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  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Scout for Hire
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  • I would like to apologize on how I went about removing you as head mod. I don't apologize for removing you, but I do apologize for not giving you a heads up. I might be removed myself, which I think is a good thing. It helps keep the game fresh, make it go in a new direction. Jub-Jub still want rub rub though, he's getting quite angry, and might start child abuse corporal punishment

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    • 1. Funny, I was just thinking how I should make amends with you. I accept your apology, and apologize myself if I made you feel like I didn't appreciate the work you'd done. To be honest, I couldn't care less about being head mod anymore, though I would have returned had you given me a heads up prior. Either way, I hope we can move foward from this. You said you hated me as a person, which concerns me, as though I don't necessarily expect us to be best friends, I'd rather have drama with no one in the community let alone you.

      2. You do realize I wrote a 15 minute blog post about how I really don't give a rats posterior about corporal punishment anymore right lol? I'm not mad, I just don't get why this is still a community meme, as it's on par with continuing to meme about Alan being a right winger.

      3. As I said, I don't think I can help you there.

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    • because it's funny and they way you made it sound was like you were just saying that to get people off your back

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    • That's your opinion, mate. I know in my heart why I wrote it which is indicated by how I've said not one word on the subject since then. Either way, the point is that I don't want either of us hating the other personally.

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    • Alan’s left wing lol

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • we should probably coordinate more on Humanity's Course Eternal, so like, is there any way we can get in contact outside of your message wall?

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  • jub jub still want a rub rub

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  • jub-jub want a rub rub

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You have regained editing access to your user page, do not remove Paul, or there will be consequences

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  • Can I update your Provenir scenario to the modern day? It is pretty outdated and all. 

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  • As many have likely noticed, I have returned to an active status following several months of inactivity on this account. I assure you all this abscence was in no way related to any sort of drama or personal grievance, but rather a simple desire to have a break. It occured to me that my July return following retirement from the staff was premature, and that I needed more time to focus on other elements of my life and to rest and rejuvenate myself mentally. This November, as I reached Thanksgiving break and was finally able to return home from my most stressful semester of university yet, I not only found myself missing this community beyond words, but realizing I had emerged from 11 months of 2019 with a familar yet fresh message in my head.

    Despite my general popularity in high school, probably the most common criticism I did receive was my argumentative and robust nature. For the next several years following the end of my junior year, I dedicated myself to being more laid back and less persnickety. Though I was for the most part sucessful in implementing this philosophy in my personal life, I failed to do the same online. The great Leo Tolstoy once said "If you look for perfection, you'll never be content." I feel like this quote can also apply to discussion in internet political circles.

    Let me be unoquivical: While most of the ideas I held at the beginning the year have seen little change as we approach the end of the year, the voracity and passion in which I argue some as opposed others is starkly different; the most notable contrast being in my defense of parental corporal punishment. Though I still see the right of a parent to phyiscally discipline their child to be unalienable, I no longer possess as much motivation as I once did to argue this point, and whileI fervently disagree, I do not believe all of those who hold a differing opinion to hold any less character than I.

    That being said, many of you are in all likelihood understandably wondering in which specific issues I've dug my heels into and which hills I have chosen to die on so to speak. After careful self-examination, I have picked a "Big 5" of positions on which I shall not bend nor compromise which I have compiled below:

    1. Transforming America's Immigration System with a Policy of Open Borders/Building Bridges Between Hispanics and non-Hispanics: Since I first joined the Wiki back in 2013, I made my strong, staunchly progressive views on the issue of immigration clear, and time has not seen those views waver or wane in the slightest. Particularly, the rise of Trump, an irredeemable, unrepetent fascist who belongs in the Hague for his domestic crimes against humanity and people of color, has given my resolve an unprecedented new wind. What many of you likely don't realize is my equally voracious desire to improve my own race's relations with non-Hispanics (Whites, Blacks, etc..) and to create a racially classless society, where all people as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once famously said, "...will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” I unapologetically oppose any form of Hispanic nationalism or any view that those who speak the Spanish tongue are in anyway superior to those who do not, while also of course embracing my heritage, and encouraging other Hispanics to do the same. To put it simply, those of you who have seen the film Black Panther can consider me much more a T'Challa rather than an Erik Killmonger.

