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People's Republic of Australia
People's Republic of Australiaen
Timeline: It All Goes Down

OTL equivalent: Australia, AAT, New Guinea, Timor
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Advance Australia Fair"
Capital Canberra
Largest city South East Queensland
Other cities Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Dili, Port Moresby, Central Coast
English, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Arabic
  others Many
Religion State Atheism
Demonym Australian
Government Dominant One Party State
Vice President
Population 42,000,000 
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared January 26, 1901
Currency Australian Dollar
Internet TLD .au
Calling Code +61
Organizations UN, Shanghai Pact

Australia, officially The People's Republic of Australia, is a Sovereign State in Oceania. It Was established after a successful coup attempt in 2018 because Australians didn't want to stay allied with the ever-collapsing United States of America.


Early History

The the collapses of Capitalism Worldwide, and the United States becoming a communist country, led to Australia turning to its nearest trade partners & allies; China, Indonesia & India. This is when Australia, under extreme pressure, was declared a Socialist State after a Government Coup. Soon after, Australia was declared A Dominant One-Party Presidential Republic.

World War III

During WW-III, Australia was allied with China, India, Oman, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey & Russia as The Shanghai Pact; against Tanzania, Niger, South Africa, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen & Algeria called The Tehran Pact. The war lasted six years, with the Shanghai Pact emerging victorious, and the Tehran Pact disbanding and all members suffered heavy losses.

Post World War III






Foreign Relations

  • Flag of China.png People's Republic of China: Australia's Most Crucial Ally as Trading Partner.
  • Flag of India.png Republic of India: Another Important Trade Partner and Ally. They share a long history together, including the fact they were both colonized by the United Kingdom.
  • Flag of Russia.png Federation of Russia: Close Relations have been shared for a couple of years, and were allied together in WWI & WWII.
  • Flag of Indonesia.png Union of Indonesia: They share common allies, including China & Russia. They also have a free trade agreement.
  • Flag of Brazil.png Brazilian Republic: Australia & Brazil have shared good relations for decades, and both are popular tourist destinations for each peoples respectively.
  • Flag of New Zealand.png Commonwealth of New Zealand: Australia & New Zealand have long been associated with each other. In fact, New Zealand was offered to join the Federation of Australia, and is often mistaken as a state of Australia.
  • Flag of Chile.png Republic of Chile: Australia & Chile have been allied for some time now, and have a free trade agreement. They both import & export billions from each other each year.
  • Flag of Oman.png Federal Republic of Oman: Oman Is an important trade partner of Australia and tourist destination.
  • Flag of Iran.png Islamic Republic of Iran: Australia's main supplier of WMD's, also have a free trade agreement.

Other less Important Foreign Relations

  • Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Qazaqstan
  • Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal
  • Flag of Finland.png Finland
  • Flag of Peru 1.png Peru
  • Flag of Mexico.png Mexico
  • Flag of Philippines.png Philippines
  • Flag of Angola.png Angola
  • Flag of Morocco.png Morocco

Administrative Divisions