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This is the first map created by SolaceEaSw (or simply Solace). Hopefully this will last long.


In 2047, multiple European countries begin to leave the EU due to political problems concerning an oncoming famine, and political corruption in the near-collapsed United States of America. In 2054, The oncoming famine came. The famine caused riots and mass hysteria as many countries did not know what to do at the time, and many wouldn't help the civilians due to the economy falling at a near-exponential rate. In 2061, The United States declared war on China, Russia, and Europe over the very limited resources. This would be known commonly as World War III. Entire battles would take place in childhood neighborhoods, and by the Summer of 2065, Russia would drop their Hydrogen Bomb on Beijing, China, in attempt to dominate and control China. Chinese officials, surviving the blast, didn't know where it came from, because of the lack of communication right after the bomb dropped. So China, decides to blow everyone up out of confusion. Hydrogen bombs are dropped on Moscow, Paris, New York City, London, and various populated cities across the globe; It was chaotic. Multiple governments were overthrown or collapsed under the destruction, and numerous un-earthly natural disasters began to increase: tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. The population plummeted within weeks, with over 4/5 of the population dead by 2070. However, from the ashes of the old world grew the New World. In 2074, various new nations and old empires emerged, with hopes to control the wasteland that has become of Earth.  

Important Information/Rules

Various cataclysmic events will happen regularly: tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, plagues, famines, etc. Each turn is 2 years. Set of Rules:

  • Stay plausible.
  • Too many implausibilities will result in your nation collapsing, and you not being able to play anymore.
  • Stay active, literally, I don't want this map game dying in one turn.
  • Each beginning nation/empire will consist of around 50,000 civilians.
  • New turn every 24 hours.



[*Current map as of 2094]


You must add a flag of your nation. You may not play as any of the nations shown below:


can I be a mod? I will be fair and will not mod myself -Derp



  • Mod Event: Radiation begins to clear out. Electricity remains offline until 2076 (next turn).
  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg.png Russian Empire: From the dark catacombs of where we have been residing for the past few year, we begin resurfacing into the New World. We discover the remains of the old world, and begin reconstruction of what was previously Moscow, although it was almost completely obliterated. We begin scavenging what was untouched, and begin hunting animals to help us survive. We discover that many of the animals that had lived here have been deranged, possibly due to radiation. We set up a small government system among our people, with a Royal Family being elected to govern. We construct a small settlement near Moscow, formally naming it "New Moscow", and establish it as our capital for our new empire.
  • Flag of the Balearic Islands.png Balearic Islands: From the small island of Ibiza, we survive from the great war, and begin a new life. We find some islands, and in the largest island (Majorca), we discover a major city (Palma de Majorca). Then, we form a nation, Balearic Islands. A man who the main contributor of formation of the country, Alejandro Ramon Vargas, becomes the first president of the nation. With limited resources, we start to construct ships. These ships will be used for exploration and find more resources. We keep to collect foods from planting and fishing.
  • Flag of Algeria.svgAlgeria: After the Great War we begin to repair our damaged cities and rebuild Algiers. Hearing from our best engineers that power will be back on in 2075 we repair the electrical lines in advance. A new dock is also built in Algiers for future trade it will also House our key naval ships including our new frigate that's under construction. Most materials are taken from the factories in Algiers or shrapnel and loose metal lying around. An armoury is also constructed in Algiers along with a barracks containing our 5000 soldiers
  • SwedishEmpire.jpgSwedish Empire: From the ashes of the previous world comes a new one. During the nuclear war the entire governmental structure was destroyed, along with most of the major cities. As we have dug our way out from underground, we find the remains of the former city of Malmö and declare that our new capital. Slowly we begin expanding our territory, eventually finding the city of Stockholm and Falun. As we learn that there are still a lot of resources around the area, and we become an agricultural society as we grow crops and hunt animals for food. We try to begin expanding our area of reach for more supplies we begin constructing boats from the many forests around us. We begin forming the first steps in policy by making sure that when every tree is removed, two more are planted in it's place.
  • Flag of Nepal.svg Greater Nepal: From the ashes of the previous world stands Nepal alone, looking at the pitiful remains of what once were India and Bengal. An attempted monarchy is crushed by the Gurkhas as King Basyal I's 3-month reign ends brutally. After finding information on the French and American Revolution, a Revolutionary Republic is established, and several Indian Scientists are recovered after several expeditions into the barren lands. Quickly, the United Nepali Front takes back the territories of the former Gorkha Empire. Kapli Gorkhali, a famous chief scientist and historian, honoured for his efforts in taking down the monarchy, is elected as president in a landslide 56% vote of the United Nepali Front, at age 35. Quickly, items such as factories are scavenged, and the society becomes an industrialised one, ironically with higher industrialisation than before. Computers and other materials such as shrapnel are recovered and brought back from the Bharat region and put to use in an armoury, the first one in Nepal's historyThe manpower of Nepal is 27000 estimated, with a standing army of 12000 and a workforce of 45000, considering the population of Nepal at around 48000. Kathmandu is recovered and becomes the capital once again.
  • Flag of Viet.png Nghệ Dynasty: We arise from the ashes of Vietnam, Laos and China, with just a small territory. We have chosen to keep our mighty Emperor as head of state, while the failed state, Nguyễn Dynasty, chose not too. Our ally, the Republic of Cambodia, is farther south, and to reach them to trade and protect each other, we must expand. This project starts with Ha Tinh, Quang Binh and Son La. They are almost entirely empty of people, so they are taken with ease. As the nuclear radiation clears, we see a bright future. We currently have no settlements serving as capital, with the Emperor constantly travelling, and we shall declare a capital once we have expanded more. We begin to build farms in rural areas, and declare the Viet Yuan our official currency. Our languages include:
  • Official:
    • English (Written in Latin & Khmer Script)
    • French (Written in Latin & Lao Script)
    • Vietnamese (Written in Latin, Lao and Khmer Script)
  • Minority:
    • Chinese (Wriiten in Latin and Cyrillic Script)
    • Jawi (Written in Jawi Script)
    • Hmong (Written in Latin Script)

  • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire We open the bunker doors of major Egyptian cities and proclaim the Egyptian Empire. We begin to scavenge for resources, and make the capital Cairo. We are not surprised at the minimal destruction in the cities, as Egypt did not play too much of a role in the nuclear exchange, nevertheless, everything is broken. Reconstructions efforts begin and we try to restore services as early as possible. We send some expeditions to the west, in hopes of locating resources to expand our empire. Currently we rely on the Nile for natural resources, and try restarting the dams. We begin to claim land west of the Nile.
  • Flag of Cambodia.svgRepublic of Cambodia: We are one of the few that have survived the apocalypse in Cambodia. Scattered survivors across Southeastern Cambodia have gathered together and proclaimed the Republic of Cambodia on the steps of the ruined Independence Monument, and the Constitution of Cambodia was written there. We start rebuilding cities such as Phnom Penh, Takhmao, Prey Veng, Svay Rieng, and Bavet, filling in holes where bombs have dropped, opening new markets, building and rebuilding buildings, and so on. We also try to restore services such as electricity, running water, and stuff like that. We have contacted another nation, the Nghê Dynasty, and have made an alliance with them. We begin our expansion, and by the end of this year, we have claimed and retaken Takeo, Kampong Speu, Kampong Chhnang and Kampong Cham. We start building farms on the Mekong River, our source of food and water for now.
  • 100px-Flag of Los Angeles, California.png Mojave Republic: Seeing the radiation has cleared, our bunkers are starting to clear out as people begin to settle the lands. We claim southeast California, southern Nevada, and western Arizona. We start rebuilding Las Vegas out of our remanining resources, claiming it as our capital, "Vegas" and put up temporary housing. We establish a consitutional republic, modeled after the former United States. Hoping to find more survivor states, we send diplomats and settlers north to Silicon Valley (where 5% of our population is from) and west towards Los Angeles (where 20% of our population is from). With no electricity it is a hard task but electricity will come to the 20,000 people in Vegas soon (in 2 years).


  • Mod event: Electricity can now be used. However, a severe drought has started worldwide, due to the now erratic climate change. Severe dusts storms begin picking up, and farming becomes near impossible to achieve due to the dust and the ever-more scarce water. Multiple minor nations/empires have risen, but many of them remain in isolation.
  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg.png Russian Empire: While re-constructing Moscow, one of our workers begin tampering with an old utility pole and successfully enable electricity for our capital, New Moscow. We begin expansion into the large and empty wasteland, and one of our travelers encounters a small dust storm. Seeing this, we pause our reconstruction of Moscow, and scavenge everything we can and seclude ourselves into New Moscow. The temperature begins to increase, and we ration the water and food we scavenged strictly due to the drought that is on-going. We send around 5,000 people into the wasteland to hunt and scavenge continuously, and create an army of around 1,000 people, as we can't be the only ones who survived World War III.
  • 100px-Flag of Los Angeles, California.png Mojave Republic: We notice the start of more arid conditions, but thanks to many of us living in harsh, dry conditions for a while under the bunkers, so most of us survive. To keep the public calm, we have announced we managed to reestablish electricty. We lose contact with the diplomats and settlers we have set out and hope they are okay as a massive dust storm is just off our horizon. We send most of our population back into the bunkers or into their Vegas homes. To keep more safe environments in the bunkers, we start to build better infrastructure in 2 of our bunkers, hoping to convert them into new settlements.
  • SwedishEmpire.jpgSwedish Empire: With the reconstruction of Malmö still underway, our brightest minds have re-discovered electricity and is soon being integrated into all structures in the country. With the extreme changes, we begin collecting as much water as possible, while also trying to preserve our crops and trees as much as possible. We continue constructing boats so that we can begin exploring lands farther away. Our settlers have made a discovery of another old destroyed city named Oslo, and we claim it as our own. We also begin expanding more north so that we can get to colder weather to find more water and other resources. We begin constructing a small army consisting of about 548 people to protect our land from any rogue and dangerous nations. A major dust-storm hits the old city of Stockholm, and now it is almost completely disintegrated away, along with some of our people being killed in the process. We announce that a counting of all people in our border will be counted next year so that we can keep a record of our rising population.
  • Flag of the Balearic Islands.png Balearic Islands: We have built two ships, and these ships are already to sail. The construction of another 7 ships is ongoing. We start use one of ships to explore the sea, and we discover nation called Algeria. We find there are resources that we need, and we think they also want our resources, so we ask Algeria to open trade. [Player Response Needed]. We begin housing in Palma de Mallorca, Calvià, Ibiza, and Ciudatella de Menorca. The official government building is also built. We form an armed forces to set up defense in our territory, 850 people are recruited to the Armed Troops. We begin to set old technology, by start to research for energy --including electricity--, communication tools, and something called "computer". We start to rebuild port in Majorca to facilitate international trade. The bunker is still opened for civillians, to prepare any possibilities of disasters. We still rely on agriculture and fisheries for people consumption.
  • Flag of Algeria.svgAlgeria:After hearing from our weather experts that sandstorms are coming we evacuate civilians inside and start to steal cows from Morocco as that will be our only food source. We send out a broadcast to Tunisia and Mali saying come to Algiers for food and shelter. We would like to know how many people came[MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. After hearing about the Egyption empire we ask for a military alliance with them[PLAYER RESPONSE NEEDED]. Our military numbers 2 frigates, an aircraft carrier under construction, 9000 soldiers, 56 tanks and 8 fighter planes.
    • Balearic Islanders Diplomacy: We ask to open trade with Algeria.
    • Algerian response: We agree
    • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: We agree to the military alliance.
  • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: We begin irrigation for farmland, and focus on agricultural activities north of the dams. We have restored 30% of services. We begin recruiting soldiers for the Egyptian Imperial Armed Forces. We continue to rebuild Cairo. Our expeditions have returned with news of another surviving nation, Algeria. We have had no contact with two expeditions southwest, and fear they might be dead. We open 3 quarries south of Cairo.
  • Flag of Cambodia.svgRepublic of Cambodia: A farmer living 34 kilometers from Phnom Penh has accidentally re-discovered the secret of electricity, and by the end of the year, electricity has been restored to 75% of Phnom Penh, 50% of our other cities, and 15% of rural households. The harvest failed this year, due to an abnormally low amount of rain ths year, so our President, Vibol Chean, has decided to put food rations. Our expansion has slowed somewhat, but we were able to pick up Kampot and Kep, they will provide seafood and spices in better years. We also colonize Kampong Thom and Kratie. Reconstruction continues, and the Silver Palace is half rebuilt, it is renamed the Silver House (after the White House in pre-war USA), and the President now lives there. We recruit 650 people as soldiers to protect against any potential threats, and we conduct a national census, showing a population of 57,941 people.
  • Flag of Viet.png Viet: We keep moving our territory further, this time gaining the extremely weak Quang Tri, Dien Bien, Lai Chau, and Thua Thien-Hue. Our farms begin to weaken, however, luckily, we have a coast. We begin trading with small tribes in the Philippines and China, as well as in Borneo and New Guinea. We also begin to farm fish and crabs, making vast amounts of profit doing so, especially selling to the inland states that are weakened by the drought. We finally establish a de facto capital/temporary capital, Vinh. The city will soon be served electricity, as well as a large port.
  • Flag of Nepal.svg Greater Nepal: 2000 refugees are picked up in the final scavenging expedition to Southern Bharat, seemingly the last survivors of a drought spreading along the sub-continent, as they have spoken and have pictorial evidence of massive droughts and dust storms raging along the interior of Bharat. A recent experimental surveyor vehicle managed to survey and confirm the events, as well as the recent expansion of what is known in Bharat as the "Thar Desert", to the South-East. Meanwhile, the Ganges River has been rediscovered in Nepal's Terai Region, and recently some people have set up growing Permaculture farms along its banks, though they are small and slowly expanding due to the increasingly harsh weather conditions. An experimental electrical network, consisting of a fusion of a Solar and Wind Power Plant, has been constructed near the mountains, and though it is expensive to expand and maintain, it is all the more worth it, as it has increased production rates, powering the new assembly lines, and expanding the armoury and factories in Kathmandu, so far the only developed settlement. A battilion of armoured vehicles, consisting of 6 APCs, 4 IFVs and 2 MBTs has been constructed in the course of a few months. Air technology is still in prototype stage at this point in time.