    2. Opposing any Form of Imperialism/Nationalism and Promoting Peace as Much as Possible: "Anti-war stance" has become something of a meme in our community, but a policy of non-interventionism is one that is a critical cornerstone of my ideology. Travesties such as Israel's genocide of the Arab population of Palestine and Trump's bloodthirsty slaughter of Yemeni children are in my mind among the greatest injustices of our time. As a libertarian, and more importanly as a Christian, I believe that war and violence should only occur in extreme, unavoidable circumstances and not to make companies like Lockheed-Martin and Haliburton biblically wealthy.

    3. Standing for the Rights of Marginalized Groups Such as the LGBTQIA and Women: As stated before, I am a Christian. That does not however mean that I in any imaginable way support discrimination against a single letter of LGBTQIA. Putting aside my view that such activity is in no way "degeneracy" or "sinful", I think that God gave us all free will, and that even if an action is wrong in the eyes of God, no one should be forced to follow His will so long as they are not hurting another directly or indirectly. I am also proud to count myself as a male feminist, zelously supporting #MeToo and encouraging my fellow men to always believe women no matter the circumstance and to treat their signifcant other as if they were an angel.

    4. Decriminalizing Drugs and Freeing/Expunging the Records of all Low-Level Drug Offenders: I am certainly not the first person to point out that America's current criminal "justice" system goes out of its way to target Hispanics and Blacks and proft off the suffering of communities of color. The main way police prey on POC like parasites is by using the laws prohibiting the possession and use of drugs from everything as minor as inhalents to meth. Despite the fact that Whites also do drugs, there is an arrest disparity, which is why "Blacks are more likely to commit crimes than Whites" and why America is the world's largest penal colony. Every years, thousands of lives are ruined with criminal records and prison time for what are unarguably victimless-crimes. Yet, what does this prevent? People still do drugs despite the possibility of punishment. In order to heal the racial divisions tearing this country apart that I mentioned earlier, and to truly strive torwards a just and moral society, all drugs must be decriminalized.

    5. Ending the Surveillance State: One of the major positions that followed me in my transition from Rand Paulite to LibSoc was my resistance to America's now commonly-known surveillance state. There is truly no answer as to how spying on the phone calls and email boxes of regular people is going to keep this country safer and more secure. Though I understand the logic in seizing the communications of a suspected terrorist, it is vital that a warrent is first acquired and that reasonable suspicion is evident; there must be no indescriminate, mass-collection of records. Though President Obama is often criticized for the gross spying powers of his NSA and national security agenices, Trump unlike Obama has openly embraced a 1984-style system where whistleblowers are hung for "treason", while Obama at least commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence. Regardless of party line or elected officials, I will continue to call for a neutering of mafia-esque agencies such as the NSA, CIA and FBI and a severe limiting of their capabilities and authority.

    Pragmatism is just as vital as principle. This is a lesson that as taken me a long time to learn, and even longer to truly understand. As we fight for what matters to us, we also have to pick and choose our battles. Though I am still steadfast in many other issues, I now see where to direct my passion and where to be willing to compromise. 

    Dios te bendiga,

    AllianceScoutAiothai (talk) 04:45, December 9, 2019 (UTC)
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    • I mainly agree with your views, Aiothai. However, I have some disagreements. I'm happy you have moderated on your corporal punishment stance. I disagree with Open Borders in the modern day because I think you need some security to protect your nation. I have shifted from the libertarian right to the libertarian left in this past year. I believe Capitalism is a flawed system and Socialism can work if the leaders don't get power hungry (like in the USSR) for example. I see the flaws of the right, and if I didn't stop going down the rabbithole, I could be a Nick Fuentes alt-righter that thinks the Jews are evil and non-white people are taking over America. But I will stop rambling, it is nice to see you again Aiothai.

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    • EnderAlan04 wrote:
      I mainly agree with your views, Aiothai. However, I have some disagreements. I'm happy you have moderated on your corporal punishment stance. I disagree with Open Borders in the modern day because I think you need some security to protect your nation. I have shifted from the libertarian right to the libertarian left in this past year. I believe Capitalism is a flawed system and Socialism can work if the leaders don't get power hungry (like in the USSR) for example. I see the flaws of the right, and if I didn't stop going down the rabbithole, I could be a Nick Fuentes alt-righter that thinks the Jews are evil and non-white people are taking over America. But I will stop rambling, it is nice to see you again Aiothai.

      You know what, that's alright. There's nothing wrong with disagreements and it sounds like we agree on 90% of the issues now. I'm so glad to finally have another leftist to communicate with as well. Good to see you again as well, old friend.

