Music will continue to evolve with people. New bands will come but if our lifespan increase and we live for long long time we might prefer some music. New Sounds will be discovered, New instruments will be created but will they be for young people or older experienced people? With time new sounds will emerge and so a freedom to compose also. Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Genius) will create composition better than humans one day, it will give a sign of the singularity. Systems will better direct you what kind of music you love like Pandora, but they will be much better to suggest you music, they will be far more accurate. They will know your cognitive patern and will know exactly what kind of music you like or not like, there will be an inter relation.



Physiophonology is the study of the relationship between sound and physiology. The rhythms in music entrain and influence the rhythm of the breathing and of the beating of the heart. Rhythms of walking and running can also be embedded in music.

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