Palestine (Scenario: Universal)

Islamic Republic of Palestine
Timeline: Scenario: Universal
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Coat of Arms
Palestinian Flag Coat of Arms

"Free the Arabs" (Arabic)

Capital Palestine City (East Jerusalem)
Largest city Gaza City
Language Arabic
Religion Islamic (Official)
Demonym Palestinian
Legislature Islamic State
Foreign Minister
Independence from Israel
  declared 2029
Currency Palestinian Dollar

Islamic Republic of Palestine, short name Palestine, is an Islamic Country in the middle east. It's made up of 3 divisions. It's capital is Palestine City, but it's largest city is Gaza City.




  1. West Bank
  2. South Palestine
  3. Gaza Strip

Foreign Relations


Palestine and Israel have a very hostile relationship.

United States

As the United States tries to protect Israel, It is also very unfriendly with Palestine. In 2033, United States President Ivanka Trump met with Palestine President Mohammed N. Ghufran to talk about Foreign Policy. This led to the United States being less violent to Palestine.



Islam is the state religion in Palestine and the majority religion as well, 94% of the Palestinian population identify themselves with Islam, mainly Sunni Islam. Palestine has a small amount of it's population that follow Christianity, The Christianity community is mostly centered around Palestine City. 0.1% of the Palestinian population is Jewish.

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