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    • A FANDOM user
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • It is no secret that my views on corporal punishment go against mainstream thought. Over the past Century, neoliberals have campaigned breathlessly to label corporal punishment, the practice of disciplining your child through physical means as "child abuse" across the board. This new age school of thought has only recently reared its head, as corporal punishment has remained a favored method of child discipline for millennia. Today, these neoliberals will even go as far as to claim that PTSD, something associated with wartime trauma and survivors of school shootings, can result from a child being disciplined. Just last month, admittedly muddled comments I made in favor of the practice were taken out of context and used to disparage me. Today, I'm going to argue the opposite, and elaborate on why I have taken such an ostensibly unpopular position.

    During a debate, I alluded to veterans of foreign wars holding a sole claim to PTSD, and mocked grown adults who were disciplined as children claiming to have PTSD. I stand by these comments to this day. Though I apologized for my comments being taken out of context in addition to the coarse manner in which I expressed myself, I have no regrets in regard to the sentiment. To suggest that well-intended discipline you received from a parent or guardian can somehow be equated to watching your friends die in front of you and being forced to kill to survive is on its face the height of disrespect, and I find it frankly reprehensible.

    Let me be clear however that I do find child abuse disgusting and believe it could result in some form of trauma perhaps in regards to issues of self-confidence. I've personally known victims of abuse who are very close to me, and I would never defend the wanton abuse of anyone, child or otherwise. To illustrate this point, allow me to lay out what I consider discipline and what I consider abuse. The use of a belt, cane, or switch across the back, legs, or buttocks will cause no permanent harm to a child, and should not be considered child abuse. That being said, there is a very fine line between abuse and discipline. Any form of striking a child across the head is unacceptable as it can result in brain damage. Throwing, punching, choking, shoving, and slapping are also unacceptable. Discipline should always be restricted to being below the neck area. While there is a fine line, abuse to me is quite apparent, and is something I would never condone.

    It is also my belief that any teenager should be excluded from any form of physical discipline. By that age, it turns from discipline to assault, and there are many more effective manners of enacting discipline such as by retracting phone, car, or computer privileges. In the same way that adult prisoners should not be beaten by cops and prison guards, discipline evolves with age.

    In closing, I would like to share another great defense of corporal punishment from CNN: I was personally very rarely subjected to corporal punishment as a child, but I simply cannot abide by this modern over sensitivity. It is laughable that the same folks who will condemn corporal punishment will also defend homeschooling to their dying breath. While I will never have children of my own, I understand that actions have consequences, and refuse to neuter the right of parents to rear their children into well-adjusted members of society.

    Dios te bendiga,

    AllianceScoutAiothai (talk) 05:04, July 8, 2019 (UTC)

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    • AnimeNerd2017 wrote:
      You want to go Channel 44 to Channel 45, man? I never said your source was outdated, Beta did. But if we're going sources, I'll just use your own - read it, man. It doesn't support spanking, it just says the effects might be somewhat overblown.

      '...Still, most psychologists are concerned about spanking, which has been shown to increase risk of anxiety, depression, and aggression later in life, says Laura Markham, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and author. Besides, she says spanking doesn’t work. “Not only does it cause pain and frighten kids, it interferes with their ability to internalize the parent’s message,” Markham says.

      “When you hit them, they’re not thinking about what you want them to do, they’re just thinking, ‘This person 10 times my size who’s supposed to be protecting me is now hitting me.’”'

      'The reality is that many parents hit kids when they’re frustrated, not when they’re attempting to deliver a calm, unemotional disciplinary message, she says. And explaining to them later why you hit them, as authoritative parenting guidelines suggest, won’t erase the trauma of the experience. “If a man hits his wife,” she says. “I don’t think explaining later why he did it is going to make her feel any better.”

      What’s more, spanking puts kids in the “fight, flight, or freeze” stress-response mode, she says, which means the learning centers in their brains shut down and they’re not getting the lesson the parent is trying to teach them. In one study of 1,400 adults, in fact, researchers reported that brain scans of kids who were spanked once a month revealed increases in the size of the amygdala, which is considered the brain’s “alarm center.” A more active “alarm” in the brain might help explain why spanked kids show more aggression later: “You might react more quickly with aggression if you were worried about your safety,” Markham speculates. In addition, the study showed reductions in the areas of the brain responsible for empathy, self-regulation, and ability to pay attention.'

      And while your source says that the studies might be overblown or partly unrepresentative, it does not overall prove that corporal punishment is not harmful. In fact, your final damn conclusion reads:

      'Markham nonetheless maintains that spanking is ineffective. “Once you’re punitive, kids stop thinking you’re on their side,” she says. “They want to feel that you’re their backup and here to help them.”'