  • Mod Event: The drought continues to rage on, but it is noticeably decreasing in size, and is estimated to be over by 2080 (next turn).
  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg.png Russian Empire: We've decided that secluding ourselves in New Moscow isn't going to help us survive. So, despite giant dust storms, we continue to reconstruct Moscow. Our population increases to ~53,000, with our military now holding ~1,500. We think that drought will continue for years to come, and begin farming drought-type plants: Melons, Sweet Potatoes, Eggplants, and many more. We have decided that we will expand southwards, towards Turkey and Iran, in the following years.
  • 100px-Flag of Los Angeles, California.png Mojave Republic: We have converted most of our bunkers into small settlements. We have located the lost settlers and diplomats and find that most of them have died in the Mojave Desert, except for one. We start creating aqueducts leading from Lake Mead and start farming crops and fishing to feed our population, as our rations are running low. With electricity back up, we plan to rereach the level of technology (of the 2010s) by 2086. and to get communications back up by 2080 to see if there are others out there with communications back up. So far we think we are the only American survivor state.
  • Flag of Algeria.svgAlgeria: We send 3 expeditions to Tunisia and seep if there are any survivors there[MOD RESPONSE NEEDED] our aircraft carrier is finished and therefore metal production goes towards planes and trade ships. Our technology is boosted and original commodities like computers and chairs are returned to apartments and houses. Electricity for Algeria is at 80%. Our military size is increased to 20 000
    • Mod Response: A community of around 4000 people is discovered in Tunis. They wish for Algeria to recognize their sovereignity, and engage in trade.
  • Wu Imperial Standard.png Wu Dynasty: We have arisen from the ashes of the corrupt People's Republic of China. With our capital of Xian, the former Beijing. We are able to rally our people together with the fact that despite the temporary loss of Amenities, We are still strong. The communist party is blamed for the destruction of China, and all statues of former leaders that survived, like the statue of Mao, which somehow survived, are being melt down, re-cast, and made into a statue of Cheng Wu, Our Emperor Most High. We begin expeditions, and find an unholy nation of beasts to the South calling themselves the Nghệ Dynasty. We vow to destroy them at all costs before We ourselves are destroyed by those beast-like creatures.
  • SwedishEmpire.jpgSwedish Empire: We have completed the construction of 200 boats that will be used for both fishing and exploring. We send 150 men and women on boats to sail and explore as much land as possible and record them on maps and so that they could be possibly designated for Swedish colonization, they will return next year with results. A national person count has taken place and it reveals for the first time in almost 20 years an increase in our population from 49 thousand to approximately 52,982 people. With the increase, our armed forces have increased also and have risen to about 2,700 volunteers to protect the homeland. Meanwhile, while the drought continues we have discovered the technology of aqueducts and begin constructing them around the entire country so our people can have fresh water, along with farmers around the country able to water their crops to feed our people. Many people have begun wondering about a form of government, and a majority of people have agreed to hold a democratic election to see what type of government and leader of that supposed government should be, and will take place next year and it is mandatory that all people show up to the polls. We also continue our on foot exploration and spread deeper into Norway and Finland, along with slowly finding some remaining people in almost entirely destroyed cities.
  • Flag of France.svg The French Empire:We have risen from the ashes of our former country and have reclaimed the lands which once belonged to us.we have restored the bourbon family as the monarch and have selected Marseille as the temporary capital as Paris is completely destroyed and needs to be reconstructed. Since we have expert engineers we restore our electricity. We advise all people to boil their water before drinking. We ask financial aid from any country in the modern world to help in our reconstruction.[Players response needed].
  • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: We continue to expand into the west. We send expeditions to the east, to see if there is anything worth expanding to. We increase agricultural activity, and ask to trade with Algeria. [Algerian Response Needed] We plan to expand south in the near future. We also explore the Mediterranean and discover fertile lands north of our empire. We send troops to colonize the area, which we now know was formerly Greece. We construct armored vehicles for our military, and have secured tanks and artillery from military bases. Reconstruction of Cairo is near completion. We have received reports from survivors in the south of dust storms that have decimated settlements there. We get our scientists to research the weather patterns in preparation for any natural disaster.

Algerian response: we accept

  • Flag of the Balearic Islands.png Balearic Islands: We start an exploration to all direction. When we go to North, we discover a larger nation called France. We ask them to open trade, as we find many needed resources there. [France Response Needed]. While we get report from the exploration to the North, we still wait a report for exploration in the West and East (in Spain, Corsica, and Sardinia) [Mod Response Needed]. We start to establish contact with Egyptian Empire by their traders in Algeria, we ask them to open trade [Egyptian Response Needed]. We continue to build residences, especially in Majorca and Ibiza. Settlements are also started to be built in Formentera. We start to set up electricity, and with electricity, we start to research "modern" (2000s) technology, and technology to convert sea water for consumption, and its salt is to be used for trading. We begin to clean the beaches to be used for tourist. We hope our nation becomes one of popular tourist destination in 2090s, like the old days. We use bicycle and cart as our land transportation. We continue to recruit people to our Armed Troops, 2,460 people are recruited. We also begin to research defense technology and vehicle (tanks, artillery, and weaponry).
    • The French Empire:We accept and hope for more warm relations between the 2 Countries.we accept the open and ask for a military alliance [Balearic response needed].
    • Balearic Diplomacy: We accept the alliance.
    • Mod Response: All of the explorers that arrived in Spain are murdered by native tribes. They're bodies are burnt, as many of the native tribes believe that they are feeding "The Gods", as they think this will allow "The Gods" to end this drought quicker. Corsica and Sardinia are found to empty.
    • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: We accept the offer.
  • Flag of Cambodia.svgRepublic of Cambodia: We have seized control over most of OTL Cambodia as of now, and we also expand into Phu Quoc Island, as well as parts of Thailand (namely Trat, Chanthaburi and Ubon Ratchathani). Te drought still persists, but more rain has fallen this year, leading to a somewhat sucessful harvest this year. The rations are now gone, and we begin building even more farms. Electricity has been restored almost completely in the southern half of the country, and we are working on getting the northern half wired up. We also discover something called a "computer" and a "phone", it is used for communication and can store lots of information. As of now, only the government and some of the upper class have one, but there are efforts to bring this technology to the common people to use. We reopen many services, such as hotels, restaurants and schools, and also we continue repairing roads, sewers, buildings, etc. We see a threat out of this "Wu Dynasty" to the north, and tell our ally, the Nghê Dynasty, to ready their forces for war with Wu.
  • Flag of Viet.png Nghệ Dynasty: We take the remaining area of OTL Vietnam, Hainan, as well as Most of Laos apart from Vientiane and surrounding areas. We continue to survive the drought, delivering fish far inland. We finally get power back on, and start to build cities and houses again. We declare our capital Ho Chi Minh City, but rename it to Saigon. We hear of a country, the Wu Dyansty, in the north, and if they have an attitude like that, then they will go down. We start moving in on Guangxi & Guangdong, as well as starting our soon to be invasion of Yunnan and Kachin. Our Female Emperor sends a message to this "Wu Dynasty" and she says "We will stay out of your business, and you will stay out of our business, but if you try anything, we have fully a capable military." (Secret) Unexploded WMD's have been discovered in Hong Kong & Macau, but won't be ready for a while to come due to technology troubles.


  • Mod Event: The drought has seemed to die down for the moment.
  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg.png Russian Empire: With the drought seeming to be over, we begin farming regular crops. We begin expanding eastward to proclaim the rest our original state. Our military increases to 2,200 troops, and begin a reserve military of 100 troops. We create a school system for ages 8-22. With our technology now being ~1950's, we hope that we will be able to make it ~2000's by 2088. We send out an expedition southward in search of the Caspian Sea [Mod Response Needed For Results].
    • Mod Response: The expedition group went off course and instead discovered the Black Sea. They then return to look for the Caspian Sea, and return with the location of both seas.
  • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: We hold a national celebration for the end of the drought. We still continue to farm crops and expanding farmland via irrigation. We begin exporting wine, crops and pottery. We send more expeditions to the east and south, and keep expanding to the west. We open a few ports and reconstruct the Lighthouse of Alexandria. We construct a few trading ships and integrate salvaged solar panel technology into them. We begin construction of the Imperial Navy, and begin researching firearm technology. We legalize all existing drugs and provide free healthcare, as our population is only around 12,000 individuals. We restore education services and make attendance mandatory. We begin rebuilding Alexandria and other cities. We open more quarries. We get our scientists to research solar panel and biofuel technology to replace our depleting coal and oil sources, as our hydroelectric dams are not capable of supporting our current population.
    • Mod Response: Nothing is found westward, but a small undeveloped Muslim tribe is found within "Jordan", and they began attacking your explorers. Many of them are able to come back, but there were a few casualties. Nothing is found southward.
  • Flag of Viet.png Nghệ Dynasty: We are happy the drought has died down, and we begin to farm again. Saigon is still getting be rebuilt, an Hanoi will begin construction soon. We begin to send refugees and poor people to Hainan, hoping they will have a better life there, as it is getting overcrowded, and they may start farms there. We begin sending Expeditions to Borneo, and capture Sabah, Brunei and Palawan, after 4 months of fighting off the natives. Vientiane is still independent, and is very hard to capture. Laos is now mainly under our control, and we have captured the last of OTL Vietnam. We ask Cambodia for a tighter alliance, including a larger trade and language cooperation (Cambodian Response Needed). Sarawak is still very hard to capture, and is heavily armed, it is taking very long to reach them. We sail farther south, and accidentally attack Cambodian Colonists and Troops. We take Samut Prakan and Narathiwat, with some ease. Later, after a year of fighting, called the "Straits War" we capture "Malacca". Our ships attempt to sail through the straits. We hope to make it through reach the Indian Subcontinent. We promise Riau and Johor independence, and we shall not invade them.
    • Cambodian Response: We accept, and President Vibol Chean would like to have dinner at the Emperor's residence, hoping that this will improve our relations even more.
  • Flag of the Balearic Islands.png Balearic Islands: We begin to colonize Sardinia and Corsica, and set settlements there. We find many small cities there, similar to our capital Palma, they called Ajaccio (Corsica) and Cagliari (Sardinia). We will set electricity there in 2082 (next turn). We are so sadly after hearing our explorers were killed by native Spanish tribes. Expedition is continued to the East (Italian Peninsula), where the "Rome" located. We also decided to explore to the Southeast and Southwest (Malta, Gibraltar, Morocco, Andalusia). [Mod Response Needed]. Population is continued to growing up, it is estimated around 56,730. We begin communicate each other with mailing, but we hope we can have a better communication tools, and we discover something, which is used for communication, and it is called "phone" (The phone that we discovered is 2000s phone). We start to research it. We finally finish to research car and motorcycle, and it will be used for people in 2082. First motor vehicle factory is established, which is called "Gallardo" (I take it from Catalan, Gallardo means "dashing" or "gallant"). We hope we can use 2000s technology completely in 2090. We also start to build a better boats for fishing and patrol, and construct more ships to expedition, colonization, and defense. We start to upgrade the roads, and also add new roads. We continue farming after the drought. Military is continued to be upgraded.
    • Mod Response: A few peaceful native tribes are found within Morocco, but the Andalusia's Spain tribes are currently in a war with the tribe that killed your men, and ask for assistance in fighting them off [Player Response Needed]. Nothing is found within Gibraltar, but your explorers traveling to Malta are blown off course and discover what was northern "Libya".
    • Balearic Diplomacy: We will help you to fight them. It will be our revenge as they kill our explorers. 783 troops and a ship are sent to be stationed in Murcia, before we fight for a war.
  • Flag of Cambodia.svgRepublic of Cambodia: We expand more into Thailand, setting colonies across the Gulf of Thailand. We also set up colonies in Kedah, Penang and Aceh. We build more farms and stuff, and electricity is 60% restored to the nation. Phones are now available to the public, but they still cost an exorbitant amount. The University of Phnom Penh is reopened.
  • 100px-Flag of Los Angeles, California.png Mojave Republic: With the drought finally having ended, we send another set of diplomats west to where LA once was and northwest to where Silicon Valley once was, hoping to find other survivors. [Mod Response Needed] We expand north along Nevada's former borders. We also have communications reestablished (for federal use only as of now), and hope to see if there are others out there. So, we send out a weak signal though it is unlikely anyone would pick it up due to how quiet it is. We expand the bunkertowns and our capital city Vegas. With good conditions for agriculture, we manage to feed our population of around 51,000. We also want to establish a good education for our people, and we start to build the University of Vegas. We have updated our predictions and hope to get to 2000s technology by 2086. We also name our bunkertowns, the first 5 will be named Suerte, Vida, Salvador, Victoria, and Libertad. They contain around 33% of our population, while Vegas contains around 40%. We also expand into Arizona and establish new settlements there, one such being Fénix, our new name for Phoenix; which is currently being rebuilt.
    • Mod Response: A bomb shelter full of ~1,000 civilians are found within Silicon Valley.
    • Mojave Response: We let them be, but ask them if they would like to join us. We offer them autonomy, help in rebuilding Silicon Valley, and citizenship. If not, we hope we could start diplomatic relationships, and start trading with each other. [Mod response needed?]
    • Mod Response: They would like to join your nation as part of yours, not in autonomy.
  • SwedishEmpire.jpgSwedish Empire: We are very glad that the drought seems to be over and resume regular farming like before. The first aqueduct has been finished and flows water to the farming areas around Malmö, and begin construction for more in the countryside. About 37,482 adults go to their local village squares and take a national vote to decided what type of government to have, and here are the results:
    • Absolute Monarchy, Hans Gustav: 19,491 votes (52%)
    • Constitutional Republic, Karl Hansson: 16,117 votes (43%)
    • Full Democracy, no leader: 1,874 (5%)
The people have spoken and have decided to go back to the ways of the first empire and have an absolute monarchy. Soon after the votes are counted, Hans Gustav is inaugurated as the first king of the Swedish Empire. He goes on horseback around the entire country to greet the people that voted him in, along with leading a quest into South Western Norway and declare it all Swedish territory. We need results on the expedition by the explorers that sailed in all different directions so we can find any other land (Mod Response needed).
  • Mod Response: The expedition arrived at the "Faroe Islands", but when they attempted to sail back, they were pushed off track. One boat made it back safely, while the other one landed in "Iceland". Seeing that this old nation met the specifics to survival, and having lost most of their gear during the trip, they decide to branch off from Sweden and create their own settlement.
Flag of Nepal.svg Greater Nepal: A year of inactivity passes, and the drought has seemingly disappeared. The electricity network is expanded along the Northern Mountainous Region across Nepal, at a third of potential size. Expansion into Kashmir is permitted through the discovery and hiring of shea mercenaries to guide, as air technology is still only suited to altitudes below 2.5km. Bhutan is discovered, as well as the mysterious lands of Tibet. Gorkhal sees some opportunity to expand into Bhutan but postpones it for reconstructing the phone network across Greater Nepal. Not much has happened this year, aside from the reinvention of the Movie Camera.
  • Flag of France.svg Republic of France:We have good weather conditions after the drought slowed down.We increase our Infrastructure and have enrolled 2500 People to the army.we dispatch the forces into Belgium to colonies and enrich the land that was once a thriving country [Mid response needed].We also send in some forces into Germany [mod response needed].We also enhance our radar and send message to all the countries in the New World.
    • Mod Response: Nothing is found within Belgium, but a small democratic society of 10,000 people live within Germany. They ask for trade [Player Response Needed].
    • French Response': Since there's nothing in Belgium we conquer it and prepare on our invasion of Netherlands. We accept trade with the Germans.


