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Also visit: []
Also visit: []
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This wiki about the future has:
This wiki about the future has:

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Also visit: [1]

This wiki about the future has:

  • Information about developments in technology and science - with links and references to articles on the internet with more details about the technology.
  • Scenarios on how the future may develop - based on current and expected trends.
  • Articles on how futurology works.
  • Wiki-fiction about the future (although it is not encouraged).
  • Map Games
  • Upload an image

There is a longer version of this main page, which has more entry links into the wiki.

Super Categories and Categories



  • Map Games- Map games are similar to scenario pages, except that players control a country or faction. It is a great way to pass the time and very addicting!

Future Wikia in Other Languages

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Scenario or Article?

  • This wiki is collaborative. We aim to have good factual articles about the future based on things happening right now, that seem significant for the future. However, different people have different views as to how likely different futures are. One person's slight extrapolation of current trends is seen by someone else as, at best, unsubstantiated speculation. Which leads us to a problem. How to separate the two?
  • We generally try to keep speculation to scenario pages. Pages without the 'Scenario:' in their title should have links and references in support of the trend they claim. We try. We don't always succeed.
  • We don't encourage fiction. There are other wikis more suitable for that. We do welcome improvements to our many scenarios. Improvements move scenarios away from fiction and give thought-provoking justification for the portrayed futures. A poor scenario will look like nonsense, or like badly written science fiction - though it may have an intriguing idea behind it. A good scenario will make you think about the future in a new way.

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