2031 a foiled terrorist attack was foiled by the FBI. The attack was supposed to be a bomb inside the Empire State Building where President Harris was staying in for the 4th of July. The attack failed after the bomb exploded too early with it exploding while in mid-air. After this the FBI closed the Empire State Building and many 4th of July parties to investigate. The terrorist would not be caught until 2035 when they were found in Kazakhstan many years later.


Kamala Harris left office with a 52.4% approval rating and was known as a very unpopular president in her first term but a very popular president during her second.

Harris Leaving

Harris congratulating Nikki Haley on her election win on November 3rd, 2032


Kamala Harris died from old age on December 7th, 2060 at the age of 96 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her husband, Doug had taken her to the hospital where she was confirmed dead by doctors. Many former Presidents and Vice Presidents attended her funeral. President, Malia Obama and Vice President, Kelly Leon attended her funeral. Also presidents AOC, Elise Stefanik, Cory Booker, and Nikki Haley all attended her funeral along with their Vice Presidents.