  • Mod Event: Due to the erratic climate change that had caused a drought, a very large amount of hurricanes rise up. They hit southeastern Asia, Scandinavia, and eastern Europe. A small flu is spread because of this, but it remains within native tribes due to the lack of communication and transportation. The flu has a mortality rate of 3/5 persons.
  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg.png Russian Empire: We expand continuously southward and eastward, and after the explorers return with both the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, we send people there to find out the deal with the aquatic life [Mod Response Needed]. We advance our technology to ~1970's. Our current population is ~60,000. Our military consists of ~2,400 troops, and we create our first factory system, producing multiple household items and military equipment. We also re-create the Gutenberg Press after finding a construction booklet. The first book produced is Solace: The Prismatic Journey, and is seen as the Russian Empire's holy text due to it's context referring to the recent events that have occurred recently (2020-2068), along with envisioning it's own unique 'God', which provides motivation for society to continue what they are doing. (Secret) One of our travelers sees a civilization within "Finland", but it is kept from the public due to their possible reaction(Secret).
  • SwedishEmpire.jpgSwedish Empire: We are saddened of the group's split into Finland, but accept their decision and wish them the best of luck in their new civilization. We begin moving people around the Baltic Sea to higher lands so that they won't be to affected by the incoming hurricane. We begin a mass production of ~1970's style cars so that our people could get around quicker, along with creating almost 3 factories, has employed many of our people. King Gustav I has announced an increase of our military, which has been estimated to be grown to about 2,370 people to protect our lands. He also commands that an expedition into Finland begin to find any people, and possibly gain more land (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED). We also declare that the Faroe Islands as our own land. 10 people have been showing signs of being sick and are quickly moved to the best of our hospitals to be treated, as we fear that humanity's immune system has been weakened over the years, and an illness could wipe out many of our people. The rest of Norway has been declared Swedish land, with many people have already agreed to joining since King Gustav I's expedition earlier last year.
    • Mod Response: A small tribe is found within Finland, but remain peaceful to the explorers. (Secret) They explain to the Swedish Empire that another small group of people have talked to them, and the Swedish explorers resemble them quite a bit (Secret). Finland is declared Swedish land.
  • 100px-Flag of Los Angeles, California.png Mojave Republic: We annex the lands surrounding the Silicon Valley survivors and keep true to our promise of rebuilding Silicon Valley. We rename ourselves to the Sierra Republic. We also further support our technology and communications branch; establishing a new prediction that we might have 2000s technology by 2095. We establish a transportation system, and start to build roads within the reaches of our territory. 1980s-styled cars should come in the next 2 years or so. To help advance us even further we start Project ARES (hoping to reestablish satellite systems by 2086) and hire some of our best engineers. We send settlers east, to the land where the Hoover Dam was/is. We wonder if it still stands or was lost in the war. [Mod Response Needed] If it still stands, this will dramatically help our agriculture system. Our population stands around 52,500.
    • Mod Response: The dam has long collapsed, with being out of commission since 2067. Most of the land eastward have becoming swamps, due to the mass introduction of water and no ability to take care of it.
    • Mojave Response: We call the swamp "Hoover" after the fallen dam, and initiate it as our first natural wildlife preserve.
  • Flag of France.svg Republic of France:Our total population is 60,261.We start to send people into Belgium and start our Conquest of Netherlands [Mod Response needed]. We have rebuilt Paris and it has been reinstated as the capital.We also reintroduce transport systems.Agriculture is rising steadily and the people have enough food stock. But 12 persons were infected with some kind of disease caused by Radiation.we placed them in Quarantine camps.
    • Mod Response: Netherlands is found to be empty, however, a hurricane had hit the area, with most of the remaining structures collapsing.
  • Flag of Viet.png Nghệ Dynasty: We continue to control Malacca & Hainan. We finally make it through the Malaccan Strait, and we capture a territory called "Phuket". We capture Kachin & Yunnan after 4 years of War, and it is officially our territory. We reach the Indian Subcontinent, but are thrown off course, and we encounter the lifeless "Goa" territory, and we claim it. The Hurricane is badly damaging our way of life, and We are declared in a state of emergency. Luckily, we find many riches in Goa, and we begin to trade with the "Gujarati" peoples. We decide to set up Goa as an offical Colony, along with Phuket and Malacca, nicknamed "The Scattered Colonies". In other news, to the South, we have sailed into the Islands and discovered A "Balinese Kingdom", and they are at first weary of us, but then welcome us, seeing how we have a language that is very similar to theirs, and we can communicate. They tell us if "Australia" which is not featured on our maps, and that its further south. We travel there, and on the "Kimberley" we meet extremely hostile Natives, so we head further West, and find "The Cape York Peninsula" which we declare a colonial settlement. In the Bay of Bengal, we capture Tripura, Mizoram, Chittagong, & Barisal, declaring them part of the "Bengal Colonies". We begin to get electricity back on, and we start powering "Jets" with Oil & Grasses, these help us reach the colonies faster. We declare Afghanistan, Gujarati Empire, Sultanate of Riau and The State of Somalia Allies of us.
  • Flag of Cambodia.svg Republic of Cambodia: We creep down more of Sumatra, and also colonize an island called "Singapore", it is in the middle of the trade areas, so we will get rich from it. We also find a city called "Jakarta", and claim it as Cambodian territory. We venture further south, and colonize parts of a new landmass, especially the ruins of a city called "Darwin". To the west, we head to a place called "India", and we colonize some of the coast (OTL Ganges Delta, Sri Lanka and parts of Tamil Nadu). The hurricane has damaged many services in Cambodia proper, however, there are still the colonies, and we encourage people to move there. Also, we have found something called a "plane", we hope to reverse engineer it and reopen Phnom Penh International Airport so we can get from Cambodia proper to the colonies faster.
  • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: We send troops to Jordan to investigate and communicate with the tribes, and also to retrieve the bodies. We discover a city in former Yemen, and claim it as an Egyptian colony. We begin to expand south and westwards. We completely reinvent the solar panel and begin producing it to be used everywhere, and we continue to use hydroelectric power from the restored dams. We expand north from our Greek colony. We begin to research aviation technology so we can increase trade and tourism with other nations. We become aware of a virus that has infected some of our population, and quarantine the infected as not to induce mass panic or an epidemic.
    • Mod Response: Your troops are attacked by the tribe, so your troops end up killing the tribe, clearing the land.
  • Flag of the Balearic Islands.png Balearic Islands: We continue our expedition and colonization. We start an expedition in Atlantic Ocean and we go forward to the South and West (Canary Islands and Madeira). We also continue exploration in Mediterranean Sea to the larger island in the North of Malta (Sicily), and to the East. [Mod Response Needed for Result - I don't colonize them, just discovery]. We start expand to Italian Peninsula and annex area around the Roman city (OTL Lazio). We declare Corsica, Sardinia, Gibraltar, and Malta as part of our nation (not a colony). We also colonize Ceuta and Melitia. We send 1,400 troops to attack Spanish Valencian tribes. [Mod Response Needed]. We continue recruit more 1,320 people to Armed Forces. We also start to producing artillery (1800s design) and military vehicle (most similar to WWII vehicle). We start to research a big armored vehicle, which is called "tank". We began to sell Gallardo car and motorcycle to people, and it is widely used in Majorca and Ibiza. We plan to build a bridge to connect Ibiza and Formentera. Food and textile industry are started to grow up. Markets are rapidly built.
    • Mod Response: A community is discovered in Sicily, and the inhabitants welcome the explorers. The attack against the Valencian tribe is successful, and the surviving tribe members are imprisoned.
  • Flag of France.svgRepublic of France:We occupy Netherlands.we use some machinery to get rid of the collapsing buildings.We increase our population.we congratulate the Balearic on their success and give them 100 of our best soldiers.We increase production in factories and is reinventing Heavy Artillery and tanks.We ask the Germans if they would give us South Germany for a lot of Special Allowances for the German people living in South Germany [Mod Response needed].
    • Mod Response: The Germans think about it, but come to the conclusion that they shall not. With some of them seeing this as a threat, they begin increasing military to fight against France.