      If you hear me sounding a bit on the 'getting angry' side, that's because I am. Here's more:

      'The word discipline means to impart knowledge and skill – to teach. However, it is often equated with punishment and control. There is a great deal of controversy about the appropriate ways to discipline children, and parents are often confused about effective ways to set limits and instill self-control in their child.

      In medical and secular literature, there is great diversity of opinion about the short-term and long-term effects of various disciplinary methods, especially the use of disciplinary spanking. This statement reviews the issues concerning childhood discipline and offers practical guidelines for physicians to use in counselling parents about effective discipline.

      The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends that physicians take an anticipatory approach to discipline, including asking questions about techniques used in the home. Physicians should actively counsel parents about discipline and should strongly discourage the use of spanking.'

      'Spanking a child can create even more problems than it cures. Here are a few reasons you may want to rethink spanking your child:

      • Spanking doesn’t teach kids how to behave appropriately. A child who gets spanked for arguing with his brother won't learn how to get along better in the future. Effective discipline should teach new skills.
      • Spanking models aggression. Children do what parents do, more than what they say. So if you spank your child for hitting his brother, you'll send a confusing message.
      • Children who are spanked often feel shame. They may think, "I'm bad," and may struggle with self-esteem issues. Children who experience shame aren't motivated to improve their behavior.
      • Spanking shifts a child's focus from their behavior to their parent's behavior. They may spend their time focusing on how they are angry at their parent rather than on what they could do better next time. Kids then begin to make decisions based on thinking “What can I do that won’t get me a spanking” versus “What’s the best choice I can make right now.”
      • Spanking loses effectiveness over time. Sometimes kids decide the misbehavior is “worth it.” A more effective discipline strategy, such as taking away electronics for 24 hours, can be much more effective in motivating kids to behave.'

      This is the kind of shit I expect to deal with while running my section in the Military Band, for Christ's sake. I've got my fair share of people who I think need discipline. We have a LOT of them in the Band. We're not caning them, we're reprimanding them and guiding them. Is it a slow process? Damn well yes it is. Is it effective? Yup.

      I wanted to say something about your remarks to Beta, but I don't think I will. There's no real point in discussing that part because honestly speaking nothing will change.

      See ya another time, jeez. I'll talk on Discord if you so want, full privacy guaranteed.

      My source also says: "That study, however, looked at the effects of “harsh corporal punishment,” which the authors noted meant that kids were struck, on average, once a month “frequently with objects.” Harsh and frequent spanking isn’t what Larzelere is suggesting. That most spanking research lumps abusive behavior along with measured, open-handed spanks is is one problem that he and Ferguson have with most spanking studies. Data collected in these studies cut across too broad a swath, they argue, so that parents who hit their kids with belts or switches and leave bruises or cuts, for example, are lumped in with parents who use the unemotional, non-abusive spanking that they suspect will benefit some kids."

      As for your mental illness point, I can't speak to those specific studies, but will respond with a debunking of one of the major studies done in favor of spanking-related PTSD. "Despite the Yahoo headline, and many others like it, the study, published in Pediatrics in early July, does not actually link spanking to mental illness. In fact, the study has nothing to do with spanking at all. Canadian researchers asked 34,000 adults how often they had been pushed, grabbed, shoved, slapped, or hit by their parents or other adults when they were children. The authors explain that they were trying to assess the long-term effects of regular harsh physical punishment, which, they write, “some may consider more severe than ‘customary’ physical punishment (i.e., spanking).” Ultimately, the researchers reported that adults who have mental problems are more likely to say they were pushed, grabbed, shoved, slapped, or hit by their parents than healthy adults are."[1] I already said the bolded practices are unacceptable.

      To your military band argument, I also said physical discipline against a teenager is wrong. 

      I hate child abuse. Not sure how many more times I have to say that, but it's true. As many studies as you can find backing up a supposed PTSD-spanking connection narrative, I can find articles proving they're either flat out lies or exagerrations. I'm happy to debate you Kuro, but a debate mandates that we both put aside blind emotion, and reject profanity-laced personal assaults. Again, I sincerely want to end this respectfully and in a mature manner.

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    • Lmao

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Calling Beto a "fake Mexican" because he's half is racist, and so is mocking him for speaking Spanish. Not speaking to anyone on the Wiki, just in general. This community is far removed from a racist cesspool like Twitter.

    That is all.

    Dios te bendiga,

    AllianceScoutAiothai (talk) 04:12, June 27, 2019 (UTC)

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