President Ventura
The winter streets of McMurdo.
Country Antarctica
State Victoria
Founded 1956 (as research base)
2021 (as city)
Government Mayor-council
Mayor Bruno Martinique

– Total 17.8 sq mi

Elevation N/A

– Residence 211,719 (2125)

Time zone NZST

A few shops in the MSSSP underground city.

McMurdo is the most populous city in Antarctica, and the center of the McMurdo-Daniel metropolitan area which has a population of 219,773. It's the capital of Victoria state. McMurdo was rated the "Most Livable" city in Antarctica in 2121. Despite its small size, McMurdo is sometimes considered a world city as its economy is about as large as that of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The population of the city is booming.

McMurdo Municipal Government plants artificial trees throughout across the city scape because no natural trees are able to live in such an extreme climate.

McMurdo is notable for having the largest underground city in the world. The McMurdo Subterranean Subway and Shopping Plaza (MSSSP) takes up 1.4 square miles of space beneath the city of McMurdo. The Triple S-P, as it is sometimes referred to, has hotels, shops, theaters, offices, 3 swimming pools, 2 artificial beaches, 2 heavy rail lines and much more. It is estimated that over 150,000 people visit the underground city everyday. The 2125 census even revealed that 17,984 people live in the MSSSP.


McMurdo Airport (MCM) Terminal A interior.

The bullet train is available at the Murdock Station, and goes through all of Antarctica. The McMurdo Metro goes underground McMurdo. The McMurdo Airport (MCM) is located downtown on top of a wide 1,000 square feet platform. Highway 55 to the south pole is a popular highway in McMurdo. The other popular highway is Highway 50 to Davis.


McMurdo has a polar climate. In the summer months (December 21 to March 21) the average temperature is -5ºC and in winter months (June 21 to September 21) it is -20ºC.

Population history

Year City Metro
2017 1,000 N/A
2025 3,543 N/A
2035 9,010 N/A
2045 12,127 N/A
2055 29,453 N/A
2065 49,304 N/A
2075 60,430 N/A
2085 88,234 N/A
2095 98,584 N/A
2105 112,095 116,984
2115 154,231 160,642
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