  • Mod Event: The flu spreads throughout all of Vietnam, Cambodia, Swedish Empire, and France. Although not nearly effective to begin with, it continues rapidly, taking multiple lives within a week's period. Other nations, such as Russian Empire, Xu Dynasty, Nepal, Egyptian Empire, and Balearic Islands begin to notice a flu among their citizens. The Sierra Republic remains untouched. It is uncertain what the cause is or how to stop it, but it usually spreads through birds, rats, and various bugs (Happy 10 years in game so far. Hopefully we can continue this for a while longer).
  • 100px-Flag of Los Angeles, California.png Sierra Republic: We expand south to the land where Los Angeles once was, hoping to set up our first port. We start reconstructing the city, renaming it to "Angeles". We start building our first 3 ships, all large tankers. We start catching fish and check to see if they aren't poisoned with radiation. They aren't and we start fishing, to get protein into the diets of our people. With our population up to 55,000, we start establishing a military (of about 550) and introduce new laws to protect the rights of the people. Our first major car companies (making cars with around 80s tech) are founded. The most major one is called Sierra Motors. Project ARES is a success, over 50% complete. We should be at 2000s tech by 2088, at least. And at 2010s tech by the late 2090s.
  • SwedishEmpire.jpgSwedish Empire: With the flu spreading around our Empire, we begin spreading pesticides around residential areas to keep away the birds, rats, and bugs [Mod Results]. Other than using pesticides, many sick people are moved to a special unit in hospitals where they can be treated, along with people associated with them checked for illness. King Gustav I remains in his castle until the flu goes away so that he doesn't catch it and risk the possibility of dying as a result. We begin industrializing very quickly, with productions of 1960's and 1990's type of cars and other technology. More roads are being built around the entire country, along with a car given to each family in the country. Phones are slowly becoming a household item once again, but only having a landline and cellphones being in development and might be released in 2092 or so. We are very happy that Finland has been declared our land, but we plan on expanding. We send a major expedition into Murmansk to find any living people there and declare it our land [Mod Results].
    • Mod Response: Bugs begin to slowly disappear, rats oddly increase in population, and birds seem to not be affected at all. Murmansk is empty, but radiation lingers heavily within that area.
  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg.png Austria-Hungary: People have emerged from bunkers and shelters in Lower Austria and the ruins of what used to be Vienna. Over the last few years the area has been in chaos as people fought over the remains of civilization, but since then a new order has emerged. The heir of the House of Habsburg has taken leadership as the bickering leaders of different political factions and warlord cliques refused to recognize any of themselves as the overall leader, and they picked the aristocrat as he was viewed as a neutral candidate. He quickly consolidates his position and eliminates his rivals to prevent it from falling apart, and establishes an empire in Lower Austria, based in Vienna. Contact is made with surviving Hungarians in Western Transdanubia and soon that area is brought into the fold of the new state, which the emperor declares to be a new Austria-Hungary. We begin rebuilding some of the infrastructure while at the same time expanding agriculture to produce food. The emperor also creates a ministry of industry which oversees all construction and technological projects, gathering the remaining engineers and also placing a priority on recovering any available technology. It is hoped that this will speed up the process of rebuilding the infrastructure and improving agriculture. The new state also forms a gendarmerie of 6,000 men for security.
  • Flag of the Balearic Islands.png Balearic Islands: We notice people to prepare for the mysterious flu, that possibly spread here. We begin spreading pesticides in farm and residential areas. We also begin releasing snakes --whose are not poisonious-- to some farms and fields. We ask French Empire to join a research of vaccine for flu, the laboratorium will be located in Corsica. [France Response Needed]. We start to colonize Canary Islands and Madeira. The explorers continue to explore the world by go forward to North, West, and South (Azores is located there) [Mod Response Needed]. In Italian Peninsula, we continue to expand to North and South. We would like to get to know if there are several tribes. [Mod Response Needed]. We ask Sicilian tribes, as well as Andalusian tribes to unite and form new nation. If they reject, we would like to open trade and alliance.[Mod Response Needed]. We start to rebuild Rome, and start to find more survivors that hiding in bunker there. We continue to research computer and phone. Communication tool, that called "Handy Talky" is used by people now. The first election is held with Victor Caceres win the presidential election. Legislature is also formed, consists of 67 members from the first and only party in Balearic, Union Democratic Party (centre wing), and the rest (33) are independent. Many political parties are formed: Balearic Social Party (social democratic), National Party (nationalist), and New Life Movement (liberal). Tanks are started to be built, with we construct 3 tanks. We also build more artillery and military ships.
    • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: We ask to join in this task.
      • Balearic Diplomacy: We are very happy that Egypt wants to join the research. We accept.
    • French Dip: We accept and send some of the brightest minds to create a vaccine.
    • Mod Response: Nothing is found within Azores, but numerous religious and aggressive tribes live within Northern Italy. Andalusian and Sicilian tribes agree to unite, and they unite under your flag.
  • Flag of Viet.png Nghệ Dynasty: We start to focus on the flu, and we build a lab in Vinh. We start to work on a cure and/or a vaccine, and we hope to discover it soon (Mod Response Needed). We also start to expand our colony Goa, Expanding slightly South, North & East (Mod Response Needed). We have electricity everywhere now, except for in Bengal Colonies and Cape York Colony. We rename Hanoi to Matahari, and rename Ho Chi Minh City to Bulan. Vinh is declared the offical capital, while Bulan is the judicial capital, and Matahari is the legislative capital. We start o expand our Cape York Colony South and West, and North in "New Guinea" (Mod Response Needed). WIP WIP
    • Mod Response: Expansion still discovers nothing further out within Goa. Expansion into Australia makes your expanders come across a cannibalistic gang. The gang catches them by surprise, and ends up killing multiple people, eating them afterwards. Expansion into New Guinea is found to be successful, do to nobody being there. No cure has been developed yet, due to the ever-increasing erratic and violent behavior of the flu.
  • Flag of Cambodia.svg Republic of Cambodia: We declare a state of emergency, and send all infected to newly opened hospitals. We also quarantine all areas where more than 7% of the population has been infected, which means most of Northern Cambodia is quarantined, as well as every colony in the Isthmus of Kra and also our Sumatran colony. We start researching a cure, and ask the Nghê Dynasty to work with us too, as they are more worsely hit with the disease [Nghê Response Needed]. We send an expedition to Kerala and Andhra Pradesh to see if there are any survivors, to claim these places as our own, and most importantly, any doctors or scientists that could help us research the cure faster [Mod Response Needed]. We also broadcast a radio message to the Indonesian Islands, asking for any survivors and if any doctors or scientists are available, they should come to Cambodia to research the cure and they will receive help from us to found their own country. [Mod Response Needed] Settlers in the Darwin colony have expanded along the coast more, and the entire coast of OTL Northern Territory is now settled by Khmer colonists. However, they have not made it inland yet, as there is a vast desert blocking inland expansion.
    • Mod Response: Nobody is found within Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, and nobody responds to the broadcast.
  • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: We announce that there will be a reward for every rat killed or quarantined as we have identified rats, birds and insects as a transmission medium for the flu. We give out herbal insecticides, as not to accidentally kill off our bees, and facemasks. We give orders to sterilize the bird population. We try establish colonies in Somalia, Croatia, Turkey, Bahrain and Qatar (Mod Response Needed). We attempt to expand in all directions (Mod Response Needed). We increase medical funding for a development of a cure for the flu, now dubbed the Afro-Eurasian Flu, as traces of the flu are found in Eurasian colonies. We start to expand from our Yemeni and Greek colonies (Mod Response Needed). We ask to form an alliance between Algeria, Balearic Islands and France. [Player Response Needed]
    • France Dip: We accept and hope for more warmer relations.
    • Mod Response: Somalia, Bahrain, and Qatar become colonizes. Croatia and Turkey are found to be full of native tribes. Expanding in all directions result in your numerous casualties and ends up becoming a failed expansion.
  • Flag of France.svgRepublic of France: We ask all People to remain indoors as to reduce the flu. We also give herbal medicines as a protection.[Secret to Austria-Hungary] We ask for help in invading Germany from both sides. We will take the southern part and you can have the northern part [Austrian Response Needed-End Secret]. We would like an alliance with Sweden [Sweden Nesponse Needed]. We send a Flotilla of Army towards West Africa hoping to meet up with our allies and Expanding our Colonies [Mod Response Needed]. We start the invasion of Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau [Mod response needed].
    • Austro-Hungarian Diplomacy: We decline the French request since our country was established recently and we are not ready to attack anyone. We hope that we can still have good relations with France, however.
    • Mod Response: Cape Verde is found to be empty, but residing inside Guinea Bissau are multiple aggressive tribes. They attack a few of your explorers before you are able to get out.
    • Swedish Empire: While we are happy to find another country that has emerged in this destroyed world, we peacefully decline. Only because we are a new and very peaceful country, but we would like to start a trade union between our two countries (French Response needed).
  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg.png Russian Empire: We begin expanding eastward, due to multiple citizens wanting the "Old Russian Land". We continue to increase our military, reaching ~2,700 troops. Construction of a castle is finished, and given to the royal family. Multiple officials notice that some of their citizens have some sort of flu, and the royal family is quickly isolated within the castle. Identifying that the sources are birds, bugs, and rats, we announce that we will find a cure in due time, and for the citizens to be patient.


  • Mod Event: The flu essentially mutates into a plague, with it's strain being similar to that of the Pneumonic plague. The death rate increases to 8-9/10 peoples. Food becomes scarce, due to the lack of people to produce it. Countries fully exhibiting the plague: Nghe Dynasty, Republic of Cambodia, Swedish Empire, Republic of France, Egyptian Empire, and Balearic Islands. Countries exhibiting the plague normally: Russian Empire, Nepal, and Xu Dynasty. Countries recently introduced to the plague: Sierra Republic, Austria-Hungary. A cure remains undeveloped, with current tests only aggravating the plague more.
  • Flag of Xanedaniya Sor.png Xanedaniya Sor: Sadly, at the age of 102, Her Majesty Qui Mach has died. We go into 14 days of official mourning, and Her closest living relative, Xazel Barzani, is crowned Emperor. She declares the new era "Xanedaniya Sor" the Kurdish Words for Red Dynasty. She orders that the official languages of Xanedaniya Sor will be: English, Kurdish, and Lao. She orders that military action will commence in Northern Australia, and we hope to capture more territory (Mod Response Needed). We expand our Goa & Bengal Colonies, hoping to capture some area around them (Mod Response Needed). Malacca is recaptured, but we announce them as an autonomous republic. We try to capture Jambi & Bengkulu (I Really Need This Solace) (Mod Response Needed). An Expedition is sent to Hokkaido, however, our 1 of the 3 ships is caught in a storm and lands in "Oahu", specifically "Honolulu", and they attempt capture of the island, as there are no humans on the island. The 2nd Ship, destined for Taiwan, succeeds, however, native Taiwanese drive them out quickly. The 3rd and Final Ship, destined for The Gujarati Empire, for trade, also goes off course, and lands in "Al Asimah", "Mubarak Al Kabeer", "Farwaniya", "Ahmadi" and "Hawalli", so we start a colony (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: Due to an increase of military action, some of northern Australia is claimed, along with the cannibalistic gang falling. Jambi is successfully claimed. Northern Bengkulu is claimed due to the slightly-developed nation of Bengkulu living within the area. Expansion in Goa and Bengal are short lived, as multiple native tribes control the area. The Kuwaiti colonies thrive, and the Oahu colony is established.
  • Flag of the Balearic Islands.png Balearic Islands: The plague begin to spreading rapidly in Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, and Italian Peninsula. So far the death toll is 21,250. Corsica is now blocked for every people, only government officials, military troops, scientists and residents whose are not infected can enter the island, because there is a laboratorium that used for vaccine research. We continue to work on research with French and Egyptian scientists, we hope that we can find the cure (antibiotics) for the plague soon. [Mod Response Needed]. People are noticed to use masker, and don't go outside for a while, the government officials will give a food and check them from house by house. Most of offices and markets in the country are closed. We start colonize Azores, and since that, we stop expansion for a while, but the exploration is continued. In Atlantic Ocean, from the Canary Islands, we explore to the West, South, and North. Nothing is founded there apart the ocean. So the explorers in the North and South starts to move to the East. (North: Portugal, South: Senegal, Mauritania). [Mod Response Needed]. We plan on rename new nation, it is called "Republic of the Union Mediterranean", or simply "Union Mediterranean". One year after the formation, we also will hold the presidential election, reshuffle legislature, and reform constitution. Andalusia and Sicily now are associated states, and they still have full control of their territory. We start rebuild roads in Sardinia and Italian Peninsula, and Gallardo starts to open its branch there. We rebuild ports in Rome, Naples, Cagliari, Ibiza Town, and in our colony like Malta and Gibraltar. The cencus showed that population was growing up rapidly in early 2080s, but currently the number of population falls that due to the plague. We finally done with phone research, and it will be produced for commercial in 2090. We continue to strengthen military, more vehicles, tanks, artillery, and weaponry are built. 775 people are also recruited. We start to work on research for aviation technology.
    • Mod Response: Some antibiotics seem to stop some symptoms, but the plague begins to slowly adapt to it. Expansion in Portugal is successful, however, only the Senegal coast is colonized due to native tribes. Mauritania expansion is failed, as too many native tribes live inside the area.
  • Flag of France.svgRepublic of France:There are 10-50 people who are infected and start showing signs of Cannibalism. We cage them and Cover so as to not ifect anyone,and let them loose in Port Guinea and send some soldiers behind them if a few kilometers. After the cannibals kill the Tribe,We will order the soldiers to kill the cannibals.this might help us on the annexation of Port Guinea. [Mod Response Needed].we send in 1300 soldiers and heavy Artillery to Invade Germany.[Secret].We send an additional 1000 soldiers behind them as Reinforcements.[End Secret]. We Invade North Italy including Piedmont and Lombady to West Liguria and Venice with 2000 soldiers and tell the Soldiers to not Come Back without Annexing these areas.We send our Artillery and Tanks.[Mod Response Needed].We ask Balearic Islands to Integrate our armies and go on Future Expeditions together.[Balearic Response needed].
    • Mod Response: Some of the cannibals are killed, but due to the plague spreading quickly, the plague infects the troops, with the troops coming home and being praised, the plague begins to become frequent throughout the entire area. Annexation of Port Guinea is successful. Piedmont is successfully annexed, and so is Liguria, however, Lombardy & Veneto have fought valiantly, and push your troops back.
  • Flag of Cambodia.svgRepublic of Cambodia: Since Kerala and Andhra Pradesh are now depopulated, we plant Cambodian flags on their major cities and announce them to be Khmer colonies. We then send all of Phnom Penh's infected to these new dominions and begin building a wall to separate them from our Tamil Nadu colony. We encourage no one to step outdoors, close public places like parks, markets, etc., fund hospitals more, give out masks and other things that slow the spread of germs, and reinstate rationing. Our population has halved from last year, from 71,415 to 35,707. We are seeing a breakdown of law and order, as more people start rioting due to lack of food and the "Afro-Eurasian Pneumonic Plague" running rampant. We fear that the Republic of Cambodia is close to collapsing, and start preparing last-resort measures if the Republic of Cambodia collapses.
  • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: We round up and send the infected victims to Socotra, off our Yemen colony. We impose rationing laws so that resources are evenly distributed. We quarantine towns with high infection rates, and cut off the water supply just in case the pathogen becomes waterborne. We begin researching automated farming technology. We ask the tribes in Croatia and Turkey if they want to be part of the Egyptian Empire and develop, or remain sovereign. [Mod Response Needed] We advise all citizens to stay indoors, and we impose severe curfew laws. We stop expansion for the moment, but order our uninfected colonies to expand.
    • Mod Response: None of the tribes within Croatia and Turkey want to become part pf the Egyptian Empire, and some of them prepare troops to invade your country.
  • 100px-Flag of Los Angeles, California.png Sierra Republic: Project ARES has been completed, we've sent our first satellite into the Earth's orbit. To find lighted up areas in Europe and Asia, signaling civilization. We are delighted to know we aren't the only ones left, and we start to send our navy, along with 1,000 settlers, to Asia to set up our first colony, hopefully in Japan. [Mod Response Needed] We find that a plague has arrived in our country. After biological tests, we have found the source to be birds, rats, and flies. We already currently have lost 1000 people, though our population stands at around 56,500. We start experimenting with genes from the survivors, hoping we can develop a cure. We create hospitals in our major cities, hoping to weaken the symptoms of the plague. We are extremely close to acquiring 2000s-level tech. Our new prediction stands at 2010s tech by 2094.
    • Mod Response: Japan remains empty, allowing a colony to be successfully created.
    • Sierran Response: We send 100 people there, calling this settlement, "The Colony of Esperanza"
  • SwedishEmpire.jpgSwedish Empire: With the plague at full pace in our country, colonizing comes to a halt for the time being and King Gustav I declares a state of
    Empty Malmö
    emergency until the illness begins to go away. The streets in our cities remain almost entirely empty as many people try to stay safe from the plague, along with our hospitals being almost filled to the tops. Many of our people that have the disease have died and we are forced to use mass-graves to get rid of the bodies. A modern version of the infamous "Plague Doctor" patrols the city streets attempting to help as many as people as possible while also carrying pesticides. King Gustav I announces that all birds, rats, and bugs must be killed immediately, by pesticides or by human hand [Mod Response/Results].
    • Mod Response: The plague slows down momentarily. It begins to rise up slowly due to humans making direct contact to it.
  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg.png Russian Empire: We begin to think of potential ways to stop the plague. Some of our top students within our schools suggest that we do some of the things that people did to stop the plague back in 14th century Europe: Proper hygiene, antibiotic treatment done within 24 hours, citizens wearing surgical masks, etc. Although our population has decreased from ~60,000 to ~40,000, we continue to increase our borders as much as we can. We've ran into numerous aggressive and peaceful tribes, with the end result killing the aggressive tribes and allowing the peaceful tribes to join our empire. Our military decreases to ~1,500. We expand further south and eastward, from Georgia and Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan [Mod Responses Needed].
    • Mod Response: The explorers find most of the land empty, with few tribes remaining. The few that remain do accept the Russian authority as they somehow know of their Russian past.
  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg.png Austria-Hungary: We continue with our development of infrastructure and agricultural practices, overseen by the ministry of industry. It is done to increase the amount of food and increase the standard of living. The government's propaganda encourages women to have more children and promotes traditional families, making rewards like tax cuts and medals for those that have a certain amount of kids. [Mod Response] We continue to expand and increase our rate of colonization. We make contact with Czech and Slovak tribes in the north and northeast, asking them to join or be destroyed by our army. We also expand south and east, further annexing more Hungarian and Slovene lands. Scouts have met Croatian tribes and offer them an alliance on behalf of the Habsburg emperor, similarly as with the Hungarians, and promising them protection from foreign threats. [Mod Response] Our army undergoes reforms and a program of mandatory conscription for males aged 18-26, and a general staff is developed. An officer academy is opened in Vienna, led by military veterans to train the cadres. Efforts are made to promote military service as prestigious and glorious, and to foster a patriotic spirit among the troops. The government is a federal constitutional monarchy, though the emperor has additional powers to maintain order for now. In response to reports of the plague, we restrict contact with foreigners to diplomats and scouts, and limit their contact with their families. Those that have the disease and their relatives are placed under quarantine. We encourage people with symptoms to come to hospitals. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Czech and Slovak tribes reluctantly agree. Croatian tribes also agree to join your nation. A small riot begins due to families wanting to see those who are far away. The rioters demand not only to see their families, but also to strip any additional power that the emperor has as it isn't what the people want.


