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New Amsterdam, (English /ˈæmstədæm/; Dutch: [ˌɑmstərˈdɑm] ([1] listen)), locate in North Holland (Noord Holland), western part of former Netherlands. With the sea's level rising and the ceded of Netherlands into the Greater European Federation, the city officially expand itself to cover the whole North Holland, thereby become one of the first megacities in the world.

Nowsaday, New Amsterdam is one of the 7 main centers for commercial, trade and sex tourism in the whole Greater Europe, which include Europe countries and European part of former Russia.

As a sex tourism center, the city has reconstructed and expanded its Rosse Buurt into several times larger, with a whole network contain sex shops, adult movie theatres, peep shows, sex-related museums and information centers, coffee shops & bars where waitresses usually are 19 to 26 & wear nothing but micro-bikini, topless, bottomless, or not at all....

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