Here are the future Summer and Winter Olympic games locations, although the list includes winter locations that do not have suitable mountains for alpine skiing and snowboarding, or in some case, barely enough snow.


Summer 2016: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Winter 2018: Pyeongchang, South Korea

Summer 2020: Tokyo, Japan

Winter 2022: Beijing, China

Summer 2024: Paris, France

Winter 2026: Milan/Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

Summer 2028: Los Angeles, USA

Summer 2032: Brisbane, Australia

The following are mere speculation:

Winter 2030: Barcelona, Spain

Winter 2034: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Summer 2036: Osaka, Japan

Winter 2038: Oslo, Norway

Summer 2040: New York, NY, United States

Winter 2042: Vienna, Austria

Summer 2044: Melbourne, Australia

Winter 2046: Kathmandu, Nepal

Summer 2048: Shanghai, China

Winter 2050: Toronto, Canada

Summer 2052: Paris, France

Winter 2054: Denver, United States

Summer 2056: Athens, Greece

Winter 2058: Lausanne, Switzerland (home base of the International Olympic Committee)

Summer 2060: Berlin, Germany

Winter 2062: Stavanger, Norway

Summer 2064: Tokyo, Japan

Winter 2066: Ottawa, Canada

Summer 2068: Madrid, Spain

Winter 2070: Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

Summer 2072: Canberra, Australia

Winter 2074: Calgary, Canada

Summer 2076: Los Angeles, United States

Winter 2078: Warsaw, Poland

Summer 2080: Seoul, South Korea

Winter 2082: Vancouver, Canada

Summer 2084: Miami, Florida, United States

Winter 2086: Nagano, Japan

Summer 2088: Auckland, New Zealand

Winter 2090: Tampere, Finland

Summer 2092: Beijing, China

Winter 2094: Salt Lake City, USA

Summer 2096: Moscow, Russia

Winter 2098: Lhasa, China

Summer 2100: Vancouver, Canada

Winter 2102: Geneva, Switzerland

Summer 2104: Rabat, Morocco

Winter 2106: Thimphu, Bhutan

Summer 2108: Rome, Italy

Winter 2110: Kullorsuaq, Greenland

Summer 2112: Mexico City, Mexico

Winter 2114: Chamonix, France

Summer 2116: Athens, Greece