  • Mod Event: It seems the plague has finally died down, due to a large increase in pesticides and other means to get rid of them. Various cases among nations still maintain relevance, but for now, everything seems to be looking bright for Earth.
  • 100px-Flag of Los Angeles, California.png Sierra Republic: We plan out project NEITH, yet another satellite project. We send 1,000 healthy (including 100 troops) to the colony of Esperenza (in Japan). The plague had killed around a signficant portion of our population, we lost 45% of our population of 56,500, and we now stand at around 31,075 people. Our cure is finished and we test it out on a few people currently with the plague [Mod Response Needed]. We start to move south towards the Baja Peninsula, though we do not annex much land. We aim to see if there are any survivors in the area, and peacefully integrate them into our society. We doubt that there are though. [Mod Response Needed] We continue to rely on vegetables over meats, though we do eat fish for protein. We manage to find crops of wild rice, and import it back home to add to our diet. Technology-wise, we currently have late 90s level technology.
    • Mod Response: The cure created seems to be helpful, curing a few patients. The Baja Peninsula is found to be empty.
    • Sierran Response: With the Baja empty, we start expanding into it. We also make laws that provides that you MUST take the cure, hooping it would end the plague all together.
  • SwedishEmpire.jpgSwedish Empire: We are very happy that the very dangerous plague has ended and King Gustav I emerges from his castle and declares that the state of emergency has been lifted. An emergency census is taken and the results show a dramatic decrease of our population (which once stood at about 52,000 people in 2084) which is now at 32,987 people that have survived the epidemic. The king announces that colonization has now resumed, and sends a group of about 100 explorers (including 27 military guards) to what has seemed to be formally called the "Baltic States" to explore and possibly expand our borders once more [Mod Response needed]. We also begin increasing our armed forces since the numbers had decreased during the plague which will hopefully stand at 2,982 troops by the end of the decade. Factory construction starts up again, and production of multiple products has spiked in the last few months (cars, phones [60's type], etc...) and has once again employed many of our people. Birthrates have once again spiked and scientists believe that if this trend continues our population will stand at about 52,900 people by the end of the next decade or early 2100's.
    • Mod Response: A small nation lives within Latvia and Estonia. The leader threaten Swedish Empire, stating that they will attack Swedish Empire if they (Swedish Empire) don't try to expand anymore [Player Response Needed]. Lithuania remains untouched, however the leader of the nation states that they will claim that as theirs in coming years.
    • Swedish Response: King Gustav I is saddened that they wouldn't join willingly and declares the Baltic's as rightful Swedish land. He sends 987 troops to the nation to begin a large scale invasion, along with sending the small navy to blockade them so that they couldn't get out. We also demand that Lithuania also cede to us or face invasion later [Mod Response needed].
    • Mod Response: The Latvian nations respond by sending ~900 troops of their own. They believe to be winning at first, but realize they won't. With most of their troops dying, and all out chaos occurring as people are trying to run away, the leader detonates a previously un-detonated hydrogen bomb as his last resort. The detonation kills everyone in the area, eradicating the Swedish army and the small navy instantly. The shock-wave causes windows to break in both Swedish Empire and Russian Empire. The radiation afterward poisons and eventually kills anybody who didn't die after the initial explosion.
  • Flag of France.svgRepublic of France: We are happy that the plague has been eradicated. The current population decreased to 50000.We send additional Soldiers to Lombardy and Veneto from Piedmont and Liguria and also a few additional tanks.[Mod Response Needed].We accept the trade deal with Sweden Empire. We ask again to Balearic islands to Respond to our offer to Integrate our Army and Split the Lands we conquer [Balearic Islands Response needed].We also sent a Group of Soldiers via Sea to West Africa to set up colonies there.[Mod Response needed].
    • Mod Response: The tribes combine together to form a nation within Lombardy and Veneto. They consistently push back the soldiers and tanks. The troops heading to western Africa encounter a large storm, and their ship is flipped over, with most of them dying. Anybody who didn't die from the boat flipping over starved to death, out near the middle of the sea.
  • Flag of Cambodia.svgRepublic of Cambodia: We, the hardest-hit nation by the plague in the entire known world, are extremely overjoyed that the plague killing 80% of our inhabitants has gone away. Our population stands at a mere 9500 people, down from the 2086 population of 74,495. We begin restoring services and rebuilding from this disaster, and building more hospitals and creating more pesticides to prevent this disease from ever happening again. However, the country remains in a State of Emergency, as there are two rebellions in our nation, the Fascist rebellion, led by Kheang Heng, and a monarchist rebellion led by Daniil-Zyabkin-Boudnov, the closest relative of Xanediya Sor's Xazel Barzani. These rebellions used the plague as a pretext for installing their wanted government. The Monarchists are dangerously close to Phnom Penh, and our leaders fear that the Republic of Cambodia may be on the throes of collapse. We will not be able to expand until the current internal conflicts go away, and also we need to restore services to the population and increase it.
  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg.png Austria Hungary: With the recent territorial expansions, our population grows to 58,000. We continue to expand into Czech, Hungarian, and Slovak lands. We offer Slovenian tribes the same offer we gave the Croatians. At the same time, Austro-Hungarian propagandists work to promote the idea of uniting with Austria-Hungary in Croatia. [Mod Response] Emperor Erwin Josef von Habsburg launches a major military reform. The 6,000-man gendarmerie is reformed into an army of 10,000 men (having taken in the first group of conscripts). It is divided into three main sections: the Austrian Landwehr, Hungarian Honved, and the Common Army. The first two mainly include ethnic Austrians and Hungarians, respectively, while the Common units are a mix of different nationalities. The main command language is German, but English is also used because of its knowledge being widespread. They are divided into five regiments of 2,000 men. Factories are made to produce weapons that have been discovered. In other news, the industrialization and development of infrastructure continues. Agriculture continues to make food supplies. The Landtag (parliament) is formed out of 100 members, with each ethnicity gaining seats based on their proportion to the overall population. The riots are put down, but now that the plague is mostly gone diplomats are able to see their families after being checked for the disease. Those that have it remain in isolation as researchers look for a cure.
    • Mod Response: Many tribes speculate, but eventually agree, as many do not have the technology to war yet.
  • Flag of Xanedaniya Sor.png Xanedaniya Sor After years of silence, we discover our troops have finally taken Sabah & East Kalimantan, and, We annex a small area around Goa, namely Sindhudurg & Kolhapur. We expand into Northern Thailand (Mod Response Needed). After 18 months, We reach the coast of Africa, but don't Colonize. We also expand our Kuwaiti Colony into the remaining territory of OTL Kuwait, as well as Basrah Governorate in Iraq. We start developing the colonies, providing houses, electricity, clean water, and food. We start a new colony in Hong Kong & Macau. We declare Bali, Whole Timor, Sindh, Kerala, and Abu Dhabi & Sharjah (Emirates) as protectorates. We expand our territory into Arunchal Pradesh, Guangxi & Guangdong. We perform the first "HDI" Test on Our Territory and the results are:
  • Xanedaniya Sor Prime (Home Country): 0.879
  • Brunei: 0.877
  • Hainan: 0.860
  • Kuwait: 0.858
  • Sarawak: 0.832
  • Malay Colonies: 0.804
  • Sumatra Colonies: 0.743
  • Goa: 0.731
  • Oahu: 0.724
  • Cape York Colony: 0.706
  • Papua Colony: 0.699
  • Palawan: 0.682
  • Bengal Colony: 0.529
    • Mod Response: Expansion into Northern Thailand is successful due it being empty.
  • Flag of Cambodia.svgKhmer Empire: On June 8th, 2088, Monarchist forces march into Phnom Penh and seize the city quickly, they then go inside the government building and kill most of the Khmer Congress. They then proclaim the Khmer Empire, with Daniil Zyabkin-Boudnov himself taking the title of King. On the second day of his rule, he proclaims himself Tsar Daniil I of the Khmer Empire, and immediately begins hunting for the Fascist rebellion. Former President Vibol Chean is found to be alive in Mondulkiri Province, setting up a rebellion to restore the Republic.
  • Flag of the Balearic Islands.png Balearic Islands or Union of Mediterranean: The plague is found to be decreased here, but there are still many cases of plague, mainly in Majorca and Italian Peninsula. We release the official data of death toll, with 26,750 people death, and we have found 33,500 cases. We continue to test the cure, we hope the next test successful. Research of antibiotics and cures for plague is continued. [Mod Response Needed]. We formally change our name to "Union of Mediterranean", after united with Andalusian and Sicilian tribes. Andalusia, Sicily, Malta, Gibraltar, Moroccan colony, and Atlantic colony changes their status from associated states and colonies to be formally part of our nation. Rome is set as new capital. We begin expanding our territory slowly, we formally annex Valencia and Murcia as our territory (We have won the war over the tribes, so we can take them). We start to make a contact in Catalonia, hope we can meet our "fellow brothers", peaceful and friendly tribes there. [Mod Response Needed]. We stop colonization in West Africa, some colonists stay in Senegal, the rest go to the Canary Islands. In Italian Peninsula, we start expanding to South Italy, if we meet tribes there, we will ask to unite and if they reject, we will ask to open trade and non-aggression pact. [Mod Response Needed]. We hold the presidential election, with the incumbent from Balearic, Victor Caceres is elected as new president after win 64% of popular vote. The other candidates are: Jose Mendoza from Andalusia (18%), Dominico Giovinco from Italian Peninsula (12%), and Danillo Rossi from Sicily (6%). The next election will be held in 2096, with different regulation. The parliament is also reformed. We start construction of bridge from Ibiza to Formentera, the target is to be finished in 2093.
    • Mod Response: Catalonia is inhabited by tribes that seem to be xenophobic, be tolerant enough not to kill the explorers. South Italy is empty, ransacked by invaders of unknown origin. The cure + the antibiotics are proved to help the citizens.
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Saudi Arabia: After years of quiet, Muhammed III rises to claim himself ruler over what was southern Saudi Arabia, he works to unite the tribal groups in the area and establish relations with the Russian and Egyptian Empires (Responses Required) he outlaws all religions except Islam, and announces plans to put his brother Alex the Smart, in charge of areas in the UAE.
    • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: We accept the proposal.
    • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg.png Russian Empire: We also accept the proposal.
  • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: With the plague almost eradicated, we focus our power on expanding. We expect to have Syria, Eastern Libya, Northern Sudan and Cyprus should the expansion be successful (not instantly, over period of months). We see that the natives in Turkey and Croatia prefer to be sovereign, so we send diplomats to ensure their sovereignity and promote international peace. [Mod Response for All] We link up most of our cities with a railway system. We ask for trade with Saudi Arabia as well as their assistance in expanding into Asia Minor, in return promising them the Arabian Peninsula and Pakistan. [Saudi Response Needed] We attempt to establish colonies on Malta, Romania, Kenya and Georgia.
    • Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Saudi Arabia: We accept on the condition that (secret) they help us drive the Xaninadya out of the UAE (end secret) Man that's hard to spell (Egypt response required)
    • Mod Response: The Turkey and Croatia tribes seem to relax and are happy there is peace, as they wish to remain sovereign. The expansion within Africa is successful, due to multiple peaceful tribes. Colonies in Malta, Romania, Kenya and Georgia are set up.
  • Mod Event: A bunch of hostile tribes in Europe have united into the Horde of Lars. They have been responsible for ransacking numerous other tribes, and have discovered the presence of the Union of the Mediterranean in South Italy. They then begin attacking any nation in the vicinity of Central Europe.
  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg.png Russian Empire: We continue advancing our technology, reaching late ~1980s technology. We begin creating roads for our citizens along with cars, even though they remain expensive. With the plague being near-eradicated within our country, the royal family is allowed minimum time outside of their castle. With Saudi Arabia having communicated with our country, we expect that multiple other nations have risen. Our population is ~45,000. We continue expanding into Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. We run into a small group who claim themselves the Horde of Lars while expanding. They kill a few of our settlers, but our military easily killed them once they came. We aren't sure if there are a bigger group of them somewhere, but we continue to increase our military in case.


