"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." J Robert Oppenheimer 

Iran Announces Full Nuclear Capacity

In 2017 Iran Announces that it has created its first Atomic Weapon. North Korea cheers on. 

Banning Nuclear Weapons

While it's nice to say and think about, banning Nuclear Weapons was no easy task for President Huntsman. He spent nearly all his time and energy on the project. After the Nuclear Code Scare of 2024

By 2036 most nations around the world banned together and scrapped the nuclear warheads. 

Alternative Nuclear Power

This, however, did not stop benign research into Nuclear Energy power sources. This technology would get cheaper and mass produced by the early 2050s. powering cars and homes. Nuclear Power is what powers the AI super network. 

Dwindling Resources

In 2043 the Resource War begin. This dramatically rises the price of resources like oil and copper. Oil was the main fuel of power in the early 21st century and copper was used in almost everything to make electric charges to power electronics. This all changed once these rescources began to become rarer. Nuclear Energy eventually replaced electricity as the main power source. Fusion eventually replaced Nuclear Energy in the 22nd century.

The Super Power Grid

The Super Power Grid was a global effort to stop the world's dwindling resources. It is charged by outer space solar panels and incorporates nuclear energy to and from the homes, offices, buildings, etc… While the panels are located underneath the countries this allows for easy installation and no destructive forces nature.

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