People's Commissariat
Timeline: [[The Great Calamity]]

OTL equivalent: Northern Mainland China
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Beijing
Largest city Tianjin
Other cities Baoding, Shijiazhuang, Dalian, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, etc.
Language Mandarin
Demonym North Chinese
Government Autocratic Unitary Military Commissariat
Population ~ 170,000,000 (2382 census) 
Established 27th April 2287
Currency Renminbi

Originally the Beijing People's Commissariat, the People's Commissariat is a sovereign military state and self-proclaimed meritocracy located in former Northern and Northeastern China. Built on the ideology of merit in the form of service to the state and community at large, the Commissariat sees itself as the legitimate successor to the People's Republic of China, having been formed out of a military takeover of government operations following the Great Calamity. It proclaims itself to be a post-Communist meritocracy, founded on the ideals of service and loyalty.

Today the People's Commissariat is one of the most populous nations on Earth, surpassed only by the Republic of China to its south and the Vijayanagar Empire. Locked in fierce but peaceful competition with the Republic of China, the citizens of the Commissariat dream of one day reuniting China, and perhaps uniting the world, under the leadership of the People's Sovereign Military (PSM). It is currently engaged in fierce armed conflict with nations to its North and West, with many fearing it may one day turn its attention to the democratic South and to Goguryeo and Japan in the East.


Unitary Structure

The People's Commissariat is an autocratic unitary state, divided into numerous administrative subdivisions organised along 4 levels below the central government. These are, in order of precedence, the regional, prefectural, county, and municipal levels. While sovereignty de jure rests with the people of the Commissariat, de facto power and authority emanates from the central government. While democracy is minimally present at the regional and municipal levels, the central, prefectural and county governments lack any democratically elected representation whatsoever.

Central Government

Regional Departments




Miscellaneous Information


The Armed Forces of the People's Commissariat consists of 6 distinct branches - the People's Army, the People's Navy, the People's Air Force, the People's Marine Force, the People's Missile Force, and the People's Military Police.

  • People's Army: The 987,000 soldiers of the People's Army are the Commissariat's primary ground warfare force. It operates thousands of armoured vehicles, tanks, and aircraft.
  • People's Navy: The 130,000 personnel of the People's Navy is the Commissariat's primary naval warfare force. It is considered a green water navy by many nations but there have been increasingly strong calls for it to be re-classified as a blue water navy as it expands its fleet with longer range ships capable of global power projection. The Navy operates just over 100 ships of various classes including 15 destroyers.
  • People's Air Force: The People's Air Force is the Commissariat's primary aerial warfare branch, and consists of 110,000 airmen. It operates a fleet of 931 aircraft including fighters, bombers, surveillance, and transport craft.
  • People's Marine Force:
  • People's Missile Force:
  • People's Military Police:



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