  • Mod Event: The Horde of Lars, a large group of numerous hostile tribes combined, attack: Union of Mediterranean, Austria-Hungary, and Republic of France. The group has split off into various directions, beginning conflicts with Russian Empire, Swedish Empire, and Egyptian Empire. They continue to increase in size nobody matter how many are killed.
  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg.png Austria-Hungary: Emperor Erwin Josef declares a state of war as the foreigners attack, and mobilizes the armed forces. All 10,000 men are well-drilled and well-armed by this point, and are supported by mechanized and armored elements that have been constructed in our factories. Led by graduates of the Vienna War Academy, the Austro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal Army mounts a ferocious offensive against all attacking tribes. Archduke Maximilian, the Emperor's son and crown prince, graduate of the academy, personally oversees the effort as commander-in-chief. In addition, a 5,000-man militia is mobilized out of some able-bodied men aged 18-40 and given what weapons are available to serve as a reserve and rearline defense, divided into three regiments. It is hoped that our superior training, weapons, and tactics will win the day against the disorganized horde. [Mod Response] In other news, we continue to expand, reaching Prague in the Czech lands to the north, and also annexing more Hungarian tribes, reaching Budapest. In the south, we reach the former city of Lubjlana and continue to promote Austro-Hungarian unity in Croatia. We discovered other German-speaking peoples in what was called Bavaria and offer them to join a fellow Germanic nation. [Mod Response] Austro-Hungarian factories continue to produce more goods, now are starting to be geared to military production in response to the invasion. Agriculture also continues to flourish.
    • Mod Response: The army is able to hold them off, but their numbers, as well as their knowledge off the area, allow them to kill ~4,000 troops before they retreat. They begin to plan for another attack again. The Bavarian colony joins your nation out of fear of the Horde.
  • 100px-Flag of Los Angeles, California.png Sierra Republic: Using our current satellite technology, we have created ships with GPSes and Sonar technology. Our population is around 35,000. 5,000 of them are our military professionals. We use our latest ships, we set sail from Espernza to where Taiwan should be. We check for survivors [Mod Response Needed] as we hope to either annex the land or make it a protectorate of our country. Project NEITH is nearly complete, this will help propel us to 2000s tech by at least 2094. In our land in California, we expand northward (also hoping to find more survivors, other than the Silicon Valley one). [Mod Response Needed, Again] We are rebuilding the LA airport, and constructing planes to make traveling between the mainland and "colonies" easier.
    • Mod Response: Nobody is found in Taiwan, but some of your people see a nearby settlement in what was "Hong Kong". A small amount of survivors are found throughout the wreckage in northern California.
    • Sierran Response: We claim and settle Taiwan. (We are very curious of the people in "Hong Kong".) We decide to send a ship with 20 men over there. [Xanedaniya Sor Response Needed] We send diplomats to northern California, asking them to join us as an autonomous territory or protectorate. [Mod Response Needed]
    • Mod Response: They decide to join your nation as a protectorate.
  • SwedishEmpire.jpgSwedish Empire: King Gustav I declares official war against the Horde of Lars and soon begins an announcement of mandatory service of men aged from 18 to 27 for a 5 year service. The draft brings out almost 15,700 people that are added to our armed forces and begins heavy training and put out to the field. All 20,785 of our armed servicemen to not invade their borders, rather play defensive and protect our lands [Mod Response]. With the explosion in the Baltic States, we are very saddened that our men have died in action and we honor their deaths greatly and give their families a yearly salary for their relative's service to the empire. Even though our exploration has failed in the Baltic's, our want for more land has not stopped and we begin exploring and colonizing an island off of our capital of Malmö (island that present day Denmark's capital of Copenhagen), and this time we send extra protection in case the tribes there are not friendly [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Nobody is found within the islands of old "Denmark". The Horde is able to kill ~10,000 of the troops before they retreat. Seeing as you are the strongest, they begin to round up as many troops to as possible to launch a large war against your country.
  • Flag of the Mediterranean Sea.png Union of Mediterranean: We found that our explorers were killed by the tribes, the surviving explorers said, that they are not native tribes and even they are not from South Italy. We start an investigation and discovered that the group called Horde of Lars was attacking several nations, including our allies France and newly-formed nation Austria-Hungary. We condemn them, and President Victor Caceres signs the official declaration of war over the Horde of Lars. He also sets Palma de Mallorca as temporary capital, it means Palma becomes capital for second time, after the capital has been moved to Rome. We start massive recruitment, 13,250 people are recruited into the Army. We can't do this alone, so we ask Austria-Hungary for alliance. [Players Response Needed]. We also will fight them with help from the French Republic. Meanwhile Italian Peninsula fell into chaos, the rest, including Iberian Peninsula is seem to be peaceful. We start to communicate with the Catalan tribes, by using Catalan language, so they can easily understand what we want and they want. We ask them to unite again, we tell them the brothers must be united. [Mod Response Needed]. Expansion is continued to Aragon, and if we meet tribes there, we ask them to join us. We also continue to expand in Portugal. [Mod Response for all Statements]. We start to do research in train technology, and we start to build railways. We start to set the center of economy, Balearic Islands as tourist destinations. Rome, which is currently still peaceful, is continued to be built as economic and trade center. We also build more residences and farms there, as well as in Naples, Seville, and Malaga. The design of car is kept to improved, currently the most-newly design of Gallardo is similar to 1970s. Production of cars is increased. We start to hold the regional Olympic events for the first time, and we plan on hold International Olympic Games.
    • Mod Response: Catalan tribes agree, as they are happy someone else speaks their language. Expansion into Portugal is successful, due to it being near-empty. Aragon tribes are reluctant to join your nation at first, but agree due to the Horde of Lars having threatened them in the past.
  • Flag of Xanedaniya Sor.png Xanedaniya Sor: From our Kuwaiti Colony, we expand into all of former Iraq, as we have had people and bases there for years. We travel far Inland from Kuwaiti Colony, and reach a body of water, which we find "Adjara, Rize, Artvin & Guria" and we colonize them. The people are not hostile, however, we counter "Russian Empire" (Russian Response Needed). We start foreign relations with other countries, and start to explore. We establish a protectorate in Assam & Western Australia.
    • Russian Response: We hope that we can have peaceful relations, and can start trading [Player Response Needed].
    • Xanedaniyan Response: We accept.
  • SwedishEmpire.jpgSwedish Empire: With nobody found on the island, we begin immediate colonization and further exploration of the surrounding area finding the mainland and begin exploration of that also [Mod Response]. With the war still waging, King Gustav I expands the draft to include males aged 17-37, and females 25-30, which has raised our armed servicemen and women to about 27,982 troops mounted on our border [Mod Response]. We begin moving more volunteer protectorates into the new colonized island to protect our people from any hostile tribes. While patrolling the area in Eastern Finland, a few soldiers had spotted a possible nation in the distance; with further exploration we find another nation in which the people found there call the "Russian Empire" and we send 3 representatives to the country to begin interactions and relations with the newly found country [Russian Response needed]. With the area between our nation and Russia seemingly empty, we begin colonization so that we can connect our borders with Russia [Mod Response, for reference most of the Leningrad Oblast].
    • Mod Response: Mod Response: Expansion into Denmark's island and mainland are successful. Leningrad Oblast is expanded into without any issues rising. Although the Horde of Lars still haven't attack again, something big is being planned.
    • Russian Response: We are happy to see more nations having come from the old world to start relations with.
    • Swedish Response: We declare that the former Leningrad Oblast our territory, now connecting our land with the Russians. We begin building roads into our new terrority, along with about 3 new factories. We ask the Russian Empire for a trade union and military alliance [Russian Response needed].
  • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: We expand into Iraq, Jordan, Kurdistan, and whatever we can get in Libya and Sudan with current manpower. We receive reports from explorers in Croatia that they were attacked by the Horde of Lars. We immediately send troops to attack their base, which is said to be in South Tyrenol. We ask that Croatia assist us. We try to establish a colony on Cuba. We fortify our Balkan colonies, and expand them so we have more ground. Our technology is equivalent to technology in 2009. [Mod Response Needed]
    • Mod Response: Expansion into Jordan is partially successful, but the Horde of Lars have arrived and killed most of the people. While sailing to Cuba, a Horde of Lars ship seizes your's, kills all the men, and burns the ship. Expansion into Libya and Sudan are successful. The Horde of Lars, learning of this before you attack them, leave the base before you are able to kill them.
  • Flag of Algeria.svgAlgeria: After hiding in a safe locations from protesters we regain control of Algeria and invade Morocco and Spain [Mod responses needed]. Our aircraft carrier along with 20 bomber planes and 20 000 troops are sent to Spain while 50 000 troops and 270 tanks are sent to Morocco. We ask America for 40 Rockwell B lancers and will pay 50 billion for them. [mod response needed]
    • Sierran Response: Using our satellites, we pick up a signal of someone asking for 40 Rockwell B Lancers. We reply that we don't know what those are and that they probably don't exist.
  • Flag of France.svgRepublic of France:We find out that a tribe called Horde of Lars Is attacking our country as well as others.We ask all these Countries who are affected like Austria-Hungary,Sweden,Russia,Union of Mediterranean and Egyptian Empire fir a temporary Alliance to ward off the Tribes from our Land [Players Response Needed].We draft every able bodied member into the army.We send 4000 soldiers to fight against The tribe and Send 2000 more to Sweden as we learn the tribe are focusing more on this country. [Mod Response needed].We ask the Swedes to watch out for friendly fire as we send our soldiers to protect you [Swedish Response needed] WIP.
    • Mediterranean Diplomacy: We will help to remove the "anarchist movement", Hord of Lorse.
    • Swedish Response: We thank France for the warning and also for the help against the Horde of Lars. We also ask them for a military alliance, exlaining that we would of accepted last time you offered but the Horde of Lars was not around at the time [French Response needed].
    • French Dip:We accept the military alliance with Sweden
    • Austro-Hungarian Diplomacy: We agree to an alliance.
  • Flag of Cambodia.svg Khmer Empire: 700 soldiers are sent to attack the Fascist rebellion, which has 750 non-experienced fighters, we also send another 700 soldiers to attack the Republican rebels. [Mod Response On Progress] We also ask our neighbor and ally Xanedaniya Sor for help in quelling these rebellions [Xanedaniyan Response Needed]. Tsar Danil I announces that there are 3 fleets of ships in Tamil Nadu ready to be sent west, the reason is to confirm that a land called "Africa" shown on a map dating from 2003 actually exists, and to set up colonies there. They should be ready to go as soon as the rebellions are under control. He also announces the new official languages: English, Khmer and Russian, and also announces a complete revamp of the Khmer language, replacing the Khmer alphabet with the Cyrillic alphabet in order to make it easier for foreigners to read.
    • Mod Response: The rebellions die down with the help of Xanedaniya Sor.
    • Flag of Xanedaniya Sor.png Xanedaniya Sor: We accept helping you. We announce the offical scripts of Xanedaniya Sor include Syriac (thought to be extinct, but well alive) and Latin, but Thaana and Lontara are also widely used.
  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg.png Russian Empire: Our population has finally reached where it was at in 2074 (~50,000). With the Horde of Lars attacking and killing some of our hunters and gatherers, we decide that we will fight back... defensively. We decide that we will stop hunting and gathering right now, but will live off of our crops and other foods. We place a conscription for 16-40, in which they will prepare to defend the city. This gives us ~30,000 troops [Mod Response for everything Horde of Lars]. Our technology has advanced to middle-1990's. We continue to expand eastward [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Similar to what happened with the Swedish, the Horde of Lars haven't attack but seem to be planning something very big. You have been able to expand through the Oiyl District, Mangystau District, and the Beyneu District.


  • Mod Event: The Horde of Lars start their complete invasion of the Swedish Empire and Russian Empire, each with ~20,000 troops. They invade Republic of France, Egyptian Empire, Austria-Hungary, and Union of Mediterranean with ~10,000 each (10,000 troops attacking each country listed). With Egyptian Empire attacking their old base, they have decided to be constantly moving, without any formal base of operation.
  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg.png Austria-Hungary: The celebrations for victory in fighting off the first wave of attackers is cut short as the next invasion attempt begins. All reserves are thrown into battle, for a total of 11,000 men in five regiments. In addition, we draft more able-bodied men, a total of 15,000, and give them basic military training before sending them to the front. Factories have supplied us with more trucks, artillery, and tanks, which should give us an advantage. We hope to fight off the attackers again. An Army Supreme Command has been established to provide better coordination of operations, under Archduke Maximilian. [Mod Response] Our expansion has granted us more territory and raised our population to 68,000. We continue to expand into Austria, Hungary and Slovenia, annexing what lands are there that we have not yet taken. Now we begin to intensify our efforts to integrate the Croats into our territory, using the anarchist horde attacks as a reason for Croatia to join Austria-Hungary, for better security. [Mod Response] Factories are mainly geared towards war production at this point. Infrastructure construction projects have been temporarily suspended while the war goes on.
    • Mod Response: Croatia reluctantly agrees to join your nation. Your nation is able to successfully defeat the Horde of Lars, but with casualties estimated at ~20,000.
  • 100px-Flag of Los Angeles, California.png Sierra Republic: Project NEITH is completed. We reveal to the public of 40,000 people, that we are launching a satellite which would give internet to the people, very soon. Our tech tech is around the level it was 90 years ago, or 2000s tech. We begin setting up settlements in Silicon Valley, to give a home to the survivors and descendants we found there years ago. We name it Fransisco, after the fallen city of San Fransisco. Hoping to stay somewhat eco-friendly, we create large masses of solar panels and turbines. We are very interested in what is left of Hong Kong, as our people saw lights many years ago, we attempted to send ships there, but they sunk. We send another ship, manned by 20 people to the region, hoping to find survivors and maybe take them in? [Player (XANDANEIYA SOR) Response Needed] We continue to build up our military.
    • Mod Response: Hong Kong is found to be inhabited. 
    • Sierran Response: With it being inhabited, and no response from whichever government they are controlled by, we decide to build a battlefleet to colonize it.
  • SwedishEmpire.jpg Swedish Empire: With the Horde of Lars making their moves, King Gustav I expands the draft to males aged 17-47 and females aged 20-27, expanding our military to 26,582 armed people protecting our country, and we still stand at being defensive and protecting our home land [Mod Response]. We begin exploration and colonization of the former Republic of Karelia and hope to declare it our own land [Mod Response]. A recent report has shown an increase that shows that we have increased our population that is now at 37,482 people from the year that they plague has ended. In happier move, King Gustav I has married a woman named Hannah Olofssdotter (who is now Queen Hannah of Sweden) in a ceremony in the capital of Malmö in a very big citadel attended by almost 570 people including everyday citizens. It is also reported that the Queen is pregnant with their first child that is estimated to be born soon next year (2093) and will be the heir to the Swedish throne.
    • Mod Response: At a cost of all of most of your military (~25,000), The Horde of Lars retreat for now. Karelia is successfully colonized.
  • Flag of France.svgRepublic of France:We draft all our able bodied members and we now have an army of 26000.We send 16000 against the tribes,3000 to aid Sweden and the Rest is kept as Reserve.[Mod Response Needed].Our Navy is fully complete. We send 2000 Soldiers for the Annexation of UK via sea from the Netherlands.[Mod Response needed].We also Supply some Heavy Artillery to Sweden to help them.We also send some explorers to negotiate with the Tribes at Lombardy and Veneto and Also to tell them that that can have full autonomy and also can participate in our army but Lombardy and Veneto is a protectorate of France [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: The Horde of Lars finally retreat after ~15,000 of your troops are killed. Expansion into UK is successful. The tribes in Lombardy and Veneto have joined the Horde of Lars, so not only do they say "no", they burn your flag while urinating all over it.
  • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: We devise a plan to wipe put the Horde of Lars, and ask France, Union of the Mediterranean, Russia, Austro Hungary and Sweden to expand so that the Horde of Lars will be trapped inside Central Europe, where they will be finished off. This will be known as Operation Siege. This message is sent in a form of encryption that predates the war, and governments should be able to decipher it. [Player Responses Needed] We begin expanding into Iran and whatever path we can take to get there, and expand into European coastlines for Operation Siege. We also set up a colony in West Sahara. We begin creating missiles for military use. [Mod Response Needed]
    • ​Swedish Response: We are able to decipher the note and King Gustav I thinks that is a responably good idea, only thinking that the nations that are expanding will be doing this to quickl. King Gustav I announces that a colonization boost will occur next year.
    • Russian Response: We decipher it, and think of it as the best idea so far. We begin colonizing extensively into Europe.
    • Mod Response: Although your expanders encounter small groups of the Horde of Lars, they are able to kill them and expansion of West Sahara, Iran, and various European coastlines are successful.
    • Austro-Hungarian Response: We agree, and to colonize faster we plan to establish a series of puppet/satellite states in the region, starting with Bavaria.
  • Flag of Cambodia.svgKhmer Empire: As the rebellion subsides, we send three fleets of ships westward to "Africa", bound for a place called "Zanzibar", and we attempt to establish colonies there [Mod Response Needed]. We begin restoring services to the population, and another three fleets are being built in Jakarta, to be sent westwards. We expand in India and Australia [Mod Response Needed]. We finish reverse engneering an airplane, and repoem Phnom Penh International Airport, Siem Reap International Airport, and Soekarno-Hatta Internationa Airport in Jakarta, and begin commercial flights between these areas. We also reopen universities in Phnom Penh, Bangkok and Jakarta, as well as rebuilding the nation. Phnom Penh is announced as the capital, while Jakarta is the seat of the Khmer Supreme Court and where the embassies are.
    • Mod Response: Zanzibar is successfully colonized due to it being empty. Expansion into Eastern India and Northern Australia is successful.
  • Flag of Xanedaniya Sor.png Xanedaniya Sor: In an attempt to block Egyptian Expansion, we hope to build a wall of protectorates along Turkey (Mod Response Needed). From our Mesopotamia colony, we move into the Mediterranean, which we find "Balgariya (Bulgaria)?" Which we colonize Burgas Province, Varna Province, Dobrich Province & Yambol Province, Shumen Province, Sliven Province, we hope to move our administrative centre to there (Mod Response Needed). In other news, we have been dealing with an outbreak of separatists movements, opposition governmnents and clans attacking major cities, as well as trying to help Khmer stop the outbreaks there. We hope to expand our Cape York Colony, seeing as the cannibals have been defeated (Mod Response Needed). In another attempt to stop many country's common enemy, we invade Eritrea (Mod Response Needed). We warn Egyptian Empire, telling them "If you lay a finger on Ethiopia, you lay a finger on some of the most powerful nations in the world" (Egyptian Response Needed). We hope to expand our Bengal Colony, into the former 7 sister states of India and West Bengal (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: The wall of protectorates is successful in creating, but you're nation has been included into the Horde of Lars conflict. The administrative is almost killed due to the Horde of Lars, but still make it there and a colony is set up. The cannibals have simply disappeared at the moment, as if they were never there. The invasion of Eritrea is successful due to many tribes leave to join the Horde of Lars and make very unsuccessful attacks against Egyptian Empire.
  • Flag of the Mediterranean Sea.png Union of Meditteranean: We continue to fight the Horde of Lars, we send ±21,400 troops plus 5 tanks and 23 artillery to the battlefield and wipe them to Central Europe. We start to take over coasts of South Italy. [Mod Response Needed]. We have found another European nations, they are: Russian Empire, Swedish Empire, and Austria-Hungary. Reported, they also fight the Horde of Lars. We ask them a formal alliance. [Players Response Needed]. We also start build fortification around Rome, Palermo, and Naples, and build strongholds in South Italy. We continue expansion in Iberian Peninsula, we expand into Navarre, Galicia, and Extremadura. Hope we don't meet the Horde of Lars there. If there a peaceful tribes, we will ask them as usual, ask for unite, if rejected, alliance and/or trade [Mod Response Needed]. Discovery (not colonization) of the world is continued, after we found the detailed world map. In Atlantic Ocean, we send explorers to the North (it will be landed in Ireland), East (Caribbean), South (Gold Coast/Ghana). [Mod Response Needed]. We also want to explore the Indian Ocean. We ask Egypt to open Suez Canal and allow us cross through there. [Player Response Needed]. We form the phone factory, it will be called "Juarez", taken from the name of the founder, Carlos Eduardo Juarez. The first model phone is like 1990s. The research of computer and television are done. We also form several radio stations, with Mediterranean National Radio as government radio channel, and it is the first station in our country. We start to convert energy by use solar energy for transportation. Wind and water power plants are also built.
    • Mod Response: Your nation holds off the Horde of Lars, at a cost of ~17,000 troops, the 5 tanks, and 20 artillery. The tribes within the Iberian Peninsula have ties with the Horde of Lars, so they immediately reject. Ireland is discovered without any problems, along with Ghana. Caribbean explorers were pushed far off course and finally touch down in eastern Brazil.
  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg.png Russian Empire: We defend against the Horde of Lars attack [Mod Response Needed] with 28,000 troops. With the current plan to stop Horde of Lars being to trap them inside central Europe, we expand quickly into Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, and eastern Poland, attempting to make them all protectorates [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: The attack is defended, but at the cost of ~12,000 troops. Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus are expanded into, but eastern Poland is full of tribes loyal to the Horde of Lars and Romania is an Egyptian colony.


  • Mod Events: The Horde of Lars is growing in size, but the defending nations of Sweden, Russia, France, Egypt, Austro-Hungary and the Union of the Mediterranean are holding their own, and Operation Siege is being put into effect. Surrounding tribes begin to fight for the cause of the Horde of Lars, attacking the nearest nations. Over in the Pacific, nomadic tribes form the Fleet of Tuah, influenced after hearing the attacks of the Horde of Lars, and begin terrorizing the Pacific and occasionally the Indian Ocean.
  • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire: We begin Operation Siege and begin expanding into the mainland areas of the Balkans, mainly Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. We continue expansion into eastern Turkey and the rest of Iran, and concentrate a small amount of forces to push our borders south. We send another expedition to Cuba and attempt to colonize it, this time arming the explorers. Similar expeditions are sent to Madagascar and Balochistan. We launch offensives against known Horde of Lars campsites in Europe. [Mod Response Needed] We grant all members of Operation Siege access through the Suez.
    • Mod Response: A few parts of Turkey are protectorates of Xanedaniya Sor, however, a few parts of eastern Turkey are colonized. Cuba's expedition goes well; Madagascar expedition goes way off course and arrives into Australia; Balochistan is found empty. Attacks on campsites of Horde of Lars are successful, but many learn of this quickly from survivors and decide to not use anymore lighting.
  • Flag of Cambodia.svg Khmer Empire: We wire electricity, piped water and sewer systems to cover all of our nation, this is expected to be done by 2095 at least and 2015 at most. We also reopen the airports in Bangkok, Singapore, Darwin and Hyderabad, so we now have flights to every part of the country except for the newly colonized Zanzibar. We expand into the coast of Tanzania and Kenya (Mod Response Needed). We send the next three fleets westwards, on target for a land called the "Middle East", 1 fleet was shot down in the Indian Ocean by some pirates who call themselves "The Fleet of Tuah", another one went off course and landed in a place called "Cape Town", and the third one made landfall in a place called "Muscat", in "Oman". We attempt to colonize these two places. (Mod Response Needed)
    • Mod Response: Hostile tribes inhabit Tanzania, however, Dar Es Salaam is taken, and Kenya's northern coast is colonized. Muscat is found empty, leading to immediate colonization, while Cape Town is inhabited by a large community.
  • Flag of Xanedaniya Sor.png Xanedaniya Sor: We keep expanding into Bulgaria. We do a second expedition around Australia, and reach "Victoria" we hope to colonize (Mod Response Needed). The fleet of Tuah has terrorized Cooktown & Broome, and are attacking Malacca & The Big 3 (Vinh, Matahari, Bulan) as well as smaller attacks on Goa & Phuket, we have held them back for now, but with great losses. From the Oahu Colony, we sail to "Santiago" and try to colonize them (Mod Response Needed). In other news, we declare war on the fleet of Tuah, and Greater Nepal!!!
    • Mod Response: Victoria is populated by another tribe of cannibals, possibly the same tribe defeated prior to this response. The colonizers sailing to Santiago are mostly killed by the Fleet of Tuah, but 2 ships arrive at Santiago and colonize it. Nepal's country, which previous government collapsed, will participate in the war, as they do not want the same government. They send anybody 15-40 to their borders (around ~34,000), and patiently wait [Player Response Needed].
  • 100px-Flag of Los Angeles, California.png Sierra Republic:  With no response from Hong Kong, even though they obviously saw our ships and with them being populated. We decide to send a battle fleet of 5 naval ships to colonize them. Manned by 20 people each. [Xandaniya Sor response NEEDED <----- Look here FB] We also decide to send some ships to colonize eastern Australia. Our population is at 45,000. (40,000 in the mainlands, 5,000 in the "colonies") [Mod Response Needed] 
    • Mod Response: Eastern Australia is reached, "New South Wales" and you hit Sydney, however, natives attack you. But, your crew sailed further south, and colonizes Southeast New South Wales.
    • Xanedaniyan Response: We ask Sierra for peace, and offer them 1 of our 2 hydrogen bombs from Hong Kong.
      • Sierran Response: We accept the peace treaty, we back off, taking the 1 hydrogen bombs. Telling Xandaniya Sor to keep the rest. We hope for an alliance. [Xandaniya Sor response NEEDED <----- Look here FB]
      • Xanedaniyan Response: We accept.
  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg.png Austria-Hungary: The Emperor addresses the nation in a speech, praising the valiant defenders in the Imperial and Royal Army who gave their lives in defense of the Fatherland against the anarchist horde. The remaining 6,000 men are given additional training in the meantime while there are no attacks, and 10,000 new men from the newly-annexed territories are called up for service and also undergo training. The factories continue to create new weapons, vehicles, and artillery. Our total population has gone down after the recent war but went up after land gains, being around 60,000. In political news, the Emperor and the Landtag decide to release Bavaria from the Austro-Hungarian Empire because it is about the same size as our country and we would have difficulty integrating and trying to govern it directly at this point. The Kingdom of Bavaria is proclaimed, with the Emperor's brother Friedrich August as the first King of Bavaria. The new state is a satellite state of Austria-Hungary and has its foreign, military, and financial policies subordinated to its ally's. Also, we continue expansion into those parts of Hungary and Austria we do not yet control. In addition, we enter Saxony in former German lands and see if there are any tribes left there [Mod Response].
    • Flag of Bavaria (striped).png Kingdom of Bavaria: King Friedrich August is coronated in Munich as the new kingdom is proclaimed. Government offices and a parliament are organized. Our total population is 30,000. An army is organized to fight off the horde out of 5,000 able-bodied men, who train along side the Austro-Hungarians. We begin developing infrastructure and agriculture.
    • Mod Response: Saxony is found to be full of Horde of Lars's tribes [Player Response Needed].
    • Austro-Hungarian Response: We send the army into Saxony to pacify it, and we promise the local populations freedom from the terrorism of the anarchist bandit group and to restore order if they rise up and assist us. We will give them a free Saxon nation, as a client state of Austria-Hungary, and they will receive technological, medical, and military assistance.
  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg.png Russian Empire/Republic of Russia: Our military is currently ~16,000, while our population is ~38,000. Since we've conquered a lot of time without formally sending multiple troops to the land, we lose some of western Ukraine and Belarus, as well as giving back Egyptian Empire "Romania", as we simply took it from them. With the conflict going on and the amount of people dying increasing, our citizens begin rioting, and eventually, our government collapses before we could formally stop them. Our government is replaced with a Republic, and the temporary officials exit Operation Siege. We lose Moldova to Horde of Lars, and eventually, we ask for a cease fire with them [Mod Response Needed]. Our government establishes states within each subdivision of the land we have, and we begin a conquest of OTL Russia, beginning with Perm, Komi, Vologda, Arkhangelsk, and multiple smaller subdivisions between those four [Mod Response Needed]. A small nation that wants to continue the Russian Empire ideology cedes from us, with their land currently being West Kazakhstan and Atyrau; They are called the "Prussian Empire". Our technology has reach early-2000's. We rename ourselves Republic of Russia.
    • Flag of Prussia (1892-1918).svg Prussian Empire: The royal family of the Russian Empire immigrate here. Our population is currently ~20,000. Our military is currently ~2,000 troops. We begin developing farmland for a variety of various crops. We set up a school system and other country necessities, include government buildings and other infrastructure. 
    • Mod Response: The Horde of Lars does accept your cease-fire offer for the time being, as they see you as a major threat to their hold and attacks on other countries in Europe. Perm, and Vologda are colonized, but the other regions still have nuclear radiation from the war along with some hostile tribes that could be a threat to the Russian Republic.
  • Flag of the Mediterranean Sea.png Union of the Mediterranean: We start to defend against Horde of Lars, we pull our troops to Rome, Naples, and Sicily, and hold them. We ask to temporary union with French Republic, until the destroyed cities and areas are rebuilt [France Response Needed]. [Secret] We start spread propaganda anti-Horde of Lars in Iberian Peninsula and Italy, we also start to spread peace campaign across the Europe. We start to espionage to know the location of "capital" of Horde of Lars and their strategy. [Mod Response Needed]. We also start to doing surprise attack/terrorism to the Horde of Lars. [End Secret]. We continue to build our economy.
    • Mod Response: [Secret] Although there is no clear "capital", they seem to constantly re-group in what was "Switzerland" [End Secret].
  • SwedishEmpire.jpgSwedish Empire: We are saddened to hear about the Russian revolution, but we accept their chance in government and hope to continue good relations with them. Meanwhile, we take full advantage of Operation Siege and begin quickly moving troops (for the first time going on the offensive) to colonize Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, West Pomerania, Pomerania, Warmia-Masuria, and Podlaskie [Mod Response]. We do bring good news from the capital of Malmö: Queen Hannah of Sweden has given birth to the heir to the Swedish throne who is named, Prince Alexander, Duke of Karelia.
    • Mod Response: Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and Wamia-Masuria are surprisingly empty, however, everywhere else is inhabited with Horde of Lars's groups of varying sizes [Player Response Needed].
    • Swedish Response: We claim Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and Wamia-Masauria as our land. For the other land, for the first time we play the offensive and launch a massive invasion of 10,770 troops (10,000 Swedish, and 700 French) in an attempt to surprise them [Mod Response needed].
    • Mod Response: The land is conquered, but at a loss of 5,770 troops.
    • Swedish Response: King Gustav I is very pleased with the successful invasion and announces that West Pomerania, Pmerania, and Podlaskie as our own land.


  • Mod Event: The Horde of Lars begin to slowly die down, but continue attacking a few countries. The Fleet of Tuah eventually dissolves due to differences among where they should go from here. Due to an increase of countries gaining independence/ceding from their main country, riots begin happening in various empires, over the deaths from the Horde of Lars conflict, as well as pretty much everything a country has done badly. The people in every country demand for a change in directions for their government (A few countries remain out of this due to them not having anything to do with it/already changed: Khmer Empire, Sierra Republic, Republic of Russia).
  • SwedishEmpire.jpgSwedish Empire: With the Horde of Lars beginning to die down, our people rejoice in the streets across the country as they understand and have felt the loss of many of our brave soldiers in battle against them. Even though there has been many celebration across the country, there have been some protests outside the King's palace due to the major loss of personnel during the war; along with them saying that the king is very "power hungry". A national poll is taken across the country and currently 87% approve of the king, and 13% disapprove of the king; this showing how little effect that the protests have. King Gustav I does make public appeal when he states that until the Horde of Lars have been defeated, the military will only be used for defensive uses. He also announces an expansion of the small military (which currently stands at 5,678 people), and hopes that enough people will volunteer so that we will be able to protect our homeland; data says that the military might be around 12,378 people by 2100. Even though military conquest is over for the time being, colonization isn't, and with the Horde of Lars mostly out of the areas that we are currently interested in, we begin colonization of Warmia-Masuria (in former Poland), Kaliningrad, and the entire west coast of Lithuania [Mod Response]. Along with colonization, we ask the Russian Republic if we can split the Arkhangelsk Oblast, with us taking the northern half and you taking the southern half [Russian response needed]. We also begin exploring Nenets Autonomous Okrug to see if there is any survivors there and possible locations for colonization [Mod Response]. Finally for colonization, some of our ships from the Faroe Islands have landed in area formally called Scotland, and have begun colonization [Mod Response]. King Gustav I announces the construction of a major rail line that will cross back and forth across the entire countryside, along with many road constructions. He also says once the rail is finished he and his family will be taking a tour to meet many of his loyal subjects.
    • Russian Response: We agree to split Arkhangelsk Oblast accordingly to what you have placed, as we want to improve relations with you due to us changing our government.
    • Mod Response: Warmia-Masuria, Kaliningrad, and western Lithuania are colonized. Nobody is found, leaving it empty for colonization. Parts of Ireland have been colonized.
  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg.png Austria–Hungary: In response to the recent riots in far corners of the empire, Emperor Erwin Josef I has given speech in which he promised to relinquish some of the extensive powers he had during the war and give more power to the elected Landtag. He also announced that the process of rebuilding what was lost would begin and felt saddened by the large number of casualties. The emperor also stated that their deaths were not in vain, and that their unified state can provide a far higher standard of living than anarchy and chaos. Families of war veterans and the fallen will receive tax cuts and other awards for their service. [Mod Response] To raise morale, the victory over the horde has been made a national holiday and massive festivities are planned, including military parades in Vienna, Budapest, and Zagreb. It is part of a program that the imperial and royal government has initiated to raise Austro-Hungarian patriotism. We also begin repairing infrastructure, rebuilding the army, and getting factories back to civilian production. In foreign affairs, we send 3,000 troops to cleanse Saxony of the Lars remnants and offer the inhabitants Saxon a deal: we ask them to rise up and help us, and in return we will give them an independent Saxon nation, as an Austro-Hungarian client state, in addition to new technology, medicine, and security. This new country would be subordinate to Austria-Hungary in foreign and military policy but will have independence in internal affairs. [Mod Response] Also, looking to improve trade, we offer trade agreements to Sweden and France. [Player Response] Our current population is 60,000.
    • Flag of Bavaria (striped).png Kingdom of Bavaria: King Friedrich August of Bavaria gives a speech to the new nation in which he promises to bring prosperity and order to the new nation. Now that a government and security force are in place, we begin developing infrastructure and the economy. An elected parliament is formed with a representative from each district. The army carries out drills under Austro-Hungarian instructors to improve it, and officers are sent to Vienna for training. Factories are beginning to be restored. The population is curently 30,000.
    • Mod Response: The people seem to be happy now. Saxony agrees to the terms created.
  • Flag of Xanedaniya Sor.png Xanedaniya Sor: We officially enter Nepali Territory, and begin to push into Bhutan & Sikkim with 6,000> troops (Mod Response Needed). We attempt to colonize More of Eritrea (Mod Response Needed). We begin to deal with independence movements, starting in Patani, however, these are not tolerated, and are stopped for the moment. We discover the islands of Palau, but there are friendly villagers there, and the have there own society, so we leave them be. In Our Chilean/Santiago Colony, we move inland, and attempt to gain some territory (Mod Response Needed). We keep developing technology, and reach "1980's" level.
    • Mod Response: Nepal easily defeats the 6,000 troops due to them having 30,000. They suffer some casualties, being ~4,000. Some of the coast of Eritrea is colonized, but some of the mainland is controlled by a few native tribes. Some of Chile is colonized, but a few native tribes have been seen.
  • Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian Empire Republic: We change our government into a Republic, following the example of Russia. We hold a national celebration for the victory over the Horde of Lars. With recent riots, we announce the breakaway of the state of Sudan., cedeing them land west of the Nile. It will be an independent nation run by the rebels of the Egyptian Republic. We hope to increase relations. We send resources to our colony on Cuba, and expand into Jamaica and Puerto Rico, and expand into Persia. We hope to establish better relations with Xanediya Sor, as we may have gone off on the wrong foot. We continue to expand westwards and southwards.[Mod Response Needed] We reopen airports around our nation as airplanes become more common. We ask the nations in Europe whether they want to have Egyptian aircraft traveling there for trade and tourism.[Player Response Needed]
    • Mod Response: Some expansion westwards and southwards is completed.
  • Saudi Arabia: We reach out to the land in the oceans in the East and West, we attempt to establish a border with the people in the former UAE, we recruit natives were we can, we ask the Egyptian Republic for a defensive alliance (Mod and Egypt responses needed)
    • 'Ankh Flag.pngEgyptian 'Republic: We accept.
    • Mod Response: UAE is found to be almost empty, save for a colony in Abu Dhabi.
  • 900px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg.png Republic of Russia: We begin to colonize our half of Arkhangelsk Oblast[Mod Response Needed]. Our population grows to ~40,000, with our military staying the same. We decide to expand more into OTL Russia, hoping to colonize Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Bashkortonstan, Kurgen, and Samara [Mod Response Needed].
    • Flag of Prussia (1892-1918).svg Prussian Empire: We decide that we will begin self-sufficing ourselves, as well as isolating our nation. We will talk when we need to, but will remain quiet.
    • Mod Response: Expansion in Arkhangelsk Obklast is only half completed due to nuclear contamination from unknown sources. Expansion in OTL Russia is mostly successful, except for hostile tribes in Samara.
  • Flag of the Mediterranean Sea.png Union of the Mediterranean: Upon learning where the main headquarters of Horde of Lars is, we plant our only hydrogen bomb within the region, and detonated it. The explosion is heard by all European nations. Although rendering Switzerland contaminated, it has finally ended the conflict, as many of the Horde of Lars were killed, and the rest outside of the main base disperse into native tribes. Streets rejoice in the winning of the war, but a few groups protest the casualties suffered in the war. We explain to the groups that the Horde of Lars would have defeated our country if we hadn't entered the war. Although there is still opposition, many of our citizens realize that this was for the best, as it showed the strength of our country aligned with others, as well as our ability to take down an enemy without giving in.


  • Mod Event: An era of peace has begun around the world.
  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg.png Austria-Hungary: With the horde defeated, we have begun the process of rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure and switching industry back to civilian production. The government promotes the idea of having children to replace the population losses, and promises rewards to those families that have at least four children. We send out colonists to make contact with and annex those parts of Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria that are not yet under our control. In addition, the Imperial and Royal Army is rebuilt, taking in new recruits, and developing new methods of training. Our current population is around 60,000.
    • Flag of Bavaria (striped).png Kingdom of Bavaria: The Bavarian state experiences economic development and lowers military spending, though still builds up an army for defense. It is trained by Austro-Hungarian instructors, including veterans of the recent war, and a mandatory military service time is established for all men. The kingdom also continues to improves its infrastructure. Its current population is 30,000. King Friedrich August promotes Bavarian nationalism and the idea of having large families to increase the population.
    • Flag of Saxony.svg Kingdom of Saxony: The second son of the Austrian Emperor, Rupprecht, is coronated as King of Saxony in Dresden, the capital of the new state. We begin setting up a government and armed forces. With Austro-Hungarian assistance the Saxons also begin developing their infrastructure and industry. Our current population is 22,000.